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Alice Greenfingers 2

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Rating: 4.5/5 (44 votes)
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Alice Greenfingers 2

KarmenThere is nothing quite like a day on the farm: the smell of freshly tilled soil, tender plants sprouting, and honeybees buzzing about in search of nectar. Some call it work, but if you've ever met Alice Greenfingers, you know it's more like play. The lovable pig-tailed farm girl is back, tending to her Uncle Berry's farm, with Alice Greenfingers 2.

alicegreenfingers2a.jpgUncle Berry is a little eccentric and rather lazy, and over the years, his small farm has grown into a tangle of dandelions and forgotten apples. When Alice arrives, he's eager to put her right to work. Since Berry refuses to leave his chair on the porch, she's going to need your help. Using the mouse, you'll direct Alice to pick weeds and apples, dig garden beds, plant seeds, walk the dog, or take produce to the market — whatever Berry has in mind. Don't worry. Berry is so lazy that he'll never leave the porch to check on you, so once you've learned the basics, you dig, grow, and sell any way you like.

Like it's predecessor, Alice Greenfingers 2 is a pleasant, self-paced farming simulation game. While you are free to dig your garden any way you like, the game begins with a limited variety of options. Like before, new items become available as you progress through the game, and trophies are rewarded for certain milestones along the way. The similarities end there. The rewards in this sequel are greatly improved, with a new feature that allows you to unlock a new reward at the end of each day. These include adding new items to the general store, increasing popularity at the market, and extending the size of the farm. So, as time progresses, your garden will easily grow from simple to spectacular.

alicegreenfingers2b.jpgThe selling functions in this version are greatly improved as well. You'll no longer have to wait for the phone to ring to sell your eggs, milk or wool. Instead, you can keep an eye on the market price (which varies day-to-day) and choose to sell your products at any time, just by clicking on the appropriate animal enclosure. With new features, like beehives, goat pastures, and a henhouse, you can eventually run the farm on livestock, if you choose. If you'd rather just stick with dogs and cats for animals around the farm, that works too. You could plant an orchard instead. Money can always be earned by picking apples or plums from the ground beneath the fruit trees.

Analysis: With new plants and new rewards adding variety to an already wonderful farming experience, Alice Greenfingers 2 is a delight. Uncle Berry may seem a little obnoxious, but he'll head out to vacation as soon as business begins to take off. At that point, the farm is all yours. While in the first Alice Greenfingers rewards ended after 30 days, this version keeps going, allowing you to extend the season as long as you like. Loyal fans of Alice Greenfingers and new gardeners alike will adore this sequel. So, go! Grow! Enjoy Alice Greenfingers 2.

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Brilliant game.

Am I the only person who lays out the plants in an efficient fashion and doesn't give two bollocks about how it looks? I make squares of 5x5 with a gap in the middle for sprinklers. I'm up to about 7 of them on day 20.

It's just funny, because all the screenshots make the gardens look wonderful, and I think "That must be a pain to water".


I do that too, except I leave each corner as grass. That gives a total of 20 squares (5*5-5) which is conveniently the exact number of seeds in a bag, and to pick all of them once takes exactly 5 crates.

I think the game designers are behind this. It's far too convenient.


The name, "Alice Greenfingers" makes me think of salad fingers.


I do the efficient layout thing too. It would be really nice to have a sandbox mode to create pretty gardens without having to dig up and rearrange things.


I love this game! I should really buy the full version but I haven't yet.


This game is a nearly perfect casual gaming experience, in my opinion. There's no clock to beat and nothing to defend against. You just plan your farm, plant, harvest, sell, and upgrade. It really is a lovely game that doesn't cause rapid heart rate, elevated blood pressure, or frustration. And when you're old like me, those things matter. :)

I have to say, the cutest part was -

When I added a rooster with the hens and they had little yellow chicks! The baby chicks follow their mothers around the yard and wait for them outside the henhouse while they lay eggs. I had to squeal in delight from all the cuteness!


Fun, and super-cute! I have only two complaints:

The levels where you have to sell 20 boxes of tomatoes (or whatever) take FOREVER, even if you've upgraded the market. I eventually started wandering off to clean my kitchen when I'd have 30 boxes in stock and still needed to sell 15 of them.

As a gardener, I absolutely hate how she edges the beds with that wild-looking grass! LOL Probably I need a life. Next edition, they could include upgrades to brick edging or wood edging or manicured edging for the slightly OCD among us. :D

I, too, go in for the efficiency. But then, I do that in my real garden too. :)


I also plant efficiently... I can't help it! It's sooo much easier!! LOL. anyway, LOVE this game.


I love this game....but I only have ONE complaint...and maybe it's a bug...I dunno.

I had 25 sheep, 25 goats, and 14 cows....I decided to rearrange my farm, and I found you could move the fence and the animals went with it. So I moved my sheep over a little bit, Then decided to move them again. After the second move, 20 of my 25 sheep completely disappeared! Deleted! I was never able to recover them, so I had to buy more. Other than now having to spend IG money to replace something that supposedly never dies, I still love the game.


So I have the Mac version, and I have been stuck in "farming mode" forever (after the old guy left). Anyone have any suggestions?


I'm stuck in "Farming Mode" too. It's day 35, and I would love to have a different goal, and see different things in the shop.

But day after day, week after week, it's yet another "Farming Day", with the goal to make X amount of dollars.

I'm getting really bored.


Same here! Day 62! Still "Farming Day". New seeds though....


I like this game a lot. I do have a concern/problem though: I've created 3 or 4 profiles, trying to open new seeds eventually - and still nothing. I did have Paul tell me cranberry seeds were available in the store ONCE, I didn't buy them that day, and after that, they were GONE. that was 2 profiles ago, and I've made it to day 36 (at least day 30) on every on of them. When do new seeds open up, or what triggers it??? HELP please!!


I am already on my 39th day. Still I only have seven types of crops. How can I make my crops become 12?


I found the same problem with the days going on with nothing more happening.
However I found if you unlock certain upgrades it will give you a new seed optional upgrade...
the shop guy no longer gives you free new seeds. So like upgrade the cat/dog/tree/anything besides the market stall/farm space. and sooner or later you should get new seeds.


Is there no ending to the game? I'm getting really tired of just constantly having to make money over and over and over without anything new to accomplish.


they say enter the cheat codes during game play..... HOW????



There are a few cheat codes...just type them in during gameplay:


silverandgold - you can get up to $500

Crops grow faster:


Instantly water all plants:


Drunk/Dizzy Mode:

wine - only on certain versions


Hey, if anyone's interested in knowing the game only ends after you collect ALL the trophies, it took me 105 days to do this, but that was due to the pace I was moving at. If you focus on selling the right amount of crops to get specific trophies, you can decide how soon you want to end the game.


can i upgrade animals


Here is a tip if you've got lots of money DON'T spend it on chickens they give about 2 or 3 eggs a day where a cows give about 3 or 4 buckets per MINS! (day about 30 mins) and if you think about it cows are better and they don't go on your crops (when they do that if that's the crop your trying to harvest you can't do it and it can get really annoying) so buy cows!!!


I really enjoyed this game, it was great to play without worrying about rushing to meet a goal each day and the graphics are cute and pleasant enough.


One thing that peeved me off was when I fully expanded my farm and wanted to get more storage houses, I could not because "Alice" kept saying that there were enough storage houses on the farm. I think game developers should let us decide how many storage houses we want without putting a cap on it. I've got more than enough space on my farm for a few more storage houses!

And also, I realised that the maximum cats/dogs we could get was 3. Beyond that, "Alice" puts a stop to it by saying that we have enough cats/dogs. But.... I really want another cat! T_T

But overall, this is a really enjoyable and relaxing game.


im on day 100 and i have hundreds of cows, goats and sheep and over $20,000. I also have 4 beehives and over 20 chickens. There are 12 diff. crops in my shopd, 13 including the sunflower. I have about 250 crops planted, my farm is the biggest it can get, ive got 12 boxes at the market, and everything in my shop is unlocked.


I need to know-
When will uncle Berry return to the farm so farming mode will end. Do I just wait for the certain day or do I have to do something in particular? D:


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