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GrinnypWell, you've traveled 'round the world, saving farms in some... unusual places. Now it's time to return home and help dear old Granny rescue her farm from foreclosure. Yes, it's time to play Farm Frenzy 3: American Pie! A frantic time management game brought to you by Alawar Games and Melesta, Farm Frenzy 3: American Pie continues the tradition of "side games" to the main Farm Frenzy line, like Farm Frenzy: Pizza Party. This time around, though, there's not so much pizza. In fact, there's something better: robots!

farmfrenzy3american.jpgBack from her world tour in Farm Frenzy 3 and just in time to help dear old Granny, you are once again in control of the series' eponymous heroine. Grandma's adjustable rate mortgage keeps going up, and the bank is going to foreclose unless you can get the farm making a profit. This is not, after all, like real life. In real life, the mortgage rate would be going up even faster (thanks, economy!). Just kidding. Maybe.

At any rate, you begin with a patch of ground, a few farm animals, and a task. The task may be to produce a certain number of goods (eggs, wool, milk) or manufactured goods (dried eggs, cookies, cakes, yarn, clothing, etc.). You have a limited amount of money, time, and water. Water the ground to produce grass to feed your animals and wait for them to do their thing. However, even water costs money these days, so use it well, and remember to sell excess goods for cash to get more water, more animals, or upgrade your manufacturing facilities. As the game goes on the manufactured goods become more complex, requiring several different raw or other manufactured goods, or goods shipped in by handy-dandy helicopter. All of this should be familiar to anyone who has played any of the Farm Frenzy games.

You start with something simple: turkeys. Turkeys produce eggs which you can sell at market. Or, you can turn the eggs into dried eggs, which take up less space and fetch a higher price at the market. Eventually you can turn the dried eggs into cookies, and the cookies (with other ingredients) into cakes which sell for an even higher price. Then other farm animals are slowly added to the mix, such as sheep, which produce wool (and eventually yarn, material, and clothing) and cows which produce milk (which sells for a really high price at the market).

You can also purchase helper animals, like dogs which chase off the bears who menace your farm, and cats which are smart enough to pick up the goods and take them to the storage shed. If you can't afford the helper animals, be prepared to cage and sell off the bears yourself before they can knock your poor defenseless animals off the screen. Finally, you'll reach a stage where you can purchase robots to farm for you. Mind you, the robots are wildly expensive, and require ore and fuel to run, but it's still pretty cool to be farming with robots.

farmfrenzy3american2.jpgEach scenario is timed, and the faster you work, the more points you nab and the better medal you'll be rewarded with. Points are used in the shop for upgrades to buildings and equipment, and believe me, you'll want as many as you can gather. You can always work back and forth on the branching overworld map, replaying older levels for points or choosing different stages if one is just too hard. Some areas cannot be attempted until certain upgrades are achieved, so backtracking may be wise.

Analysis: Like Pizza Party, Farm Frenzy 3: American Pie is almost "Farm Frenzy Light" in many ways. There's less complexity, and of course no foreign travel or exotic animals to be found. This is not necessarily a bad thing, as the basic dynamic is still fantastic casual gameplay. In fact, American Pie manages to lose the numerous and complex recipe combinations that Pizza Party required, and that probably produced more than one migraine in the process. The combos here are simpler and there are fewer of them, leaving the player to concentrate on the basics with a wicked time limit in place.

The art is, well, it looks like Farm Frenzy, nothing much has changed from the first of the series. The animals are cute, cartoony, and fluidly animated as they wander around and eat the grass you so carefully grew. The truck still runs back and forth between the farm and town, and goods brought in by helicopter still parachute out of the sky. And, of course, the nasty bears still drop out of the wild blue yonder to wreak havoc at the worst possible time. You can cage them and sell them as usual, and when you reach a certain stage of the game you can even dress them up to bring more money (and humiliate them, one presumes).

Some of the levels are wicked difficult, which may cause a lot of head banging and throwing of objects within easy reach. The robots are cool, but it feels like it takes forever to get to the stage where you can use them, which is a shame. And the upper levels require so much fast clicking that you may be looking at carpal tunnel syndrome, or at least hand seizures if you play too long.

If you like the Farm Frenzy games, you've already downloaded and installed American Pie, which is wise! The stripped-down style takes nothing away from the basic gameplay, and what's left is very addicting and long-lasting. Especially if you go back and try to gold medal all the rounds, or earn all the side trophies, you are looking at days of gameplay with a high replay value. Of course, it's still fun to humiliate the bears. And hey, there are robots!

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" are once again in control of the series' eponymous heroine."

??? I think you're confused about what that word means. :)


I enjoyed Farm Frenzy: American Pie, much more than the brain-draining Pizza Party. This one is similar in structure, and there are new challenges yet it isn't frustratingly impossible, which is how FF:PP felt at times.

The robots are fun, and add a new layer of interesting animation and audio to the mix. Robots make ore, which makes gears, which can be assembled into irons, tractors and more robots.

Bears can't toss away robots... but they do consume metal, strangely enough, so don't leave ore or machinery in the field when bears are around.

A fun little Easter egg, at least in my version:

you can buy robot plans for $5000, but you can sell them back instantly for $10,000. So, nice little revenue generator on the handful of levels where you have a robot-making factory.

There is one final level that takes about 30 minutes to play, which was a neat twist (at least to me... I played FF:PP and FF3 but none of the prior versions, so I don't know if long levels ever appeared before).

There are a few little surprises if you keep your eyes open... the occasional flying bear, banjo-playing sheep, etc.

Definitely worth the price. I always find the Farm Frenzy games to deliver highly, when it comes to playability. I'm still working on 100% gold!


Help for getting through Level 60 (the 35:00 level)

I played this level 5 or 6 times. The only time I made gold (34:21), it was because I changed up my strategy to the following:

Sell bears until you can afford turkeys. Buy up to 6 turkeys.

Make cakes, and buy 3 or 4 sheep as soon as possible.

This is the critical part: Do not buy any of the spinning/weaving equipment. Just collect wool at this point.

Make and sell cakes until you have fully upgraded your egg/flour/cake factories. Use cakes to fund operations, and then to purchase your first cow.

When you've collected 55-60 wool, sell sheep.

Sell the first couple of milks to purchase the first milk factory, then sell cream until you can afford the curd factory, and so on.

Continue making and selling cakes in the meantime.

Use profits from cheese to buy 2-3 more cows, and then a robot. Continue using cheese proceeds to buy your ore and gear factories on the left.

Use tractor proceeds to buy additional robots.

When you've got more money than you can possibly spend, quickly buy 50 decorations, the spinning factory x 5, the weaving factory x 5, and the jacket factory x 5. Make all the jackets at the end while you are finishing off tractors.

Your farm may vary, but this is what worked for me, with time to spare.

irishbrat577 January 21, 2010 3:15 PM

Do you have any tips for getting Gold on Level 87? It's the only level I can't get gold on!



hope this helps

my solution for level 87

buy robot
collect 1x ore
sell robot and 1 bear
upgrade warehouse 3x, truck 3x, and copter 2x
sell 4 bears
buy tractor plans, 5x skirts
buy cat and 8x turkeys or no cat and 10 turkeys
make tractor sell skirts
buy cake factory
sell tractor
buy cake ingredients
make cake
try not to lose turkeys
and you should make it with a tiny bit of time to spare.


I can't get gold with 63, 69 or 60, but 63 and 69 is really hard no matter how I try can't do it, so any help from you guys and gals would be grreat. Oh and I am slow clicker when picking things up which I guess doesn't help. hmm.


It's ok did them, think I was a bit late in asking for advice as no walkthrough for this one which is a shame.. as had to get walkthrough else where. argh.


Has anyone played the endless mode yet? I enjoy it, but I'm not sure if it's a glitch or I missed something--how do I get robot fuel? In the career levels, if you have a robot available, you can buy it's fuel from the heli. I haven't seen it come available in the endless mode after at least half an hour. Plus, I can't send a gear and blueprints to make a new robot in that building. I don't know if I need to do all the other upgrades first, but that doesn't really make sense.

Anonymous May 17, 2010 9:16 AM

Every time I get to level 19 it won't let me get a spinnery to produce the ball of wool that is required. What is wrong?

Anonymous June 19, 2011 5:45 AM

I have had this for a while. And though I have not got gold on every level which is frustrating to get I do find the game itself to be fun. As to the question about endless mode, You don't get robot plans just because you buy the building. The building changes based on the item the game wants you to create. If you have to make 5 robots for example it will stay on robots until the limit is reached ( or any extras you manage to create in last load to make the 5th) Then it will become an empty, useless building again until the endless mode tells you to create something else.

hope this helps ya have fun in the sun on your farm.


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