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Dangerous High School Girls
in Trouble

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JessDangerous High School Girls in TroubleBack in March, we featured the demo of a sly, funny, and remarkably creative gem of a game called Dangerous High School Girls In Trouble, recipient of the 2007 "Most Innovative" award from the Casual Games Association. I was so taken by the 30-minute or so demo that I a) played through it twice, b) broke down and played it a third time and c) finally emailed Keith Nemitz, lead designer of Mousechief, to ask him to let me know when the full game would be released. He kindly alerted me several weeks later when the Macintosh version was ready, and I eagerly downloaded the game in its entirety. I was not disappointed.

Best of Casual Gameplay 2008Describing the game is not easy. The Mousechief website describes it as a "small-town epic of quick little games," which is a fair partial summation, but doesn't quite do justice to DHSGiT's genre-bending uniqueness. I suppose that I'd mainly describe it as a puzzle/RPG hybrid, with board game elements and uniquely created mini-games that function as story elements as well. Which, really, defies categorization. All the disparate elements synthesize remarkably well, however, and the gameplay quickly becomes intuitive.

The premise of the game is that you are the leader of a 1920's era gang of teenage girls, skirt-hiking, rule-bending, flappers-in-training. The girls live in Brigiton, a straitlaced, xenophobic little town just chock full of dirty secrets; the squeaky-clean exterior of the place just serves to accentuate the depravity that will ultimately be revealed. In the midst of adults too timid or narrow-minded to seek truth and justice, your girls must defy the established order, root out corruption, and ultimately save the town from terrible villainy!

Dangerous High School Girls in TroubleThe player begins by choosing the "playing card" of one of twelve girls who will become the Queen of your gang. Each girl has different strengths and weaknesses, which are represented by four talents: Popularity, Rebellion, Glamor and Savvy. The talents, in turn, are represented by the four suits of a deck of cards. Each talent is especially useful in playing one of four mini-games: Taunting, Expose, Fibbing and Gambit. As these four games will determine the outcomes of most of the encounters throughout the game, creating a balanced group of girls is crucial.

Once the Queen is chosen, you will proceed onto the first board, the High School (here's where the board game element comes in; different environments are represented by different boards, and the location of encounters are shown with monopoly-esque pieces). The first order of business is recruiting the rest of your gang, and in the process of doing so the game introduces the first three mini-games. From there, the story is off and running.

Analysis: The game is really wonderful stylistically, featuring an impressive number of hand-drawn looking illustrations and environments. I also can't do justice to DHSGiT's fantastic sense of humor; the game is often genuinely hilarious. You'll probably find yourself laughing out loud at the game's cast of eccentric, colorful characters.

Despite the praise I've just heaped upon it, Dangerous High School Girls in Trouble does have its issues. Most prominently, it seemed to me that about 60% of the story was compressed into the last 20% of the game; the revelations come fast and furious, and at times can become mind-boggling. A map system would also have been extremely useful; sometimes it becomes tedious to scroll around the boards looking for encounters. Finally, I found that the tone of the game shifted rather abruptly from sly goofiness to considerably darker. A word of warning, folks: despite the game's mainly lighthearted nature, there is enough mature content to render it unsuitable for younger children.

Still, I highly, highly recommend this game. DHSGiT provides that most unusual and valuable feature, uniqueness; I can pretty much guarantee that you won't have played anything like it. It is extraordinarily entertaining, and long enough (about 20 hours of gameplay, give or take) to contain a really meaty storyline. In many ways DHSGiT exemplifies much of what I love about casual gameplay and independent designers: unrestrained creativity, out-of-the-box conceptual thinking and the quirkiness that comes from freedom of expression. I very much hope that you at the least download the demo.

Download the demo

Mac OS XMac OS X:
Download the demo


definenormal32 July 6, 2008 6:00 PM

awesome game, though i may be biased because i am a girl in high school.

it ended WAY too soon.


When I try to download the full game, I get a message saying the "Kagi Registration Module" can't regeive initialisation data from the Kagi store...


I was wondering when you'd get round to reviewing the full version. I've already played through it once, but I got the impression that I could get a better ending if I did more things that I didn't do the first time.


Double check to make sure you have reached one of the final endings. One player thought they had finished the game at the end of Act 1 (of 3 acts).

You do have the full version. That message from Kagi occurs when your firewall is too strong for their purchase system to communicate through. If you don't want to change your firewall settings, try downloading the game from ManifestoGames. They use a different purchase system. It may work.

Sometimes, if you just try again, Kagi will be able to make the connection.


I just bought this and it's already crashed three times. I've contacted customer support and I hope to have a solution soon [snip]

[Edit: edited by request of the poster. -Jay]



We received your email about a half-hour ago and immediately replied with a suggestion for a fix.

After nearly two hundred sales over several weeks, you are the first to report any bugs. We will do the best we can to fix things and make amends to you. We urge anyone experiencing software difficulties to contact us via the link on our website.

We don't like bugs in our software either.

Keith Nemitz
Mousechief Co.

[Edit: edited by request of the poster. -Jay]


I can verify I got a very nice and helpful email from Keith at Mousechief. I don't have a solution yet, but I'm very impressed with the customer service so far. I'll update with whatever solution he ends up figuring out, just in case somebody else experiences it.


Kate - in case somebody else experiences what? You haven't told us what the problem is.

May I suggest for the future, before sounding any alarms, please attempt to resolve the problem first. Then, once you have more information to share, leave a helpful comment for those who might experience what you did.


This game is weird enough to hold my interest. But weird in a weird way. How many decades of fads and lingo are trying to be represented as one style? It feels like this game about how to be a beeyatch was made by a 50 year old brick layer named Mike Bukowski from Patterson New Jersey.


I noticed there's an 'accident' that's part of the plot to solve. I didn't get too far because my poker face is horrible. And I think they caught me smoking in the bathroom. Oh, and I put in the word "anthropomorphic" instead of "the".


Actually, I'm very impressed... a weird and imaginative game. My poker face is terrible too, so I'm developing my flirting abilities.

It is odd that this wasn't made by women - but they seem to have gotten a nice take on the 1920s flavor - and perhaps it's like the team that made Sex and the City....


My problem (frequent crashing) has now been solved, and Mousechief updated the download with a fix for the bug I experienced. I'm now about two thirds of the way through the game, I think, and I'm really enjoying it.

I apologize for my vague post earlier. If there is any way Jay could delete it, I would appreciate it.

Once again I'd like to say I am very happy with the customer service over at Mousechief, and Dangerous H.S. Girls is a great game.

Carlymau July 7, 2008 5:37 PM

just finished the demo and i'm already hooked! i know if i download this i'm going to end up playing it about 20 times with different characters, so i might just leave it until after i've got this assignment done - i'm not sure i could use this game as a reasonable excuse for an extension!


Hahaha! xD

Yeah, that probably wouldn't work.

Work first, then play. It makes playing so much better that way! :D

definenormal32 July 7, 2008 7:00 PM

@ Musenik:
I only played the trial version, which takes you to the end of Act 1, so that's why it was TOO SHORT



Okay, but the trial version doesn't even finish the first scene of Act 1. Scenes two and three happen on the Downtown game board. Act 2 opens on the Neighborhood, and Act 3 opens up the terrible lands beyond city limits... (cue spooky music)

I hope you'll be able to take the rest of the game for a ride, soon.


oh boy, I am so glad this is out. I had such fun with the demo.

Robynthegeek July 9, 2008 2:02 AM

I loved the trial! When I get paid I think I'll buy it!

One thing that may be a bug, or just a facet of the game, when I recruited 'jean' into the gang she could never flirt with boys. Not sure why, all of the other characters could. It meant she got bumped out of play a lot because the boyfriends can 'sacrifice' and get in trouble instead of the girls.



Hmm, why ever would an outgoing young woman like Jean avoid flirting with boys?

Must be a bug, you say. I wouldn't.

Robynthegeek July 9, 2008 12:47 PM

"may be a bug *or* a facet of the game."
Thanks for clarifying!


Okay, I think I've encountered a bug. It has to do with exposing and em-dashes.

There was one quote to expose that included an em-dash, -- (sorry, I forget whose quote it was, but it showed up in the demo so it had to be early on). If I didn't reveal it with one of my tokens, it would not allow me to guess it.

Over all, I'm really loving this game. It's quirky, sassy, and just a lot of fun. The lay out is simple and stylistic. I love my queen, Louise! I don't quite understand the rules of gambit, but that's just me and my thick skull.



I can indeed imagine the bug you describe exists. I just scoured the EXPOSE texts for a m-dash, but could not find one anywhere up to the point when Downtown opens up. I'll continue looking.

If you happen to find it again, please email me through the contact link on our website.


That's funny,

Jean didn't mind hanging around with Radio Boy, although by then all my other girls had boyfriends!

Peer pressure is a dangerous thing. :)

I really adore this game after playing the demo a few times. I'm very picky when it comes to purchasing games, but as soon as I have the extra money I'll be buying this one. I think the only thing I would love more is if this existed as a real board game! I love that design so much, just so clever!

I only regret not jumping on one opportunity that surprised me in the demo: when would-be Phonograph star Gladys

had the option to flirt with Secretary Primly.

Very unexpected, and now I want to replay the demo again!

PugPrincess July 10, 2008 7:34 PM

Anyone understand what it means when it says to save markers intuit their pattern? I hit the i for more info but nothing about intuition? so i always just have to test it doesnt work so good with the older men hahaha


I'm usually slow at picking up on some of the tricks to games but this one has me stumped. I can't figure out where the logic of the mini games are...it always feels like the luck of the draw to me...especially flirting and "the adult game" (ha...that still amuses me). If anyone can throw a hint my way, it would be greatly appreciated.


The flirting game is based on call and response patterns. For example, always respond to Radio boy with the same token he calls with. His pattern is, he wants the same token.

Dapper boy wants the other token of the same color. Each boy has their own pattern.

Use your tokens first to figure out what a boy's pattern is. Then spend them to win him. That's the most efficient way. 'Better' boys use combinations of basic patterns.

The 'adult game' is trickier, and if the method of guessing your opponent's style is too difficult, then it's okay to guess. It was designed that way. Just remember, the person with the highest talents has the advantage when guessing. Give your girls lots of Savvy. For this game Savvy talent is most important.

Hope that helps!

ThemePark July 27, 2008 10:47 AM

I hope someone still reads this entry. The demo is supposed to stop somewhere after Act 1, right?

Well it didn't for me. I uninstalled the demo I had from when it was previously mentioned in another review, and downloaded the installer from this review. But the end came when I had to confront the nurse, just like in the demo from the previous review. Did I misunderstand something about the demo?


The demo lasts until you have to talk to the nurse, after exposing Max's mistakes. It sounds like both your demos worked accordingly.

ThemePark July 29, 2008 7:19 AM

So it seems that there is a trial version and a demo version, and that they're different from each other. At least you mentioned earlier that the trial version doesn't end at Act 1, but in Act 3. So seeing as I downloaded the demo from the link given here, how do I get the trial version instead?


I'm stuck. I can't find the salvage yard. Where is it?


the salvage yard is beyond city limits

take the trolly to get there it runs on the things that look like train tracks

now im stuck i cant find any other girls and when i try to go bak to the school it says they will hafta arrest me if i do... my queen wont gambit with anyone and i need her to as im trying to seal votes ... any tips on where i can find girls????

i looked everywhere!



Help! I'm stuck. I'm at the part where you have to get the school's camera and pile of pogo sticks. I got the pogo sticks but have no clue how to get the camera. I've been all over each place but it seems like there's absolutely nothing at all to do. They are giving me no options to do anything.


I'm stuck on the part that you have to get the school's camera and pogo sticks. I got the pogo sticks but can't figure out what to do next or how to get the camera. I've checked all 3 places and am not getting any options to choose from other than being taken back home after curfew. Can someone please help me figure this out?


To get the camera see below
I can't remember what time of day you need to go there (or if it even matters what time of day you go), but I hope this helps :)

Ask the art teacher about them when you are at school

I'm stuck now. I'm not really sure what I have to do. All it says in my message box is:

What's the mayor's side of the story? Lately, he's been out stumping for votes?

There is hardly anyone I can see, and I feel like I've seen them all about a dozen times! I'm going round in circles :(


I have reached the end, but is it really that tragic? *__* ( the gang flees from brigiton and each person dies in not-so-good situations and the mayor rules the town until there're only ghost there *__*)


I played until the screen has the line "The end", but does the game really only have that kind of tragic end? *__* (everybody flees from the town and leads a not-so-good life after that)



"Stumping is the clue." Check the field of stumps just right of the amusement park, in the afternoon, evening, or weekend.


In the powwow, when your gang flees the town, notice they wonder what was happening in the auditorium...

If you have collected the necessary moral and assert it in parley with Miss Fox, your girls will be able to enter the auditorium for more ending possibilities. Various morals, the Marriage Manual, and the wax music cylinder are very useful in the auditorium...


Love this game! I am stuck at trying to get votes for Bill. Always loose the debate with the mayor. Loosing girls fast any help?



Check out the nightclub at night, and try again.



I am stuck. Stoolie Girl told me how to get her father Stool Pigeon to tell me what he knows about the mayor. I have searched the high school, downtown, the Dells, and outside of town and I cannot find him anywhere. Any ideas would be appreciated.



Try creep alley in downtown or lot 49 in the dells.


Thank you Musenik, I got into the auditorium. But no matter what parley I chose, it always ended up with the alien part, and I never got to use the wax music cylinder....(or maybe it's because I kept going aroud choosing the same parley without noticing ~__~)

Any suggestion?


The alien bit is just for fun. It won't change. However, if you have all of the gold tokens and the marriage manual then you can pick the ending that uses the wax cylinder. The endings are all based on parley choices. So keep trying! Hope you're having fun.


But the ending for each character is fixed, right ?



You mean during the credit? That's right.


Can anybody give me a hint, I am stuck at the part where I am trying to get votes for the Pony. I read above that I am supposed to try to go to the Nightclub at night but every time I try to go to the nightclub, nothing happens. Is there any step I perhaps have missed, like an object or something?


The nightclub operates between 9pm and 6am. If it's not active, try visiting Max, or continue to get votes until you face the mayor. If you don't beat the mayor, then try the nightclub.


I'm completely stuck, I can't do anything. Please tell me how to get pogo sticks? I have a camera.


Try the abandoned house in The Dells, especially late at night.


Musenik, thanks very much for great advice. I have another problem now. I have to catch patrol with their pies. I have another film already but I don't see them anywhere. Please help me.


They should be in the Dells' park.

Elena.Guest September 24, 2008 10:39 AM

At one point,the game asks "to find which masked person is the doctor" on the carnival.Has anybody solved this??


I'm stuck!does anyone knows what to do when the game ask you to find "which masked person is the doctor" on the carnival??


Elena, Aura,

Check out the baths.

darkangel985 September 25, 2008 2:01 PM

I'm stuck. My objectives are:

Find out what Julianne and Max are doing. And To survice the strictures forced upon them find morals the girls can counter them with.

I looked everywhere, but the three accessible places are completely empty and I can't get into the school.
Anyone know what to do?



Is the trolley running? If you have the locket the trolley will take you to the school map.

Otherwise it sounds like a bug. Please contact keithn(at)mousechief.com. Email him with your question and your receipt. He'll help you out and fix the bug to keep others from encountering it.

darkangel985 September 25, 2008 5:47 PM

No, I don't have the locket. *drop* Where should I have gotten it from?
I guess that means I have to start over...


Thanks Shannon. Almost gave up on the game. It's really good.


Same problem as darkangel985: I can't find the locket and I have just one girl.


I love this game, and I've gotten to a few endings. I've only been able to find 3 of the 4 gold badges, I can't find the one for savvy. And where does this wax cylinder come from? Do you get that when you have all 4 things? I've played through about 3 times and haven't been able to find these things and I want to find the other endings!

darkangel985 September 30, 2008 4:41 AM


You can get the wax cylinder at the carousel at the amusement park out of town.


I got 3 honorary badges.

From the people of tent town, from the nightclub and from the church.

Is there any other badge to get? As a bonus.
I want to get all the endings, that's why. As for all the other stuff, I have them all.



Those are three of the four 'karma' tokens: Dignity, Humility, & Charity. The fourth is Reason. Earn that by surviving Miss Busby's stalking.

The gold tokens are 'morals'. The silver tokens are 'strictures'.


Find the savvy moral at the graveyard.


I've never been stalked by Miss Busby!!
Did i do something wrong??How can i achieve the fourth badge??


Miss Busby will stalk the gang in the early part of Act II. (when The Dells gameboard opens up.) This is a particularly difficult quest, and your girls are warned against going to see Miss Busby. It's a bonus quest, as are the other quests to earn karmas.


I have the same problem. I have only 1 girl left. I don't have the locket and I already passed the nightclub stage. What am I suppose to do? I can't get the people to vote. Or am I suppose to do something else? Can someone answer? How am I supposed to get the girls back?


Do I have to restart the whole game to get the other endings?



No. You may need to replay the end part starting with Max at the Bus Station. This would be to ensure you find all four each of Silver and Gold tokens. Collecting them opens the various ending for you to navigate, especially inside the Auditorium.


I quit to play this game. It's impossible to go ahead without any hint.



If you're having the same problem as darkangle985, then you should follow the advice I gave to him. It's right below his post.


I've played the same part again and again! I'm at the end, but I'm missing some morals. And do I need gold coins?

I have Dect. Friendly and the locket....but I dont have the heart moral. And is Dect. Friendly supposed to marry the girl? And was my dear Pony for Mayor supposed to win? How does that work??? CONFUZZLED!!

Any advice?



Congratulations on winning Det. Friendly! He's a tough one, although a brief companion. (as foretold by Madam Zam)

The gold heart token can be found at Old Oswald's.

Winning the election is not required to continue the story, but you win a really great prize if your pony does become mayor.

Anonymous October 5, 2008 6:41 PM

Sorry...in my above post I said I didn't have the heart moral. That one I DO have.

I'm lacking the diamond moral. And there are no available locations.


The diamond gold token can be found in the library. You may have to restore back to an earlier save, if you've followed the end story so far that that encounter has been removed.


So I got to the end with all 4 gold and silver coins, the wax cylinder, the locket, the marriage manual.. pretty much everything possible... I have it. But the endings weren't any different than those I got when I didn't have all of those items. I went back and played through in every way I could, using different answers in parlays. I was never given the option to use the wax cylinder. Now I'm just frustrated.


Getting to use the wax cylinder is tricky. It's almost like an easter-egg event. I think you have to use the marriage manual first, choose myth over story, use the pony, survive the ghost and eventually you'll be able to use the wax cylinder.


I'm getting an error that completely crashes the game...

When I go to enter a candidate for Mayor, entering Dean Hemlock is an option because I got his signature. However, when I click on "Gambit" with one of my girls to try and enter him, the game crashes every time.

Is there any fix for this?


The actual error is, by choosing Dean Hemlock your girls should not be given a choice of Gambit. Instead they're suppose to learn something about the dean.

The dean has already applied for candidacy in the mayoral election.

This will be fixed in the next release of the game.


OK...since I've been playing this whole weekend and got my ending, I guess what I have to say would be spoilers...

My queen is Louise, and my original gang was consisted of Gladys, Jean & Helen. I noticed a couple players mentioned it was weird that Jean didn't flirt. Well yeah, at first she wouldn't flirt either and I was quite disappointed. But that was not the weirdest part.

At one point back at Downtown, I forgot for what purpose, I was encountering people at the Pfeiffer store(I probably spell it wrong), and with that salesman, for the first time, Jean's 'flirt' option came up! I was so curious that I clicked it, and I remember it wasn't difficult to figure out his pattern, and he was hooked! But that's when Jean disappeared from my gang with a message saying that guy took Jean by the arm or something...I was sooo sad but I let her go (not loading back to reverse it) cuz I kinda wonder if that's the good ending for her...(lol, totally so into the whole town story)

And there's another bug I wanna report. Usually when flirting with guys if u run out of the right token it says 'she ran out of it' and u end the flirt. But with 3-token-conbination guys, if u run out of that token only leaving the last token spot empty for one posed flirt, it gets annoying. Cuz then u don't get the message 'she ran out of it', instead u'll have to use up all ur lefting wrong tokens to 'fill' that spot till it says 'that's all folks' and then u end the flirting...it's not a big problem, it's just annoying. I was trying to hook up with those difficult guys and it happened many times...BTW I got my game at Reflexive.

Oh abt the big ending, I finally got mine this morning, after hitting deadend at first. But still it was not good. I didn't have all the stuff...

I was especially disappointed that my Louise couldn't hook up with Detective Friendly...I always thought he was cute. Well I figured out his pattern, but ain't got that much tokens. I think I need some suggestions cuz I'm gonna try to hit all the tasks the next time. I thought the story line 'running for our pony' just got abandonned, reading posts here seeing that there's actually possibility of winning that, I so wanna try that again. I wonder how many possible endings there actually are.

Lastly I wanna say this is a really great game! It's kinda like the GBA version of 'The Urbz:Sims in the city' if u ever played. U got a small town, good storyline and plenty tasks. The difference is with this one, u got a team instead of just one person, and the different endings and hidden awards are so much better. Also, in The Urbz u establish various relationship with different characters, which can't really happen here. But then again, that feature would actually make the game more difficult than it already is(given that u wanna get all the rewards), so I actually prefer the way it already is. It really is a great little game.

Oh and I really like the part where the girls had to shoot Vardity Boy...I used the crowbar first and hit a deadend(I was assuming that the game wouldn't be so dark...) But the truth was that my girls had to become criminals after all.

Hey, wouldn't it be nice if there's gonna be a sequel game to this? But then what would it be about? Hmm...I don't know, I think I just miss the girls so much when the game ended. But anyway, I'm gonna start again right away, and try to do it better!


Still can't get into the auditorium.

I played again. Won the debate with mayor and became mayor for a day. Got all silver and gold tokens. At least I remember getting eight all of them, but then only the four gold ones show up right? And I had all 4 badges, marriage manual, wax cyliner...and I won Det as well! Sad that he could only be with them for a little while. But then parleying with Max and Mistress in school was frustrating. I either get the end without entering auditorium or I get deadend that says my girls need more experience with happiness? What's missing??


It sounds like you need to pick different choices when Parleying with Max and Mistress. Be sure to assert the moral of 'Fulfillment is fun', and support it with 'a single moral isn't wisdom', for BOTH of them if possible.


Thanx Musenik!
Well actually I was just playing and I finally figured it out. Got to quite a few endings.

This time couldn't engage Det...but didn't really matter. I had all the morals, badges, pony and wax cyliner, and naughty marriage manual lol. Chose Fulfillment is fun and Single moral isn't wisdom and made it to the auditorium. Then through 'trial and error' I got mainly three ways to 2 endings.Very fun.

My thoughts abt the endings(Serious spoiler don't look it wanna find out urself):

1. Nurse shot Bill. Sad~
2. Dean resigned, or not, but Mayor still ruled
3. At last, left Bill and Mayor there, Charlie Hemlock elected mayor!

BTW the alien girl...why does she look so familiar...lol
And I wonder what happened to my girls after that big different ending. They still fled?
Also abt Jean, I actually managed to get her a boyfriend...I think maybe she's just a little more picky and ignores most guys ;-)


I downloaded this game a while ago, and checked out the forum when I got stuck. I kept replaying the game from the same spot hoping to find all the endings, but have since decided to start from scratch and see if I can give myself more advantages by starting over and playing better from the start. Any tips?

When I first downloaded the trial version (from a website that gave me 60 free minutes of play), I swear that I somehow managed to keep Max from being arrested. (Is that even possible?) Unfortunately, when I downloaded the full version I didn't save the game because I was sure that I had been playing too rushed and would be able to get father if I started over.

Is it possible to keep Max from getting arrested at the beginning of the game? Does any know how to do this? Is there a site that has a walkthrough? or a list of hints?


It should not be possible to keep Max from getting arrested. It is possible to sway the tribunal to keep him from getting hanged, but that's not necessary to complete Act 1.

By now, you've probably learned all the tips for a clean run through the game. Good luck!


Got some questions!!!
Where do I find the marriage manual? And the silver bagdes do you mean those you lose 2 points if you get them? Yes and also Dignity, Humility, & Charity karma tokens how do i find them all? And what happens with detective Friendly if the flirtation is sucessfull?



You might want to look at the walkthru now on Gamezebo. It may not be considered polite to cross post the link here, but hopefully, that can help. Those are some serious questions. You'll need to play through over half of the game to get everything you mentioned.


the looooocket where is the locket...anybody please

ShanZiran January 6, 2009 10:43 PM


I am at a Stand Still in this game. I have no crew left, Just me. I cannot get onto school grounds. I don't have the item to give to the trolley man to let me on. Alls I have is that crow bar. In the game there seems no where else to go. Theres no "markers/silver" to click on at any times of day in any city, out of town or dells. The few I can click on I have no choice but to click Ignore. Where do I go or what do I do? Start all over?


I'm stuck! I can only talk to Florence at the cafe. All the markers are gone, and I can only attend class. What do I do?

Anonymous January 10, 2009 9:04 PM

If you are "stuck", like if you can't talk to anybody, then read the upper right hand corner of the screen to see what your goal is. This happened to me but I found out that I couldn't do anything until I went to the police station to find out what was going on. Starting over wont do ANY good, you'll just end up in the same place.


I think my copy is bugged, because I'm totally stuck. Currently, my 2 objectives are to Find Mistress Fox at City Hall During a weekday and to Research the Appeal Clause in the Library (Act I). However, I can't get into either building. A piece sometimes shows up on City Hall, but just to tell me that City Hall is closed. When I accept, I get taken to the next morning and am immediately jumped by the Truant Officer. The library never has a piece in front of it. The only things I can interact with are the constables after 4 PM in Downtown, and I can go to any of the classes during the day. Am I missing a step, or does this sound like a bug?


A few questions, all spoilers, I assume:

Where are all 4 of the morals? How do I find who is the doctor at the carnival? I've visited the place endless times, talking to everyone! Also, I'm guessing I also haven't activated the diamond karma badge at the library - how to do that as well? What's this locket thing you guys are mentioning?


Ok I figured out how to get all the strictures and morals at the end game.

1st - get all the strictures. Talk to Shepherd Clutch/Crutch?, Lynnette, the Garden club, and Susan Fragette.
THEN go get the morals - Oswald, Widow Coyole/Miss Hippilyta, the librarian, and finally go to the outskirts to find Lynnette/the founder. You'll get the necklace from Lynnette after the founder gives it to her, and then the founder will give you the final moral.

After all that, I activated the powwow to go talk to the Detective Friendly, and you can flirt with him as you please :)


So I'm still in Act 1. Should I be worrying about finding the strictures and morals? Or are they only collectible at the end game?


Also, once boyfriends are lost, can they be re-obtained? I've lost them all but I can't find them again.


I have the same problem as ShanZiran!!!!
I need help. I dont know what to do. Ive lost all my girls and i cant do anything but wander.
Please help


i got to the nightclub and met the boss and i have 4 votes for the pony but i only have the queen left. I cannot get any further please help !!


Jamar - strictures and morals are at the very end of the game. Boyfriends can be reobtained at different points in the game, but they may be a little harder to get -the pattern gets harder, but they're supposed to be 'better' (at boosting stats I'd suppose).


Add me to the stuck list. I have all my girls, three boyfriends, and the manual. But there isn't anyone to talk to (other than the bully girl and the teachers). I can attend classes, but that's it. There's no goal listed in the upper right corner.

I think I'm somewhere in Act II:

Miriam is married, as is Florence. I have the marriage manual, and hall passes. I can't even find pogo-stick-hunting sanitation guys anymore!

Any ideas?


I'm having the same problem as a few of the last commenters - I'm trying to get votes, I did the whole nightclub scene thing, but I've lost all my girls. I don't have any way to get to the school and I can only ignore anyone that I click on. I'm totally stuck. Help, anyone?


@LW- Thanks; your help was much appreciated. In fact, now I'm in Act 2 and for future reference, apparently sometime a day or two before you defeat the Sanitation Patrol pretty much every boyfriend obtainable before (during Act 1 and in the beginning of Act 2) that disappeared while investigating the Sanitation Patrol will reappear. Also, their patterns are still the same this time around. The new boyfriends have different, harder patterns, but if you want to find the "old" boyfriends with 1-token patterns (helpful for me because I failed to develop my girls' talents enough and didn't have enough "tokens" to have a sure shot at the 2-token boyfriends.

Anonymous February 6, 2009 1:49 PM

Where and when do I find all the scriptures and morals and honorary badges?


May I know what happened to Chief Gordon?

Inside the nightclub, we spoke to the boss who is actually the same guy as Chief, but apparently it is one of his different personalities (he's also the head of fire) and he's really angry at the mention of Chief's name. Then it ended with 'the real question is why chief exists (or something like that)'. One option popped up when we tried to hail the trolley, and it was revealed that the chief must go outside city limit in order to change his personalities, and he mentioned about 3 boys growing up, Friendly was someone's son (so confusing!!), one thing led to another and then he dropped us.

After that we never see him again, and I was wondering what happened to him?

This game is totally jaw-dropping and I couldn't believe at how the characters turn out to be... Kinda spook me like a thriller movie...It's really an awesome game!!


I am stuck trying to get to the high school auditorium. I have searched every game board and cannot even find a marker to click on.
What can I do to get there?
Also..I read about a marriage manual and a gold locket? Don't have either one.
-So Confused.


I love this game! One of the most fun I've ever played, and definitely unique.

I don't know if anyone still reads here, but I have a question concerning Jean. I always assumed she was a lesbian, because she refused to flirt with boys. Some of what I read here seems to confirm that theory, but others say that she is willing to get a boyfriend later in the game? I'd like to get her a girlfriend, but I assume that's impossible? :-(

pallasathena March 10, 2009 5:56 PM

This is a great game! I'm playing through it for my second time now.

One thing I haven't been able to figure out is how to find out which of the masked men at the amusement park is Dr. Dielater, so he can help the people of Tent Town. Has anyone figured this out yet?


That is a bug which was finally caught and exterminated. Two other similar bugs were also cleared up, and the voting drive now offers new recruits.

Get the latest version of the game to be sure, but usually, if you revert to a saved game before you learn about Max and Julianna's wedding the bug won't happen again.

Jean will refuse to flirt until all the other girls have boyfriends. But read her comments if she wins one. =-)

Look beyond the amusement park. There are more masked people to find.


Three problems, Act III:

1. Where can I find (or should have found) the item I need to convince the Trolley Man to smuggle me into High School?
2. (How) can I get the Dean to run for election?
3. How do I get into the nightclub?


I've only been playing a couple hours, but I seem to be stuck! I have my girls, they have boyfriends, and the goal is to go to the admin office and find evidence in the dean's office. Problem is, nobody is here - except the 4 teachers in class, all I can do is attend class, days and days go by and nobody and nothing changes! Glitch, perhaps?



1. talk to the junk lady in the market circle.
2. You can't.
3. During the vote campaign, visit the nightclub during curfew.

Either visit the art room after school hours or the dean's office after school hours. If that doesn't help, be sure you have the latest version of the game. 1.0.12

[Edit: Spoiler tags added. -Pam]


I downloaded the demo off of Steam because my girlfriend doesn't have a video game right now that she likes to play. She played Katamari like crazy and can't stand all the games I have.

I played the demo with her for about 15 minutes. She liked it. But I can tell that she probably will bore of it easily. But I am rather impressed. I thought this game has alot of potential and plan to buy it. It's a boardgame. An RPG. Fun minigames.

I'm not saying it's perfect. I hate games that sport the boardgame format. Though I actually don't mind it much in this game. I can't gripe about this game. I tried. It's a nice diversion, and it's refreshing to play a game that is girl-driven to the core. But I liked the perspective.

And keep in mind. I have only played the demo. So I don't even know what I'm talking about. But I'm buying this game.


Question: (perhaps spoiler?)

Why were Miriam and Florence mad after getting married?

And no, I haven't finished the game yet. I'm just REALLY curious :X



Angel, that is a very import part of the plot. You'll find out why when you unmask the true villain.


The game keeps telling me to find pogo sticks for Max, but he isn't at his shop, so I can't give them to him.

Also, I'm trying to find out what happened at the dance.

the walkthrough on another page says to expose Det. Friendly

but I failed when I tried that, and now that character no longer appears. Am I stuck or what?

I wish the game did a little better job of indicating which hotspots were truly active.


Can someone please help? Can someone tell me the flirting pattern for Detective Friendly? I know you don't need him to win the game but i just want to see the outcome.
p.s. What are the alternative endings because i keep getting the alien girl....thanks in advance!

Angelling August 18, 2011 9:51 PM

I'm very stuck, I really can't find Dr Dielater to help the tent town, I've looked everywhere.


Angelling -
Did you try the hospital?


Love this game. I would look into buying it, if I was old enough to have a credit card.


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