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Rating: 4.7/5 (93 votes)
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From Popcap comes this cute, strange and addictive, action strategy game called Insaniquarium (online version requires Internet Explorer). Originally developed by Flying Bear Entertainment, Insaniquarium won the Innovation in Game Design award at the 2002 Independent Games Festival (IGF).

You begin by feeding fish to keep them alive, and collect the coinage they drop to buy eggs that complete each level. The eggs buy you upgraded fish that help you in your quest. It all seems realtively believable until the aliens arrive, the equivalent to Godzilla in the classic SimCity. Crazy fun.

Play Insaniquarium (Sorry, Windows only.)

If you enjoy the online version, the downloadable deluxe version offers 20 all new levels, and 4 different game types: Adventure, Timed, Challenge, and Virtual Tank! You can even name your fish in a custom tank, and create screen savers, too.

Download the demo
Get the full version

Mac OS XMac OS X:
Not available.
Try Boot Camp or Parallels or CrossOver Games.


Ok, so yeah. Why was I up 'til 4am last night playing this game?

It's addictive.

Damn you jay!


How far did you get? Is there an end to the game? I must have made it through about 10 levels of the game before my hand got tired from feeding those insatiable fish.


There really isnt an 'end' --- you get all the 'buddies' -- then you just kinda play in whatever aquarium you want.. and just keep playing -- because it got dull from that; I am over the addiction; but not after many hours of playing that god forsaken game.


I love it!


Just have to say I went out and ordered Insaniquarium (found it on amazon) after beating the one online. And it has way more alians and more ways to play it. I am very happy with it :D The bad thing is that I have started to wish my real fish produced coins :)


How do you kill the monster on level 2-3 that can't be killed by lazers?

Jennifer March 7, 2005 12:48 PM

If you are talking about the alien that looks like a giant baby, you kill it by feeding it. It will eat the food pellets you drop (any any nearby fish if you aren't careful and/or lucky) and eventually it will explode. I love this game, and play it all the time. I'm Soooo addicted...They have lots of other games on the website too that are loads of fun, and most can be played online for free.


this game is mostly luck the egg will hatch and is radom of the pets you are geting at the first time i played this i went on for 5 hours this game is sooo good but it gets old and boring soon when you beat the game

i don't get what use do the right click do Jay? all i hear is a taping sound


soo many coins soo many hungry fish my fingers ......................


Jay --

Thanks so much. We love this one. We're up to 2-3.

From a ludological standpoint, it really rocks -- interesting shifts in strategy / game play.


Glad you liked it, Greg. And thank *you* for all the positive press you've given me over at Terra Nova. =) Cheers!


Hi Jay!
Love this site!
For this game there is a downloadble version and a downloadeble handheald version two. I'm addicted in both.
Excellent job.



I've played this game before!! i have the deluxe version. go to insaniquariumguide.com.


Before PopCap changed there WebSite look, the most talked about game within PopCap Newsletters was Insani.. Jeez, I remember when Bookworm first came out..lol:p Insani., fun game. I spent many a long night with the fishys then. :D


what does the starcatcher do?


It catches stars. Use a star potion with a hungry adult gold making fish. If it is used with any othere then they die.


How can you kill the robot (d-type?)


How do i beat the octupus type p alien please help


I have finished the whole game in 1 hour. It's so easy to win this game. It is the best game I have ever played in my life on computer. I like the deluxe version.




If you mean the Robot that shoots missiles, then just click on it as with the normal aliens; but you also have to destroy its missiles by clicking on them.


I tried to find out how many fish you could sustain before you had a die off from starvation. I got it up to 197.

Liz Spencer December 25, 2005 4:36 PM

I need to know how to kill the type p octopus alien in insaniquarium level 3-3. I am getting so frustated and the game is no longer fun! Please help!


Hey need help on alien type D!!!! Please help me!!


:( I was liking this game and then all my fishes died like 10 times so I gave up and took an angry nap.


can you get the elephant on the online version and how?please try to email me back quick!


this game is the best!!!


Any body got mini sylvester?


Alien Type D:

This is the alien that shoots missiles. If you try to defeat this when you have no ide what you're doing, it's near-impossible.

It will target onto all your fish and shoot missiles at them. When it gets all of your fish at once you'll have to restart the level.

To defeat it, you will have to do the usual thing, just keep clicking on it to shoot it repeatedly. But, when it shoots the missile(s) you'll have to click on them too.


The alien that can't be destroyed by lasers:

I don't know what type this is. It's really simple to defeat, don't worry.
Just click over and over again near the alien's head. It will make a trail of food pellets which it will eat. Eventually it will have eaten too much and will explode.

Answers your questions? =)


How do you kill the type p octopus alien in insaniquarium level 3-3?




hehe im going to get a picture of my massive fish army


I finnally have a mini sylvester and th alien attractor can't wait till my sylvester grows up!!

calliope June 7, 2006 8:19 PM

All of my fish have dissappeared from my virtual tank. Everything else in the game is the same: the levels I had reached, the shells I had accumulated, the sliver throphy I had won. Does anyone know what happened to my fish?


...There was an Octopus alien? I never got that!

Here is something (hopefully) helpful for those who have started Insaniquarium.

Never have Zorf, unless you're on the Time Trial.
Never have Niko either.
You don't really need Clyde if you have a fast hand.
Wadsworth is probably the best pet you could have.
Don't bother with Vert. You have enough fish giving you money anyway.
Meryl is okay, but she can hurt your hand from collecting all those coins and treasure.
Stinky is FAR TOO SLOW for catching money.
Prego gives you fish for FREE! She's a good pet. But if you have a carnivore, buy a guppy. Prego is a bit slow when it comes to giving birth.
Itchy and Rufus are pretty good too. They can ATTACK!

Itchy: The greenish-purple swordfish.
Stinky: The green and brown snail.
Niko: The bluish-grey oyster.
Prego: The weird looking guppy with LIPS.
Zorf: The green and purple seahorse.
Wadsworth: The blue and yellow whale.
Meryl: The purple haired, green tailed mermaid.
Rufus: The red clawed crab.
Vert: The fishbone.
Clyde: The grumpy-looking jellyfish.

The above spoilers are for beginners. Experts can read them too.


I love this game..I have this game on my phone too : )


i have seen the question posted several times, and there are answers to several questions except the one that im looking for!!!

how in the world do you kill the dead-gummed type p alien octopus in 3-3.
Everything else has been a breeze except that ocotopus!!
I know if i click him a bajillion times then he dies but by then im tired of playing!!! help!!


this SPOILER is for how to kill the psycho octopus alien.

to kill the psycho octopus alien... shoot him as many times as you can while he is red and dont shoot him while he is blue. if you shoot him while he is blue, he gains back his health. it says that at the bottom of the game screen when the psycho octopus turns blue. you can monitor his health if you have the white beluga whale named Blip in your tank at the same time... oh and while he is blue, he sometimes tries to slowly come closer to your fishes and immediately eat them as soon as he turns back to red. to prevent him from getting closer to your fishes, just shoot in front of him once or twice so that he'll turn around and go to the opposite direction from your fish.

i love this game!! i finished it three times already cuz i wanted to unlock some of the secret characters :P i've unlocked 2/4 so far. got tired of doing it though. now im just collecting shells to spend on things to put in my own personalized virtual tank ;)
i would have posted another spoiler here but once for now is enough :) this other spoiler is for how to get thousands of shells but not having to click on anything AT ALL!!!!!!! i'll post it another time so keep checking back here if you want it ;)


kat: deffinately post the spoiler!! yes. do it.


[makes little begging face]


oh yeah... how in the WORLD! do you kill the Final Boss and all his cronies?!?!?!?


What the heck does the "beetlemuncher" do other than spit pearls. In other words how do I stop him from dying?


I love the game very much


I have killed "The Final Boss" four times, and each time has left me emotionally, phychologically, and yes - physically - ill. I'm in my late 50's and I don't think my mind and body can take much more! Wonderfully well thought out addictive game.


but that doesnt tell me HOW to kill him now does it!!


No, lol, it doesn't tell how to kill the final boss. That's one of the really fun things about this game - you have to figure things by using your BRAIN! lol:-)


I have killed The Final Boss 10 times now, leaving only 1 or 2 pets alive (how DO ppl get them all?!!)This is killing my old body and brain! When do I find out what "plans" are in store for Angie, the little Jesus fish???Huh???Please???


For some reason i cant play... waaaaaaaaaaaa. I'm not ok (I promise).


Oh it's because i have a mac and it's not mac friendly.


how much money do you need to buy an eggpiece on level 2-4? please help i don't know whether i can take much more of the moneycollecting ! i mean , i've got 19 fish! plz help sum 1!


i love inaniquarium its is the best


How do you restart the web game so that someone else can play from the begining and collect all the buddies themselves?



yea there is something to clean out the save. something like pressing w or something when you restart

try this: meryl, clyde, stinky, because there is no damn way to collect all the coins that drops when she sings-ever. if you have deluxe, you might want to swap out clyde for seymour(slows down coin movement).

and by the way, 20 fish and below is rather miserable. spam those fish, having 50 is ok, having 100 fish of any size means that you are headed towards $99999 in a matter of minutes


OMG i have sooo many codes! i would love to give them to you tho. click spoiler:

type in the following words in on any screen and type agin to disable it...
zombie-makes all fish "look" dead
space-backround turns to space
void- backround turns white
supermegaultra-makes pregos birth noise change (its funny)
wavy-tank backround turns wavy

i hope you enjoy these cheat codes. i sure know i did! ;)

Memperson February 2, 2007 1:59 PM

they are pretty hard they kill all your fish so don't forget wadsworth!


Is there any trick to killing that two-headed snake skeleton in tank 4-2? It just keeps killing my breeders :(


I heard there was a cheat for insaniquarium that by downloading something and then holding down the space bar you don't have to click the coins just wave your mouse over them... anyone know what that is about?


What Does Ultravore Eat


If you want to know how to do the special SANDBOX mode, it's below... You MUST have at least the special silver trophy thingy. I will give that secret out in the second spoiler below...

Type this on the main menu where the wierd mermaid person is. UP UP DOWN DOWN LEFT RIGHT LEFT RIGHT b a. That will put you in the special SANDBOX mode. There really is no end or purpose in it, but you can do what ever you want!!!

And now for the trophy info...

To get the silver trophy, get all of the secret pets (Brinkly the elephant, the nose guy ect.)and both of the upgrades you can get (4 pets in any mode, and 7 pets in v-tank). A silver trophy will appear at the main menu.


If you are having trouble with the 2 headed skeleton guy in tank 4, it's acctually quite easy if you do the right thing. And if you go don't know the right thing, look below-

Shoot the head for it to go to a corner (the one that your fish are not in at the time), then keep shooting it the right where it is... once you destroy the first head it's time for number two... QUICKLY! GET THE SECOND HEAD BEFORE IT GOES TOWARD YOUR FISH! Do the same thing that you did with the other head and put it into that corner... AND BE QUICK ABOUT IT!!! To wrap this guide up QUICKLY im going to tell you the last part. Keep hitting the second head until it blow up, you get the dimond, it goes toward your money, you feed your fish, they drop coins, and then you keep getting the coins, then you become a multi-billionare, THE END!

And for the people that were having trouble with the ultavore,(don't worry this one is short and sweet)

It eats carnivores, and drops treasure chests that are worth a gigantic $2,000!!!


To kill the alien on 2-4, you have to feed it with your food. Feed it in a way so that it goes away from your fish.


This is what you do with the guppycrunchers and beetlemunchers:

you buy a guppycruncher. It eats guppies, but it tosses beetles into the air which you can sell for about $24. If you don't want to sell them, buy a beetlemuncher along with the guppycruncher. The beetlemunchers are almost always hungry, so you should bring presto and change it into angie, or just bring angie. The beetlmunchers drop pearls that are better than niko's. Niko's pearls are about $200, but a beetlemuncher's are worth $500.


How do i get sylvester?


what does the ultravore eat


My bad, the guppycruncher's beetles sell for about $250


I'm glad there's still fans reporting on this game, since I know it's not new. I play this game a lot, but I still have some questions:
Which is the best trophy? I have the BLUE one.
How do you get/make breeder offspring become ''sellable'' (part of your collection)? I am, of course, referring to the tank mode, not the game mode.


Walkthrough for all aliens:

Type-G(Gus; the giant fish-baby-thing): Feed him until he explodes. He will follow your food pellets... usually.
Type-D(Destructor; the robot): Shoot his missiles before they hit your fish, then shoot him.
Type-P(I don't know the name, but he's the octopus): Shoot him while he is red, shooting while blue heals him. If he is near any of your fish while blue, shoot him anyway, just to move him. It doesn't heal him THAT much.
Type-U(Ulysses; the cyclops-golem-thing): Kill him quick!!! His energy spheres don't just kill the fish that they're targeted at, but anything that they touch. Be sure to have Gumbo (the grey angler-fish) along when fighting him. You can't destroy the energy spheres, but you can redirect them back at him (or any other aliens).
Type-II(I don't know the name either, but he's the creepy 2-headed bone-dragon); shoot the head that is moving, then shoot the other one. Keep both heads away from your fish though, since even the dormant head can eat your fish, especially after it becomes active (this repeatedly happened with my ultravores, since both ultravores the carnivores don't follow Gumbo).


Oh, and to kill the final boss:

Shoot him into the corner, and keep shooting him until another alien appears; shoot that alien before it can eat any of your pets. When the boss starts spitting mini-sylvesters, kill them IMMEDIATLY. They're 1-Hit-Kills, but they are possibly the most blood-thirsty of any of the aliens. One good thing about this level is that Gus (Type-G alien) can now be harmed by lasers (REVENGE!!!!!). Keep shooting the boss for a while, and eventually he should die. Don't worry, he comes with a health-bar.

Anonymous June 18, 2007 11:01 AM

In virtual tank it won't let me click on my fish to rename or sell them why?


Actually, I had the Renaming/Hiding/Selling problem too.

markytot July 23, 2007 1:43 PM

hey guys what does walter doo???

Brittany July 27, 2007 1:01 PM

I made it all the way to the end. I cannot beat the boss. How do I beat the Boss on the last level?


I have beat the boss once and this is all you have to do:
The first guy it shoots out, you want it to be the one that shoots the rockets so you just shoot the rockets and then you shoot the boss and his little alien freinds but don't shoot the rocket guy, just the rockets.


Hey everyone to get the golden trophy get all stories in challenge mode (33 of them) its a bit hard playing tank 4. Tip: buy a 25- guppy in virtual tank and name it Santa/santa. Youll see its colored white-red and it gives lots of shells plus it sings x-mas songs. Great!


what does the starcatcher eat on level 2-2


The starcatcher eats stars :-)

However creating stars is a different exercise. To create stars do the following

You need to feed one of your guppies a star potion from the top menu (it is the flask of greenish liquid) BUT only feed it to a fully grown guppy (gold coins), then the guppy will turn slightly transparent and start dropping stars instead of gold coins


To Ducky

I am very interested in getting the golden trophy. I have the Santa guppy in virtual tank but it is not helping me get through challenge mode tank 3. Three or four Psychosquids are too much for me to handle

Any suggestions/strategies for this level ?



try to use presto and 3 bonus pets. Don't buy many carnivores when you start


Oh! Buy upgrades before they become more expensive!

katie27863 October 4, 2007 7:50 PM

jay i looooove your site its awesome one of my personal favorites is infect i play on here all the i'm even making a booklet on my favorites like infect and mcdonalds videogame peace out!!!


To Ducky

Thanks heaps - the golden trophy is now mine and psychosquid has been reduced to psychobabble :-)


Garatrose October 30, 2007 9:53 PM

i got to level 0-0 what do i do


Hi Garatose

Never had level 0-0, unless it is the very start and I did not notice

It sounds like an error but I havent seen any references anywhere.

If you try www.insaniquariumguide.com and go to the forum, you might find a reference or you can ask the experts about it

Hope it helps


darkblade November 3, 2007 3:05 PM

Ok, i know this sounds stupid but what do carnivores eat? Cause mine just got hungry, i tried feeding him normal food but it didnt work, he didnt eat any of my fish either. So he died :( What do they eat?


Please does anyone know what Meryl the Mermaid does?!


Hey Darkblade,

Dont worry - I couldnt keep them alive either until I worked out that they only eat

Little Guppies - so as soon as you buy a carnivore make sure you can buy about 5 new guppies


Hey Guppyz

Here is the low down on Meryl

Meryl periodically sings a song and this makes all your guppies drop three coins instead of one.
Meryl is excellent in time trial and challenge modes for lots of coins, also in your virtual tank. If you get use Presto, then make Presto into Meryl for a "double Meryl" effect. Then hope your screen can handle the frame rate, if you have lots of fish .

Hope it helps


kenny cheung November 7, 2007 4:18 AM


I now got the golden trophey by unlocking all the stories.
Plus i defeated the 15th final boss of doom, CYrax.

now i have about 7264648 shells.


What's the use of Rhubarb????????


Hi Ducky

Officially Rhubarb

Keeps the guppies off the bottom of the tank
heh heh. So what you ask. The only explanation I can come up with is that the coins these guppies drop will be on screen longer as they are dropped from higher in the tank rather than disappearing almost immediately.

Personally I have never used Rhubarb as a pet at any level, not even in Virtual Tank where I have 11 pets

I also saw a reviewer rate all the pets out of 10 and Presto came in at 10. I think Rhubarb came in a 1 or 2, so I think you get the idea

Hope it helps



I can't manage to kill Bilaterus, type II, though I have tried many methods. Please tell me if you have discovered an easy way to kill him! Am stuck on 4-2.


Hi Myra

Here are some tips for bilaterus

Both heads need to be killed for bilaterus to die.
The "active" head must be killed first, then the remaining head will become active and can be killed
I think it takes about 30-40 "clicks" with your laser weapon to kill each head.
When the second head is killed then bilaterus is dead.
The hardest thing about bilaterus is that any part of its body will kill your fish, so you MUST herd bilaterus into a corner.
The most effective way is to manipulate bilaterus so that one head is superimposed on the other in a corner.
The bilaterus is totally trapped and you just keep clicking until it dies. This is very hard to do.
Easier is to force the "active head" into a corner and kill it, then move very quickly and force the second head into the same corner (hopefully) and then keep clicking. Finally it dies.
This strategy actually is the most effective when you use Gumbo (the pet) to lead all your fish into the opposite corner. However if you use Gumbo and bilaterus escapes the corner then you may as well hit the reset button as most of your fish are now dead.

I am sure you have worked out that bilaterus causes massive damage if it runs loose for any time

Also it is almost impossible to save carnivores and ultravores from bilaterus unless you get very lucky

As a final word of hope, after lots of practice , I have more trouble with psychosquid than bilaterus because it is quicker

Keep at it :-)




I forgot this

upgrading your laser will do the job quicker but I dont find it necessary


hello.. i have a question about the star catcher!!
does anyone know what the hec it is or how it works..??


dear micky feed an adult fish a star potion and then when it eats it it will drop stars and the star catcher catches them and turns them into diamonds i hope i was of a little assistance to you have fun!!!


You just shoot the octopus to the corner and trap him there by keep shooting him and he will eventually die,its easy:-D


A word for those trying to get the gold trophy:

Do not upgrade lasers at any time in challenge tank. I find that it is hardly useful and it simply wastes money. In tank 1 you can basically click with your mouse to defeat the sylvesters and balrogs. Also, if you have a scroll wheel on your mouse, use it!!! It allows you to click twice as fast, which is extremely useful for collecting coins from meryl and killing aliens.


Actually it is very easy to save ultravores from bilaterus. All you do is lure bilaterus away from your ultravores as fast as possible to a corner. I have no problm keeping 2 ultravores alive at the same time in challenge tank 4.

Best record was 11:04 =)

Anonymous February 1, 2008 5:28 PM

I have the real game downloaded onto my computer. It's much more complex, and you can buy many accessories with your coins and/or shells for a virtual tank that you create. The only downside to the full version is that the aliens get harder to defeat as you go through so many levels, and eventually have to face the "Alien Boss" which took me hours to beat! Trust me, the online version is good and simple.



Right Click:
In Virtual Tank, it pushes the fish near your cursor away in a random direction.
In Adventure, it does zip that I know of.

Myra Scorer July 11, 2008 8:05 AM

I see no one's posted in a long time, but I am puzzled... I see a file in the bottom of Insaniquarium Pictures, called talkshow.

I have never encountered it before, what is it??

The Wolf's Shadow August 5, 2008 4:01 PM

I have internet explorer, but it won't run...the ActiveX Control thing isn't popping up... :[


I love Insaniquarium Deluxe!!! Does anyone have any cheats or tips, hints for 3-3. I cannot beat it! Please Help!


Lot's of strategy tips on the net, some useful. Some trainers avail, and some cute developer cheats posted about everywhere. Google those terms.

The talkshow host screen is the last pet story, accessible only after you win the gold trophy, which requires finishing all 4 challenge levels 8 times eqch, plus 1. I still love this game after 4 years. Return to it again and again. But the PopCap loader has some annoying issues.

Anonymous August 30, 2008 12:17 PM

hey guys i just got downloaded the FULL version of this games it's so addicting. I cant figure out what to feed my ULTRAVOR? can anyone help me PLEASE


Very good game.

Anyway, I really liked playing it I like to use this strategy:

Start with 5 fish, feed them till they're as big as they can get (gold coins), then make them all star. Once that's done, just start massing out on star catcher and don't catch any of the stars, let them get 'em. All you have to do is catch diamonds. P.S. This is only for like the second map I think

I wish my fish pooped stars and that I had little encrustations at the bottom of my tank at home that spit out diamonds. *sigh*


I got a blue guppy :-0

Keep on feeding Star Potions to a Star dropping big guppy

My friend has deluxe and got, a sea turtle and a robotic bomb dropping fish for a pet.


got the full version and beta the whole game :P
sitting back and enjoying the Virtual Tank


Hello any one who thinks they get a king blue guppie through star potions is wrong just keep feeding then they'll change ...they drop diamonds! like carnis but more often... i got 1 in 1-1 :-)


i want the gold trophy!

i already have the silver, and i've beaten challenge tanks 1-3 eight times each. challenge tank 4 is so hard! i have not beat it once, and i've tried dozens of times.


and what is your record time for challenge tank 3? i got pretty good at that one i think. mine is 12:23. =]


My best time is 8:38 for Challenge Tank 3.

Here is the strategy I used to beat Challenge Tank 4 a bunch of times:

Use Presto, Walter, and Amp (and Angie if you can use 4 pets).
Change Presto into Shrapnel immediately and collect the bombs.
Punch Amp with Walter whenever you get the chance to.
Feed your guppies until they become big guppies.
Upgrade to max food quality and then get 5 pellet quantity (you will not need a lot because you will shock all your fish with Amp periodically).
Whenever you use Amp's shock, change Presto to Angie.
When an alien appears, change Presto to Gumbo.
Get your first Ultravore as soon as possible.
Now keep Presto as Walter and change to Gash for alien attacks (do not change to Angie for Amp's shock).
Use each Walter to punch Ultravores and Amp whenever you can.
Get about 5-7 Ultravores eventually.
You only need one ray gun upgrade so that you can defeat Psychosquid with only one rest period (but you can get about 5 if you want).


Classic game. Popcap needs to their butt out of the 90s and stop requiring a plugin to play their games. They are alienating FF and Linux users. I miss this game, and really wish I could play it again.


what does the ultravore eat?

anonymous March 30, 2009 9:14 AM


eat carnivores

[Edit: Spoiler added ~ Kayleigh]


what does the nose do?


Some awesome information for insaniquarium (I am an expert on insaniquarium).
Please read!!

Ok, first off, here are some codes that you can use in any tank in this order Code: Effect

Zombie: All fish look dead
Void: Blank background
Space: Moving space background
Time displays time on tank
Supermegaultra: Prego's and Breeder's Birth noise change

Next, Here are two cheats for insaniquarium...

First cheat, buy a regular guppy in virtual tank for 25 shells and name it Santa. It will drop bags of shells will turn red and white will sing christmas music and you only have to feed it 2 times for it to be full grown.

Second cheat, you must have at least the silver trophy to do this cheat. First at main menu type up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A.

Then once you've done the above, in Virtual tank press the following to unlock certain items.

Amp: J
Angie: L
Beetlemuncher: 6
Blip: F
Breeder: 7
Brinkley: [Shift] + A
Carnivore: 2
Clyde: Y
Destructor: V
First alien: Z
Gash: K
Gumbo: D
Guppy : 1
Guppycruncher: 5
Gus: C
Itchy: E
Lion alien: X
Meryl: O
Niko: W
Nimbus: H
Nostradamus: [Shift] + S
Prego: R
Psychosquid: N
Rhubarb: G
Rufus: I
Seymore: A
Shrapnel: S
Stanley: [Shift] + F
Starcatcher: 4
Starfish: 3
Stinky: Q
Type II: M
Ultravore: 8
Ulysses: B
Vert: U
Wadsworth: P
Walter: [Shift] + D
Zorf: T

Ok I know you're tired of reading but this is the last little tip for you.

Take Presto, Angie, and Amp into any level you do. Take challenge 1 tank for example:

turn Presto into Angie and wait until Amp is able to shock your fish. Then, shock your fish and collect the diamonds so you have 200-600 dollars. now raise them until you have enough money to buy a carnivore.buy the carnivore and rase enough money to buy 1 or 2 more carnivores that way the aliens don't kill the carnivores now keep zapping your fish and collecting diamonds until you have enough money to buy the egg pieces

[Edit: Spoiler tags added. -Pam]

InsanAddict April 8, 2010 9:46 PM

Six years of Insaniquarium Deluxe, still find it one of the most addictive games I've ever had, and one of the only that my husband ever cared to play. It's a very odd feeling to be a grown woman with a graduate degree and find yourself stomping around the house yelling things like, "Punching Santa is such fun it's unbelievable!" or "I HATE THAT D--- SQUIIIIIIID!!!!!" :)

1. So, no one ever answered the person three years ago who asked, "What does Walter do?" (someone did *mention* Walter but didn't really explain)

Walter punches various creatures, the utility of which I've tried to explain in spoiler 1, below. Note: After 3 or 4 punches, he goes to sleep for a little bit. Also, for him to punch a creature, he must be near enough, which is not in your control.

When Walter punches certain creatures, they drop more of whatever it is they drop. Punching ordinary guppies, carnivores, or ultravores is pretty much a washout -- you might get an extra coin/shell or two, big whoop. Where Walter is useful:
* On the stages that have beetlemunchers dropping pearls, you can get them to drop another one with each punch. At $200 sale value each, they add up.
* If you use Shrapnel as a pet - drops bombs for $150 each, less value and more risk than Niko but pays more often - punching Shrapnel results in an immediate bomb to cash in.

I'm also surprised that no sites I've found mention Nostradamus, who's VERY handy for all the levels that involve alien attack.

Every time he sneezes, it delays the aliens for another stint; I haven't timed it, but it's something like 30 seconds, which is a lifetime at some levels. He also sometimes will sneeze again and again, meaning you could go a few extra MINUTES between attacks.

PLEASE HELP! May 26, 2010 10:59 PM

HELP! I'm going crazy! How do you beat the online version?! I'm on the level with the mermaid and the tank with the blue trophy. It has a time limit of six minutes and I just have one animal to win! I just want to finish this game.


this is fun.
Thanks for the assist in killing the P aliens.

My added advice is as soon as the P alien turns blue buy a few more guppies for the whale to hold so that the P alien cant kill you.

have fun all and happy thanksgiving!


Good memories...
I would say it is better than plants versus Zombies, but I am a bit biased because I purchased this as years ago and I have only played demos of p v. z.
I think it is up for "classic" status by now.
The online version is one of the first online games I played, after being introduced by a friend. Loved it, and it became the first out of about five download games I actually bought.
My memory is hazy, but I think I never actually completed it - I got stuck on one of the first few levels of the "stage" that had a reddish tint to it, near the end of the game. It does get repetitive at that point. That was disappointing. Also, I think I totally forgot my password, and I think I don't have a computer with it installed anymore so... I'm kinda sad that it ended badly.

I Heart Reshiram August 10, 2011 5:57 PM

The Realarcade version has much better graphics and a Virtual Tank mode. By the way, I have the names of all the aliens:

Blue guy: Sylvester

Lion guy: I forgot, but I call him Lionel

Type-G: Gus

Type-D: Destructo

Type-U: I forgot. Sorry.

Type-P: Psychosquid

Type-II: Bilaterus (btw: I am on the side of the people who think that

the round head is just "an overrated Christmas ornament."

Final Boss:

It's a secret.

No, really, I shouldn't tell you.

For Pete's sake, he's the final boss!!!

Oh, fine, I'll tell you. His name is... CYRAX!!

coolguy123hi July 10, 2017 10:36 PM replied to Overlord

you feed it to death

coolguy123hi July 10, 2017 10:38 PM replied to chasady

shoot it then when it turns blue stop

coolguy123hi July 10, 2017 10:41 PM replied to tiffany

mine is 4:57

coolguy123hi July 10, 2017 10:55 PM replied to tiffany

Blue is salvester next the one that's orange is barlog next is the fat one is gus robot is destructor next is octopus is cycosquid mudguy is usless next is the snake thing is bitrullius next the final boss is cyrax


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