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the Ninja

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joyeThe Ninja Quick, hug the wall! Now appear across the room, crouched down! Now fling yourself on top of the filing cabinet... somehow! If you can't do it, that's because you're not the Ninja, the hero of a new point-and-click adventure from Japanese developer Dassyutu. You start the game outside of a building being guarded. Obviously, you must get in. The rest is for you to discover.

Since it's a point-and-click game, you point your cursor at things and... wait for it... click on them. I know, what a concept, huh? If you're familiar with the conventions of the genre of Japanese escape games, you'll settle into the Ninja fairly quickly. If you're not, here's the skinny. This particular point-and-clicker doesn't highlight the cursor when you move over a hotspot, but click areas are fairly large, so it doesn't become a game of pixel hunting. In general you click on obvious objects, hoping that they will leap obligingly into your inventory, but there are a few times when you must click at the side or under an object to switch the camera view and snag an object hidden from the main view. Once you've got a few items in the inventory, look around for places to use them. Don't forget to take notes if you see anything that looks like a clue.

The utterly charming animation of the Ninja cannot be captured in a screengrab. The impression his quick, dramatic poses give is less "deadly assassin of the night" and more "seven-year-old who's discovered that a balaclava and black pajamas look totally cool POW POW!" Puzzle solutions make sense. I wouldn't say that it's a logical game, exactly, because I figured things out more by flash of intuition than deductive reasoning, but once you get it, you see all the links of the chain. And for those of you wary of another untranslated or badly translated Japanese game, I'm happy to report that the Ninja's English translation is easy to understand, with the slight irregularities only adding to the quirky feel.

The titular Ninja, with his "Gaaaaaaa..." response to any sign of danger, and his total lack of preparation for his mission (seriously, Mr. Ninja, you're just lucky people leave keys and buckets of paint around), may seem a sorry excuse for his profession. Clearly it must all be a feint. While you're chuckling at his merry squid dance, that's when you get the shuriken to the jugular. Desensitize yourself to his shenanigans by playing the game.

Play the Ninja

Walkthrough Guide

(Please allow page to fully load for spoiler tags to be functional.)

The Ninja Walkthrough

  • To look at an object, hover over the right side of the inventory box (it will turn red) and click.

  • To combine objects, look at an object, click on the object you want to combine with it, and click on the object you're looking at in the main screen.

  • To move left and right between screens, click on the left or right edge.

  • To back out of any view, click the bottom edge of the screen.

  • The one exception is the map—you cannot back out of the map, you must pick a room on the map to travel to.

  • The game won't let you do certain things until you've gotten the clue. If I say you have to click on something for a clue, it's actually necessary for completion.

  • This walkthrough is streamlined for minimum backtracking, but the game does not have to be completed exactly in this order. If you're coming here because you're stuck, and you get to the section you think you're in, and you don't have an item it's calling for, simply check the Item Location section at the end.


  1. Take the batteries from the guard's booth.

  2. Go left.

  3. Click the orange cone and take the flashlight.

  4. Combine the flashight with the batteries.

  5. Back out.

  6. Click on the screwdriver in the gap in the boxes.

  7. Go left twice.

  8. Click the shovel.

  9. Click the toolbox and take the spanner and back out.

  10. Go right.

  11. Use the shovel on the big brown pile of dirt on the left.

  12. Use the spanner on the manhole.

  13. Click the manhole to go inside.


  1. Click the flashlight and click anywhere on the screen to get some light.

  2. Click the circle in the lower right hand corner, it is a rope.

  3. Click the dark hole on the ceiling on the upper left to go to the next room.

  4. Take the map from the table.

  5. Look at the map.

  6. Click on room E.

  7. Use the screwdriver on the panel.

  8. Pull the switch.

  9. Click on the squid creature, who tells you there's something in a pocket.

  10. Look at the map and go to room F.

  11. Click the right pocket. You get a red key.

  12. Use the map to go to room A.

  13. Click the box on the wall. It says "The key to cage." If you're thinking you need a code, you've been tricked. You just need to know what room the cage is in. It's in room C. Enter "C" (must be capitalized). Take the blue key.

  14. Back out of the box view, but don't leave the room. Click the right edge of the lockers to see behind them. Take the hook.

  15. Go to room C and use the blue key on the lock.

  16. Click on the blue blobby thing.

  17. Click on the folded white sheet in the cage.

Inside—Destroy the Machine:

  1. Go to room B.

  2. Take the absurdly large hammer right of the door.

  3. Click behind the trash can on the right to change the viewing angle and take the blue paint behind the trash can.

  4. Combine the sheet with the paint.

  5. Go to room D and use the blue sheet on yourself to sneak past the robot (the blue guy told you that robots can't see blue) and get an IC card.

  6. Use the IC card on the robot (the clue for this is that poster behind you).

  7. Click on the robot for the clue to the password to the safe.

  8. Go to room H.

  9. Use the red key on the door.

  10. Click the safe and use the code 1478 (the red books are labeled ADGH, and 1478 is those letters' position in the alphabet).

  11. Take the memo and look at it for the clue.

  12. Go back to the main part of room H.

  13. Click on the white panel on the bottom.

  14. Enter 0006 (2 windows in room H x 3 black books in room F). This disables the device.

  15. SMASH IT WITH A HAMMER! AHAHAHA! Sorry. I mean, use the hammer on the device. Uh oh. You're in trouble.


  1. Go to room E.

  2. Click the squid.

  3. Click the top right corner to look at the ceiling.

  4. Combine the rope and the hook to form a grappling hook.

  5. Use the grappling hook on the ceiling panel.

  6. Click the UFO. Functus officio!

Item Locations

Items are listed from left to right, top to bottom, as they appear on the inventory screen.

  1. Batteries — get from guard's booth outside

  2. IC Card — sneak past robot in room D

  3. Screwdriver — get from pile of boxes outside

  4. Flashlight — get from under traffic cone next to pile of boxes outside

  5. Hammer — in room B, right of the door

  6. Hook — Hidden behind lockers in room A (click right edge to change viewing angle)

  7. Blue key — Enter "C" into the box in room A

  8. Red key — pocket of jacket in room F (only after rescuing squid creature)

  9. Map — on table in room G (the first room you enter)

  10. Memo — in safe in locked room in room H

  11. Blue paint — hidden behind trash can in room B

  12. Rope — get from underground area, in the lower right corner

  13. Sheet — inside cage, room C

  14. Shovel — leaning against building outside, one right of starting area

  15. Spanner — in toolbox in the scene with the shovel

  16. No item 16


Squid dance! Nice game, bizarre ending.

Arainach July 20, 2010 2:45 PM

Seems like a decent game....I seem to be stuck, however. I've only got a few unused items left....

Paint, Hammer, and Grappling Hook

that I can't seem to figure out what to do with....I also can't figure out

The password to the computer or the significance of the bookcase

. Enjoyable visuals so far, however.


I'm stuck in the same place as Arainach. I think that

the bookshelf is related to the code for room A

but nothing I've tried along those lines so far has worked. Also,

how do I get past the robot?


The code to the safe

It is really more of a question than a prompt

meester man July 20, 2010 3:22 PM

the key to the cage is in the safe in A. password is


meester man July 20, 2010 3:32 PM

just beat it. dont feel like making a walkthrough but if your stuck i can help.


Wylie: Figured out how to sneak by the robot.

Take the sheet the blue ball thing was sitting on, then soak it in the blue paint. Viola! Instant wall camouflage!


Woo! Made it out!

Kitsune Zeta July 20, 2010 3:50 PM

Those that are completely stuck and lost probably should watch the walkthrough video linked to on the game page. Despite it using the Japanese version, the guy shows pretty much where you get the information for each password from.

Also, for subsequent playthroughs, keep in mind that the ninja must know of the item's location for you to get it. Same thing for other facts. Talk to anyone you help out.


click the squid...
Something always left in the pocket of clothes


I thought this was exceptionally charming.

bxgurl0813 July 21, 2010 1:41 PM

I've tried the game link in both Firefox and IE and all I get is a white screen where the game screen should be.

[Please check our Support page. -Jay]

Emiliagv20 July 22, 2010 5:56 AM

that was... odd

Michelle July 22, 2010 2:02 PM

This was simply the cutest game ever.


I can't get the game to load :(

the heat July 26, 2010 3:10 AM

It's not a logic game in any way whatsoever. But then virtually no room escape games are logic games. They all require different combinations of intuition, luck, common-sense, and physical reasoning. But none of these is the same as deductive reasoning or logic.
I know I'm being quibbly and nit-picky. Mostly, I love your site, the games, and your fantastic reviewers.


The page with the game obviously doesn't exist anymore. Can I play it somewhere else?

[Links have been updated. Thanks for the note. -Jay]

https://www.google.com/accounts/o8/id?id=AItOawkY8-VFKUdZphwHPfexxctmSCRvRS0hFb0 December 15, 2012 11:23 PM

the movments of the ninja are weird.
If I can see ninjas, ANYONE CAN :D


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