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Armadillo Run

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Rating: 4.7/5 (67 votes)
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Armadillo Run

JohnBArmadillo Run is a downloadable physics-based puzzle/building game for Windows. Your job is to create structures to safely guide a rolled-up armadillo to the goal. Assemble materials such as sheets of metal, ropes, cloth, elastic and more to create a path across the stage. The physics in Armadillo Run are remarkably accurate, making building (and destroying) things far more entertaining than it should be.

armadillorun.jpgYou have a limited budget and each material costs a certain amount of money. Anchor points are placed on each stage so you can attach objects to a stable point and build from there. Some levels have pre-built structures, but some are completely bare. Once you figure out how to get the armadillo to the goal, trim your materials to get the expenditure down to a minimum.

As if working with realistic materials wasn't enough, Armadillo Run also lets you play with tension, put destruct timers on objects, and use the occasional rocket or two. The possibilities for what you can build are limitless. If you can think it, you can probably build it, and that kind of power can really make you drunk with happiness.

The game comes with over 50 levels of varying degrees of difficulty and a level editor that lets you create anything you like. An active community of Armadillo Run players upload their best level solutions and user-made stages, so the challenge never really ends. Be sure to check out the eternal motion machine, it's a testament to how accurate the physics are for this game.

armadillorun2.jpgAnalysis: I love building games and I get all giddy playing around with a game's physics. Armadillo Run gives you the materials and the environment to let your creativity run wild. It's challenging, it has a good user-base who have made some unique stages, and it's absolutely riveting to play around with. The editor alone is worth the price of admission.

Switching between materials and mouse-modes sometimes feels clunky, but with practice I could use keyboard shortcuts to smooth the process a bit. Also, the levels must be completed in order, so if you get stuck on a puzzle you'll just have to muddle your way through it. The level solutions on the official website help, but it would have been nice to be able to skip a few levels, sort of like the Eets interface.

Armadillo Run is a great puzzle game to play and an even more fun physics/building toy to use. It's one of the benchmark games in the genre that other titles strive to live up to.

Thanks to L0ser for sending this one in!

Download the demo Get the full version

Mac OS XMac OS X:
Not available.
Try Boot Camp or Parallels or CrossOver Games.


it runs slow on my radeon 9800 pro ..

i can play oblivion but i can't play this :D

Capuchin May 26, 2006 1:41 PM

Bart: works fine for me on a radeon 9600 :)

I bought this game about a week ago, and keep going back to play around with the levels, very good game and well recommended.

The levels in the demo are very hard to do anything creative with, the levels in the full game are much more open to different solutions.



very cool game, i love how badly things can go wrong, and that it will show you the forces at work.


This could be the best game ever made. Well worth the money.


It's amazing! :D


Fun game. I had $490 left after the first 6 levels.


So far my best is $584 left after the first 6 levels. My favorite level was Drop, which only cost me $12 to complete!


awesome game. can't wait to buy the full version.

my first 6 level totals are not that high yet, but i finished level 6 spending only $4


This kicked Ass! like the leetle train bridge builder thing that was doing the rounds in 2000, but pretty, and with more catapults. its a Lot of fun using deeply wrong methods to achieve your goal.

Rocket propelled hot air-balloons?

Giant slingshots?

Yes please and thankya. Got my money after about 5 minutes :)


What a wonderful game. The first six levels were simplistic and easy, but I had a surprising amount of fun going back and optimizing. Right now I have $524 left (and am proud of my $4 spent on level 6 like mikey). It's been so long since I actually bought a game, but this one has me very tempted. Thanks, Jay!


I Cant Do The Last Level! :( nooo


Very nice game. I've never bought a game over the internet before but I had to get this one. I especially like the slow motion and 1st person view you can see on the machine testing.
How do you download and play the levels off the website? I've been able to download them but I can't figure out how to play them.

Garwain May 27, 2006 4:50 PM

Woohoo! I managed to save 700 in first 6 demo levels.

Josh Armstrong May 27, 2006 11:41 PM

Reminds me of the bridge builder thing the military uses as a high school competition, we did it a few years ago. Anyone know the name?


When you are saying level six with only $4, are you talking about Void 2? Because I haven't been able to spend remotely close to that amount. And I don't seem to be able to do anything for just $4, the smallest piece of rope I can get going costs $6, and a little piece of rope can't get the ball to jump to the end, and stay there for 5 seconds ;)

I managed to save up $606 for the six levels though, which I'm quite happy with.

Khrisper May 29, 2006 9:43 AM

Wow, words cannot describe how addicting this is. I spent about 5 hours on demo and went straight for my hidden cash pile. I purchaced the full game for just a tenner and believe I made a great choice. I must say some things that people made (levels that I downloaded) seemed quite cool. For instance you can make (in full version(in editor)) a anchor point with bars around it. Do that twice, put cloth around it, with a rocket inside the wheel and... tadar. A pully system thing. The creativity of this game makes it uneque. If anyone has full game and has compleated level 31, Hill 2 - can you post an immage or file I can download please - ThankYou.
Keep up the site Jay. From K.


Khrisper -

Don't have an image to post for you, but for Level 31, I put a metal link on the top of the ramp, cloth links on the sides and top of the armadillo. The side cloth links are connected to the rocket. I have rope connecting the ends of the metal link on the top of the ramp to the ends of the rocket as well.
On the other end of the ramp, I have two ropes situated on the two points directly left of the furthest axle point. Connected to the two ropes, I have a metal link hanging below the ramp. From the metal link I have two links of cloth with the second link connecting up the axle point.
You may have to adjust the length of some things - I got it to work with only about $2 left on the budget.
Good luck.

Dr Neptar May 30, 2006 1:36 AM

Um. I seem to be stuck on level 16 - Trigger. I cruised all the way here and now I seem to be having some kind of mental block. Since there are no level solutions for it, I can only assume that I'm missing something obvious. Any guidance? Thanks in advance...


Dr Neptar: Level 16 just requires a little rope trick and a standard platform. This screenshot may not be the best solution, but it works. :-)


If you are tempted to buy this game, don't. The levels on the demo are a lot of fun, but they just get ridiculous pretty fast. Most of them are just frustrating trial and error-fests, hoping the physics will go your way for once, instead of having some kind of cohesive plan. When you start looking at the solutions people have posted you realize the tens of hours per level they must have spent tweaking an inch here and inch there hoping that some off-the-wall plan will work this time and they can get past this level. That's not fun.

In other words, this is not the 3D/modern version of The Incredible Machine you have been looking for, keep searching.


What the heck are you talking about??????
Please tell me what is not fun about using rockets and sprinngs to create a crazy contraption to send a rolled up armadillo through???????? Anyway, even if you do get stuck, it's still fun just to mess around.


Who can do level 5 in less than £20??
You do it like this:

Put a singe metal plate from the anchor
point directly below the portal, and join to
the one silightly to the right and up(its
the same two points that the shorter piece
of cloth is attached to)


Oliver, I can do it with $188 left.

Put a small cloth peice above the premade and hit go.


DAMN!!!!!!! Beaten by *two* dollars.


Interesting never ending contest for Armadillo Run. These guys are good!

BTW: I love this game


Ignore AlexH. This game is brilliant! Most levels have an easy solution you can make, but you can do them in any way you can imagine! Some are extremely hard (like the first extra level), but the feeling you get for making a spectacular little machine is immense. Buy this now!

I downloaded the level megadrop (like drop but with two rockets attached to the armadillo) and found it too easy, so I put 2 more rockets onto it. Then another 2. Then it got quite interesting...


I'm proud of my solution of lvl 43 - Cascade.

You can download it at the level solutions link.

It's called "Level 43 - Cascade (Adr - You must see this!)"

anything June 5, 2006 7:38 PM

i am stuck on void 2 can someone post a solution please?


Void 2....

Bridge across from left to right low points
Rope down from high point to intersect the middle of the bridge.
(cut and rebuild bridge to fix it to the rope)
If you do the dimensions right the armadillo should settle in the dip to the right of the rope. If not then just put a sheet up from the right hand point.... etcetc.

Demo complete with $704 remaining :)

Thanks Jay



You people kept me looking for a $4 solution to Level 6 for hours. Hours!

Then I find out it's actually LEVEL 5 (Drop) that is the $4 solution!


someone June 18, 2006 9:05 PM

does any1 know how to get past lev 7??

thanks in advance! :)

Donaldadillo June 30, 2006 7:07 PM

Love the game; Makes me a kid playing with
lego all over again.
$712 saved for the demo 6 levels


for drop just put the cloth in mid air(not connected)and under the falling path of armadillo this will be like an extra cloth


wow great game.
i thought it would be worth the money but i dont really trust the internet that much. i would still buy it but its one of those games where you have more fun making your own levels rather than finishing the game( but i usually get bored making things that take ages to work )
from the demo i could see different types of mechanisms used and the laws of physisc or something like that. anyways instead of buying im just gonna download it off limewire it may take a while but its better than downloading


I can only get $684 saved for the 6 levels. $712 is awesome.


I think this could be the best game ever...I downloaded it at work about 4 yesterday afternoon, spent the night playing it and by 7 this eve I got to level 49. I'm saving the last one till the morning. The level editor and home made levels are what make this game truely great.


I'm struggling on Level 20 Scoop..

Ace game though


Drop in 10 dollars is ok?

Dewey Inkrott November 8, 2006 9:49 AM

Finished all 6 demo levels with 736 left...BEAT that Luke!!!


ugh ive tried and triedbut i CANNOT do level 17 its solid


Outf'ngstanging game. The thinking person's tinker toys in cyberspace.


I had $3854 after level six.
I'm at level 29 a tough one...the rocket sled keeps smashing all my structures.



Make that 982 after the level six tutorial.


If there are any levels that you cannot complete, go to the Armadillo run website and go to the level solutions section.

Tip: Choose a middle-range priced one (not cheapest and not most expencive) so that you can do it easier (whats the point of cheating if you still can't do it?)



I just wish that I had the full version.=(

armadildo June 14, 2007 6:23 AM

I think the game is
the best!!! :D

I'm having a bit of trouble though...:(


this game kicks butt i played this game all day and all night


LEVEL 6: use metal to build a bridge connecting the armadillo to the goal and use the rest of your money to get 2 ropes from the top to the middle 2 nodes. press play.

Level19grrr July 15, 2007 6:39 PM

Anyone have any idea as to how you get through lvl 19? It is very frustrating.

Clock Smasher August 7, 2007 6:49 PM

I bought this game, and for some reason, Armadillo is a white ball and most of the buttons on the bottom aren't visible. Is there anything I can do to return it to its original state?

Superslash August 11, 2007 2:16 PM


I'm officially impressed with the engine.


Superslash, what an awesome video! Simply amazing!!!


dang, that engine is VERY cool! :) I hope it will run on windows vista though.

Kriptonic October 17, 2007 1:00 PM

Hehe, love this game. Still playing it. (refer to comments by 'Khrisper' - thats me)



My score on Stop ($ left): 72

I'm pretty impressed. Anyone beat that?


how do you complete level 7 weak bridge.

stomper107 December 18, 2007 3:19 PM

some metal bars udner there help...anyways, i got a good...hack sorta...wanna change ur armadillo? i make 4...default, incase i want it back, flag, evil, and naruto...im doing baseball soon...go to My Computer, clik the search icon, search armadillo, and wait til these 2 files come up, they will be next to eachother like this


clik it, right clik and cut the armadillo from it, paste it onto paint, then use paint can and stuff to make it look cool, (optional: save ur armadillo skins , and always have a default one) and paste it bak to the window, clik the save icon, close out, and then do armadillo_blink in the same colors..unless u want him to change everyitme the armadillo blinks...ill come back here to show u guys how to get 2 armadillos ^.^ good for powering 2 wheeled vechiles ^.^woops..i ment vehicles

godzilla rules June 10, 2008 8:02 AM

awesome game even after you have beaten it. after winning 3863 money. in lvl5 i used only 2.

brengon July 31, 2008 2:32 AM

this is a great game

but i cant do lvl 25

can anyone tell me how please?


Can someone leave a spoiler for level 16-trigger?


I beat catapult with 542 left and can someone leave a spoiler for hill 2?


does anyone know how to finish lvl 30
i cant work it out
if not is there a walkthrough site anywhere


thanks everybody


Tip if this game doesn't run on your computer:
go onto your graphics card website and install the latest drivers for it.


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