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Turbo Subs

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Turbo Subs

JohnBTurbo Subs, a follow-up to Turbo Pizza, is a food serving time management game along the lines of Cake Mania 2 and Plantasia. On vacation from the hectic pace of serving pizza (at turbo speeds), Rebecca and Robert travel to New York to relax. The entrepreneurial bug has bitten them, however, and when they see a small subway car they just can't help themselves. With Robert behind the sandwich counter and Rebecca serving food, the pair opens up a subway shop and hopes for success.

turbosubs2.jpgThe goal in Turbo Subs is to make at least the required minimum amount of money before closing and moving on to the next day. You earn cash by serving customers in a timely manner. A variety of different people come in your store, ranging from impatient tourists to businesswomen on cellphones to laid-back guys in trench coats. Each one needs a menu, then he or she will place an order. Look at the thought bubble to see what the customer wants, then grab the item, prepare it if necessary, serve, and collect your tip. A smart queue system allows you to line up several actions that Rebecca will carry out that order. She can also hold an item in each hand, allowing you to save a few seconds by grabbing food on your way back to the counter. Both of these features are extremely important in this game, as Turbo Subs is fast-paced and saving a second here and there is crucial.

A great feature in this game is the turbo system that rewards you for creating quick combos. For example, if two customers come in and you serve them menus successively, you'll get a small star bonus. When the star meter at the bottom of the screen fills, you enter turbo mode. Turbo mode makes everything in your kitchen run faster, allowing you to serve more customers at a quicker pace and earn more cash.

Toning the pace down just a notch are hidden object-type mini-games you'll complete after every few days of work. They're simple diversions featuring cluttered scenes and a handful of objects to find, all tied to the main game with the pretense of keeping your business neat and clean. They feel somewhat out of place, but slowing the action down for a few minutes is usually a welcome relief.

turbosubs3.jpgAnalysis: Turbo Subs really lives up to its name. This is one of the most fast-paced time management games available, and the action really heats up after just a few levels of learning the ropes. Customers tend to have a short temper and won't wait forever for their food, so upgrades become extremely important later on. Also, there's no way to refill a customer's "happy meter" while they're waiting, so it's serve fast or watch them walk out the door.

Most of the items have a distinct look in Turbo Subs, allowing you to glance at an order and quickly tell if it's chips or a bottle of soda the customer wants. Subs, on the other hand, look practically identical, forcing you to study it for a split second before asking Robert to start cooking. That wasted time can make a crucial difference in this game, and it would have been nice to have more distinct sandwich icons.

Turbo Subs is a successful time management sim that gets just about everything pleasantly right. It's a difficult game, however, so don't walk in expecting to charge through with top scores. Keep up with the game's fast pace and you'll be pleasantly rewarded.

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I never really liked games like this, with a chain of things to do to serve customers.

surfmadpig February 2, 2008 3:37 PM

Contrarily, I like time management games. This one, however, has nothing new or interesting to give to the genre. It's all one repetitive thing, from beginning to end. To be frank, it's one of the best diner dash clones, considering the graphics and speed are fine, but that doesn't mean it's worth it.

Crestfallen February 12, 2008 6:00 AM

Turbo Subs is well presented with great graphics and sound, it's fun to play and is a solid example of a time management game which leans towards action rather than strategy.

However, having completed every stage with an expert ranking, I was expecting some kind of endless mode or some extras to be unlocked, there were none. Even though it's a casual game, the complete lack of any other modes means the only thing to do is replay levels, boring, or start from the beginning - limiting the game badly. Even at casual games prices it isn't good value for money.

Hopefully the next game in the series will address this.


i cant get past level 56 on turbo subs--anyone have any suggestions???

Crestfallen March 3, 2008 3:22 AM

Tried level 56 again for some ideas.

Ignore the suggestion that small and medium subs are all the rage on this level - the large subs also get ordered. Presuming you have the three-space sandwich table, make sure you have one of each type of sandwich there at all times. Likewise, make sure the coffee machine and candy floss machines always have product available to serve.

Despite the thief being present, leave coins on the counter until you have your current batch of customers under control. Losing customers will cost you dearly if your plate-spinning act starts to crash - the items you'd prepared for them will be cluttering up the place and you'll lose concentration, stopping you serving the new customers. You can always swipe a single tip to spite the thief, but don't be tempted to combo the rest.

Try to deal with the least patient customers (hippies, artists and those worrying burger suit wearers) first, the goth girls and businesswomen are considerably more patient. Once you're fixed on dealing with them, if an opportunity to get rid of a more patient customer with a soda or cookie you can take it, since you've got everything under control. Just make sure not to pick up the tips if you do that - it's at that point things start to topple.


I'm on level 42 and for some reason every time I play it whenever the screen goes black and you see the blimp thing go by and the fireworks, when it goes back to the game scene my screen is all messed up. It will be all distorted and sometimes I can't even tell what the customers want because the picture is all distorted.

I've tried re-installing it and such but to no success.
Does anyone know of a patch or anything that will fix this?

wendy1121 May 3, 2008 9:45 AM

anyone knows how to pass level 28 for TURBO PIZZA? it seems so impossible to reach the goal $7200. any ideas to pass? thank you...


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