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Monkey Metric

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Rating: 3.6/5 (94 votes)
Comments (37) | Views (5,460)

GrimmrookMonkey MetricOOOK! Ee aarua ook oook eeeep rooga rooga. Rooga rooga ak ooooook rrrrrr o ooook aaaaaaaaah! Ee aroo k k oook ega ega orp! Raaaoo!

HELP! We family of monkeys live next to fire mountain. Fire mountain get VERY angry and now monkey family SCARED! We send bravest monkey to go save us and we need you to help! Please!

Ugh unh oook eep ooh ooh eeeh ah aha. Urr uroogh rugh rugh eoook. Roooogh. Ungh plbtplbt. Oop ook, eegha oop oook reega plbt. Ungh ah oook rooga rooga, eeook?

Move brave monkey using squares with pointy things on them. Use levers by pushing long skinny bar thingy. Flip levers. Stand on switches. Push things on switches, dodge other creatures until you bring monkey to goal of each level. Do this to get monkey to fire mountain and save us, okay?

Ree ahhh. Eeeah roogh ahhh. Urgh urgh urgh ahhh. Ahhhh nnnn nna ooh. Ooh ahhh ee ee eeooa kikiki ooh nini ahhh! Eek ooh!

Game look petty. Music and sound pretty. Challenge not too hard at all. Very cute puzzly adventure for you. You help us and we pay you back with maybe bananas or picking bugs out of hair for free! Thank you!

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Ok it's not too tricky, though some of the puzzles I did have to think about.
But I loved the graphics, the music, the way the little cube monkey moved slightly when standing still and the way the little moving things took a few seconds to drop at the end of the level!

Basically, simple, cute and perfect for a tea break! (Or if it's relatively late and you're really tired... :P)

Thank you!!


Hmm, I've gotten pretty far, and it's a really good fun game. It's simple, and is a great casual game experience.
Now if only I could get past the 'lava switch' stage...


Most of the levels weren't too tricky, except for the ones where you had to guess the combo, such as the level

Lava Switch in Volcanic Panic,

which I eventually did beat before posting this, and the level

So Close Yet So Far in Chateau De Gateux,

which I still havne't beat yet.


I always get incredible confused with isometric games that use wasd or arrows for control. I suspect it would be ok if the isometric weren't exactly symmetric (like 40 degrees instead of 45 degrees off the axis).

Still, a pretty nice game, though a tiny bit too much trial-and-error strategy.


Way too easy, I beat it in 10 min, although I'm not too good at these types of games. Cute Graphics, Cute story line, all around cute.

Fuzzyevil March 10, 2009 7:54 PM

I'd like this,but the controls annoy me. The arrows are not set up to standard isometric controls (as according to me, at least). Up should go to the upper-right, not to the upper-left. I keep pressing the wrong key because of this.

EDIT:Physically rotating the keyboard helped a little.

Videogamekid7 March 10, 2009 7:55 PM

Hehe... If you still haven't beat the level Lava Switch, here's a tip:

I completed it by moving two of the pillars on one side...

Videogamekid7 March 10, 2009 7:59 PM

I don't see why some games make a big deal of cake! *cough Portal cough*

Videogamekid7 March 10, 2009 8:09 PM

The combo for So Close Yet So Far is :

The switch in the middle, then the switch closest to the right.


Fallin' out of aeroplanes
And hiding out in holes
Waiting for the sunset to come
People going home

Jump back from behind them
And shoot them in the head
Now everybody dancing
The dance of the dead
The dance of the dead
The dance of the dead...

(Cookie to anyone who knows what this is)

akahorsechoker March 10, 2009 8:46 PM

it's gorillaz.

i can't get lava switch, pleas help!


Full points for concept, full points for design. Cute, fun, plays well, etc. Only complaint: the levels ranged in difficulty from Super-easy to pretty easy. Halfway through, I felt like I was still playing tutorial levels. There was so much potential for more difficult puzzles that I think was missed.

Or - a good challenge could be a speed run, but there is no timer built in, or beating it while using the fewest lives, but that feature isn't there either.


I could see you tossing this into a link dump, but giving this game a solo review? Come on! Yes, it's pretty, but the level design is so--really searching for the right word... yeah, there it is--stupid that it makes my insides hurt. A level editor could have saved the day, as the elements of the game have potential. But... yech...


Stu: No offense to kyle, but silly grunts do not qualify as a full review.


For those having trouble with lava switch:

There is a clue hidden in the level design. Look carefully.

Alex Kantal March 10, 2009 11:26 PM

Solution to "So Close, Yet So Far":

Push the middle block and the far right or top, whatever it is.

I don't like isometric games. The controls really mess me up.

Anonymous March 10, 2009 11:34 PM

Is there a bug in The Old File-In-The-Cake level?
I've seen the walktrough, but I can't solve it.

Anonymous March 10, 2009 11:44 PM

Forget the last post, I didn't realise those were switches that need to be activated with space.


I got all the way through it, including the cake levels, so I don't think there is a bug. I had to make notes for the level before last in 'cake' but once I did that it was easy.

I also found the keys difficult to remember and had to physically rotate my keyboard to stop making mistakes.


Fun little game. It reminded me a lot of "Wooden Path", which was reviewed here last year. There aren't any "critters" to navigate around or use to your advantage and there's no timing element to any of the puzzles, but the basic "move blocks and flip switches" concept is there. And the "Path" puzzles got a lot more challenging.


Gah! Everything was fine up until the last level where the ads bogged it down so much that the reaction time was off and I couldn't race to the finish. So I had to not only toggle the quality off, but hack the address to get the game isolated on it's own page. I'm even pretty sure even the snow animation in the background held it back.


That was a fun, simple to play though game. It did not take too long to complete which gave a nice sense of accomplishment. :-)


i thought that was great! a cute game that wasn't too hard, plus a funny review to read before the game! nice way to end off a stressful day! and i especially love how the very last level was a 'cake' level, instead of just ending at the volcano (as one would have expected)


GREAT concept. I love the way it blends sokoban with switches and a few other concepts. The level design could use a little work, though, since the difficulty doesn't seem to ramp up at all with the exception of a couple annoying levels.

scathopius March 11, 2009 4:29 PM

ROFL at the description. Has anyone else tried to actually read it out? - No...? *blushes*


err...a little help with the level 'Show Me The way'?

darlingdestruction March 11, 2009 9:07 PM

This game would be fun, except for some reason my brain refuses to acclimate itself to those isometric controls. Everytime I would go to make a move, I'd end up moving in the wrong way. The controls just aren't logical enough to me.

snowmoon March 12, 2009 5:35 AM


for "show me the way"

hint 1: the black creature is literally 'showing you the way'.

hint 2: note how only one of the switches work

hint 3: walls that look solid aren't necessarily solid...

hint 4: i.e. you can walk under them

hope that helps ^^

Benedicta March 12, 2009 10:33 AM

I really liked that review!


thanks snowmoon, but i'm still a little stuck. :[ any other hints?


nevermind i got it! thanks!


Very Good game

good review aswell

i am stuck on the level the old file in the cake in chateau de gateux help please


The hints for Lava Switch aren't helping me. I understand what you're trying to say, but it's not enough. Bigger hint, please?


press up to the farthest button
press left to the middle button
press down to the nearest button
dont press right
see what happens
use your brain dont be dumb


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