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wogger.jpgWogger is a multi-level, point-and-click surrealistic adventure in the same vein as the venerable Samorost. Created by Bernd Mattiebe of Germany.

While much of the game is finding the correct click spot to move the story forward, there are a couple of puzzles that will pose a challenge for some.

Overall a decent effort, though not quite as beautiful and impressive as Jakub Dvorský's work. And yet enjoyable just the same. If you enjoy games like Samorost, you will feel right at home in Wogger.

Play Wogger

Cheers to Mikael for suggesting the game. =)


DannyBeeP July 12, 2006 3:28 PM

i cant get past the matchstick



Try holding the lit match up to the crack in the paper.



try grabbing the matchstick in a different spot.

dannthemann July 12, 2006 3:41 PM

Fun game

If you absolutely get stuck and have no idea what in gods name to do.

right click and go to "play"


Once you get into the submarine how do you get it to go through the other shaft instead of just dropping to the spiderweb and bouncing right back over and over?


To get the submarine going in the right direction,

you need to time the drop. Just before it gets to the intersection, it will be clickable.

My question is, before that, how do you get the water to start flowing in the first place. I've turned that stick on top of the mountain every which way, but I can't figure out how to interact with it.

I skipped ahead, which is why I know how to do the submarine.

DannyBeeP July 12, 2006 5:20 PM

hahah no i mean directly after the matchstick... i dont, for the life of me, know what to do after i do that

DannyBeeP July 12, 2006 5:21 PM

after i light the match, the little bug guy comes out- and thats it! theres nothin to click on and the bug just sits there


DannyBeeP July 12, 2006 5:24 PM

im an idiot, i jsut wasnt clickin the right places!
thanks fer tryin emilyS and arteme


I take back my question, I figured it out. Anyone know what the ending message translates to?

DannyBee P to keep moving on

there is a bright spot at the top left of the newspaper. Click on it and the spider will move towards it


i don't know what to do after the little red man arrives with his wodden vehicle...i have the bug hanging bur don't now what to do...help please!!!


Mike: I just figured out about the stick.

You have to click it (I don't know how many times) until it makes a cross - the three parts will be sticking straight up and out to the sides. Then click directly on the stick and that gets things going again.


OK, this is kind of a cute game, but comparing it to my beloved Samorost is sacrilege (sp?). There seems to be little rhyme or reason to some of these 'puzzles.' My complaints contain some spoilers

So in the first screen pressing the little red button on your mast flips the propeller, which causes your ship to elevate because it's pushing air forward. Then, on the next screen, pressing the button does the same thing, but this time your ship lowers...because...well...who knows? I know that it's possible for the propeller to reverse direction, but nothing that you see indicates such. This is a minor complaint, because I didn't get stuck at this point. A bigger complaint in the second scene, however, is the fact that your little guy has to go to the left of the 'planet' and sit and think about a solution, then you can press the little silver thing on the table (which I, of course, like all of you probably, tried to press about 50 billion times at first). That seemed completely pointless. I'm only on the second scene and just got the water to overflow and then retreat. Still trying to beat this, because I get addicted to these games, but I'm sure something else will frustrate me. ACK!

bigbunny July 12, 2006 6:00 PM

how do i get past the second set of arrows

jeffamaphone July 12, 2006 6:54 PM

How to get past the arrows:

Turn the first two arrows under your sub to both point right.


When you get your sub inside, turn the left two arrows to point left and the right two arrows to point right. A door will open with a glowing thing inside.

Anyone know what to do next?



take the light and move it someplace where it is needed

look at what the little red dude is thinking about


Once the glowing thing appears

click just above and to the left of the well in the thought bubble, as if it were the sun. Doors shut and spider lowers

Hassle free July 12, 2006 7:43 PM

sorry about using it this way Jay, but it seems that my browser won't take me to sign in for my TypeKey identity.
Anyway, does anybody happen to know

what to do with the fish, I had a bubble come up that said something in what looked like German, but all I can do is make the little guy float up, I noticed that my curser changed when it went over the button on the fan but I clicked and nothing happened.

incidentally if anyone is having trouble with the begining...

in the levels before the red guy goes into the cave the tab cheat works.


I am sure you may have noticed this, but your mouse pointer changes when it goes over a clickable spot. Use this to your advantage by just moving the mouse around instead of clicking aimlessly


Another complaint. First off, I obviously find the game entertaining enough to play because I'm actually trying to beat it. My complaint is mainly directled at the Samorost comparison. Samorost was linear, of course, but at any given time there were several 'hot spots' you could click on. Usually, if you weren't clicking on them in the right order, the stuff on screen wouldn't do much, but you could at least see ahead of time what was involved. So, it was like "ok, when I click the flower it bends like so, and the rock moves like this, and the bug moves here, etc." (In fact, that's how most of these games work). Here, however, not only is the story completely linear, but your choices are almost completely unobservable and contingent upon completing some previous step. The second scene is a particularly good example of this; rather than being able to click on the silver thing on the table (with no results) at first, it isn't even clickable until your little guy goes to sit down and think (what the heck is the point of that?) So, you're not able to identify the individual parts of the solution and see how they fit together. Instead, you have to find the right spot on the screen to click that then allows you to click something else. In that respect, this game definitely has some pixel-hunter qualities that I find pretty annoying.

I don't know why my panties are getting twisted up over this. Maybe it's because I love both Samorost games and find the comparison superficial. They're not even in the same league.

By the way, Jay, after all this bile I'd like to close by letting you know that I LOVE this site.


LOL. No worries, tamsen. I appreciate your considerate argument and constructive criticism.

This game was most definitely inspired by Samorost, as evidenced by the floating land mass in space and the shooting stars in the background. And for something to be in the "same vein" simply means that it has a similar pervading character or quality.

I agree that this game doesn't compare on an equal level, but that doesn't mean there isn't a similarity between them.


Yes, the Samorost comparison is merited, especially stylistically. Still, Samorost might be my favorite casual game I've played to date, so I don't take such comparisons lightly.

Now that we've gotten that out of the way, what in the heck are we supposed to do with the glowing ball of light that we get in the tunnel? I'm inclined to think that it has to go up through the well, but I can't find anywhere to click.



=) duly noted.

The ball of light:

It's a sun, and it belongs within the little dude's thoughts


Ack. I'm stuck! I've gotten to the point where the red guy is on his planet and has achieved part of his 'dream world' - green grass. What now?


The only clickable thing is the button on the 'water mill wheel', and that doesn't do anything.


Sorry I keep posting, but I just

clicked on the ledge thingy and got the piece of his world to pop out and him sitting on the edge.

What now?



Can you make him jump down on the ledge?


Geschaft indeed. Unfortunately, unlike Samorost, it invoked little stratagy and was formed mostly aroundmouse hunting, only a 64, I'm afraid. Good graphics, though.

Again... does anyone know how to do a screenshot with IE; I'd greatly appreciate it. -MANAX


Nevermind. Beat it :)


I felt, considering how much I loved Samorost, that this game merited a play. I was dissapointed when I found that it didn't. Although it does stylistically (as noted above) resemble Samorost, in no way is the gameplay, art or even story live up to the standards it set for itself by taking after Samorost. Even doing something as simple as upping the fps would have helped.

As tamsen said above, it is a pixel hunter.

Time to get back to playing it!


The German in the bubble is something along the lines of:

Hurray!! Completed!!!! Here ends Wogger's adventure. ... it could continue any time, perhaps even tomorrow.

And MANAX, if you're on a windows machine with a standard keyboard, you can take screen shots with the print screen button, which should be to the right of the F# keys. You can then open this up in mspaint, or whichever paint program you choose and crop/edit it.


Also... the sound. My god the Samorost sound was fantastic. They even are selling the soundtrack on iTunes now! OK, enough raving about Samorost... now I will go back and sit in corner of my brain and rock back and forth, murmering "Samorost" into the dark. Waiting for number three. Waiting... for the fat man in the bark-taxi. The smoking guru. The evil badger. *twitches*


Thank you Trilamo - Thank you very much.


Trilamo- Sorry, but could you explain further.. I've only had windows for a while because a very small part of my last computer literally exploded for some reason

probably because it hates me

and cost me quite a bit of monies, anyway all it does is make my cursor and occasionally the screen flicker for a moment and I can't figure out any way of retrieving the shots.

greatly appreciated -MANAX

ps. a new breed of frogger is on the way.


MANAX, by hitting the print screen button, you are copying an image of the current screen onto the clipboard. Once it's on the clipboard, you'll need to open up any paint program and paste it from the clipboard (edit-paste or ctrl+V). From there you can either save the screenshot immediately or preferably crop and possibly edit the screenshot before saving it.


Could someone please tell me what to do once the little red man has reached his little island, I keep clicking on the red button on the mast thing on top of the pile of rocks and moves round but nothing changes.


Nevermind, have worked it out.


Okay I'm completely stuck:

The litte red guy is stuck in the spider web, I took the blye thing from the middle and put it in the lamp then I grabbed the spider but I can't find where to put him, I've been running my mouse all over the screen but it never changes, what am I missing?

pandapanzer July 13, 2006 2:19 PM

I don't really like this game.
Samorost was cute with very nice scenery and a story.
It also made you think in order to solve the little puzzles and what-not.
Wogger may have funky scenery similar to samarost but it's kinda lacking in the story and puzzle area.
It's more of just random clicking which I found annoying.


Warren -

The spider should hang on the propeller of his little ship. This part also took me a great deal of pixel hunting, although it seems one of the more logical places for one to click!


i am having a lot of problems with the whole 'random clicking' aspect of the game too. shamefully, i'm stuck way in the beginning. my little red guy is stuck in the spiderweb, the lamp is lit, and what the heck do i do with this spider that is stuck to my cursor? the red guy is pointing, but not to anything that's clickable.


yeah, i'm doing a lot of right-click-'play's. i'm not entirely impressed with this- it's utterly counterintuitive, and while i admit it might just be the weather, the artwork isn't charming me enough to make up for it.


Despite what others have said, I quite liked this game. While it may not measure up to Samorost, I thought it was still very well done. (Keep in mind that nothing can be as good as Samorost, so we can't expect too much!)
I thought the artwork was cute and the sequence of events was logical. I also enjoyed how the red guy would gesture towards what you needed to do next with his nose...hair-dryer...thing.
I liked that it wasn't incredibly difficult as well, because I'm the sort of person who quickly gets bored of searching the screen pixel by pixel for a hotspot.
The pixel-hunter aspect that many have already mentioned was annoying, but I didn't mind it that much...although this could be because I play a lot of point-and-click games. :)
All in all, it was a good few minutes of fun; I enjoyed it.



Okay... thankyou
It's like the giant copy pasty DOOM buttton... kinda

I completely understand now

Thankyou for dealing with my stupidipitidy

P.S. Incase anyones been following this for any reason:

It will be called reggorF
It will take a while
For some reason it only works on windows
I want to get this fixed before i show anyone

Jay- Thankyou for letting me post these slightly off-topic comments,
I shall play with the panda now.

Monty Zoomer July 14, 2006 5:32 AM

Finished 1st bit up to where Redman goes into his planet then I get a black screen with apparently nothing to point at.....
Any ideas?


Ok, I'm stuck in the cave.

had the fly get caught by the spiders and now I'm standing in front of what looks like a pool of water and there is nothing to click.

any ideas?


Yesterday, I had no trouble clicking the site through the provided links here.Today I can't get through.I don't have the url and it isn't in my history. I wish to play.Can any one help me?

Cloudbusting July 15, 2006 5:07 AM

What do you do after you've turned all the arrows in the correct direction?

I've turned the last pair of arrows to the left and heard a noise, now the arrows are non clickable.

So what happens now? The little red man is still sitting on top of his submarine.


What do you do once the red guy has reached the "island". How long do you have to keep clicking the red button on top of the pile of rocks???

Ann Davis July 15, 2006 7:12 PM

you can only click the bird and on top of the rocks when you get back on the island what next

sweetie July 15, 2006 8:34 PM

Ahh... this is game is really sweet... the little red alien wants to make a pretty alien home for himself, haha!

sweetie July 15, 2006 9:00 PM

Wow. That was scary:

when I finally figured out the 2nd set of arrows, my volume was up too loud and the door-thing scared the crap outta me!

sweetie July 15, 2006 9:16 PM

Beat it... kinda short but I think if it had been longer then I would've gotten annoyed with it. : )


I am too stuck where JJ was. What the heck? I cant seem to find any hotspots.


figured it out. You have got to be kidding.


I'm at the same stage as 3 or 4 others, but no-one has suggested what to do next yet.

Sitting by the pool can move the bird thing up and press the red button of the fan but nothing happens. can anyone help


after you get to where the little propellor thing on the red guys ship lifts it wat do you do?


how long do i have to press the button ontop of the rocks?


I got as far as

the little red guy being in his submarine and floating out of the bottom of his planet

but I can't get any further. He just

lands on a long string-type thing, then I click that and he floats back up and then the whole out-of-the-planet-landing-on-the-string thing happens again.

What do I do now?

Martine July 17, 2006 5:09 PM

What am I supposed to do with the arrows? I don't understand it...



where the german comes up in the bubble and the little red man is sitting on the rock with the bird it is the end.

the german basicaly translates as"well done"then"here ends woggers adventurous travel.
...sometime it will continue,perhaps tommorow"

the last level code is "sonne"


Aright! I finally got it...8 hours and 8 cups of coffee!
now I'm going to play Samorost again, just to get the feel back. Then I'm going to bed! love the game(s).

Samorost rules =)


Nice game, but really short.
Not as good or as beautiful as Samorost.
Would like more games like these...
Thank you, Jay.


i'm at the sub scene with the 4 arrows. i've set them in every position except obviously the right one. which way should the arrows be pointing?


can someone tell me wich direction I should turn the four arrows in??


The two arrows on left side, turn to left, the two arrows on the right side, turn to right.


thank you Mona =)


Okay so all I want to know is how to get past the star-web thing. The red alien is in his submarine and is caught in the string. When I click it, he just goes back to floating through water. Can somebody help me?


I have clicked myself crazy in the cave to no avail! Help?


Hey guy, really i cant past the matchstick, i do everything that you said but nothing


Hey thanks i passed that part,but now i cant pass another.
The thing is y allready put water on hole planet i stoped it and the litlle red guy started to see to another way. What I have to do


Lo hice si señor me lo pase!!!!, I can't believe it I passed it.


how do i get past the part

where the little guy has landed on the planet and you have to click the stick at the top. ive turned it into a cross but theres nothing else to click besides that button. do i have to wait for anything?


Im stuck after you put the spider on the propeller and it falls back....
what the buggery am i sposed to do now?

help the poor little girl with no clue...please?


I got to the bit where

the strange lock thing comes up

What is the code?


what is the code for the strange lock thing? I cant see it!

(sorry if this comes out twice)


just started playing the new lvls and im stuck on the lvl


any clues btw u need the full ver to play this lvl
would really like help im stumped thx


nm i got it had to think up words

Anonymous December 4, 2006 1:15 AM

no it keeps going I am on the level where the jelly fish things are im at a conchel shell type thingy. The level name is called umm hang on let me look.qualle well hope everyone finishes the game okay bye everyone,


ok how do i get past the arrows


What do I do after the red button is pushed on top of the rocks? I swear I placed my mouse over the entire screen and I can't find any hot spots.


The button on the ship itself should be clickable now.


Now I can't figure out what to do with this light that I have after I set the arrows in the right position. Hope I'm not being a pain. SORRY if I am.


Has anyone tried the mini wogger 1 and 2...am wondering how to know when you have completed it and can find no forums for them.


Now I am stuck on the level qualle. I can't find the place to put the orange flower buds, if that is what they are. Help please.


Ok, even though I've played this before, I cannot remember what to do next: (!)

I have gotten to the point where Wogger's circular 'rock' is covered in grass, and the only thing I can find to click on is the 'windmill'-button on top of the rock-pile....


Ah, never mind... I got it.

There are TWO red buttons...

And for TD - that took me ages, too:

put them in the barrel!


Ah, my mistake, TD - I wasn't at level 'qualle' before....

Now I am, and have no idea, either!


For anyone else who is stuck, see the walkthroughs

... or just click on the link directly below the game image (it opens in a new window), and select "Help"


Thoroughly January 23, 2007 1:08 AM

Well *I* think it's awesome. :colbert: I love how it makes no sense and everything is silent. I'm actually finding it creepy and surreal as hell. Get over Samorost, people. Cuteness != greatness. You must learn to put aside the past.

tengogozo March 7, 2007 12:57 AM

I can't keep the zipper open! how do I get my ship to go inside?

Matt Ninnynos Son October 4, 2007 9:17 AM

I think that wogger is a fun way to spend time surfing the web instead of just being bored looking at stuff on youtube

freewaydog December 1, 2007 7:59 PM

Whenever I play Wogger Mini #91, I am successful in managing to get the raft to the dirty buggy burger, but when I click all the bugs off, the raft does not come automatically like it is supposed to! No matter WHAT I do!!!! I even started it over and over again! I am frustrated! Please help me!


New here! Just found Jay is Games and love it. Now for the query: I'm stuck at the beginning of Level 5 (wurzel). Wogger is off the rope and on the branch. I tried what the walkthrough linked above said -- click on v made by branches below left eye -- but nothing happens. Any suggestions?


I've been able to put in the level name and go directly to that level. I do that as a "save" feature. All games should have a "save" option, btw! :-)


Thanks for the try, Jay! So glad I found your site.


Im stuck on the level hoehle ive got the fly in the web and i dont how to pick the long stick everyones talking about please help


I would like to sign in to this site.could someone tell me what does password recovery mean? I am very new to all of this.Please Help.

[Edit: Password recovery is a word or phrase that you specify when you set up your account. In the event you forget your password, you can 'recover' your password by clicking "Forgot your password?" and then supplying your username AND your password recovery word or phrase. If both match, a new password is emailed to you. -Jay]


I still don,t understand. Can you explain more.

[Edit: What don't you understand exactly? What are you trying to do? Please email Jay directly at the email address at the bottom of the left sidebar. -Jay]

DeeDee24 April 15, 2008 3:18 PM

Jay I figure it out Thanks for your help

Anonymous August 2, 2008 7:12 PM

I can't get the anchor to drop onto the zipper I can use it to get the zipper open and can see the green things swirling at the top but then I can do no more. can anyone help?

Itsamesam August 26, 2008 12:24 PM

It keeps taking me back to the beginning after each level. Is that normal or am I doing something wrong?

G-Knee-Us July 10, 2009 1:41 PM

Just in case anybody was having trouble in the cave:

the god-damned stick is apparently an obvious place to click. Click the very end (the darker end) until you can get the stick to move, then drag it to the grey button on the wall, to press it.

Took me forever to figure that out.

Anonymous July 24, 2009 4:09 PM

Good grief! Never ever have I had a game where there was so much pixel hunting at every turn and a few bugs on top of that making it necessary to restart level 3 four times *shaking head* Almost made me throw my mouse against the wall in frustration, instead I just screamed when I had to restart the level again.


One decade ago, over the course of many years... I remember once being a wide-eyed and curious child of a preteen, experiencing my early years of the internet and exploring the vast, young, and growing internet of yesteryear...

Out of all of the possibilities, I came across this very game, on this very website, being displayed simply on the left side amongst the highest rated games and the trending games this website once had on display before...

And little did I know that in addition to a fairly challenging series of point-and-click puzzles, I'd find a small community which would become the very first of many I'd join over the years in my internet experience. (No offense Jay. If it makes things better, I did use this site a lot way back then.)

It was simple, it was small, and it wasn't much: some basic forums, and an IRC chat box on the side that members could see and chat in as they played the levels. It was essentially my first real bit of human internet interaction that wasn't from or on Runescape.

It was also very nice. With the dev earning "Dev of the year" for 2007, the future of the game was pretty bright! Progress in the levels was around a little before half to what the final tally ended up being, so there was much in store for the future!

And well... there was a future, but like many things I participate in, I moved on and missed it. And now, as the 10 year mark approaches, I look back on the wogger website, and I see it's been stripped of many of it's features... the forum gone... the IRC chat missing, and no option to register or login anymore.

Likewise, I look over this website, and I see that it too has changed greatly... the lack of the 3x3 thumbnail grid, (or was it 3x4?)... the one I mentioned on the left... it'd absence has left quite a large impact quite honestly, both in how I use this website, and in how I now see the website too...

Things change... all attention for wogger has decayed... there's little to no chance of a future for the game or its website community, and Jay is evolving in a new direction that I can't seem to understand... (my favorite part about this website was when it had a border game!)

At least I can still experience history... the wogger website is still up... and worst comes to worse, there's always a wayback machine!

MsInterpret April 21, 2016 9:27 PM replied to Learner

^^^ Yes! I was enjoying the small nostalgia of playing Wogger the other day.

At first I couldn't remember the name of the game, because with age comes memory loss.

Had so much fun playing this game!


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