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Where is Cat?

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Rating: 4.6/5 (241 votes)
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Where is Cat?

Where is Cat? is a simply sweet little puzzle game crafted by Bart Bonte with his three talented kids for the Oujevipo for Kids contest. In it, accompanied by a slinky soundtrack, your job is to find and click on the black cat hidden in each room of the house, ultimately tracking him all the way out to the garden shed, whereupon he'll send you back inside for several other passes of items to make... well, it's a surprise! The things you need to find get hidden in increasingly tricky ways, so that only the very edge of an object may be poking out, but it's still not very difficult. Nor is difficulty really the point. Where is Cat? plays and feels like an interactive child's storybook, with a lot of the graphics and artwork drawn by the kids themselves, and while many may find it too easy and repetitive, since you're always hunting through the same set of rooms, others will appreciate its lighthearted mood and lovely presentation. Whether you're young at heart or you've got a little one yourself, Where is Cat? is a sweet treat to poke around with.

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Nothing seems to be loading - I get just the page header.


I almost drew the line at finding

mice for Slacker Cat who didn't want to do his job...but at least his intentions turned out to be philanthropic.


Adorable :)

Lady Jeanetta September 22, 2015 9:52 PM

Very simple, but utterly charming, and I loved the music.


What a truly delightful little game!


It so quickly turns from finding the cat to be the cats slave.

How true story.


Very cute and charming! However, there's one inconsistency...

There is a cardboard box in the living room scene, and Cat is not in it. How is that even physically possible?


That was a lovely little game!

I got stuck on the very last mouse for a little bit there. In that scene

the mouse is more of a shadow than an actual mouse colour. You may want to look up to where you'd normally find a cat

I enjoyed the game and would be happy to play further levels where there are more items to find in each scene, or where you may have to click and interact with things/drag them out of the way to find what you need (which I imagine would take quite a bit more programming).

Well done!


i love everything bart bonte does!
thanks, bart!


So sweet! (o^_^o)


Too cute. I loved the music!




Cute game. Lovely music. Am not a speed reader so have to play the game several times to identify the music and composer which Bart Bonte credits for about one second at the end. (He must be a speed reader :-))


As a cellist, I loved the music! :)



once again, another game that adds to the validity that cats truly rule the world. We are clearly the human in this situation because only a human is foolish enough to run around their house collecting goods for an imaginary party we've told ourselves that our cat is throwing. The can whom clearly lives in luxury has no intent of be-ridding you of your blatant rodent infestation. Instead they are invited to the party where they can feast on cake. but why? how did we let it get this far?

because in the game... We have adopted the hipster life style, notice of the bowler hat and acoustic guitar in the living room as well as the "household" phone. Even worse we are a drunkard as there are empty bottles of wine by the front door and one on the go in the kitchen.

but wait.... there are children's toys and drawings everywhere.... but then...


There must have been some horrific situation that left the family torn. The family was killed in some tragic accident and as a result of the sole surviving member of the family, you let the house around you fall into disarray as the dishes pile up in the sink. For its within the dark and burdening pain of the solitude that you decide to celebrate the life of the only thing left in the family...

the cat...
this is the only reason to bake a cake for your cat and capture a bunch of rodents... to celebrate that which was lost.
it's in this notion we ask ourselves in a desperate attept to console ourselves...

"Where is cat?"


This game is so adorable! I love the ending! Bart Bonte and the kids did a GREAT job. 5/5! :)


Although short, this game is delightful and well made. What seems too simple a concept is well executed and enjoyable all the way through.

But best of all, it is a beautiful and fun example of the fascinating phoenomenon of only noticing shapes when told to look for them... although all items are visible from the beginning one never sees them until they are show to the player.

To a child this game would be a bit challenging and lots of fun, but never frustrating (as some find-the-object games can be.) As an adult I found myself delighted at watching my mind notice pick out and identify shapes which were there the whole time... it is as if they appeared by magic! The implications of this are astounding. How much is there in the "abstract" shapes that we have simply not identified as recognizable? This is a game whose core concept you can take into your daily life.

As an added treat, wonderful music by Tchaikovsky!


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