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Glow Fish

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Rating: 4.4/5 (23 votes)
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Glow Fish

JohnBDr. Urchin has kidnapped Coralline! Oh no! But hey, you're the bodacious glowfish, precisely the underwater dweller who can rescue her. The lushly-illustrated action adventure game Glow Fish is filled with exploration, unlockables, and size-related nomming challenges similar to flOw. Gameplay is focused on rescuing your friends from water creatures and gathering them up to make yourself larger and more in charge. With a handful of buddies tagging along, you can activate a shield that will dissolve enemies smaller than you, and even if a creature is twice your size, you can take it under control with a few smart circling maneuvers.

glowfish2.jpgGlow Fish features almost 50 levels of exploration, friend-finding, coin collecting, secret discovering, exit unlocking action. Boss battles punctuate the pace nicely, and unlockable Super Chums give you special abilities that can drastically alter how you play the game. You can even upgrade Chums using the coins you collect, encouraging you to go foraging beyond what the maps show you.

Glow Fish is a fine example of perfected casual entertainment, featuring gameplay that's easy to learn but quickly gets more complex as needed. Couple that with the fantastic visuals and you've got a game that's begging to be devoured.

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This is a beautiful game. The parallax background graphics are both stunning and humourous - with odd creatures around every turn. The controls are easy to use, the music relaxing (and sound effects cute additions to the little fish you gather), and it's very much likeable to anyone who played flow and enjoyed it. The only thing I disliked was the inability to see on the map any baddies I hadn't gobbled up yet... but maybe I missed something when playing the demo.


What flip said, absolutely stunning game. I don�t mind cruisin� around a second time to pick up leftover baddies and friends even.

But I miss a walkthrough. Seriously stuck on level 14, what�s up with that boss? He seems impervious to damage.

Lastly a bit o good news for all who like fruit, the game is also available for IOS!

Now to find out how to rate on here, I�m givin this a full five stars.


Seriously, how do you rate on here? Is it only for select players? I tried to search it but found only an explanation of the content ratings system.


� Oh and the game will actually tell you where friends, coins, and enemies are. Friends will glow blue on the border. Darter will help you locate coins by making the border glow yellow, and Scout will make enemies grow red on the border.


Okay, I�ll start off the walkthrough party with one level I developed for another guy I found searching other sites for help. Forgive me for not starting with the beginning as he needed this specific one, and be advised this is based on the iPhone version, so it�s possible that it might vary from the versions featured above.

Briny Depths level 1, stage 9

Go straight down, past the first two purple baddies clutching a bubble, then left, passing the next two purples snapping together to find your first friend. Then up and left again, you will find that the bubble has popped allowing you access.

Charge the three winged fish in their bubbles in order of size, gathering the friends, then the blowfish and lastly the crab. If they manage to trap one of your friends, circle around the blowfish repeatedly in non attack mode. Doing so efficiently should decrease their size so you can charge them or make them disappear completely. You should now have 6 friends.

Continue left, minding the pink crystals snapping together, and circle around this blowfish again, picking up coins, dodging bubbles as well as weakening him, leaving you a 7th friend. Note the star at the bottom here, use it to attract any friends who might have gone astray in the process.

Continue top left to pick up two additional friends plus a coupla coins, then repeat the process with the next two blowfish you meet to make a string of empty bubbles appear at the top right corner of this room, encasing two more blowfish. You shouldn�t have to decrease their size at this point, just go ahead and charge them in order of size. Doing the bubbles in one fell swoop gives nice combo points.

Continue to pop blowfish as you circle the small island in the middle. Don�t panic if they rob you of a coupla friends, just circle them if you get too weak and gather the lil� ones afterwards. Again, a star for picking up strays is found at the bottom. Yoohoo! You now have 18 friends.

Continue down and right to find a row of blue fruit houses at the bottom. Dwelling here are an additional 6 friends, leaving you a total of 24. Then rest at the save point shell. It will exchange most of your friends for points, opening the bubbly barricade.


Briny Depths level 1, stage 9, part 2

Proceed past two crystals crashing down from the ceiling in your wake, then swiftly past a whole row of them. Continue down to pick up 3 more friends, then left to circle and pop another blowfish, for a total of 10.

Go down swiftly past a series of crashing crystals, grabbing an attractor star and another li�l mate in the process, then pop a coupla crabs dwelling on the floor and ceiling and go right and down. Ignore the save shell for now.

Pop another gang of bubblefish and empty bubbles down here, and pick up a stray in the right room. There's a star too if u need it. Again, nice combo points can be had for killing �em off in one move.

Go back up and finish off the crab on your right before depositing your 22 friends at the save shell.


Briny Depths level 1, stage 9, part 2

As the bubbly barricade lowers go right, grab the star and pick up 3 new friends, then up to find and circle three new bubblefish encased in even bigger bubbles, until the fish pop leaving them empty. Popping these will release a whole school of fish and empty bubbles, so diminish all three sufficiently first.

Again, strength in numbers is key, pick off this aggressive gang according to size gathering friends b4 proceeding to the next one. The last bubblefish will require some circling before being finished off. You should now have 20 friends, if not, use the respawned star by the entrance and sweep the room again.

Go down to find the vortex that ends the level, and ooops! Missed a secret room.

� to be continued.


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