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Floating Islands Game

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Rating: 4.8/5 (84 votes)
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Floating Islands Game

JohnBFloating Islands Game (Windows, 36MB, free) is a downloadable puzzle title created by Hempuli, author of Once in Space. FIG plays a lot like Rob Allen's Hapland series with more action and a distinct Lemmings slant to it. In each level you must guide the main character through the stage, collecting all of the gold stars before reaching the flag at the end. You can only affect his movements indirectly, however, by clicking and changing different parts of the environment at just the right time. It combines quick reflex gameplay with just enough puzzle elements to make it captivating, and the artwork creates a beautiful setting you just can't resist.

floatingislandsgame.gifWe first mentioned Floating Islands Game back when the community convinced the creator to release a short demo. FIG has since been incubating to emerge with almost three dozen levels! From the start there are two worlds, each divided into themed planets that hold a handful of levels. Each one is named and shows how tough it is according to the number of stars. The difficulty level spikes up and down and can switch between timed puzzles and pure brain teasers without warning, but you don't have to complete stages in order, which is quite helpful.

Best of Casual Gameplay 2008When a level first opens you have several seconds to click the environment to see what can be done. Move the mouse everywhere, click on anything suspicious, and watch the landscape for clues. After the main character falls to the ground and the traffic light turns green, he starts walking. From that point on you have to act fast, as this guy can get himself into trouble within seconds. Tapping [enter] or clicking the circle icon at the bottom of the screen restarts the stage, so be prepared to use them very, very often.

In addition to the gold stars you're required to collect to pass each stage, there are also blue stars you can grab. These are often hidden in very clever ways that require you to have an inquisitive cursor and be fast with your mouse. They're not mandatory, but completists will want to seek out every one.

floatingislandsgame2.gifAnalysis: Floating Islands Game is one of those titles that comes along once a year or so that's so creative and so entertaining you'll sit and play through it without leaving your computer. The artwork is definitely one of the game's strong points, as the sense of fun is evident in every pixel. I love the little monsters, faces, and pieces of scenery that exist for no purpose other than to look cool.

My only qualm about Floating Islands Game is the required wait before beginning each stage. Most of the time it's useful, but when you play the same stage ten, fifteen times in a row trying to get the timing right, the wait becomes a nuisance. There really doesn't seem to be a good way around the pause, however, as on many levels you need those few seconds to get things set up before the guy in green starts his brainless march.

With beautiful, fun artwork, a great soundtrack, and plenty of puzzle/arcade challenge, Floating Islands Game is a must-play.

Download the free full version (36MB)

Mac OS XMac OS X:
Not available.
Try Boot Camp or Parallels or CrossOver Games.


Love the game but can't get past level 4.

Anyone doing better?


Sorry for the double post...

Power of posting has gotten me through 4 but now im stuck on 10


Looks like something from Nifflas!
My hard drive is too crammed up to download it :0


Hempuli was from the Nifflas Support forum. I know because I'm a member too. He updates alot so download it every week even if you already downloaded it!

Bassistgak August 16, 2008 6:27 AM

Awesome game!!!
Stuck on last level!


help me please...

fuzzyface August 16, 2008 7:48 AM

I like the graphics, and would like the puzzles, but this sometimes extreme timed arcade style is not my tonic. Sorry, no game/fun for me.


Nice game, love the mood...but what in heaven's name do I have to do to get past the flesh eating plants in Level 7 (plant&bells)?! I know I can point at them so they open their mouths but that doesn't seem to help...the big one always swallows my man:-(
Some of the puzzles are extremely cryptic and far fetched which is not necessarily a bad thing but the game could at least offer a short text hint per level.


Slang -

You have to have the cannon pointed as low as it can go (which is, I believe, the position it starts in). When the guy jumps, you have to hit him with a cannonball to knock him over the plant and onto the platform. Then you immediately have to move the cannon and hit the bell to move the platform. The timing is pretty tricky.


Anyone found out how to bit the Laser Cannon level? I have finished the whole game except that level....


Hotaru - turn the cannon and the mirrors to do the trick.

richard carbajal August 16, 2008 4:26 PM

ive beaten the game but i only have 99%. i cant find what im missing


Thanks Hempuli, but what is the goal of that cannon level? Is it to follow the white lines to form a net or do something?


Billy_Kane August 16, 2008 5:03 PM


you have to reflect the lasers so that it hits the button at the bottom.
For the blue star:

reflect so it hit the TNT

Right now im stuck on the mushroom level cuz the blue mushroom launches him up to high and he ends up dying

Billy_Kane August 16, 2008 5:06 PM

nm. power of posting!


richard carbajal:

Everything isn't like it looks. When you start the game, look up which world doesn't have everything completed. There is a huge secret thing-like awaiting you ;)

richard carbajal August 16, 2008 5:57 PM

Hempuli can you be more specific

Billy_Kane August 16, 2008 5:58 PM

walkthrough please?

Billy_Kane August 16, 2008 6:09 PM

i only need to beat levels 13, 28, and 30. But i need the blue star for levels 8, 9, 13, 14, 15, 17, 18, 19, 22, 27, 28, and 30.


I cant find the blue star in level 10 some one please help

richard carbajal August 16, 2008 6:29 PM


shoot the stoplight

Billy_Kane August 16, 2008 6:34 PM


move the target so it is right behind the traffic light and fire the cannon. if done correctly, it should knock down the light revealing the star. if it fails, move the target.
P.S. if you do it to soon the light will fall before it hits green and the guy wont move

Hope that helps


richard carbajal:

Don't read this, this is a huge spoiler!

There's a blue star in the last level, too. But it's very very secret one.

richard carbajal August 16, 2008 6:45 PM


i figured that, but i cant find it


I am stuck at level 9 ...someone please help :)

richard carbajal August 16, 2008 7:22 PM


i figured that, but i cant find it. can you drop a clue

MaybeLater_x August 16, 2008 7:55 PM

Oh I'm having difficulty finding the blue star for music box :( I've been trying to hit the notes in a certain order, or have the crow move at a certain time, but nothing's working for me.. Can someone help me out?

MaybeLater_x August 16, 2008 7:56 PM

x_X It's crazy how I figured it out just seconds after posting.


richard carbajal

I wouldn't want to, since it's like the final and most epic puzzle thing in the whole game. I can however say, that it's logical, it doesn't need any pixel hunting and it doesn't have anything to do with those blue lights in the beginning.

MaybeLater_x August 16, 2008 8:41 PM

I've done my best, but I couldn't get the blue stars for the 4th last and 2nd last levels

of the third world.

I couldn't even finish the last one!

I've tried breaking the box by dropping it from a height, but that didn't work. Then I tried stacking the man on the box but through lack of patience I didn't get anywhere with that; move too fast and the man just gets 'squashed' by the box. Chopping it open yields no result either.

I guess that's all I'm managing for one night. Maybe I'll get further tomorrow.

Great game! I wish I'd have found out about the right-click to speed up falling earlier. :P Though personally I think it would be useful to have right-click as speed up for more than just falling... of course, the right-click scrolling stage would have to have a different mechanism - maybe dragging the screen? That'd seem a bit more logical to me.
Still, loved it. :] 5/5.

Adam The Islander August 17, 2008 8:02 AM

Can someone please help me with the blue star getting on Level 22 and Level 30?
I guess I have to scare all the birds from the cord on level 22 but I'm not sure how to do it...


I can't get past FANLAND help please? its on World 1, Planet 3, Level 13 i know where the blue star is but i can't get the yellow star help please, thanks?


Great game, but i'm stuck in the Fanland bit can anyone help me please i dont know how to get the yellow star? Thanks


Please help with level 30's blue star... I'm suspecting that I mustn't cut the thing at all but that would be freakin impossible

MaybeLater_x August 17, 2008 8:28 AM


look at the flies...


It took me about 10 attempts to win again. Turn on all the fans, then when the man is just about in line with the brown totem-pole type thing, turn off the fan that's behind him in the beginning. If timed right, he'll catch the star then get blown right into the flag. If he doesn't go high enough, you're turning the fan off too late. If he goes too high, you're turning it off too early.


Addam04 -

When you start the level, look carefully at every of the cuttable pices


Adam, i found the blue star it was under a cut-out but the last time i played it it wasn't there it must be just luck? i found it on the top-right of the screen?


Thanks MaybeLater. I finished that level. Now I'm on to laser cannon

Anonymous August 17, 2008 9:48 AM

How do you get the blue star in Fanland?


I can't figure out the last level.

I mean the actual last level, 35.
I found the red square, and got to the conveyor belt, but from there I can't do anything useful.
I did manage to smash the crane, and stop the belt, but nothing else seems to happen as a result of it.


Just wondering, but is there a blue star in the tutorial?


Level 18: The Lake (the raft and submarine)

I can see the blue star, but I don't know how to get it.

Level 22: The Phone Call (the monster and cable car)

No idea about the blue star here. Do the crows have anything to do with it?



The Lake:

You can drag the submarine to make it face a different direction and ride into the blue star to collect it, though I don't see how it is possible to do this and get the guy on the raft in time

Phone Call:

Click the crows fast enough so none of them are on the wire at the same time and you get the blue star


Level 18:

Click on the treasure chest to expose the blue star, then drive the submarine into it. You still have to blow up the rock, so it'll be extremely hard for some people to be fast enough.

Level 22:

Click on the crows so that they're all in the air at once.

Londonbrig0 August 17, 2008 11:50 AM

I need help on Level 18: The Lake

I can get the blue star and the raft up to the top in time easily enough, but when the guy rides the raft over to the flag, the raft is too low so he just turns around when he hits the shore and walks back off the raft into the water

Londonbrig0 August 17, 2008 12:11 PM

@ Billy_Kane

you have to launch him with the red mushroom and then with the blue mushroom while he is in the air over it, then do the same with the green then purple on the way back. Or, to get the blue star:

use only the purple on the way back, if you time it right you will hit the crow and get the blue star

fuzzyface August 17, 2008 12:25 PM

Hempuli, if you don't want to help, don't hit that submit button at all. We can gladly live without the "I'm not gonna say" posts.


For me it looks like I've said something helpful in my every post in the discussion. For that last level, I said I don't want to give the whole answer, but I did give hints.

Londonbrig0, that sounds like a bug. Has anyone else met something like that?

fuzzyface August 17, 2008 12:44 PM

richard carbajal:
Don't read this, this is a huge spoiler!
There's a blue star in the last level, too. But it's very very secret one.

Suuuuure this is going to help.... *rollseyes*


Oh darn, didn't notice that.

Though that tells where the last blue star is, which isn't that clear to players. But I could've left that first spoiler away ;)

Now please, let's continue.


I need help!

When I click on the download button it doesnt download


jj - on Hempuli's game page:

Look for the words: "Download the game from here"

Right-click on the word "here" and choose "Download Link Target" (or "Save as" or whatever your OS/Browser says for saving the file to your HD).


Okay I finished the game...
Can you please give me a few hints for lvl 31, 32, and 35? Apart from that I did it...


figured 32 out...


I can't seem to find the blue star in level 21 (Rope-boxes -- I assume it has something to do with the telescope) and I have no idea how to collect the star in lever 27 (Stormclouds)... Can anyone help me?


I feel like I'm missing something very obvious, or else I'm just stupid. I can't beat level 4.

For a reminder:

Level 4 is the one with the two movable platforms and "Doggie". The platforms just move too slow for me to keep him on them while he crosses. And if I fall, even after clicking the bone, Doggie eats me in a very painful manner x.x


Figured 31 out :)... but I still cant figure 35 out... it was complicated enough anyway...

Londonbrig0 August 17, 2008 6:47 PM

could somebody post a screenshot of their level 18 so I can see if mine is a bug?

mine is here: http://i103.photobucket.com/albums/m151/Londonbrig0/thelake.jpg

Anonymous August 17, 2008 9:11 PM

I can't get the blue star on level 5.


I can't figure out how to get the star in level 8 or 9


Majora -

Move the upper platform to th middle of the level. Then you can go over the pit using the other elevator half the time and the other one the other half.

Londonbrig0 - That is indeed a bug O_o I wonder how that managed to happen. I'll update as soon as I can, which means this afternoon.


Does anyone know how to close the draw bridge on level 6?



You need to make the big guy jump three times, then the blue star will stick out from the bottom of the island on the left side. Now you just have to click it.

Now, can anyone help me with the blue stars on levels 21 and 27?



You need to shoot the targets on the right island in the right order. Notice the numbers below them.


I'm stuck with level 20, I can get the blue star but not the yellow.



Please! Can you give me some hint for lvl 35 Blue Star? just a hint, because I tried everything I could, and still nothing... thanks...



It's quite difficult to give you a hint without telling you the solution...
So this might be a big spoiler.

There are two different ways to finish level 35.

I hope this helped you. :)



After you use the apple to squish the bear, drop it on the right side of the island. It will cause the bigger green monster to move to the right, revealing the yellow star. Now click the yellow fruit above the bridge twice so that it transforms into a purple berry. If you click the sitting green monster, it will destroy the bridge. Now the rest is up to the green-shirted guy!



See that white fruit above the bridge? Click on it twice to turn it into a pink fruit. Now click on the middle animal under the bridge. He'll eat the fruit, breaking the bridge in the process. Now click and drag the appel around to make the larger animal move. He's on top of the yellow star. Once the man drops down into the hole, you can use the animal as a ramp so he can climb out of it.

Now, how do you get the blue star on that level? I can't find it anywhere...


When I download the zip file then try and open it, it is saying the the file is corrupted. Has anyone else had that problem, or is it just me?



Use the apple to squish the bear-like creature.

Sorry for being repetitive, but can anyone help me get blue start on levels 21 and 27?



Yeah I have the same problem its only downloading a 13.9Mb file rather than the 36Mb it says on the page.


for the blue star on level 21

click on the guy with the telescope and look to the left, there should be a star to click on

I am also struggling with the blue star on 27 and does anybody know how to get the blue star on 24?

Monty Zoomer August 18, 2008 9:55 AM

Same prob as Kat & Kule :-(


Stuck at level 13. Are you supposed to time it? Also, are you supposed to go through the wall?


any help on level 24 or 27? for 24

I reckon the blue star has something to do with the leaves, but getting rid of all the leaves except the blue ones doesn't help, and you can't get rid of just the blue ones.



for level 21 click on the guy with the telescope and look all the way to the left, should be a star slightly larger than the others that you can click on


Kat and Kule, sorry for this. I took the link down for updation but seems like there was left something O_o

Anyway, the new version with The Lake hopefully fully fixed is now at http://www.hempuli.com/FIG.zip


Thanks Hempuli - that seems to have sorted the download!


Okay I'm exhausted... I can't get the blue star on level 35... someone, please give me a massive spoiler... the solution... please...


aj: Thank you! As for level 24,

you have to leave only the blue leaves. The trick is, you must remove all the brown ones from the trees and then from the ground before you get the star -- so don't start the machine before all the brown trees have fallen.


Hiall ...

I am needing some blue stars, in levels:


Is the only way using the sub to get the star, then exploding the plataform rock? There isn't enough time. And I really tried hard!


Same situation, I can't play the song in order and still avoid the guy to explode or win the level. Isn't there an easier, and why not say, possible way.


For all asking about level 27 Blue Star:

I just figured,

that you have to rise the bridge for the green guy to cross the gap, and when you are ready to let him cross the wooden spike gate, lower the gate, wait him to be over it and gently (not too fast, neither too slow) raise it until the green guy touches the star, and just wait the end of the level.


For 18 & 29:

Yes, you have to be that fast x) If you don't mind downloading the game once more, The Lake has been made a bit easier though.

ViciousChicken August 18, 2008 4:08 PM



Unfortunately, that does seem to be the only way. There's no real trick, other than practice. It's quite difficult, but not impossible. I had the most success when I grabbed the submarine by the tail. And note that you only need to touch the star with the nose of the sub.


You should be able to get rid of Mr. Crow and play the first note before the guy starts walking. Then use the second note to make him jump over the spiky guy, and you should be able to finish while he's floating up.


So close.

I need three more blue stars.

level 8

I'm guessing there is another bulb under the bird with the flu.

level 12

I'm not really sure

Level 19

I'm guessing you need to keep the snake alive by making him dodge. I don't know when the guy is about to shoot though.

Any help would be massively appreciated.

Londonbrig0 August 18, 2008 6:07 PM

@ TomHD

for level 19

You don't have to time it right, just repeatedly click the snake and he'll dodge the bullets

Londonbrig0 August 18, 2008 6:13 PM

@ TomHD again

level 12

I haven't managed to do it yet, but I know if the guy walks into the black thing with the eyes, it'll get knocked off and reveal the star

Londonbrig0 August 18, 2008 6:26 PM

@ TomHD yet again

just figured out the star for lvl 8

you have to have all the lights on when the guy walks by the blue star



Londonbrig0 August 18, 2008 7:31 PM

Sorry for the quadruple post
I'm at 98% and I'm stuck!

last level, level 35

I can't get the laser shooting robot to break the third light on the right

Billy_Kane August 18, 2008 8:01 PM

Hempuli, could you add a stop sign to the laser level, i'm like ripping out my hair trying to position these mirrors in time.


Does anyone have any hints on level 9? I dont even know where to start!

Frustratedseeker August 18, 2008 10:07 PM

Anyone know where the star on 35 is?


does anyone knows how to save?

Anonymous August 19, 2008 1:17 AM

Aggh, blue stars for 9 and 17 are killing me...

Also, what's with fuzzyface's attitude? First you give FIG a backhanded complement and say you don't think it's fun/won't play it, then you act boorish towards the game's creator's in a couple different posts, generally acting like a "fuzzy-face" would (aha-get it? Like a teenager [guffaw]) Game creators don't always so actively collaborate with their audiences...Loosen up mang.

Finally, the music is tops IMO.


Please someone help me with level 35's blue star.

jaywalkar August 19, 2008 3:31 AM

Level 9 Blue star

Make the little guy in the car jump at the end of the cliff so he doesn't get eaten

Level 17 blue star

Leave the island stationary and you will need to click one of the shotting stars as it passes, they are fast so it will take a while.

jaywalkar August 19, 2008 3:33 AM

If anyone needs any more help, I can givre it to you bar blue stars for 31, 32, 34, 35 and also haven'y beat 35 yet.

jaywalkar August 19, 2008 4:07 AM

I am making a walkthrough for levels 1-30 with all blue star locations.

jaywalkar August 19, 2008 5:07 AM

Level 1: Time the stop sign with the platform. The blue star can be found by clicking the stars one by one as they appear
Level 2: Click the arrow to point up and then click the blue board as the man walks near the end. The blue star is in the dinosaur looking guy's mouth
Level 3: Click the cannon to reposition, shoot with the red button. Shoot the first apple to allow the man to cross, shoot the second apple to reveal the
blue star.
Level 4: Position the higher platform in the middle near the yellow star with the top arrows. When the man walks on the nearer platform, use the bottom
arrows to move it along to the next platform, where you can use the top arrows to get your man to the other side. The blue star can be found by giving the
dog a bone. Click the bone hanging out of the cliff on the left.
Level 5: Click the bees to make the creature jump. Do this four times to reveal the star, and click the blue star to get it. To get the man across, you must
time the stop sign with the jump.

Level 6: Click the targets in order to drop the bridge, from 1 to 4, then click the bird to make it follow your cursor. You can pick up the blue star from the
bottom right of the flying thing, and then use the birds head as a platform to get your guy across the gap.
Level 7: Click the red button to fire when the guy is jumping to knock him over the plant, and then quickly click the cannon and click the button. This will
shoot at the bell which will move the platform over the gap, allowing your man to get to the end. Keep shooting the bell to reveal the blue star.
Level 8: Click all four lights to turn them off, the last one will be turned off by the flying things if they touch it, so click them to move them away. To get the
blue star, all the lights must be back on as the man passes.
Level 9: First thing to do is click the spike above the mine to let it drop, now the little man will run into it and turn around, when he drops off the edge,
click the boulder on the roof, causing the man to turn around, now quickly click the door on the next ledge just after the man drops off it so the boulder
can't follow him. Now he will climb the ladder and get into the car. The other man will just walk to the end. To get the blue star make the little guy in the car
jump at the end of the cliff so he doesn't get eaten.
Level 10: First click the bottom power cable, then drag the target onto the top cable and shoot the cannon. Now it's a matter of timing to click the other
button to open the hatch and allow the triangle to move in the opposite direction. It must be timed to be able to get the star. To get the blue star, shoot the
traffic lights down with the cannon.

Level 11: Click all three guys bar the robber at the start, they will bridge the gap at the end and your guy will walk there no probs. To get the blue star,
click the robber to make him walk and then click the button when he is under it. BTW, right click to scroll the level.
Level 12: Use the arrows to control the direction of the platform, and use the platform to get the guy to the end via the star. You can get the blue star by
allowing the guy to walk over the black blob. You may have to take the platform back and forth a few times so the guy will bounce off the walls that are
Level 13: Turn on all the fans, and then when the man is in line with the goofy brown pole sticking out of the ground below him, turn off the fan behind him.
Timing is critical. To get the blue star, turn off the fan on the green teacups head after the man has passed it.
Level 14: Point the laser at the lowest mirror and reflect its laser beam at the button under the island. This will allow the man to get to the end. To get the
blue star, you must shoot the TNT box by shooting the laser at it. You will need to shoot through at least one mirror to do so. If the laser passes through
the length of a mirror it will minimize its deflection.
Level 15: Click the watering can so it will follow your cursor, then water the flowers and platforms to make them rise. The first flower can have a very
small amount of water, then the next platform has to be below the star so you can land on it, with the next platform a bit higher. You can water the
platforms as you walk on them to make them higher. Use this method to get all the way to the end, will take a bit of practice. Watch out for the spikey
balls. But to get the blue star you must water the last spikey ball to pop the balloon.

Level 16: Use the levers to adjust the height of the lifts. Just rotate them and get all the yellow stars, pretty self explanatory. The blue star can be found by
winding the blue lift off the bottom of the screen and back up again. If you need some time to position your lifts, get the guy on a lift halfway between two
levels and he will walk back and forth.
Level 17: Move the anchor to tilt the island and move the man. Easy. The blue star has to be caught as it flies by. Just click it. They are fast so keep trying.
Level 18: You need to be quick. Immediately click the man next to the sub and then the treasure chest. Then click the sub and hold to re direct it. You
need to pick up the blue star and get the sub around the bombs and onto the rock to get the platform to the surface of the water. It will take quite a few
goes to master this, just keep trying. Then them man will walk onto the boat, you must turn the fan behind him on and off a few times to get him to the
other side. Use good judgment to do so.
Level 19: Raise the three walls just before the man drops down so he won't get shot. To get the blue star the snake must live, if you click him he will curl
up to doge the bullets, but you must do this a few times.
Level 20: First click the little leaf above the bridge twice and then click the long neck creature below the bridge. He will eat it and break the bridge. Then
you can lure the triangle creature to the right end with the apple to make a ramp for your man to reach the end. The blue star is obtained by dropping the
apple on the little bear things head.

Level 21: Position the spikey ball and the higher crate above the first hole and the lower crate above the second hole. Press the red button to drop them,
and bridge the path of your man. The blue star can be found by clicking the telescope man and then positioning your cursor around the top left of the
Level 22: Click the phone to call the other side, the ice-cream man will answer. Once you have finished talking, click the monster to make the ice-cream
man come over. You will need to time it right to move your guy onto the moving platform, it wont stop. To get the blue star you have to click all the crows
so that there are none on the line at any one time.
Level 23: Click the white circle in the middle, then as the man moves along your must click the coloured circles under him to make mushrooms rise. It will
take good timing not to knock him off the screen. After he has the two stars, let him walk to the end and turn around. Then use the same process to get
him back up to the end. You will get the blue star if you take out the bird. You will need really good timing.
Level 24: Start by moving over all the brown leaves ONLY. Once they have all fell, click the button in the tree to start the tractor, then click the tractor to get
the leaves off the island. Wait until the leaves and tractor are gone. Now very quickly left click and immediately right click on the stop sign so kill to bird
that will appear. Now you can click the button on the left and then click the stop sign again. Your man will walk to the end. If you didn't let any blue leaves
fall, you will get the blue star.
Level 25: This level needs good timing (again). Start by clicking the man down the bottom to get him moving. You will need to click the black pole
monster at the bottom at the right time so he supports the bridge as the man walks across it. Then as the man gets close to the mine, you must click the
mine to make it jump. Then the man will walk under it and spin the wheel. As soon as the bridge appears, you have to open the little room with your man
in it up the top by clicking the door. As soon as the bridge is past the black pole monster, click the monster and then the bird, so that as the monster
rises the bird dodges him. This will give you the blue star.

Level 26: Use the HI option to build a platform with two ends at the bottom, preventing the man from falling. You must now build him some walkways with
inclines to allow the man to reach the top where the stars are. It may take a few goes but you will get it eventually. It would be a good idea to build some
walls all the way up to the top so he doesn't walk out of the drawing area (wait until he is in the drawing area though). Once he is at the top you can draw
a platform across so he can get the two stars and walk off the right end to the finish. The blue star is found by joining the bigger dots in the drawing area
in the shape of a star. This is best done when the man is at the top. It doesn't matter if there are other lines going through it.
Level 27: Start by dragging the left fan up to move the cloud to the far right, then bring it back down. The right fan can be positioned just above the brown
face ledge in the hole. You man must be kept in the start area for the moment by dragging the pointy stick up to act as a wall. Now you can click the
helicopter to allow him to drop a parachuter. Now we need to get the parachuter down to the button in the hole. Do this with the fans. Once the button has
been pushed, you can allow our man to leave his zone, on the way out, you can push him up to the blue star with the spike wall. He will then walk to them
end over the newly made bridge.
Level 28: Start by clicking the left monster and positioning the rock to the right of the edge of the cliff. Then when the left monster reaches his destination,
click the swinging door to hit him away, then click the button to drop the rock and kill the other monster. Your man will now have a safe path to the end. To
get the blue star you must make the four coloured things at the top jump repeatedly until to level shatters, but the level cannot shatter until you have
reached the end.
Level 29: Start by turning on the tap. Then drag the water drops to use them. First hit the bird. Then you can use them to activate the notes. If the man is
on the note when it is played he will fly into the air. So you can now fly him over the spikey monster. If you want the blue star, you will have to play the
tune in the background in order.
Level 30: Start by cutting out the windows. Start with the one that has the glitter floating around it at the bottom, then cut the rest out and finish with the one
at the top right (revealing the blue star, must be done this way to reveal it). You can now see portions of the level. The controls on the bottom move
different platforms. Use them as follows. Move the green to the bottom, move the red to the bottom, move the purple one down just a tiny amount, move
the brown down about half way. Now you can move the yellow (first one) all the way down to let your man out. Once he has crossed the red bridge, move
the red control all the way up. Now wait for him to drop onto the purple platform and carefully move the purple control down (too fast and the man will die).
Once he has collected the star you can move the purple control back up. He will now find his own way to the end.

Levels 31-35, I am working on now....


I asked earlier, but I never got a reply... so regarding level 35:

I found the red square, and got to the conveyor belt, but from there I can't do anything useful.
I did manage to smash the crane, and stop the belt, but nothing else seems to happen as a result of it.


Londonbrig0 - you can do it, it just needs a bit of accuracy. :)

Billy_Kane - notice that you can turn the cannon, too. People seem to not notice that. But yeah, it's quite irritating one.

jaywalkar - Thanks a lot!

Londonbrig0 August 19, 2008 11:20 AM

blue stars for 31-34


a black star passes by periodically in the bottom right corner, click it when it passes


the star is hidden in a bush on the right of the island, click it


click the blue dot in the top left before clicking any of the other colored dots


the star is in the bottom left of the area, find it and have the light on it at the when the guy flies off the stage

haven't gotten 35 yet

top notch game by the way Hempuli, it reminds me of An Untitled Story, which is another one of my favorites, and the music is awesome too


I just started and I've found I'm pretty good at this game. I've already beaten World 1 and most of 2. It seems to be getting harder. Alot harder.

Really cool, it feels like a ton of mini-Haplands. I think they stole alot of stuff from that game - I mean, even the mines look the same!

Very nice nevertheless; Fun, puzzling, and not too difficult. My one complaint is the to-the-millisecond timing needed for some - or most - of the levels. For example, the one with the man-eating plant, the cannon, and the bell? The speed at which you have to shoot and move the cannon is just BAM BAM BAM! - and miss by just a nanosecond and mister game character falls to his doom.

I know these things are part of the puzzle, but it's just feels unnecessary and annoying.

But whatever, very fun, worth the download and whatever. 5 stars!


Thank you for the walk though jaywalkar :)
It really helped me getting those last stars, but now I'm stuck on the third planet :(

Billy_Kane August 19, 2008 2:40 PM

Thanks! the walkthrough really helped. Now all I need is the last level...


Since nobody has posted it yet, how to complete the last level.

Get things rolling:

Move the cursor near the top of the screen, near where the man started. Click the red button to get things moving. The button only appears when the cursor is near it, and even then only after the little man is near the "ground".

Get things to stop rolling:

Move the claw over the man. The claw grabs when you move it up, and releases when it moves down. Move him to the left of the box, without touching the box: that will kill him. Now move the box into the saw and then move the claw into the saw. The saw explodes after destroying both.

Part 1:

Move the crosshairs away from the man to spare him.

Part 2:

The blocks must be moved out of the way. Click and grab the left block as close to the bottom of the block as you can, so your cursor is as close to the second block as you can get. Drag the block up until it stops. Right before the little guy bumps the second block, let go of the first and drag up the second. There's no secret trick to it, it is all timing.

Part 3:

The laser cannon appears on the left. Click and drag it down away from the man.

Part 4:

If you see the spikes, you've already failed. You might have already guessed what to do. If not, look below.

You must destroy all three lights. Destroy the leftmost light by dragging the missile crosshairs over it. Destroy the middle light by dragging the left box up all the way. Destroy the right light but dragging the laser cannon up right as the man falls off the first ledge: the laser will fire, miss the man as he falls, and destroy the light. Congrats, you win!

The Aftermath:

If you've gotten every blue star (levels 1-34, not including 35), and played the tutorial, you should have 99% now. Go to the credits page and look for a button in the lower right to unlock a special mode.

To play the tutorial, click help and then the little arrow icon on the bottom right. When you're done, there will be a flag on the Help icon.

Supposedly there is a blue star in the last level, but I'm not sure how you earn it. Good luck, and post your solution when you find it!


jaywalkar August 19, 2008 8:28 PM

I can post my walkthrough again with levels 31-35 with blue stars, but do not know how to get the final blue star - level 35. I might wait until I can get it complete.

ViciousChicken August 19, 2008 9:29 PM

Tip for level 35:

In the part with the two blocks (part 2 in SirNiko's guide), it is possible to grab both blocks at once. It might only be possible in fullscreen, and even then it's a bit tricky; you have to find a spot where the little spikes overlap. If you can manage it, it makes this part MUCH easier; no need for timing. Not sure whether this is a bug or an intended feature.


It's a bug, though I guess it's so small one that it doesn't need fixing.

Ok, here are some tips for the final blue star:
Tip 1:

You do not have to destroy all of the light bulbs to find the star.
Tip 2:

You must proceed trough the spikes to get the blue star. You must just find out how to do this. it's quite logical though.


Oh, and Ainegue - nice that you like the game! Yes, the game has got many stuff from Hapland series. Though I don't think the mines are a very good example - I draw mines alays like that x)


lvl 11: how to get the blue star and finish?
I finished exept lvl 11. That one makes me crazy

Billy_Kane August 20, 2008 1:41 PM

Subo: you don't have to use the thief to bridge the gap. you can just use the three civilians, then hit the thief with the meteor. P.S. you can scroll to the other side by right clicking.


Level 35:

It looks like you can keep the missile from part 1 on-screen so long as it doesn't crash or reach the crosshairs. It occurred to me to use the missile to destroy the spikes in part 4, but that seems like it would be prohibitively difficult. Just my thoughts while I search for the elusive Final Star.

-SirNiko, who tries to be helpful


Hempuli! Please tell us the solution for the last blue star! please! I even tried what SirNiko said, but I can't do that...

We're all begging you to tell it to us!


Sirniko got it right, actually.

Billy_Kane August 20, 2008 3:17 PM

Seriously? Sure it might be logical but its near impossible!


Oh my god.... and you seriously did just call that solution logical? okay... I'll try... and a million thanks!


Woo! I did it! 100%!


I did it... this game owes me a day of my life :)


The Final Star:

First, beat the level as per my instructions above. It's the easy way. Ready? Good.

During part 1, a missile fires, and you can move the crosshairs. You'll have to keep the missile in the air until the spikes appear to get the blue star.

During part 1, drag the crosshairs off to the lower-left corner of the screen. Spin them around in a circle to keep the missile from touching them (once the missile catches the crosshairs, it'll move in a straight line off the screen). Keep doing this until the stoplight for Part 2 activates (the blocks you must lift).

When the stoplight activates and the man starts moving, drag the crosshairs all the way to the lower right, so the missile must cross the screen to reach them. Quickly lift the left block. If you get lucky and grab both blocks at once, go with it. Otherwise, just lift one then the other. It's tough, but possible. As soon as the little man reaches safety, grab the crosshairs and drag them back to the left before the missile reaches them.

Drop the crosshairs and grab the laser. The laser seeks the man as long as he is alive, so you'll have to juggle it and the crosshairs. Drag the laser down as far as it goes, then drop it and move the crosshairs across the screen to the lower right. Drag the laser down again (the man should be walking by now) and then move the crosshairs back to the lower left. By now, the missile will have to cross the whole screen to reach the crosshairs, and the man is almost to the goal. Hold the laser until the spikes appear and the laser vanishes.

Now, guide the missile into the spikes. This should be fairly easy, but be quick about it. Once the missile destroys the spikes, the man will complete the level unharmed.

Once you've done this, you should have 100%. Go to the credits section again for another reward.

Good luck!

Also, the game is excellent. I loved the gameplay, and the islands all felt unique and beautiful. The graphics were consistent and attractive, and the puzzles had plenty of variety to make every level worth playing, despite the level select allowing you to skip them.

No suggestions from here, other than to make another game, and hope to make it as original as this!

-SirNiko, master of blue stars




I think I beat the entire game, but it says I only beat 99%... is there more? Did anyone get 100?

I also didn't find a star in the last level of world 3? is there one?


Seriously though... Level 18... How do you get the sub to the blue star and then to the rock in time? I'm sure I'm doing it as fast as I can but I still miss the guy by about a whole second.


bryce, there is :)


I'm stuck on the autumn islands level, where the crow bashes into you. I know the rest of the level:

Remove the leaves off the tree, then you will see a button. Press it, then click on the bulldozer. The leaves will clear off, including the ones behind you at the start of the level.


Soz bout double posting, but how do you unlock world 3, anyways?


You must have 90% completed :)

For autumn island,

the Crow can be killed with electricity.


Hempuli, thanks for the hint. I've done that level now. Now I'm stuck at:7,9,12,13,14,15,17 definitely,23,25,26,27,28,29 and 30. I need a huge walkthrough, lol.


I've completed level 29 now.


I've completed level 9 now.


Keep it up! ;)

Anonymous August 30, 2008 10:42 AM

Stuck on world 1 level 4 any help? i found the star just cant get him across


Maybe I'm the only one. But I did not like this game, oh no precious. Not at all.

[Edit: What didn't you like about it? How can anyone improve without some constructive criticism? -Jay]


Can somebody help me. I have gotten all the stars for 1 through 34, and I thought I got the one for 35 as well. The problem is that I'm still at 99%. The last stage's star doesn't seem to count even though I got it. I beat that level both ways and it still doesn't show up.

Do I need to do something else besides destroy the spikes with the missile? I did it twice now and I watched the credits and hit enter when "the end" appeared. I went back and it still does not register that I got it. I'm confused.

If anybody can help it would be much appreciated.


Jack, that sounds like a bug. When you start the game, is there a blue star and a flag in every world button? Have you completed the tutorial?


Hi Hempuli,

Yes, there is a star and a flag showing on every world. The last level doesn't have the star showing on it though, only the flag. If it helps isolate the problem I initially was missing the star on 31 and 35. The stages were all completed though. I went back and redid 35 and got the star in the level and nothing changed. I then went to 31 and found that star. I then redid 35 and got the star again thinking maybe I needed the rest of the stars first to make it count, but that wasn't the case.

P.S. Great game btw. Very addicting and unique.


Sorry for the double post.
You were right. I did miss the tutorial. Thank you so very much. It's at 100% now.


Level 35 does not follow the progression of difficulty of the rest of the game. Even knowing how to do it, I have given up after about 60 tries. Having worked on the Sega Genesis game "Ecco the Dolphin", this is not the first time I have encountered a fairly dramatic gulf between European and American game design philosophies. If I were part of the design team for this game, levels 25-34 would have ramped up in difficulty considerably more than they do in this game.


Casey, for you to notice - the games aren't in a difficulty order. Look at the star ratings, not to their level numbers. Also, there's no need to start to talk about the difference between american and european game design philosophies xD This is a finnish game made by one person, not by a huge group or anything.


To beat level 35:

Smash all of the blue lights with the missile, boxes, and laser.


How do you solve level 29? I'm so mad.


HELP I cant finish level 10!!!!



There's a very simple way in that level that makes the guy able to jump very high. It bases on resonance


cut the ropes to get electricity to the door. Open it and time the opening well to get the star.

Anonymous January 4, 2009 1:10 PM

And HOW am I supposed to see the bottom of the game?? To get that credits thing! I can't see the bottom of the game because the window is too large!! And I can't resize it or make it full screen... What the hell?? How can I see it?

Also, has anyone noticed the text in level 35? It talks about how epic it is...


JIGuest - that's strange. The game is 800x600 pixels, and most people use 1024x768 or 1280x1024 these days. I can't really do anything about that, but you sure use a low resolution.


Excellent game, and Johan Hargne's Grateful Vision is simply...wow. I can't stop listening to it.

Anonymous June 1, 2009 2:50 PM

great game! I am totally going to finish what i couldn't last night after reading the walk through on the blue stars! thanks for a great game and I absolutely love the "telephone" level, it is hilarious.

Anonymous March 4, 2010 2:04 AM

jaywalkar and SirNiko - thanks for the "blue star" solutions!

popopopo July 5, 2010 4:44 PM

Help, whats the solution for level 24 with the blue star

Anonymous January 23, 2011 9:37 PM

@popopopo: You'll note that some of the leaves are blue.

Clear all non blue leaves from the tree. Start the electricity, then have the bulldozer clear the leaves.


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