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Aztec Tribe

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Rating: 4/5 (34 votes)
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Aztec Tribe

JohnBAztec Tribe from Merry Pen Games is a casual combination of Farm Frenzy and Build-a-lot. Between building and upgrading gardens, mines and houses and managing a slew of resources, you'll help an adventuresome tribe establish a new home in a faraway land. It's a rewarding and relaxing game that delivers extra challenge only when you want it.

aztectribe.jpgMany years ago, a peaceful tribe of natives lived in the mountains. Enemies surrounded their village on all sides, forcing them to scout out and find a new home. Soon their scouts discovered a fertile valley, a land waiting to be their new home. It's your job to help the Aztecs settle this foreign land by building settlements one by one. With each plot of land you shape, more buildings and upgrades become available, allowing you to create a thriving civilization that's both efficient and luxurious!

Everything in Aztec Tribe is centered around resources, whether they be physical items such as food, gold and wood or allocating workers where they're needed most. Early stages begin with the same pattern: set-up a wigwam, the central hub where workers stay, then build a garden to produce food, a mine to create gold, a sawmill to chop wood, etc. Resources are created at these buildings but must be manually gathered to go into your queue, giving your cursor something to do while you wait for things to happen. Later you'll be able to create units that gather resources on their own.

Buildings can be upgraded (provided you have the resources) by clicking on the star icon in the menu screen. Each building must also have a worker present before it can operate, another task accomplished using the menu. It's ok to leave houses empty, but mills, farms and mines need someone to keep them running.

One of the more interesting aspects of Aztec Tribe is the option to play "just to win" or play to master the game. Each level has a set of goals you must meet in order to progress. Once you finish those, you're given the option to move on to the next level or to continue and work for a silver medal. Choose the latter and new, more difficult goals will appear. Once those are finished you can even choose to earn a gold ranking!

aztectribe2.jpgAnalysis: Aztec Tribe presents a unique mixture of player choices and player boundaries. Each building you construct must be placed in one of the set locations, restricting how many of each you can have on the level. This prevents you from becoming a super resource tycoon, but it also encourages you to branch out and use a variety of buildings. The goals in each level leave little room for creativity, but fortunately there's also little room for failure.

Aztec Tribe isn't a difficult game, as there are very few opportunities for failure. Everything goes pretty much as you would like it to with almost no interruption. It also takes an hour or so before the real game kicks in, making this one a slow-starter. Don't rush into Aztec Tribe expecting a mega management game of challenge. Instead, step in and be ready for a pleasant simulation where you can whack turkeys with sticks and gather resources with your cursor.

With around three dozen levels, Aztec Tribe is a good length for this kind of game. New buildings are doled out slowly, with the bulk of the exciting content coming in the latter half of the game. Even though there's no time limit, things get hectic later on with nefarious critters roaming onto the scene, buildings needing repairs, and resources begging to be gathered across your village.

Casual to its Mesoamerican core, Aztec Tribe is nothing but pure resource managing entertainment.

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Jim Gamma October 14, 2009 3:43 PM

Is BigFish the only place you can download this? Every time I download something from there I get a Windows error saying " has stopped working and will be closed". I also had the same error from Totem Tribe (previously reviewed here) when I tried to download the latest version so I suspect something may be wrong on my PC, so if anyone has any advice, I would love to hear it.

(I'm running Windows Vista, on a quad core Pentium, but the games don't even get to the opening screen.)

Jim Gamma October 14, 2009 3:45 PM

Er... that should read "[gamename] has stopped working", looks like it thought I was trying to input some HTML, sorry!


Jim: try installing the latest DirectX drivers. That's always a good place to start.

Next, if that doesn't fix it, try contacting Big Fish customer support. They may be able to help...

Jim Gamma October 14, 2009 4:04 PM

Thanks - I already do have the latest drivers, guess I'd better contact their support.


I'm having trouble building the altar. What am I missing?


I'm on screen 7, have all the prerequisites and only need to build the altar, but can't seem to do it. Help!

Jim Gamma October 23, 2009 6:09 PM

Jay - just an update on my status, the guys from BigFish found the problem; apparently Vista Service Pack 2 can cause some games to crash. Microsoft's response to BigFish complaints? "Oh, thanks, we'll add it to the list of programs that don't work on SP2."

Best advice is to uninstall SP2 and see if it works then, and if it does, then you know it's SP2 that's causing it. Up to the individual if they want to reinstall SP2 but the problem will likely return.


Thanks for the update, Jim. Sorry you're having such a problem with Vista.

I doubt Microsoft will be spending any more money maintaining that piece of junk OS. =/


Has anybody gotten all the trophies. What are they? I made it through the whole game and only have gotten about 1/2 the trophies and the empty spaces don't say what you need to get them.

RipVanWinkle February 10, 2011 7:36 PM

Play Expert mode, it is not easy at all. But be warned, you can't change difficulty without starting back at level 1. Getting bored at level 7, I'm just reverse engineering how the programmer wanted you to solve each level.



I own a water temple, yet the goal tab shows "-1/1" water temple...


I just started playing this game. I am having trouble building the wigwam on the very first level. I have no resources and no idea how to get them. It won't let me go to the town. What is it I'm suppose to do?


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