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Cake Mania 2

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Rating: 4.5/5 (34 votes)
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Cake Mania 2

JohnBJill's back in a sequel to one of the most popular casual games of last year, Cake Mania, by Sandlot Games. In Cake Mania 2 you reprise the role of the baker extraordinaire with the task of helping one of two friends: Jack, who is looking for a bakery in his underwater theme park, or Risha and her bakery in the big city. Serve cranky customers piping hot cakes as quickly as you can to rake in the cash and expand your business!

Cake Mania 2Cake Mania 2 plays out like most resource management games where you must prioritize tasks and work as quickly as you can to make it through each stage. Customers walk in your bakery and your first job is to hand them a menu. When they make their selection the cake appears in a bubble showing the cake style, icing and decorations each person requires. Once that appears, it's time for you to hop to it. Bake the right shaped cake, ice it, decorate it and serve it to the customer as quickly as you can to maximize your income.

One of the best parts of Cake Mania — the quirky customers — has been expanded in Cake Mania 2. Between men in penguin suits, businessmen, lawyers, punk rockers and little kids, there's no shortage of colorful characters to keep a grin on your face. Many customer types have their own unique needs that must be tended to, such as impatient kids or busy doctors. This adds a little spice to the game and breaks apart the linearity of focusing on customers at the front of the line first.

cakemania2a.jpgBetween rounds you can upgrade your bakery by purchasing additional ovens, icing stations and other niceties to help keep things running smoothly. You can also buy items to help keep customers happy, such as a TV or cookie oven, or get Jill a better pair of shoes so she can move faster. How you spend your dough is up to you and is a unique part of each player's strategy.

The main game in Cake Mania 2 has over 200 levels, plus an additional "endless" mode where you serve cakes to a non-stop barrage of customers until the cows come home. Plenty of cake baking action to keep you busy for a very long time.

Analysis: There's no shortage of casual resource management games, but Cake Mania has always stood out as one of the better titles around. The news of Cake Mania 2 is definitely exciting, but I can't help but feel a bit let down by the lack of new features in the sequel. The visuals have improved and the locations are new, but other than those cosmetic changes it's essentially the same game as before. It would have been a treat to see at least one new gameplay element.

On the other hand, when you've got something right, why risk ruining it? Cake Mania 2 doesn't mess with an already winning formula. In this case, more of the same is the icing on the cake.

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Mac OS XMac OS X:
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Cake Mania 2 is available to download from these affiliates:
Arcade TownBig Fish Games


Not available for Macintosh! That stinks.


I've been playing it on my Mac with Boot Camp. And boot camp will even be integrated into Leopard when it's released next month.

So, there's really no reason anymore not to be able to play these games on a Mac, as long as it's Intel-based.


Jay: Yeah, you're correct, except some people don't want to spend the $$$ to buy Windows.


I hear you there, dotcomlarry. I bought Windows from RIT as part of the MS student discount program for about $10. I wouldn't have wanted to pay much more than that, truthfully.

But having compatibility with Windows now on my Intel Mac, I have to say that it's well worth even spending a bit more on it.


Would you happen to know all 6 trophies/prizes of Cake Mania 2. I have found 4 and I don't see any path that I haven't followed.
I have the swirly globe, the 3penguins, the ring, and the trophy with the key inside it.
Can you tell me which 2 am I missing and how can I go about finding them?


The trophies are given for different endings. try to record your paths, and find out which ones you need to get.


I have only been able to get four trophies as well. Instead of penguins, I have a necklace from Risha. Have not been able to figure out the paths that end with the penguins or with the tv show.


Hi, i currently have 5 out of the 6 trophies. i was stuck after the fourth trophy as well. i found the path to the 5th trophy by retracing my steps. i went to every location and noticed the paths i have fully completed have two red arrows pointing away from the circle with the question mark. i just clicked on the question mark that had one red arrow and it lead me to a new path. Hope that helps!

i actually have a new problem if someone can offer advice. i am currently at the "Grand Battle" stage in the Tokyo location. Its seems all my upgraded items were taken away as well as all the money i have earned. So basically i am starting from scratch again and with no money. i can't get the cakes to the customers on time with one oven and one froster, especially when all the customers are ordering are ordering double and triple layer cakes.

Anyone got advice or tips??


i forgot to mention that i have the key, penguins, the ring, the necklace and the timebender thingamabob. i have no clue what the last trophy is.


Hey what is boot camp. Can that help me put the pc version on mac because i just bought the second C.M 2 and it dosnt work on my mac. If anyone knows a sorfware so i can play it Please help me out my girlfriend cant stop playing it on my pc!



Boot Camp is a program developed by Apple that lets Intel-based Macs run alternative operating systems.

It's built into Leopard, but was available separately for Tiger prior to Leopard's release. I'm unsure whether you can still get it for Tiger.


how do i start on a new trophey? do i have to start a new game?

cake mania 2 newbie February 6, 2008 3:34 PM

help.sorry im new and just goty this for xmas but i cant figure out what to do with the cakes that haave a bite out of them? how do i complete this order?
signed newbie

greensunglasses February 6, 2008 10:35 PM

Does anyone know if there is an end to this game? I have all 6 trophies, but the game just keeps going on.

For Anonymous: How I got to the other trophies without ending my game was...

after getting the first trophy, then clicking on continue game instead of clicking on play, I clicked on view world, then clicked on the home world

For newbie: When you have the cakes that look like they have a bite missing, use the cakes that look like half moons.


how do you get the necklace from Risha?!

greensunglasses February 9, 2008 10:43 PM

To get the necklace play in this order:

Jack, Penguins, Intrigue, Home

Anonymous March 13, 2008 4:55 PM


There are 6 items to earn: 1-Risha necklace-you get this through the rooftop hotel at top; 2-Iron Baker "Dessert Channel" certificate-get this through Studio Stardom at top right; 3-Key to the Galaxy Trophy-get this through Space restaurant at top Left; 4-Engagement Ring from Jack-obtained from underwater restaurant at bottom; 5-Time Bender trophy-get through Lost Art of Baking in middle section; 6-LaVerre Award, which is 3 penguins,obtained in Polar restaurant at bottom left. All restaurants have three lines, or games each, except for the Lost Art of Baking.

Tekken3Princess March 18, 2008 10:41 PM

How do you get the three penguins trophy in this game? I cannot figure it out and it is driving me nuts! What path do you need to take to get it?


I got a new computer in the middle of the game and I can't not find the file where the game is saved to... Does anyone know what it is titled? I don't want to loose my game so close to the 5th trophy


hiyy, i dont want to buy it but i love the game, ive managed to download it several times but i have no time left anymore :'(
thing is i read somewhere you can play it without time limit free... anyone know how?


I can achieve the "Superstar" status at mostly ALL levels except that lousy Artic level. It seems to drop you back to $0 and even when you're TOTALLY HOPPIN' you wind up with like, $400 or $800; which isn't enough to purchase ANYTHING good and then the whole level seems to play out like that... Any advice????

leftjayne June 13, 2008 10:42 PM

I usually go back to the house, but sometimes using the
arrows can leave you with nothing or with money. The
game saves get confused. Here is some of the spoilers.

Key is Jack,Penguins,Fame,Phone

Key is Jack,Downtown,Lights,Phone

Key is Risha,Mission,Lights,Phone

Bender is Jack,Penguins,Fame,Thingy

Bender is Risha,Mission,Global,Thingy

Ring is Risha,Media,Mission,LaSigh

Penguin is Risha,Media,Mission,Polar

Contract is Jack,Penguins,Intrigue,Cake:

Necklace is already listed

Stephanie June 21, 2008 11:39 AM

I have the ring. I'm trying to get past the second level. I followed the advice from above but I must be doing something wrong because it keeps making me play the last game over and over. Can you give me step by step directions on how to get to the next level?


I am having trouble with the game saving my upgrades. The 1st few times I saved my game, it saved my progress and all of my upgrades. Now when ever I go to the main menu or quit the game, when I return, my progress is saved, but my money and equipment reverts back to what they were the previous time I saved the game. There has to be a way to fix this besides never quitting the game. Does anyone have any suggestions?


is there a pattern to the value of the cakes?it seems like sometimes they are worth more than others.
Example: 2 round cakes - one with brown icing and 3 customer satisfaction stars = $32 while - other had dark brown with sprinkle icing and also 3 customer satisfaction stars = $42 ????
Neither one had any topper (I understand the topper values)
Any idea if it has to do with the icing color or the type of customer you give it to???

All walkthrough September 1, 2008 4:36 PM

Here are the choices and paths to get the 6 trophies. Mind you, this is the ones I used to get them. There are numerous possible paths.
Path 1-Key to Galaxy Trophy

Choose-Rescue Jack (underwater bakery)
Take it downtown (Risha's rooftop)
Think global (Antarctica)
Answer the phone (Moon)
Path 2-Time Bender Trophy(looks like a black orb)
Choose-Help Risha (Risha's rooftop)
Mission of mercy (underwater bakery)
Lights, camera, action (Japan)
Answer the thingy (Future city)
Path3-Engagement Ring Trophy
Choose-Help Risha (Risha's rooftop)
Media stardom (Japan)
Mission impossible (Moon)
Le sigh (Jack's underwater bakery)
Path 4-Penguin Trophy
Choose-Help Risha (Risha's rooftop)
Media stardom (Japan)
Mission impossible (Moon)
Polar icing (Antarctica)
Path 5-Sisterhood Charm Necklace Trophy
Choose-Rescue Jack (underwater bakery)
Penguins unlimited (Antarctica)
Intrigue (Moon)
Homeward bound (Risha's rooftop)
Path 6-Contract for TV Show Trophy (looks like scroll)
Choose-Rescue Jack (underwater bakery)
Penguins unlimited (Antarctica)
Intrigue (Moon)
Battle: cake (Japan)


Can somebody please tell me why sometimes I made "exactly" the same cake customers ordered, but when I gave the cake to the customers, it just doesn't work at all. I kept losing and losing cakes...
Thank you for answering me.


"is there a pattern to the value of the cakes? it seems like sometimes they are worth more than others."

Its all in the tips. each plain cake is worth $15, and each frosted cake is worth $30, so a 2-tier cake is worth $60 dollars and so on. You will never get less then these amounts for a cake, and toppers add their own value.

The reason why some customers pay $32-50 dollars for a cake is becasue Jill gets tipped, these tips are sometimes crucial to achieve superstar goals.

Doctors tip the best, If you get them at 5 hearts, they will give you a $20 tip!! (you lose $2 for every heart they lose) So always serve your doctors before you serve anyone else. And if possible always have a cake waiting on a stand, if a doctor buys it right off the bat, then you will get all the money for none of the work.

Also if you want to double your money in the earlier levels, then bake a two tier, customers wont order it unless they see it displayed. This is how i beat Risha's month of April.

Anonymous October 9, 2008 11:06 AM

hey, i also have all 6 trophies but left wondering is this the end?
I completed caka mania 3 before getting the other 2 trophies recently in cake mania 2 as i was also stuck at a fourth trophy and stopped playing.


HELP! I am really stuck. I have three trophies...(globe thing, penguins, and the case with the key in it). I went back to view world to chose another path, when I chose the path to go back to Jack's underwater place, I start on a whole new path, but at square one. So I start the game and the customers are ordering 2 layered cakes and all I have is 1 oven and 1 froster not upgraded and no money...again square one. So as I try to make them their cakes, they get impatient and leave. I end up with $100 and can't pass the board because everything is too slow. Again, it started me back at square one. I tried the another path and it took me to the moon and it started me at square one again with no money and I ran into the same problem. Someone please help!!!


To Jenny, post left on 11-15-08.

What I did to get my money back so i could upgrade when it started me out at square one again....

Go back to the last cake level you completed to get to the specific location/level you are having trouble with. Replay December and then choose the path to the place where you started at square one again.

I hope that helps. :)


A huge thank you to all of you who were able to give some hints with this game. After 2 long and agonising months, I FINALLY completed it!! Yay!!! lol. Now, Im off to play Cake Mania 3. Thank you all once again =0)


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