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Categories: ateikari, browser, flash, free, game, hempuli, linux, mac, platform, puzzle, rating-g, windows

This game is rated :D for content, click through for an explanation
Doooors What's in a doooor? A puzzle by any name would not be as cute... or brainwracking. Developer Hempuli's first foray into the world of flash gaming is a deceptively adorable and simple looking platform puzzler where your only goal is to figure out how to get the glowing blue crystal on each level. There's only eighteen stages, but trust us; that's more than enough to give your brain a workout, thanks to some clever design.

Floating Islands Game Floating Islands Game is a puzzle title, created by Hempuli, that plays a lot like Rob Allen's Hapland series with a distinct Lemmings slant to it. In each level you must guide the main character through the stage, collecting all of the gold stars before reaching the flag at the end. You can only affect his movements indirectly, however, by clicking and changing different parts of the environment at just the right time.


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Categories: arcade, download, free, game, hempuli, nifflas, platform, simpleidea, windows

Once in Space Once in Space is a downloadable puzzle-platform game for Windows that delivers both content and charm. Set in deep space, you are a lone astronaut trying to collect stars and reach the flag on different constellations of rock. You can change your gravity by walking around corners, and you must be facing the arrow direction of a star in order to collect it. The first level eases you into the game's mechanics pretty easily.

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