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The House

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4.6/5 (51752 votes)

See why this is considered one of the most terrifying horror games of all time! Nobody is willing to enter an abandoned house where the entire family committed suicide, but you're looking for the truth... unfortunately, somewhere in the dark, something is looking for you too...

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Walkthrough Guide

(Please allow page to fully load for spoiler tags to be functional.)

Wrote a walkthrough for this game... due to me spending about 15 mins to beat this. Freaked me out the first time... SPOILERS! CONTINUE AT YOUR OWN RISK!

~The Front Door~

You're in front of the house. Wait until the words go by and the door shakes, then click on "Go inside". You will knock on the door. Soon it will open itself.

~The Dining Room~

Ok, so now you're within the house's dark shadows. In here is a family portrait, a window, and a door that's slightly open. Click on the portrait and leave it three times. That's right; 3! Afterwards, a ball will drop from the ceiling. Click on the ball a few times, then click on the portrait again. *CRASH* OMG! What was that? A ghost of the daughter should appear, sitting at the window... Afterwards, click on the ball a few times and *POP*. Soon you will hear a baby crying, and cover your eyes.. That head goes flying and freaked me out. Whew... but the darkness moved. Let's enter the bathroom.

~The Bathroom~

This will be a nightmare. Look at the mirror. There's a note. Click on it for a better look, then click it a couple times for weird effects. Click on the can of poison on the ground. WHOA! Silhouette of a woman at the fence thing? Maybe its just me. And now you can click on the toilet.. Clicky Clicky Clicky! (Like Mushu from Mulan; "Picky Picky Picky"). You're almost done. The jump scare is a hand popping up. Uh-Oh, heard a crash in the Kitchen, let's move!

~The Kitchen~

This may freak out those of 12 or under. Well, notice the doll moving by itself nearby the staircase? Click on it to have it pop-up. Click it a few times, then the note.. (I think) Then a shadow runs down the hall to your right. Click on the doll, and notice it was hanging? Well, a person will hang from the ceiling. Looks like a kid. Hmmmmm... there was a toddler, a mom, a kid, OH NO! THE DAD! Let's go to the Living Room!

~The Living Room~

Ok, there's a portrait of the dad, a note, and weird hallucinations that happen over-time. You know, clicky clicky clicky. You'll hear a gunshot, and... a weird ghost walks past the screen. Click on the dad picture again... EWW! His eyeballs and mouth... R.I.P., although we didn't know you. *Creak* That sounded like it came from the Corridor! Get your pillows!

~The Corridor~

This reminds me of the Grudge. There's a light switch, and a note on the ground. Hahahahaha... I flicked the light-switch on and off and clicked on the note that appeared... Clicky Clicky Clicky... OMGWTFBBQ!?!?!?! WEIRD LOOKING GIRL! WHERE'S MY PILLOW... T.T And after that...


If you can understand the storyline, you will learn that it was the daughter who had murdered the family. I don't understand much of why though.
But... CONGRATZ! You found out this mystery!

Hope you enjoy this guide as much as I had making it myself. Go Sinthai and JIG! Great work of horror. :) Gave me the chills for a day! See you... in the house..

P.S. Do not believe those who say this was NOT scary! This truly is a living nightmare!


I enjoyed NFH Propaganda. When you say that games have to have the formulaic 'story' or 'reason,' then you lose out on the artistic experience that the author is trying to express. The House is also cool. Yay for the early post!


and i just posted one of those aforementioned negative comments like an hour ago. thanks, jay.


I just played this at work. It was good, other than I had to take out my headphones a couple of times soas to avoid freaking out. I work midnights in the basement of a hospital around the corner from the morgue. So yea. Good game, just wrong atmosphere for me to play it.


lol - Preston, sounds like the prefect atmosphere to play these games in. ;)



Jay, I love love love your site, i'm here every day since i first got here,
this game was fun but i realy neeeeed a new clicky adventure, did all the ones you have on your site and i hope youll find a new one for me(well... us) soon.


Ooph. That was actually really scary , unlike those other games that are supposed to be scary.
Not bad while playing in my well-lit office.


Oh man oh man. That was terrifying. I don't usually cover my eyes on these things, but the timing on this game is divine. I enjoyed 99 Rooms and NFH Propaganda, mind you, and those creep me out in a good way. This one makes my stomach twist and leaves me smiling afterward.

I should go play Cry Wolf to feel better. Thanks Jay!


Creepy. I think I finished it. I didn't understand it though.


Yes, I LOVE this game. Now this, *this* is a scary game. I jumped at every single room. A bigger jump each time. I was actually sitting in my chair whispering to myself, "Oh no, please no, oh God no." 'cause I just knew it was gonna be horrible and scary, but I couldn't *not* continue. I actually covered my eyes in the last room, the corridor, when the lights go out, and you know as soon as you put them back on, she's gonna be there. I actually screamed the last time and covered my eyes when I saw the woman scream. That. Really. Scared me.

It was perfect, it wasn't *really* gory, like overly-gory, which never really scares me. Me and my mom are the same, we both think too much gore not only isn't scary, but it actually dulls the scary effect of anything else around it. But this had the perfect amount. Not too much, just enough, and so dark you could hardly make things out through the darkness, which in itself is really scary. The music and sound effects were perfect too, they really were in perfect timing with everything else. They really added to the feel, rather than dulling the experience or making light of it as some games do. I really liked the fact that you'd have only a couple of objects to click on, so you were made to click on the same things, knowing that something else would change. Like in the first room, the dining room, when you can only click on the picture. And you have to keep doing it, at least every other time you click on something, and then is shakes and breaks. Ooooooh. This game sent a shiver down my spine.

The thing that freaked me out the most, was when I looked at the picture in the dining room. The child's drawing of the family. I thought the mother looked strange, like.. a little more advanced than what a child would normally draw. And she wore completely black, a long black dress that covered her feet, and long black hair, covering most of her face and falling over her shoulders. Uuugh. She gave me the creeps from the start.. I think it was all because of the mother for some reason. Not actually finding out the real reason for anything is the best part, it leaves it to your imagination. This is the type of thing I find scary. Actually seeing loads of gore and horror and things, isn't scary, because I've seen so much in games and films, that I'm desensitised to it all, and now I just don't find it scary. It's the *way* in which things like that are used that makes things scary. And especially not seeing everything, just seeing very little, not knowing all there is to something and leaving it to the individual's imagination, is what really scares me. Because it's left up to your own mind to figure things out. And the mind, being as complex as it is, has far more power to scare you, especially when given a little insentive to start thinking along those lines, than anything else.

After all, it's what we don't see, that really haunts our dreams at night.

Keep the good stuff comin', Jay!

- Jessica


Cheers, Jay. Love your site...this one was pretty freaky even in my well-lit office...



ooooo heavens that was really, really freaky. I couldn't even get past the bathroom before I got sick. ~shiver~ I think it was the blood that got me... heh... I'll have to wait until I get home to try this again, where I'll at least not look like I had been zombified.

Much better than the last game. ^_^


hey jay.

omg this is the most scaryist game i have played in ages! i just couldnt play it! i got to the bathroom and i just freaked out! I even scared my parents because i screemed about 2 times! them shadows just freak me out and that head! whoh! that just made me run away! I think that i wont be playin that ever again

P.S.thanks jay for replying so quickly on my comment =)



Well, I finished it. I didn't realize that you have to look at the picture for a long time. I beat it, but I didn't get startled until "the Corridor". I did enjoy it a lot!!


really scary game...reminds of the movie "the ring" somehow...


Jay just wanna say i love you site and have gotten other people hooked on it to from work....
I enjoyed the House but im confused to got thru all of the rooms and seen the chick at the end in the CORRIDOR and it just black now is that the end???


Hi Jay,

I've been a regular visitor for a while, but never actually posted. However, I just had to comment on this particular find.

It was brilliant, and so incredibly creepy. I had to sit with my older brother next to me clicking everything, I was way too scared to do it myself. In the dining room when the ball burst I jumped, but wasn't expecting the head that dropped down from the ceiling when I next clicked the picture. I screamed so loud, and in the next moment started crying and laughing at the same time.

Must've been hilarious for my friend, who I was on the phone to at the time!

Keep the awesome games coming Jay - even if I am too scared to go through them by myself ;)



Thank you kindly, Jackie, and Amy, and Paul, and Lolli! I'm glad that it 'worked' for you. =)


yaaaaah! i can't take that heartbeat!!!!!


I didn't really find it creepy, though I did jump a few times. I'm torn between liking the fact you had to keep clicking on the same things and then eventually things would happen, but at the same time that makes it seem non-interactive. It would've been nice to walk around and actually explore a bit more.

From the perspective, it was more like you were peering in through a window than actually inside the house. It was a good story, simple plotline overall though and the game itself was rather nice since it was easy. No headaches trying to figure out hard puzzles. XD


I feel bad about starting the avalanche of bad comments on the last post. However this game was much more enjoyable.

I too could tell that the mother was the scary one from the initial kid drawing. I found it interesting that what should normally be static objects (such as the note on the mirror) changed as you looked at them.

Good for a late night scare.


ok, maybe I'm stupid, but how is this a "game"? I see a game as something which involves your participation in more than just poking the same thing over and over again.

Now, as an experience, it's entertaining and quite creepy, but no way is it a game


Technically speaking, I agree with you, Natalie.

With that said, I believe it's good to approach things with an open mind, allowing new ideas and experiences to expand our preconceived definitions and expectations.


Call me chicken, but i am too scared to play this and the game before it *crawls into the corner and shivers*

In exmortis, i barely got past the beginning when it goes "aah" and shows the murders, and after i found the head in the microwave i closed the window xD


That was SCARY! By the end of it I was cowering against my friend! Pretty embarassing, actually, since I was playing at school...

But anyways, really great game, very creepy. =) And I liked how it actually had a story, even though a simple one. Heh. Keep 'em coming, Jay!


another game I desperately want to play...but I'm too much of a pussy to actually click on and play...this coming from the girl who lives in an extremely haunted house.


This was a fun but scary game, closed my blinds just to set a dark and scary mood.

Too bad there are only 5 rooms.

The best part is that the same objects you click on over again change over time!!! SCARED THE CRAP OUTA ME GOOD GAME PICKING JAY!!!


I got thru it too, Jay! Hard to believe cuz I don't really have much patience. I'm a 'fraid-kat indeed. I liked the bathroom and the corridor... I liked it cuz it's simple enough and it doesn't take too much time to finish!

You planning on someday categorizing all these online games? A Horror genre... I love it, since I can pretty much click it off anytime, rather than like sitting in the theatre and pee in my pants! baaaa!


Just 'added to favorites'!!! I like that feature!! Way kool Jay!!!


I wanted to really enjoy that game, but the English was for the most part really awful. The style and personality of the game otherwise were impeccable, but the gramattical errors that most english-speaking people wouldn't make made the game less of an "experience." But then again, I'm a writer, so I'm picky about that.


Oh my freaking g-d!!!!! The House is so freaking scary with the blood and the dark and the scary hair lady. Freaking JEEZ!!!! Wow. I need a hug now... and a happy bedtime story.
NFH Propaganda was an enormous disappointment. Mostly because I see that it could have been better. It has potential, but not the kind of psychological, almost Freudian grip that The House has.


I'm with kit. I don't do well with the whole OMG POP OUT AND SCARE YOU stuff. If it's anything like Exmortis, I'll have to play it with the sound off, if I do play it at all. :(


It's quite different from other games that are "point and click" adventures, but is still worthy of the name. It's more scary due to the fact that you don't know what's coming next. what's also nice is there isn't a lot of searching to do. Just solving a few things with what you have.

great game, jay.


I've started this game at least four times, but can never get past the bathroom as it is too scary...yet I want to finish the game! It's addicting but frightening.

I get to the bathroom and just stare at it because I'm too afraid to click anything.


Just a bit too twisted for my liking...


sorry, but i didnt find it scary; and moreso annoying. the audio, though it tries to ad to the atmosphere, came of rather ear wrenching and agrivating due to repetitiveness.

It seemed too predictable for me, like the way it builds up, when something does jump out i was already ready for it. there was no thrill to the shock.


don't want to echo too much of what's already been posted. but nice find. pretty creepy stuff with some imagery that, for some reason, reminded me of the ring/ringu movies.

and yeah, not really a game per se, but definitely an experience worth hitting up. it's freaky to watch certain items react differently depending on the circumstances of each scene.

very very very nice. wish there were more than just five scenes. it amazes me what people can do with Flash.


I finally finished the game after convincing my sister to go through it with me...we are now scared out of our wits, even though we turned the sound off and other music on and had practically all the lights in the house on...I slammed the lid on my laptop shut two times and we both had a good exercize in screaming. Needless to say we both really liked this game, even though we are NOT fans of the horror genre.

Tammy Kegley September 9, 2005 6:23 PM

Another awesome game Jay! Finally one I didn't have to have a walk through for LOL. Totally love your site. Keep up the good work.


It may just be me but i only just started the game and i was too scared to continue....lol looks like it will be fun once i get a couple of friends to do it with me :-)


waaaaaaah I finally finished it!!! ~cries~ It was too scary!!! My husband and I watched it together, and even HE screamed at the end. It's not funny, Jay! Not funny at all!! ~sniff~

tee hee... we luv u, Jay... ^_^ Great find! The broken english was cute. =p


Whooo...man... That practically gave me a heartattack...and I was only in the FIRST ROOM~! XD Darned if the second room didn't load. I hate having a High-Ping comp... >_> Well, keep finding these kick-arse, scary-as-Aunt-Bertha's-face games, Jay. They roxxor my proverbial boxxors. ^_^


Ooh, nice, very nice, not as good as Exmortis though, and hardly very scary until the end *giggle*

was that really Sadako from 'ring' or just a rip off? :P


Hmm..I dont know what to do in this game? =(


Oh my god, I love this game. I was wanting a good scared you you delivered!

burakkichu October 17, 2005 11:11 PM

y'know i really shouldn't be spooked by this since it's the same standard scary-movie stuff, but it still spooked me :) spooked me enough to make me quit halfway through because i don't feel like being spooked right now. :P but i also agree with some earlier comments --- it didn't really feel like a game. more like just repeated clicking on stuff until *boo!* something pops out to scare you, then it's on to the next room. that's another reason i quit. :D


Hi im just wondering if i should play this cause im like 12 and would it freak me out?


Haha, i loved this game... it is freaking scary, not for gory images and stuff but the way it generates the tension while you play, and when you click and nothing happens you get more nervous... and then... BOOM a creepy hand hits your screen! Man perfect timing between lighting, sound and pictures... It did scare, but after you play it all, man i felt happy because they really got me there, I enjoyed the experience, thats why i liked so much...
Ps: played in a dark room alone around 4AM...


.....*Can't speak*.....WOW....Sca....Scary.....


Me again. I can finally speak because I exited the game as soon as I saw the woman's face peak out of the kitchen. You should have seen the look on my face! I headed for the "X" buton so fast, you probably couldn't believe it! There's no I'm playing this game again unil a couple months!


wanna make some easy money? bet someone who hasn't seen this that they'll jump/flinch/yelp at least once. (try to get a witness, cuz they'll deny it of course.) something about the fact that it's on the web instead of a movie makes folks think it won't scare them. but it's really freaky! got my heart rate going off the charts. the timing on all the key moments is priceless. (though the

moving eyes on the portrait

was a little scooby-dooish, but hey who's complaining.)

as for you, jay, your site is tite, keep it coming.


Thanks for all comments !
I will create something more cool when i learn more about FLASH programming. Thanks!

ahhhhhhhhhh December 8, 2005 4:50 PM

i was well scared on this game shivered and everthing


to me, this is the only and the scariest game i have ever played online. great game, Jay!


omg jay, your site IS AWESOME. but tahts not the point here, omg i was on this game and it started freaking me out making me jump. like i swear ill have nightmares. well i was in the last room and the switch was flickering. the girl had just showed up. you know, the part after the shadow runs. well anyway she was about a foot away from touching and my cell phone went off, omg my heart started beating. it turned out to be my friend charles. the game rocked, thanks for the heart attack!!!


LOL. Thanks, Stephanie! A great story, and glad you enjoyed it! ;)

tOo FrEaKy!!! December 16, 2005 3:28 AM

tHiS wAs So ScArY! i HaTe To BrEaK iT tO yOu JaY, bUt I rEcOmMeNd YoU rAtE yOuR GaMeS!!


This is the greatest game ever!!!
By the way, the guy called Robert who posted a comment; you should care for your OWN grammatical errors before pointing out others'!
Your Grammatical Errors:
1. grammattical
2. english-speaking

Is that enough?
(And sorry if your a real writer- I'm a writer as well so I'm picky about it too.)


I purposely do not rate the games, because a rating is very subjective, and what may be an 8 or a 9 to one may be a 2 or 3 or 6.5 to another. Instead, I try to express all of the points about it that I particularly liked or disliked, and leave it up to you to judge for yourself. =D


Ok, now that was REALLI freaky. But very fun, yet so so creepy o_O. I had to turn my sound down and mute it a few times. I think the bathroom was the scariest - partly cos i wasn't ready for it. I had to stop for a while and switch windows. Anyway, still heaps of fun and I am gonna get my friends to play it and see their reactions too.



i got past the first "dining" room. I was really scared and jumped a few times when

when the ball burst and picture frame was scary when it cracked! - and when the boys head fell

but if you look carefully you can kind of work out something in the first room.
in the drawing, the mum IS weird! the family looks happy at first but if you look at the photo as a whole, then the lady is darker than
the others.

she could be DEAD?

the boy holds a ball in his arms IMPORTANT!
if you look at the boys leg it looks wierd! i havn't figured out what this is yet though.
for the first room:

click the drawing and look. click again and it will go away.
click the drawing again, you will see something drop in the background.
click the drawing to make it go away. SCARE! it is the boys ball! click the ball.
click on the drawing AGAIN! and again to make it go away.
then click the drawing once more - nothing will happen - then you see a ghost!!!
click the drawing - it will start to shake and then SMASH! make it go away then click it again and make it go away - click the ball and you will see a ghost of the boy - he is HEADLESS!!! this shows you that he was beheaded or something before he died.
clik drawing, make it go away - the ball should BURST! click the picture - did that scare you!!! lol!!

you should then be able to move on to the next room.
thats just the first room - i will try to do the next one soon


- KadY


not bad, same horror story line, however, and the poor english and repeated clicking drag it down. but the effect of this game really depends on an individuals sentiments about the horror genre in general.

i believe realistic, actually possible events can be more scary, so, supernatural "the ring" concepts don't really get to me. go watch the movie "audition" for a real horror treat.


Holy Shiitake, Jay! That was the scariest game ever!!!

Twice, I accidentally threw my headphones across the room while squealing like a little girl.

My husband is laughing at me, but I don't think he'll be laughing soon after I make him play it!




WOW !!! i dont think i have been this scared in a while !! lol i am wanting to go into the second room but i am too scared ! i had to run upstairs and get my pillow to hide behind ! (lol how sad am i !)

thanx for a great game jay !!

p.s, the heart beat dosnt help me fell not as scared !!


help lol i am in the kitchen and dont know what to do... well i think i do know what to do i am just too scared to do it lol, if any1 wants to tell me what happens feel free !!!


oh no i am still in the kitchen i hav covered the screen with the pillow and guess wat...

there is a heart beat !! i dnt wanna uncover it cus i will freak out !! some1 help !


lol, i got my cat to sit in front of the screen wen i was in the bathroom (not litiraly lol, on the game) and wen the hand came my cat ran away !


oooh i am in the living room lol but i dont think there will be much "living" in there :/ HELP !!!


im in the living room lol, its pretty scary and i dont wanna click on the chair ! im only 12 :( but i think i have done well for my age :) if any1 wants to tell me what happens feel free !!!


im only 10 and i beated the whole game.tho i will say that i jump atleast 10 times but i didnt give up.


Jay - the link to this game has changed.

God this thing scared the heck out of me! O_O


Cheers, tyro. Fixed.


i played this game in 10 mins i admit it was a bit confusing at first, but then i got the hang of it. AND IT SCARED THE BAGEEBIES OUTTA ME!!!!!


i heard something outside when i was playing the game, but it wasnt the game! im too scard to check it out though i did found a dead person in my front yard. p.s. its in the news!

bite_size_crayons January 16, 2006 12:29 PM

omg ... everytime i play this game ... it still scares me ...


That was the freakiest game ever that I have ever come accross.
It really scared me when the lady screamed <_<

Michelle Fazzino January 20, 2006 1:04 AM

This is my 2nd time on this site, and so far its pretty cool.. this game though game me the chills! it kinda reminded me of the girl from the ring.. sweet game!


I enjoyed this game...though I suspect I should have waited until late at night to play, instead of middle of the morning...LOL!!

I think I will save the one before this one for a late night...so I can be properly creeped out!!


Am I doing something wrong? Although the childs giggling was kinda creepy...I can't find anything that is so incredibly scary. Maybe I am not clicking the right spots. I have been through all the rooms and seen some shadows and had some pop outs but everyone says its so scary...am I just not scared or am I missing something?


Well, everyone is different and what is scary to one person may not be to another.

Could it be you're expecting too much? ;)

nishanthini February 3, 2006 10:05 AM

omg..i thought i would die of heart attact..it was cool...i played it at night and i pissed in my pants...i swear this is damn scary..ooohhhhh


The last part when...

The lady came out wasn't scary, her face...so weird!


Im just 10 years old and
I thought this game was so so scary but i managed to do it with the help of my gran

John P. Smithy February 24, 2006 8:30 PM

This game scared me so bad that i was scared get from in front of my computer and go down the hallway leading to my room.


How do you move through the house i tried clicking around but it only will let me stay in one room??


This game pwns i played it with my friend Ben and we got all hyper and scared and didn't want to click anything. I bet we looked like little girls playing that game.


LOL. That you are able to admit that, Dewy, makes you a bigger man for it. =)


hey !!! your link doesnt work !!!


Looksl like their server exceeded its bandwidth...


This game was scary, but it was also a little bit silly. I could see that the maker of the game made it just a little bit cheesey so you laughed when you jumped and got scared. Great game over all, I only wish there were more horror point and click games.


Oh my god.

I've been visiting frequently since this past friday when I found the game, "the Doors." and I've been playing all the games in your recommended archive.

Wow. I was literally point-and-clicking and coverng my eyes after every click. I forced myself to get through it. Oh my god.... soooo weird.... sooooo scary.

Nikki Starr April 5, 2006 7:58 PM

all i have to say is HOLY $#!% , i cant even finish it. i like twiched in oh gosh in the first room , then like jumped and yelled OMG in the next room and i'm scared to finish the third room , cuz i don't know what to except , ive played exmortis and exmortis 2 on here and i thought those were kick ass looked for another scary /creepy point and click game .....boy did i find it, wow great job

sisionis April 7, 2006 6:33 AM

Nice game, i wouldn't like to play it at midnight, but i think it's not very usefull...the game is just clicking & clicking again untill something happens...But music and idea is cool :)


omg!!!! this is sooooo scary..i cannot play it..ahhhhhh.....the head thingy really scared me!!!!

beth_n_soph April 9, 2006 9:37 AM

this was so kewl! a bit scary! me and beth hid behind a cushion everytime we clicked on something! but its kewl!
soph xxx


Oh my gawd thats the most freaky thing i've ever played!
I really regret having played it now, cause its late and dark and i'm supposed to go to bed after seeing this?!?
Not a chance.


i know im a blonde but i couldnt even fugure out how to get 2 the second room! this is weird!


It was so scary my fiends & class matesss freak out it was so awsome!


i think the house was the most coolest game ever

Cathrine June 3, 2006 11:57 AM

The game isn't working. The site just says "cannot pass".


As is often the case with excellent and free Web-based games such as this, its popularity has likely caused the author issues with his hosting provider and he therefore took it offline due to the amount of traffic it was receiving.

Hopefully this is only temporary and The House will return to the Web in the not too distant future.


The Jay is Games link doesn't work anymore. I found a link to Sinthai's website and it has this game and a couple more:


This game feels appropriate during the Covid19 outbreak.


In this walkthrough, you will learn that it was the daughter who had murdered the family. But not, the one who had murdered the family is their mother


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