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Castle Smasher

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Rating: 4/5 (22 votes)
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castlesmasher.jpgJohnBCastle Smasher is a new flash game by Donut Games where your goal is to destroy a castle using nothing more than a catapult. Choose your trajectory by moving the cursor, then hold the left mouse button to start the power meter. Release, watch the catapult fling stones, then grin maniacally as the enemy fort crumbles to the ground. Think of it as a simplified and reversed version of BowMaster Prelude.

Castle Smasher is short and simple but it offers a nice incentive to continue playing: upgrades. After you raze a castle you get to choose one of three bonuses for the upcoming stage: more guards, bouncier stones, or an additional stone at the beginning of the level. Guards help fend off enemy soldiers who come your way after you break open the gate, while bouncier stones can help you get more destruction per toss.

The challenge level is just about right for a casual flash game, so expect to fall flat on your face a few times before getting the hang of the gameplay. For some reason the ball bouncing physics seem to favor right-bounces, so keep that in mind when planning your next stone fling. A good strategy is to take out the far parts of the castle first and save the closer stuff for the end. Aim for the towers and try to get several good smashes out of each stone toss.

Pull out your best knight-related jokes (Why did every castle have a bank with an automatic teller? For making knight deposits.), it's time to do some castle smashing.

Play Castle Smasher


Meh, it was nice... But not worth, say, more than 15 minutes of play. I'm not sure I like the physics... Or, rather, the physics didn't like me.



I can't......stop.....playing. Must....beat...level...five.


good fun for short amount of time, limited play though.


this would definatly benifit from a free play mode and some nice big castles to smash that you can baerly miss
the fun of smashing is kinda out wieghed by the worry of running out of ammo mabye if you had to worry more about forces attacking you and survial in stead of will i have enogh rocks to throw

i like these style of grafics i dont know why lol


If you've played any of the Worms games before, you'll recognize similarities to the Bazooka. However, the good folks at Team17 realized that such weapons are more enjoyable with unlimited ammo. :/


Agreed. Not a fan of these cute little games that lure you in with the kitchy graphics and colorful sound only to have you realize that it's not a quick blasting game but a game where every shot counts and you have to figure how to get these shots to hit 15 bits of castle in order to advance.



i don't like this game. i especially hate that you cannot scroll right to see your target.


argh! fun, but i hate hate not havin enough ammo. sometimes im just sooo close and i game over after passing so many levels.


It's increadibly frustrating that you seem to lose EVERY TIME due to limmited ammo. Get rid of that and this game would be great.

ColinGreen February 3, 2007 7:57 AM

Here's how I won ....

Never use the start with one more guard upgrade. Sometimes you'll lose the game because of it but it's really a waste considering you could have more ammo or bounicer stones. You can use the catapult to kill an attacker as they fight your guard (I sometimes did this on level 4).
For level 2 get the bouncier stones, for 3 get the extra stone, for 4 get either the extra stone or bouncier stones and, for 5 get the bouncier stones.
You need to practice to learn just the right way to throw the stones to get the most damage for each. On level 5 you have to get multiple hits with each one and never miss.


The game would be fun if the upgrades stacked.


Okay, I just realized that the upgrades DO, in fact, stack, but they make so little difference that it's very hard to notice. As is, the stones control horribly, and the increase in bounciness does pretty much zilch.

Here's a tip for the game's designers: Try putting in a REAL challenge instead of artificially boosting the difficulty by reducing the effectiveness of the upgrades. If this game were an automobile it would be the 1958 MGA Twin Cam.

In an effort to offer constructive criticism, here are a couple suggestions for how to make a really good version of this game:

1. Put in more ammo. Yes, it might reduce the challenge, but if the only real challenge in the game comes from the heavy stone budget, that's a problem.

2. Make the "bouncier stones" upgrade have a more significant difference.

3. To compensate for the reduction of artificial challenges, try putting in a real challenge by including more variety in the castles and obstacles.

4. You might also want to toss in a level editor, but that's not a must.


finally, lvl 5 is history

here's how I beat it, I even had 2 spare shots in the end (and this happened twice)

never, and let me say it again, NEVER use anything but the bouncier stones upgrade, even if this seems illogic, it's better to have a multiple hitting stone than multiple stones
so, ok, I asume that you never had any trouble in getting to lvl 5 (that lvl 3 can be tricky though)
to beat lvl 5 use your first stone to destroy the first gate, and part of the surrounding (pardon my english) walls
you'll see that you've left two big pieces of castle, the ones that were to the left and to the right of the gate, from now on, I'll call them left and right walls
the second, and possible the third shots will be at full angle (all the way up) and a little less than 2 power, say like 1.75, that showld take care of almos all the left wall, but nothing of the right
now, using full power and a low angle aim to the right wall, the idea is that the stone will hit the right wall, bounce all the way back to the left, and once more to the right, hence getting a lot of hits per stone
do this until you've destroyed both walls, after you finish you must have at least 2+ stones left (I usually have 3 - 4)
now, put the left end of the left line of the crosshair just touching the border of the mountain (that is to say, the left end should be touching the limit between sky and mountain) and use a full power shot
cool, huh? now you only have two little stumps to take care of
lower the crosshair just a little bit and make another full power shot, it should hit the tree but continue to advance until it hits the right tower
rinse and repeat
finally, use a full power, full angle (all the way up again) shot
rinse and repeat
congrats, lvl 5 beaten


This is one of the hardest games I've ever beat. Yes, the challenge ramps up a bit too quick, and I love the idea of the bouncing stones, and the arcing shots, the little knight battles. I'd love to see this developed into a larger game, maybe with different weapons and a store/purchase thing between levels. It brings RTS to the "storm the house" genre.

3 bouncier and 2 +1 stone, you only need enough bounce to get the stone to bounce between the two far towers on level 5. I ended with 0 stones. Very tough challenge, but the others levels are pretty easy.

Petrodeath March 3, 2009 11:38 PM

This game is so perfect, so why is it so small?
They need at least another 10 levels, would that really be so difficult. I'm bored of failing level 5, I need a 6, 7, 8, 9 to aim for. It's so satisfying smashing those castles, I need more!
Castle Smasher 2 please. Bigger, better and with more levels.

Haltingpoint May 6, 2009 11:25 PM

I hope you guys realize that the reason they artificially limited the ammo you get is to try to get you to sign up for the site to use their "donut coins" to keep playing.

What a cheap trick--I feel scammed.


I did every 50 levels, but level 37 is insane! I cant manage to get all 3 stars. I have got 45 points, but i need 5 more points to get the last start, and IMPOSSIBLE :/


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