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JohnBHaluz2Haluz 2, the sequel to the surreal Samorost-like point-and-click adventure Haluz, is now entirely free! When it was first released in August, players could experience the first half of the game and pay a modest fee to access the second chapter. Now the creator of Haluz, Tomas, sends word that both versions are available online for the low low cost of absolutely nothing.

Haluz 2 follows the basic puzzle-type layout of Samorost, Hapland, and Warbears where you attempt to guide a character through the environment by clicking on-screen objects. For example, in order to move a makeshift elevator to the top of a tree, you might have to wake a sleeping bird at the right time, flip a switch, or do something even more creative. It's very Rube Goldberg-esque at times, and you can't help but smile at some of the solutions to these odd puzzles.

Overall, the levels aren't very difficult to solve, it's usually just a matter of finding what to click and then clicking it at the right time or in the right order. But Haluz isn't about bending your brain, it's about the sheer delight of navigating a beautifully rendered world and grinning along the way. It's a treat for your eyes and ears, and now completely free!

Play Haluz 2.2

Walkthrough Guide

(Please allow page to fully load for spoiler tags to be functional.)

Well I think this is a good game "despite i can complete it without help" :D Anyways I'm going to get a walkthrough for this game.

  • To unlock the door, click the panda (not sure if it is) and turn on the light on the lamp. With the light, (if it turns off, just turn it right back on) it will show a code to unlock the door, once you enter the code on the keypad, the door will open. Let's move on

  • Look at the bat, it can carry a hook and you should see a hook above you. Attach the hook to the bat then turn the light on right near the bat with the off/on switch next to you. This will bring the cable car to you then just simply click it to go the other side. Note: you may have to move the bat back and forth one time to attach the hook

  • Now you see a frog, it likes water, but not a type you have. Now you have to literally urinate the water and make the frog drink it, this will make the frog go away then just wait for the water to come on the flowers. After that a man will be alive and click the flowers to cross.

  • Nothing happens to the clock right? Well it has a hook, so how do you make it operate? Hmm, the teeth might operate it. Click the teeth and drag it in the hook below the clock then click the minute hand until it reaches the "12" then a horse/donkey thingy will pop up 4 times then you disappear. Now you move to a man with some music. You must get him the right song in order to meditate into air. Note it must be loud enough to make him move. Next you see a keyhole, so where's the key? Well look at his hair (his beard :P) and a little opening can be seen. Click it and a bird will come out with a key, click on the key and drag it into the keyhole. You reappear with a boat. Let's move on

  • Ok, now you are somewhat with a water pump, note a dinosaur sticking out, you must make him leave? Notice something on the left...it looks like a beehive. Click the little red switch on the top-right to see the water levels. Next turn on the left handle to put water into the middle pump and less on the left pump. Now just keep playing with the handles until the right pump goes through the middle pump then to the left pump to let some bees out. Then the bees will force the dinosaur to throw yourself out of it's mouth. Now click the boat and moves into the next stage.

  • A flower sticks out with a hummingbird, click the hummingbird and it will produce a pollen which will make the flower produce something. The flower eye looking guys on the top is on guard. Note when you click the pot it will go down but not all the way? Well, you need something heavy, when the bird sticking out gets the fruit, you must make him drop into the pot. When the fruit is out and the bird is out before it grabs it, click the eye flowers and it will steal the fruit, then click the fruit and it will drop the fruit on the bird's head falling into the pot. Now the gate is open, so let's move on from there

  • Click the portal sealed thing with the girl inside to make the man go over there next to it. Click the red ball on the right and then immediately click the pitcher below it so that the ball falls into the pitcher. Then a little glass will be raised near where the bee is at, click on it then it will go to the fungus looking plant. When the bee lands, click the frog above to attach it to the fungus which will make the glass portal raise and allow the man to rejoin the lady. And my friend is the end of the game. Hope you enjoy this game and walkthrough.

  • If you already did the first part before the rest became, start here by clicking Load Level at bottom left and type:


  • Click the plant just to the right of the bird to tickle him and make him sneeze our hero free. Then click the bamboo to pole over to shore. Pull the lever just to the left of the hero to send the bug scurrying upwards. When the butterfly goes past, click the bird to eat the butterfly and poop into the counterweight. You'll need to do this twice to continue onwards.

  • Below the right-hand wheel is a round control, pick it up. There are two small green buttons at bottom left and right. The right one moves the watering can right, the left one moves it left. Move the can all the way to the right and click the wheel on the tuba to fill it. Move the can back to the center and click it to water the mushroom and continue.

  • Click the button to the right of the hero. Nothing happens, but you need to do it anyway, to discover that the power's off. Click the window to view the witch. If you try to turn the power on, she'll stop you, so drop the mushroom at right down her chimney to finish the soup and make her happy (it will take a little time, she'll start laughing). With her celebrating, pull the lever, then push the elevator button again.

  • Grab the cane and attach it to the knob just to the left of granny's rocker. Click on the man to rock the rocker and turn the mechanism. After the action stops, click the wheel on the floor between the leftmost two cylinders. Rock the chair again to raise the jug. After the man gets back on the elevator, turn the wheel to return to the previous screen.

  • Not much to do here. Click the keyhole, then the arrow that appears at bottom left.

  • Click the frog/crab thing when it comes near the man to catch it. Click the butterfly to pollinate the flower, then Chewbacca the sloth to eat it and again to belch the key off. The man will take the key and go back to the previous screen (again).

  • Again, not much to do here. Click the keyhole.

  • Click the mechanical spider/crab at left to get a control panel. The switch at bottom turns it on, then click the right button and while the claw is still extended, click the man to climb into the spider. Click the center lever to descend rapidly (read: fall) to the next screen.

  • Click the glowing thing at bottom left to attract a big fish and scare the mechaspider onto land. Click the control panel by the door. Turn both of the top two valves to fill the top pots, both of the dials at bottom to flip their polarity, and then both of the middle valves at the same time to shock open the door. Above the spider, click the left lever twice to raise a can labeled salmon from the depths. Click the spider to swing it and soak the creature at left. Swing it again to knock the hairdryer into the water, killing the big fish.

  • Enjoy the ending, you're done.


[Edit: Updated to guide you through the newly-free portions. (also a small fix to the last scene of the old stuff) Enjoy! -FunnyMan]


the walkthrough that's posted doesn't go to the end of the game... I'm on some part way past that and now I'm stuck.


As for the walkthrough linked above, that was posted to the Haluz 2 thread from August last year. It appears some new content has been added since then, or perhaps that's the part that wasn't free before?


I see.
Well, I figured the part out where I was stuck, and it turned out to be the last part before the end. Good game, but it seems so many other creatures are punished throughout the game, heh.

CuriousOne February 20, 2008 1:33 PM

I exited form this game after several levels accidentaly. Could someone put up some level names so I could get to the part I was on? It was the one with the old woman in the rocking chair.


where are you stuck?


Nevermind, I didn'r read the whole message. This doesn't really need a walkthrough. Even for the now new free section. Great visuals, interesting choices for music.


Here's the level codes:





  5. TUKAN


  7. VTAK

  8. HUBA


  10. DEDO

  11. VYTAH


  13. RYBA


Stuck on the level with the spider looking thing with snapping claws. Right after he unlocks the tree...


First time posting - hope this doesnt duplicate. Im stuck on Ryba - the guy is blowing his hair - nothing seems available to click. Any help would be appreciated!


Stuck on the last(?) level, with the electric battery mixing pots.... :(


I'm stuck on the Dedo level - old woman in rocker. I see the arrow, and I see I can move the cane around but nothing else is happening.


I'm with you, Dave.

Can move the salmon can up and down and swing it when it's full of water, but nothing else happening.


OK finished.

For L:

hit the blow dryer with the salmon can (just click on the spider machine again)


Thanks Nipsy, will load the game again and try. I don't recall a salmon can - must have missed it earlier!


I'm stuck in the same place as michelle...all I can do is

click the buttons on the remote to make the crab reach its claws out.


Any idea how to get the battery to work in the last level? All the other levels were easy, I just don't get this one...


For michelle and Flower:

make the spider's right claw move out towards our hero and then click on our hero so he will move into the claw, get grabbed by it, and enter the machine. Takes some timing.


Thanks Nipsy. :o) That was VERY helpful.


What do i do with the big fish and the glowing bulb and the upside down bottle that i keep moving up and down?


anyone know how to get the Big ugly fish and the guy at the electric console to do something? all i can do is get the bottle to go up or down.


nevermind... got it


im stuck on striga, please help


i'm on Dedo level and don't know what to do..can anyone help me plse???


I'm stuck where sigalt was - the old lady who isn't off her rocker.
Anybody help?


put the mushoom down the pipe thing next to where the mushroom is.


Noticed that some of you were stuck on the last level, here is how to beat it:

Click on light at far left. Click on panel on left of cave. Fill - and + pots by turning red handle at top. While filling pots on bottom, click on black arrows on bottom of panel to switch polarity. Click left red handle twice. Click on bottom of can. Raise and lower the can a few times until you can click on crab machine to swing the can. Swing can again then click crab machine to knock hair dryer into the water.


I am still stuck on STRGA level the only thong to click is mushroom and it dosent do anything ...


The Power of Posting!
For anybody else stuck with the rocking chair:

take the cane and attach it to the brown ball just left of the chair


thank you Rahari. i got it


Sorry for my error. On my post above where it says "Swing can again then click crab machine..." it should read "Swing can again by clicking crab machine"


also, after you have messed around with the cane (see DeeBee's spoiler)

remember to twist the gear in the bottom left of the house


on DEDO lvel i put the cane on brown thing and rocked chair, then what someone please help.....


im at the part when all i can click is the butterfly and the spider(?) is hopping across the screen

i try timing them but that doesnt work


why does it have to be so short?


I love games like this. It reminds me a lot of Anika's Odyssey.


Is anyone else with a touchpad having trouble with the raflesia level? I think this was the last one in the original version in August. For some reason, I can NOT make it work!!!


Sorry Bob but I did everything like you said up ot where I've clicked the bottom of the can and moved it up and down a zillion times but still can't click the crab...aaahhhrrg


NVM.... power of posting finished


i'm stuck at lenochod level... just don't understand it! i'm trying to get the butterfly hit by the spider but nothing happens...


nevermind... got it!


Although mariolinamay did get through the Lenochod level, I was stuck there for a while, so here's a spoiler for anyone else who's also stuck.

Don't worry too much about the butterfly at first.

Just get a hold of that crab!

Bearing in mind, of course, that you have a fairly small armspan...


I guess I don't know what I'm doing on the last level. I mix the water for the battery, but nothing happens. I can lift the salmon can up and down, but that's it. Do I need to put the can all the way down in the water?


im stuck on the part with the witch. what do i do with the toadstool?


nvm, i got it


On the DEDO level, I've

got the cane attached to the gear-device, but every time I rock it, I can't click on the gear. The funny thing is, I can click on it before I rock the chair, but once it's reached maximum height, the spot goes dead.

Architectonic February 21, 2008 12:36 PM

Fishy -

Try clicking the wheel before rocking the chair.

Beautiful little game, I like it a lot.



Do you know what word I HATE most in the English language?

N E V E R M I N D!!!!!!!!!!!!

Because I only see it when it pertains to a problem I have been struggling with for E V E R -


Never mind.

Never mind?

Never MIND???

Oh and the lower than low people who do this....




It's NEVER followed with what was



I made it to RYBA with no walk through now I am stuck!

Blow Dryer???? There is a one eyed blinking creature standing in a hole (next to the strange + - + - shorted out battery"?" thing that I already solved. There is the strange fish in the water with the even stranger flash light hanging down conveniently in front of its' face. Then there is our little hero stuck inside of a crab or spider. The ONLY action I can do is to lower and raise the lovely "salmon" can and click it and make it drip over and over and over and over and over and ......


What Blow Drier????????

The "Salmon" Can Drips when you click it but only once and then you have to lower it back in the water and out again to see it d r i p again. What is the purpose of that??

Perhaps this is a new political party.

The Neverminders

Whose whole purpose in life is to make sure you never have the answer!

Oh wait... Oh no! They are already ... in ... control.

This is my first time getting to the very end with no help and well darn it that's blown to smithereens.

Anyway, a real answer would be appreciated since I am feeling much better now. Screaming can be good therapy at times. Too bad I was in a library...


Stuck on Rafflesia. I've clicked the clipper with the red ball and then the pitcher tied below it a gazillion times and it never seems to work, even when it seems like the ball should go right in. What am I doing wrong?

Also, I've clicked the fly and then the chameleon with no results.


Oh Kay...


The little one eyed creature is using the

Blow Drier?

I still am not sure where that came from except that I was madly clicking and the crab / spider grabbed the

salmon can

and the little

blow drier

suddenly appeared.

He only has three hairs. How long is it going to take?



If you are on RYBA and the little one eyed creature is still

drying his three hairs

and you click all over the spider / crab creature with our hero inside and the cursor does not change to a little hand pointing cursor... then you really are stuck because...



I'm sorry just kidding really...
You will have to start the level over. When you click on the crabs left side the second time and he grabs the can but it DOES NOT knock the hair dryer in the water... the level is stuck and you have to start it over.
When you short out the battery that opens the door, then click on the left red button above the crab two times to lower it in the water then click on the right red button to raise it back up.
THEN click on the crab's left side ONCE and it will grab the can and it will swing to the one eyed creature. It will then get a hair dryer from somewhere and start drying it's three hairs.
THEN click on the left side of the crab again and the hair dryer falls in the water and shorts out the flash light fish and it dies.
Then the game will finish and it is beautiful.


I'm having trouble with loading the game. the start's fine, but I can't go past

lenochod, the level with the spider-balloon thing


ok all better now.

Matt Weiner February 23, 2008 8:53 AM

AAARGGGGHHHH! I just wrote a long comment about my frustration and it got destroyed by the captcha. No way to get it back.

To put it shortly and without appreciable spoilers,
(a) the timing puzzle in LENOCHOD seems to require clicking in an extremely small space where the cursor is active for about a microsecond
(b) I'm sick of it and I quit
(c) the impossibility of the timing puzzle made it difficult to figure out if I was even doing the right thing
(d) too many point-and-click designers include a timing puzzle like this. Think about it! I wanted to play a game that was entirely "you must click the mouse at this precise instant" I'd play "Click once a minute"! Timing puzzles are OK but you should either make them forgiving, build up the difficulty gradually, or explicitly make your game impossible like Hapland (which also gives you some reward if you click at the wrong time, with animation). I play point-and-click to exercise my mind, not my reflexes.

(And if it's a browser/computer issue, DESIGN A GAME THAT WORKS IN ALL BROWSERS. Though I've tried this in Firefox and Safari.)

[Edit: Sorry, Matt, about the captcha issue. If you create an account with us your comments will appear immediately and you'll never have to deal with the captcha again. cheers. -Jay]

pageaday March 13, 2008 6:46 PM

Cute ending!

I luv how the bird made a nest


Level: Striga.

Drag and drop the mushroom into the chimney. The witch is poisoned and you can click the on/Off button


Whaty a truely lovely game this is! Full of humour, very creative, and the creator if this game (and also the first one) has a very incisive mind. Beautiful graphics and adorbale to play.

lauracat April 18, 2008 6:55 PM

Is it impossible to do this game with just a touchpad on a laptop? I am having the same problems as others with catching the red ball in the pitcher. Has anyone figured this out?


for everyone with the butterfly and spider,

catch the spider then click on butterfly then sloth, wait till it grows then sloth now u get the key


For the first part of the Lenochod level:

I madly clicked above his nose as the crab appeared from the left, and when the crab reached some correct position he grabbed the crab.


I am having problems loading haluz 1 from the site.
it just won't load the game.

anybody can please please help?


Hm, whenever I click on the "Start" button, the entire game moves up the screen so that I can only see the bottom half. This is obviously annoying...


can any one help me i just started the game and im already confused when i turned on the light for the bat to move to the other side it wouldn t let me click on anything till he was at the other side and asleep again the only thing its letting me click on now is the freakin bucket thing which only slowly swings bac and forth so can anyone help me out so i can at least get to the next level?


I'm having the same problem as olivia. Unable to move the bat enough to place a hook on it.


Never mind found out how to move the bucket..

turn on the light, bat will move to the left. Turn on light again, bat will to the right. You will then have abilility to move the hook.


Great game. I got hung up on some things, and unfortunately, had to use the spoilers a little. But otherwise, well done, very interesting, and it took a bit of time to finish. The makings of a good game in my opinion.


Im with the dinosaure animal, and the water. I did what i was suposed to do, but nothing happend.... :( Can't find the code for this level, and will have to do it all over again. Anyone have any ideas why this happend? Don't wanna do the same mistake again!

Roseate Spoonbill September 19, 2009 12:29 AM

This is obviously an imitation of Samorost. Fun nevertheless.

Roseate Spoonbill September 19, 2009 12:51 AM

Is that witch lady high from the mushrooms or what?


God, getting the ball in the pitcher was sooo hard with a track pad! I FINALLY got it tho! I was about to pull my hair out. XD


Damn... I made the salmon can thing go too high but idk the code for the level and I don't really feel like playing through it all again... :P


Roseate Spoonbill:

Well, yes. It even says, "sequel to Samorost".

Soo... yeah. XD


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