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Welcome to the Roundup 58 - Retro with four games! After you find the ten monkeys in the chapter, look in the inventory. You will find a code there and note it down - after four chapters there is a bonus one where you need all four codes. To get to the bonus, click on the "next stage" arrow after completing the last stage in the Roundup.

Note: If the games don't load in your browser try Chrome.

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The video game industry has become more massive than anyone could have predicted. As a result, companies release thousands of titles per year across a variety of platforms. With so many titles to choose from, it can be difficult identifying the right game for you. This predicament is even worse if you've never picked up a joystick before. How do you know what to choose? How do you even know what you will like? Luckily, you don't have to feel like a fish out of water when it comes to selecting video games. Here is a little guidance to help you come out on top.

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Are you having a party for yourself and your friends and looking for creative ways to keep everyone entertained? You can use your smartphone to do precisely that. There are lots of fun and inventive party games that you and your friends can play using apps you can download for both iOS and Android devices. Ready to delve deeper into these entertaining party game apps? Keep reading for inspiration before you host your next party.

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Hi! Weekday Escape and Weekday Puzzle are here!

This week was very poor for new games, both escape and puzzle games. Apart from two new cans in tomoLaSiDo's vending maschine we have nothing, so I decided to publish two older escapes by tomoLaSiDo. Then we have two puzzle games, a sorting game with an interesting twist by Wish Volo and John Saba's puzzler with simple retro graphics and rich content.

Have a good time and enjoy!

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The most excellent elements of a massively multiplayer online game (MMO) and a role-playing video game are combined in MMORPGs, or massively multiplayer online role-playing games (RPG).

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We would take you through the best ever Minecraft texture packs which would make the game wonderful! Here is what you need! Finding the best ever Minecraft texture packs could be difficult because you can't try every texture pack. In this article, we will review some of the top-notch texture packs that would make your game wonderful, and you will get a perfect resolution every time. Minecraft texture packs are a fun way to uplift your game and have a great experience with which you would fall in love.

Would you like to give these texture packs a try? Let's get started with them!

Installation guide
But before anything else, check the installation guide so it gets easier for you to download and install the best ever Minecraft texture packs.

-Start with downloading the texture pack, TexturesPack.com and other fan sites are the best for downloading texture packs.
-Once Minecraft is started, look for the options button.
-Now look for the resource pack option and then open the folder.
-Lastly, what you need to do is to place the downloaded texture pack in the folder of resource pack. That is it! This is how simple it was!

Best ever Minecraft texture packs
Below you can find out the best Minecraft texture packs that you easily download and if you want to install the texture packs that we have mentioned below.

Pixel Perfect Texture Pack
Pixel Perfect Texture pack allows you to have a wonderful experience with the pixels and resolution of Minecraft. You can do so much with this texture pack because it gives the best blocks and added texture to your game.
You can also get a duo-perfect experience by using it with optifine, which would allow you to come across Minecraft shaders. Using Minecraft shaders would allow you to control the lighting and effects in no time.

This combination of textures and resources would help you seek a perfect game that you have been thinking of, and the best part is the new twist to the look.

Realism Mats Texture Pack
If you are looking to change the entire feel of Minecraft, then you would need realism Mats texture pack. This pack is popular because of its different colors and multi-color mats, which look phenomenal.
You can add color to your Minecraft game using the right texture pack and have a perfect game! The best thing is that you can uplift Minecraft from a grayscale level to a colorful and wonderful level.

Xray Ultimate Texture pack
The XRay Ultimate Texture Pack is designed to give your Minecraft game a new look. It includes different features and factors, making it a great option for fun lovers.
This texture pack allows you to have exceptional mineral blocks. Yes, these blocks are different from the traditional blocks found in Minecraft.
But, this texture pack does not work on pixels and resolution, so you would stick to the normal graphics of Minecraft. However, the good news is that this texture would not consume many resources.

Luna HD Texture Pack
The Luna HD texture pack is the best texture pack that you can opt for. You can use this texture pack to improve your gaming experience and visuals in no time. It is one of the quickest ways to enhance Minecraft, and it is a popular texture pack that you can use.
What we like about the Luna HD texture pack is that it helps to enhance and sharpen the look of the blocks and the game and works as a quick fix.
We all know that the greyscale Minecraft tends to be boring, and that's why we recommend you use texture packs to add a vibrant look to your game!

Faithful 32 x 32
The faithful 32 x 32 Texture pack gives you a classical Minecraft vibe that you would love. However, this resource pack would give you the same feel as the vanilla resource pack with a better resolution.

Faithful is perfect for beginners and experts because you have a simple layout and interface, but with this texture pack, you can have a better resolution.

Stratum Minecraft Texture Pack
When we talk about a realistic experience, we recommend the Stratum Minecraft Texture pack because it is the closest to reality. You would notice clean and clear pixels, which helps you defeat the boring interface of Minecraft and get something out of the box!
The interesting part is that the stratum Minecraft Texture pack helps you include shaders, enhancing your gaming experience and giving a great game to you.
Stratum would allow you to get realistic blocks and leaves to spot them right away and have a perfect game. If you are looking for something closer to reality, then you can opt for this texture pack, and believe us, you would love the textures and quality of this texture pack! Give these resources and textures a shot, have a game worth your time and enjoy the best of the best!
We believe you can do a lot with this texture pack and have fun with the same old Minecraft game. Which texture pack would you like to choose to enhance your game and performance? All these texture packs are selected after research and coordination so that you can have a great game!

Texture packs can be a perfect way to make your game the best. However, you need to find out the best ever texture packs for an exquisite gaming experience. Would you choose these texture packs and make your game better?

We believe that texture packs help to give Minecraft a perfect look and make it vibrant. You can select the most popular ones to increase your gaming performance and have a perfect experience each time.
Also, you can combine these texture packs with Minecraft shaders to have a great experience and control the lighting and all the effects at once. Do not forget to add Minecraft shaders to your texture packs, especially when you use Optifine and similar texture packs.

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Cyberbullying is sadly as old as the internet itself. Wherever people interact online, there is the potential for bullying, such as when playing online games or on social media.

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It's been four years since we had the opportunity to enter the wonderful world of Jo99 and Kronsilds. Now they're back with a beautiful and touching story about Alice, who travels across time to a closed mine looking for someone...

[Edit: due to slow loading added alternative link (Newgrounds)]

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Welcome to Weekday Puzzle!

This week are three featured games puzzle platformers and one purely puzzle game. The first enjoable puzzler by Pedro Lima is an atmospheric game with attractive visuals and soundtrack, and is followed by Noa Dev' game with two characters whose movements mirror each other. One of the best and most reliable authors, Rob Alvarez (rob1221), is back with a fun game that will have you jumping around a lot. The last comes ZeF with color puzzler (color blind mode is available).

Have a good time and enjoy!

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Hi! Weekday Escape is here!

We start with Ghost Clown's escape from a dungeon and notice, that this game why WE is rated orange, following escapes are as peaceful as possible. Simple escape from Harusame takes only few minutes but it's a pleasant little game, and Cabeza/ Primera has made available another of their escapes from holiday destinations. TomoLaSiDo delivered a nice escape from two-room apartment and the last comes good escape by Tatsuyama - we've already played two games from these developers and they didn't disappoint this time either, quite the opposite.

No puzzle games in this WE. Weekday Puzzle will be posted tomorrow.

Have a good time and enjoy!

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Welcome to the Roundup 57 with three games! As mentioned in the previous roundups, only odd-numbered episodes are featured since even-numbered are for Robin Vencel's patrons. More information you find on his site.

Note: If the games don't load in your browser try Chrome.

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Picture2.jpg Although kids may argue that mortal combat and GTA improve their hand-eye coordination, many parents deem video games an unnecessary indulgence that impairs a learner's attention to study. However, there are a handful of educational console games that are beneficial for students.

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Hi! Weekday Escape and Weekday Puzzle are here!

We start with two new cans in tomoLaSiDo's vending machine. Then come standard escapes by Studio Shimadzu with rather unexpected outcome and very retro Liromisty with three endings. A game from FreePDA just asks you to open the door - but many times.

We have two puzzle games this week. A magical one from Kultisti and a Sokoban one from MarioMak967.

Have a good time and enjoy!

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Now more than ever, individuals of all ages and backgrounds are enjoying the convenience and accessibility of playing games on their computers and mobile devices, so you can be certain that the online gaming industry is here to stay. That hundreds of fresh players sign up every day is a testament to the genre's enduring appeal.

Want to see more? Try the All Games page
Good fortune (and fun!) will come to those who dig through the archives.

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