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Weekend Download №76

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Weekend Download

JohnBHello humans, and welcome to the Global Game Jam edition of Weekend Download! The GGJ is a three-day event held in dozens of cities around the world. People show up, pitch their ideas based on a theme, form groups and start making games! The results (of which there are also dozens) range from spectacular to quirky to artistic to downright weird, but all show enormous creativity in one way or another.

din.gifDin (Windows, 69MB, free) - You are Billy, a casually-dressed guy walking down the street. You cross paths with friend after friend, each starting a conversation with you. At certain points, each person will ask you to press a key. Press it within a few seconds and you score a point. The challenge is to filter out the pointless chatter and focus on which keys to press and in what order. Oh, and just one more thing. Could you just press the nine key for me?

restrainingorder.gifRestraining Order (Windows, 5MB, free) - Look carefully at the title of the game. Next, download the game. Finally, play the game. See how it fits? Without spoiling things too much, Restraining Order is a fun cartoon-style arcade game where you use the [arrow] keys and [spacebar] to, well, do things. It features several endings and gameplay that adjusts to your style, ranging from hardcore challenging to forgivingly casual. And... yeah, well, just go play it, you won't be disappointed!

illusorypersistence.gifThe Illusory Persistence of LOVE (Mac/Windows, 41MB, free) - A great single-button arcade game starring two little orbs of opposing properties. Mint and Periwinkle, bound by a rigid link of love, are destined to forever spin and bounce around each other. Mint doesn't like moving and clings to anything he touches, but Periwinkle's rather more excitable and can't stand still. With just a single button press you can swap Mint and Periwinkle's position, using force and gravity to move through each stage toward the pulsating heart at the end.


Din: I feel like taking part in a scientific experient about the abilities of the human brain...


Sure, 9.


It's really nice to see The Illusory Persitence of LOVE reviewed here, if for no other reason that I "know" one of the authors behind it from the programming forum we both visit. XD And I've sent him the link for this review as well.


is TIPOL done? I cant get past the "walljumping"/"climbing" level (i can stick to the heart but it doesn't go to next level like normal)


Nevermind. It isn't.


what are average and good scores for Din? I'd like to judge how good I am. I got 31 on my first try.


Anybody here who understands the scoring on "Restraining Order"? No matter what I do, I always get the same result, though there should be multiple endings.

tchupvskja February 15, 2009 9:00 AM

Taleweaver: no idea - I've managed to go all the way from 2 life sentences to 8 months + conjugal visits, and all things seem to be the same.


Got 28 points on Din. Sometimes they say the key at the same time, so it's really hard to know which key to press.


24. This may sound stupid, but for me each much easier if it are a lot of male voices than female voices. Dunno why.


I don't get Restraining Order..

All I do is beat up policemen (or jump over them if one comes behind my back) and it never ends. I played for 15 minutes straight, got bored, let the policeman catch me and - same message as if I let them catch me right at the beginning: "You were restrained and after 1 year released".

Count me confused. What am I missing?


baba44713 > you MUST keep running to the right. that will make all the difference in the world. i.e. the game will be fun.

(Restraining Order Ending Spoilers)
There are 4 endings depending on whether you finish on casual, easy, normal or hard. You start the game on normal, and the game attempts to keep things fun by increasing/decreasing the skill level while you play.

Essentially, if you last ~30 seconds without dying (less on harder levels), or jump/hit 20+ policeman, your level is increased. If you die three times before that happens, your level is decreased. Otherwise, your skill level stays the same.

Let it be known that the final stage of hard is WAAAY to hard. You are overwhelmed with an unbroken stream of fast moving police. I can't do it. I believe they attack faster than you can physically hit the spacebar. Good luck and apologies in advance.

- - -
The only difference between the endings is the text that gets displayed. I blame budget limitations :)

congratulations, you received...
8 months
and 5 days...
+ conjugal visits

congratulations, you received...
10 years
chance of early parole...
in 9 years

congratulations, you received...
2 life sentences!
served consecutively
no parole

congratulations, you received...
the end

Thanks for playing the game.
Hope it makes you laugh!


Yes, I got it afterwards. I realized by looking at the screenshot that one element is missing. :)

Btw that Din game is apparently VERY irritating for the people sitting near you.. headphones highly recommended. I don't know if I actually like the concept'n'all, but it definitely gets bonus points for Office Space references.. :)


I think I got a corrupted version of TIPOL. Either that, or the maker is sadistic. The levels past 4 are impossibly, ridiculously hard


The illusory persistence of love won't work on either computer i tried it on, one xp, one vista. on vista the files wouldn't extract, and on xp it opened but wouldn't show any picture. Does anyone know how to fix it?

Isabelle April 4, 2010 8:38 PM

So that's why it's called tipoli on the Iphone. I wonder what the I stands for.


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