What's My IQ?

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What's My IQ?

BenHave you ever been told not to second guess your answers on a test? Well, forget that! The seemingly obvious answer usually isn't the right one in What's My IQ?, Orangenose's new mobile puzzle/quiz game. Most of the questions are multiple choice, but since there's such a wide variety of categories and tricky responses, you'll never know quite what to expect next.

What's My IQ?Every puzzle in What's My IQ? has some sort of trick to it, whether it's in the wording of the question, where you find the answer, or how you interact with the game itself. Many of the most difficult puzzles have ultra simple solutions, the kind that are obvious if you know the trick but baffling until that "a-ha!" moment. Some of the puzzles might be a bit too obscure, making it unclear how you were supposed to find the solution even after you know the trick. This wouldn't be a problem if it wasn't for the limited number of attempts you have at the quiz. Too many wrong answers sends you back to the last checkpoint. Skips are limited and cost money in the in-app purchases store to refill, so be cautious if you don't want to dip into the microtransactions.

The occasional unfair puzzle is worth overlooking for the sake of a smart, engaging game that constantly forces you to think outside the box. The lineup is impressive though, with 101 questions in the paid app and a generous 50 in the free version. Towards the very end, some of the questions lose their edge and feel like padding, as if they're only there to round out the number of questions. There's several hours worth of content here, though, if you're determined to solve each question without help, and even after completing the game, an additional time trial mode allows you to race against Facebook friends. With a clear, crisp presentation, a wide variety of puzzles, and some clever twists, Whats My IQ? takes the best moments of games like Impossible Quiz, and distills them into one defining puzzle game. Every test in school or college will seem like a cinch compared to this.

NOTE: This game was played and reviewed on an iPad 3. Game was available in the North American market at the time of publication, but may not be available in other territories. Please see individual app market pages for purchasing info.

Walkthrough Guide

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What's My IQ? Walkthrough

Questions 1 - 5

  1. Swipe the arrow LEFT.

  2. The biggest number is the one with the largest font size.

  3. 5 = 1 (because 1 = 5)

  4. Mary is your Mother. When your dad only has one brother, the brother's sister-in-law must be whoever your dad is married to.

  5. The word "Number" in the question is in the smallest font.

Questions 6 - 10

  1. The biggest possible number is 999.

  2. The torchlight is facing Left. As in, it's facing the button marked left.

  3. There are 7 children in the family - because there's only one brother.

  4. Tap and swipe on the left and right of the note at the same time.

  5. There are no candles on the cake, because there is no cake.

Questions 11 - 20

  1. Turn your iDevice 90 degrees clockwise, so the Up arrow is pointing upwards.

  2. None. The torchlight is not shining at all.

  3. Tap the words "pail" and "water" in the question at the same time.

  4. Swipe the dirt off the car. Don't let go until it's clean, as individual taps will count as an incorrect answer.

  5. Shake your iDevice.

  6. Swipe across the "s" on the word "arrows" to make it "Correct the arrow again".

  7. This is just about timing - it speeds up on the 5th and 6th bulbs, so let it run for a while if you want to get it right first time. There's no penalty if you leave it running for a few minutes before your attempt.

  8. Put the star in the star outline, the bottle in the bottle outline, and the inverted triangle in the star outline (the only place it fits).

  9. Tap 22, 14, and the word "even".

  10. Tip your iDevice upside down, then tap the pail with water coming out of it.

Questions 21 - 30

  1. "Opposite of blue" is written in brown.

  2. Tip your iDevice upside down and shake it to make extra apples appear. The answer is 6, but you need to have the extra apples on screen first.

  3. The pail which earlier had water in it (top middle) is different.

  4. Mary's father's final daughter is Mary. Tap her name in the question.

  5. Split the bread in half by tearing it. Then pay $1.10 for your half of the bread.

  6. X is at the top of the triangle. Tap the letter.

  7. Line the stars up horizontally with the word 'stars' in the question.

  8. Move the first line up half an inch, then type 99, making -99.

  9. Move the pepper shaker under the word soup, then tip your iDevice over to sprinkle it.

  10. There are 8: the collar, base, two sleeves, and two on the front and back (you can see straight through, so there must be ones each side).

Questions 31 - 50

  1. Drag the clouds over the wolf, so it rains on him. Then drag Peter home.

  2. Drag the words "no smoking" into the red circle.

  3. Lift your iDevice over your head to wear the cap (you look great).

  4. The mistakes are "Likes", and "mistakes" (on the question).

  5. There are always 21 points on a dice. The image is misleading as opposing sides should add up to 7 (i.e., 4 and 3 would be on opposite faces).

  6. Move the word "north" to the lower left, so that the far left compasses are pointing to it. Then press either one.

  7. Tip your iDevice over so that the dart starts on the right, then burst the balloons in order.

  8. Drag the frame to the left of the screen to give yourself time to react when the star comes on screen.

  9. Drag the word "cat" away from the word "catfish". Then pick "cat" as the odd one out.

  10. Drag all the fires together to make one big fire, then press it.

  11. Tear the cloud in half so the rain stops falling.

  12. Stack all the weights on the scales, then tilt the iDevice to take some of the load off.

  13. Move the top middle fish to find a second one underneath, with different markings.

  14. Tap the doorbell repeatedly.

  15. Tear the top right cloud in half and tap one piece of it.

  16. Move the sun off screen so the owl comes out.

  17. Spell "it" - i, t.

  18. Press and hold the orange charge button.

  19. Press boxes 1 and 3 (red suits) plus 5 (inverted black suit).

  20. The answer is 18.

Questions 51 - 60

  1. Drag the new tyre onto the back wheel.

  2. Wait for the bomb to explode, then tap it three times.

  3. 8.

  4. Tip the iDevice over so the button marked 'Red' is on the left.

  5. Drag the cups to the outlines, starting from the bottom up.

  6. Drag the front tyre away and put the spare tyre where it started from.

  7. More balloons appear as you burst them. Just go in numerical order.

  8. Tap coffee, cake, cola, cola.

  9. Tap the balloons in numerical order from 1 to 9, but turn the iDevice over to find 6, and again for the ninth one.

  10. Tilt your iDevice so the red button moves to the blue button, then press it.

Questions 61 - 80

  1. The text 'star' is not moving at all.

  2. In order, press A, B, C, D, E.

  3. Ignore the net and press the butterfly.

  4. Tap the text 'bicycles' three times.

  5. Tap the balloons to burst them.

  6. Flip your iDevice over so the order of the fish is correct.

  7. Burst the third balloon.

  8. Tip the iDevice over and press the white arrow.

  9. Tip the iDevice over, and the middle equation makes sense.

  10. Second.

  11. The dice remains on the left.

  12. Elephant, because you can ride it out.

  13. The square can be a diamond shape. Tilt your iDevice, then press the square.

  14. Drag the word 'picture' into the frame.

  15. Press and hold the 'change' button, then press 'go'.

  16. Press Apple, Banana, Carrot.

  17. Put the car in "the right lot"; i.e., the lot on the right.

  18. The mistake is the missing dot at the end of the sentence instructing you to find the last mistake.

  19. Press one arrow until 'Next Puzzle' is displayed, then press both arrows together.

  20. Press apple, grape, banana.

Questions 81 - 101

  1. 0.32.

  2. The letters change after you reach the 'r' in 'bird', so check your typing carefully.

  3. Tip the iDevice over to make the boys dizzy, then press the stars.

  4. You have 2 apples.

  5. Bats sleep upside down. Tip the iDevice over.

  6. 10.

  7. The surface is in the direction the bubbles are moving. Drag the diver off screen in that direction.

  8. Drag the square off the side of the screen until only half is visible, making it look rectangular.

  9. Press and hold the screw, and rotate your iDevice clockwise.

  10. Move the lowermost box over the words "handicap lot", then put the car in it.

  11. The card is upside down. Turn your iDevice over to see the correct number of times to tap it.

  12. Tap the fire alarm until you break through it.

  13. This is a regular 3x3 lights on puzzle. Press 1, 7, 9, 3, 5.

  14. Move the words 'new batteries' to replace the batteries in the text. Then remove the batteries from the torch and replace them.

  15. Unscrew the faceplate the same way as for question 89.

  16. Tear the bananas apart, then press one of them.

  17. The displayed number lies to you! Tap the card 13 times, but count them yourself; don't trust the number.

  18. Another lights on puzzle.

  19. Press and hold both screws. Be quick!

  20. Just spell the word it asks you to. This appears to be slightly different between the iPhone and iPad versions of the game.

  21. Shake the iDevice, then uncork the champagne.

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