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Weekend Download

JohnBNothing like a tall, cool glass of game to wash the week out of your system and get you ready for the weekend. Dubloon could easily keep you busy until Monday morning rolls around, but Surphasm is unique enough to deserve your attention. Rein is a great diversion when you're ready for an adventure that won't take you a week to complete.

dubloon.gifDubloon (Windows, 29.7MB, free) - Pirates! Battles! Role playing! Dubloon's got all that. This classic-style RPG from Banov, creator of Assassin Blue, features an interesting storyline, battles that incorporate active elements, and fun dialogue and puzzles all wrapped in a surprisingly lengthy package. The game manages to avoid a few RPG banalities while playfully incorporating others, and the mixture of combat and loot gathering is quite well done.

surphasm.gifSurphasm (Windows, 4MB, free) - An extraordinary piece of exploration/puzzle gaming that will easily be overlooked for its painfully simple presentation and awkward control scheme. You play a freshly-hatched... thingie... that's trying to make it to the surface. Other eggs have been placed down here as well, and only the strongest and most intelligent can make it to the energy-rich land above. Swim around and solve some robust puzzles to follow the vine that climbs upwards. You'll even engage in a bit of combat along the way. There are 14 endings to find, and once you start playing the game, you'll want to see them all.

rein.gifRein (Windows, 14MB, free) - A short adventure game made in just a few weeks by Darius Poyer. Your secret bioengineering project is almost complete, but the lab seems to be collapsing all around you. Oops. Your research partner refuses to leave, though, and after an unfortunate incident, you'll be left to find a way out. Rein is unusual for an adventure game in that you can die (and die quickly), so don't dawdle and be prepared to replay small chunks of the game from time to time.

Note: All games have been confirmed to run under Windows Vista and are virus-free. Mac users should try Boot Camp, Parallels, or CrossOver Games to play Windows titles, Linux users can use Wine. If you know of a great game we should feature, use the Submit link above to send it in!


ReverendTed June 19, 2010 10:24 AM

How unusual it is to die (and die quickly) in an adventure game depends on how long ago you started playing adventure games.
For those of us raised on the likes of Space Quest, it's a perfectly natural and beautiful thing.


Surphasm could really, really have used some more playtesting since there's basically no reason that a control scheme should be that awkward.
I guess I'm also put off by the first ending I got which has painfully slow purple background text, what looks like an MSPaint Dr Eggman dancing about, and weird noises playing in the background.
Let's hope that I enjoy Dubloon some more... is there some reason why the only download link I can see for it is marked "low quality version"?


I played Rein, and I can't escape the feeling that I did something wrong. The ending...

...involved me getting out of the facility, plus a message saying I'd be dying in the desert before long...

...which is kind of unsatisfying. Are there multiple endings; is there a choice I should have made somewhere along the line?

As a side note, "Be prepared to die often" is one thing, but

while it worked for me in the first room ("Let's look around...oh, dead. OK, so let's move over here and look ar...oh, really dead. OK, let's just leave"), it felt kind of dumb in the tile room, where it was just a random guessing game.


Dubloon is good, and I detect some Earthbound/Mother 3 influence which is always a good thing. I don't like the weird keyboard/mouse hybrid control scheme though. It would be ok if you could disable mouse moving and use WASD to move with mouse for all interaction. I know you already can but I accidentally move with the mouse which is annoying.

Mystify June 19, 2010 1:49 PM


I don't think it was a guessing game. If you look at the number of cracks on the tiles and use that as a guide, you can get through easily. At least, I got through on my second try(first being when I realized the ground would break) by doing that.

I also grew up on the Space Quest games, and I mourn the standard safety of modern adventure games.

ReverendTed June 19, 2010 3:19 PM

The 14 Endings to Surphasm, in the order listed at the bottom of the "Extras" page:
Solutions to individual puzzles will be spoilered.

Endings 1, 2:

Activate the first pot to grow the vine.
Follow the left vine.
In the room with the glowing gems:

Use your new tentacle to bring the key to the lock

You will eventually come to a room where you are given the tip "Try every gem in every shelf".
This is where Endings 13, 14 diverge.
Solve the gems\shelves puzzle to open the left door. (Protip: right-click drops a held gem.) This is the solution I used:

Purple gem -> Green Shelf
Orange Gem -> Gray Shelf
Green Gem -> Orange Shelf
Orange Gem -> Green Shelf
Orange Gem -> Gray Shelf
Green Gem -> Purple Shelf
Purple Gem -> Orange Shelf
Gray Gem -> Green Shelf
From here, you should be able to move each gem to its same-color shelf to unlock the door

Continue on and grab the Emerald with your tentacle.
For Ending 1, allow the Emerald to be smashed by falling debris.
For Ending 2, escape with the Emerald.

Ending 3:

Activate the first pot to grow the vine and follow the right vine.
Solve the Platform\Spike puzzle: (Protip: You can swim into the buttons, but it's easier to click them with your mouse:

The chart shows which color spike must be dropped onto which platform.

Follow the vine, you will be trapped and transported by an "elevator".
This is where Endings 4 and 5 diverge.
After the "elevator" continue to follow the vine upward. Eventually the vine will be "captured".
Free the vine to continue:

Smash the breakable blocks by ramming into them, then use the three valves to match the lights to the revealed pattern of Red, Yellow, Blue.

Reverse the downward current in the next room to proceed to Ending 3:

Swim counter-clockwise around the circular structure to push the panel in a full circle to reverse the current.

Endings 4, 5:

From the "elevator" in Ending 3, go left down the hallway. Rush through the green forcefield to gain your booster\gun.
In the next room, shoot with W and make your way quickly to the exit before the door closes.
In the following room, quickly switch to your boosters with S and hold A and D to quickly boost down the tunnel. Switch back to your gun and head through the door before it closes.
For Ending 4, avoid the Golem's laser and shoot the boulder in the roof to escape.
For Ending 5, get shot by the Golem's laser.

Endings 6, 7:

Activate the second vase to open the tunnel.
Follow the tunnel. If you do not solve any puzzles, there will be only one way to proceed and eventually you will reach the Mirror room.
Solve the Mirror puzzle. (Protip: A gong bell will sound with each correct symbol. A buzzer will sound if you hit one incorrectly and you will need to start over)

The symbols are mirrored in the center, and read from top to bottom. Touch the symbols on the left side of the room in the correct order.

Swim up to the surface.
For Ending 6, stay low in the tunnel until the creature passes by.
For Ending 7, stay near the surface until the creature appears.

Endings 8, 9:

Activate the second vase to open the tunnel.
Follow the tunnel and you will come to a room with three buttons and a vertical tunnel to the right.
Solve the button puzzle. (Protip: Clicking is faster than swimming into the buttons.)
For Ending 8, solve the button puzzle while positioned in the vertical tunnel on the right, and get crushed by the falling stalactite.

The code is 1, 3, 2, 1, 2, 1, 3, 1, 2, 3, 2, 3.

This is where Endings 10, 11, and 12 diverge
Follow the tunnel up and swim into the glowing button to change your eye to blue.
This will allow you to open the blue wall to the right at the top of the tunnels.
Swim to the right to meet a black hatchling.
Solve the valve\button puzzle to proceed to Ending 9:

You must swim into the button just as the lights flash yellow. Listen to the rising\falling tone as the black hatchling turns the valve for timing.

Endings 10, 11, 12:

After solving the button puzzle from Endings 8/9 travel down the pathway cleared by the stalactite and follow the tunnel until you are "trapped" by a teleporter.
There are three different codes for the teleporter, depending on which button you start with. The symbols will light up if you're entering a code correctly.
Endings 10, 11, and 12 correspond to these three codes.

Endings 13, 14:

Ugh, forget that irritating gems\shelves puzzle from Endings 1/2 and just swim up out of the room.
Swim through the force field to gain your ball and chain.
In the next room, a set of spinning spikes will activate.
For Ending 13, get struck by the spikes.
For Ending 14, swim away from the spikes so that they strike your ball and chain. Destroy them all and enter the hole in the center of the room.

Congratulations, now you've gotten all the endings and unlocked the HÆMBOT minigame.
Someone else will have to tell us what happens after you get the "Hold any key to fire" level, because that's as far as I got.

ButtercupSaiyan June 19, 2010 7:07 PM

At a certain point in Dubloon, around the "Mysterious X" and "Frozen Ship" the bosses become really impossible... I must have tried 10 times to defeat Bradley, with no success, not even with Fuse Bombs.

Mystify June 19, 2010 9:35 PM

I did beat him, but then

The kid says he will kill him as revenge for his father. Everyone else gets revived, but only his action bar filled. He attacked, managed to miss, then Bradley did his area-ice attack, wiping everyone out but my main character, who did not generate any action bar. I had to quit.


Mystify: That's a hilariously unfortunate bug!

I got to the same battle, and I actually was messing around, healing myself etc instead of attacking. And Bradley never attacked me, strange.

The boss after that was brutal. I was getting only like 20xp from enemies and could two-shot them before they acted, but the boss killed me several times.

Any advice on where to find the optional bosses? I've done:

viking ship

so far.

CaptPoco June 20, 2010 2:39 PM

In Doubloon, I'm having serious problems with the secret tiles. The sign says there are two paths? Any thoughts?

As for the boss fight that occurs halfway through the game:

The last battle in the "X" location is simple enough: shoot every cannon you have, then move on to fuse bombs. Don't do anything else except the occasional heal or revive. If you didn't find enough cannons, you won't be able to kill him.


Ha! I love the ability to put off fighting vypa, and having refusing to join the female pirates gang and then joining vypa's! Thats something most RPG's never remember, the key to everything, the greatest power of all, CHOICE.

Night Stryke June 20, 2010 4:25 PM

The bosses in Dubloon weren't really that hard (with the exception of the last hidden boss fight - that was nasty). You can use Cool Run or ScurvShot to incapacitate any boss and just beat away on them until it wears off then hit them with it again.

Personally, my problem is this cursed last treasure. I'm sitting at 99% on both my normal and quartet runs, and can't for the life of me find the one treasure I'm missing. I've found the chests behind the buildings in the various towns, and I scoured Bowish Island so I'm sure I got all of the invisible buried loot there. I also got the hidden balls on Sparkle Oasis, which was a bit of an... odd find.

The only things I can think of is that there's some random invisible buried treasure on some other island or an invisible treasure chest in one of the earlier areas that can be revealed with the spyglass, but I've been looking all over with no luck. Anyone found some piece of random, well-hidden treasure somewhere?


The location for one is found on Stern Island.

The location for the other is found on Outcast Island. The ghost of Vypa in the Pirate Graveyard will tell you how to find it once you've defeated the first three hidden bosses.


I'm encountering a bug in Dubloon:

I've killed both Sea Serpents and acquired their fangs. When I drag the first fang to the door which requires them it seems to work fine - but when I drag the second one (from the "West" serpent) nothing happens. The fang item disappears from the SPEC menu but the icon on the door doesn't change.

I wonder if I should have dragged them over in the opposite order? It's too late now. I hope the game dev can post a patch.


@ Vaxjo

That happened for me too. I just reloaded at my last save - which was like five seconds earlier - and dragged it over to the opposite side. It worked then.

Not a spoiler, just hidden as to not clutter.

Also - I'm having a problem were my saved game isn't showing up. This happened once before, and I moved all the Dubloon files into there own folder (they were previously mixed in my downloads folder) and it worked, but now my save has disappeared again. Am I missing something?

I've got a folder named Dubloon, which contains DB_Soundtrack, Dubloon.exe, Dubloon_prefs1.sav, and Dubloon_save1.sav

Halp plx.


I really like Dubloon. It's definitely worth playing.

However, I've encountered a rather fatal bug:

In the Pirate Graveyard...

After gathering my crew and collecting the items for Davy Jones, I speak to Davy, which opens up an area to the north. As soon as I speak to him, however, my player warps directly to his location (we're standing on the same spot), and I cannot move. Has anyone gotten past this part?

Apocalypstic June 21, 2010 1:55 AM


To get past that part you must go to both the left and right rooms. The left room offers the FIRST part of the puzzle, which explains which order your team MUST BE. It goes

Monkey, Main Character, Female Character, Boy.

To get the SECOND part of the puzzle, you must go in the right room, which gives you the pattern that your crew MUST stand on. I don't remember which tiles you have to stand on, but you must walk onto them or else you won't stand exactly on them.

What I'm having trouble with is the puzzle after that, where you must stand on the hidden tiles simultaneously.

Apocalypstic June 21, 2010 1:59 AM

Nevermind, I got passed it. To get past it, you must

stand on the grouped together hidden tiles and then place bombs on the other two. You have to do it quickly or else the bombs will explode though.


Kirby, I came to talk about the same bug. I also saved on accident afterwards, and I'm hopelessly stuck.

Is there any fix? I really want to finish this. ;-;

Night Stryke June 21, 2010 1:00 PM

@Kirby and Alchy

I ran into the same problem, but I just saved next to him and restarted the game and it worked properly. As for saving after getting stuck on him, though, I think you may have screwed yourself over...

Apocalypstic June 21, 2010 3:43 PM

Does anyone know how to get rid of the red blocks in the Pirate Graveyard and in Stern Isle, because I don't understand the hint.

Night Stryke June 21, 2010 4:02 PM


The switch for the Pirate Graveyard walls is in the southeast corner of the zone. Walk as far to the southeast as you can and you should see it and be able to hit it with your fetch parrot.

The switch for the Stern Island walls is on a small island off to the left of the outcropping with the walls. Just go as far to the left of the walls as you can and you'll see it.

Apocalypstic June 21, 2010 10:27 PM

Does anyone know what the LAST two treasures are? The ones that are on the bottom-right of the treasure screen? Because I need them. Can someone also tell me where to get the map to find the Pirate Captain of the Northeast? Thanks in advance.

Apocalypstic June 21, 2010 10:32 PM

Nevermind about the captain, I went back to the Pirate Graveyard and talked to Vypa, and he gave me a hint as to where to find it. But I still need those last 2 treasures.

Night Stryke June 22, 2010 12:09 PM


The second to last treasure is for completing all of Brod's challenges. Brod is a guy in blue in Roger Town on Jolly Roger Island.

Not sure about the last treasure, as I don't have it myself, but I think it may be for finding 100% of the treasure, which I still haven't managed to do...

Night Stryke June 22, 2010 1:02 PM

Ah, finally found that treasure I've been missing!

It was a chest outside the jail on Outcast Island that was hidden behind the building. And that did indeed get me the last treasure/trophy.

Apocalypstic June 22, 2010 1:36 PM

Thanks man. Now I can get that other option after defeating the "last boss" :P

ThemePark June 22, 2010 4:13 PM

@Night Stryke: Have you per chance made a list of the treasure chests? I believe I have found all the obvious ones, and most of the more obscure one, including the one you were missing, and the one on Pyrite Island, but I'm still probably missing 4 chests, as I'm on 96 %.

Night Stryke June 22, 2010 6:05 PM


I haven't, but I suppose I could. I know I could certainly have used such a thing when I just couldn't find that last chest. Give me a bit of time to play through again and record all of the chests and buried items and I'll write something up.

ThemePark June 22, 2010 10:31 PM

Thanks Night Stryke. I have been able to find two more treasure chests after my last comment though, so I'm now at 98 %.

I found a crack in a wall after the town on Outcast Island, that I had overlooked. And I found a tresure chest hidden behind a house in the first town on Jolly Roger Island.

So I'm thinking that the last two I'm missing, are either hidden behind some building, inside a secret cave which I have overlooked, or is only unlocked after completing the game.

I know of the secret caves on Pirate's Graveyard, 2 or 3 I believe, that have a path leading straight into the wall, which was what gave it away.

So I was wondering, besides the treasure on Pyrite Island where you have to exchance currency, do you remember if there are any other treasures that can only be found after getting the Golden Chest?

Anonymous June 22, 2010 10:58 PM

Another bug in Dubloon

The puzzle with 2 parts where CaptPoco is stuck is impossible for me. As in, the solution just doesn't do anything. I have used the solution posted here and read the offical walkthrough for it (same thing really) and tried every possible location with the s shape on the grid to no avail.

Yeah. If someone has a save somewhat after that part I might be willing to finish this, but with the game failing something not from any identifiable glitch, but just not working puts me off this quite a bit.

Night Stryke June 22, 2010 11:19 PM


No, there are no other treasures that become available after you've completed the game. I'm working on that full list of treasure; had something I had to do that delayed it, but I should finish it later tonight.

Night Stryke June 23, 2010 4:43 AM

All right, I've finished a complete list of treasure in Dubloon.

For ease of reference, I labeled the zones on the map like a chessboard, where the vertical axis is marked with letters and the horizontal axis is marked with numbers. Thus the map's southwest-most zone would be A1, the zone east of that would be A2, the zone northeast of that would be B3, etc.

Navy Ship:

-Chest in second room, north of entrance. Contains Key.
-Chest in third room, east of entrance. Contains Jerky.
-Chest in fourth room, east of entrance. Contains Jerky and Grog.
-Chest in fourth room, northeast corner. Contains Key.

Outcast Island:

-Chest in second room on eastern side, behind explodable rocks. Contains Hero Shield.
-Chest in narrow room south of second room; access by opening 5th, 3rd, 4th, 2nd, then 1st chests. Contains Key.
-Chest in third room on eastern side. Contains Jerky x2 and Grog.

Jail Entrance-
-Chest to right of jail entrance, hidden behind building. Contains Katana.

Zone A4-
-Chest on east path. Contains Speed Ring.
-Chest on west path. Contains Shark Tooth.

Outcast Island Town-
-Buried treasure next to sign south of Timber's house. Unearths DEF Capsule.
-Chest hidden behind inn. Contains Shiny Earring; give Shiny Earring to woman in southwest corner to get HP Capsule.

Zone B3-
-Chest in northeast corner. Contains Jerky x2, Grog, and Rum.
-Two buried treasures in northwest corner. Unearths Vypa's Bling and Vypa's Loot.

Zone C4-
-Chest northeast of southern exit. Contains Shake Bomb.

Zone C5-
-Chest in southeast corner. Contains Lime.
-Buried treasure along path, south of Vypa's cabin. Unearths Shake Bomb.

Vypa's Cabin-
-Chest in northeast corner. Contains AL Capsule.
-Chest in northwest corner. Contains Vypa's Key; unlocks Vypa's Loot, giving Vypa's Blade.

Zone D4-
-Chest hidden behind explodable wall southwest of northern exit. Contains SWAG Capsule.

-Buried treasure in first room. Unearths Key.
-Buried treasure in far eastern room, east side, hidden beneath explodable rocks. Unearths Key.
-Chest in far eastern room, north side, behind explodable rocks. Contains Magic Charm.
-Chest in far northern room, northwest corner. Contains Lime x2.
-Chest in far northern room, north side. Contains Key.
-Chest in room beneath ladder, west of entrance. Contains Shake Bomb.
-Buried treasure in room beneath ladder, north side. Unearths Red Herbs.

Jolly Roger Island:

Jolly Town-
-Chest in northeast corner, hidden behind house. Contains Life Band.
-Buried treasure in southeast corner, at end of narrow path. Unearths STR Capsule.

Zone D4-
-Chest east of west exit. Contains Fuse Bomb.
-Buried treasure at end of path east of western entrance. Unearths Glove.
-Buried treasure in southeast corner. Unearths Beer.
-Buried treasure west of eastern entrance. Unearths Lime.
-Chest west of eastern entrance. Contains Jerky x2, Grog, and Rum.

Zone C4-
-Chest hidden behind explodable wall in northeast corner. Contains SPD capsule.

Zone D5-
-Buried treasure at dead-end east of western exit. Unearths Drumstick.
-Chest on north path. Contains Fuse Bomb.
-Buried treasure on south path, hidden beneath plants. Unearths Lime.
-Chest on south path. Contains Fuse Bomb.
-Unreachable chest east of western exit; access by taking western exit in secret tunnel to navy base. Contains Magic Ring.

Roger Town-
Brod (NPC in blue next to building with secret tunnel entrance) has four challenges, one for each party member; gives challenge or reward to whichever character in the lead.
Challenge #1 (main character): Do 10,000 damage total. Gives HP Capsule.
Challenge #2 (female character): Finish off 60 enemies total. Gives STR Capsule.
Challenge #3 (kid): Heal 500 hit points total. Gives DEF Capsule.
Challenge #4 (monkey): Drink 15 bottles of alcohol total. Gives AL Capsule.

Navy Base-
-Chest in southeast corner. Contains Fuse Bomb.

Standish's Loot Isle:

(Island found by defeating Standish; Standish's location given by viking on southern side of Zone C4 on Jolly Roger Island.)
-Buried treasure in middle of zone. Unearths Standish Axe.

Stern Island:

Zone D3-
-NPC next to eastern exit will trade Neat Shell for Rum.
-Chest west of eastern exit. Contains Cannon.

Zone D4-
-NPC on northern beach will trade Golden Watch for Toupee.

Zone C4-
-NPC in middle of zone will trade Toupee for Neat Shell.
-Chest on southern outcropping, behind red walls; access by hitting switch on island to west of chest with fetch parrot. Contains SWAG Capsule.

Zone C5-
-NPC in southeast corner will trade Cool Eyepatch for Golden Watch.
-Buried treasure in northeast corner. Unearths DEF Capsule.

Zone D5-
-NPC in northeast corner will trade Rare Banana for Cool Eyepatch.
-Chest in southeast corner. Contains Goggles.

Bowish Island:

Zone B4-
-Hidden buried treasure on tile southwest of south-facing navy guy in middle of zone. Unearths Feather Cap.

Zone C4-
-Buried treasure at end of path east of southern exit. Unearths Drumstick.
-Chest in northeast corner, hidden behind tree. Contains Shake Bomb and Fuse Bomb.
-Hidden buried treasure in northwest corner, on tile southeast of tree. Unearths Flashy Cape.

Zone C3-
-Chest west of eastern exit. Contains Shake Bomb.
-Chest in southwest corner. Contains Lime and Jerky.
-Buried treasure in northeast corner. Unearths Fuse Bomb.
-Hidden buried treasure near four rocks on eastern side of zone, on tile north of southwest rock. Unearths Key.
-Hidden buried treasure near four rocks on eastern side of zone, on tile southwest of northeast rock. Unearths Fancy Blade.

Zone D3-
-Chest north of building. Contains STR Capsule.
-Chest inside building. Contains Cannon.

Atlan Island:

Atlan Temple-
-Chest in second room, southeast corner. Contains Key.
-Chest in third room, northwest corner. Contains Rage Hammer.
-Chest in fourth room, west of entrance. Contains Fetch Parrot.
-Chest in fifth room, north of entrance; access by changing switch in fourth room to blue before entering fifth room. Contains SPD Capsule.
-Chest in fifth room, south of switch. Contains Drumstick and Lime.
-Key south of southern hallway, use fetch parrot to get.
-Chest in sixth room, south at the fork. Contains Cannon.
-Chest in sixth room, north at the fork. Contains Beer and Rum.
-Chest in sixth room in southeast corner. Contains Key.

Frozen Ship:

(Island location found in Zone C4 of Stern Island.)
-Chest on north side of zone. Contains FC Skateboots.

Pirate Graveyard:

Zone B5-
-Chest hidden behind invisible explodable wall east of western exit, where vertical road meets wall. Contains Knight Helm.

Zone B4-
-Hidden buried treasure hidden behind invisible explodable wall north of tombstones, buried between rocks in cave. Unearths Ruby.

Zone C3-
-Chest hidden behind invisible explodable wall in northwest corner; access by destroying invisible explodable wall where vertical road meets wall west of eastern exit, then destroying invisible explodable wall on north side of dead-end in northwest corner. Contains Zombie Gloves.

Zone C5-
-Hidden buried treasure on path east of western exit, on tile with grass southeast of end of road. Unearths Emerald.

Zone C6-
-Buried treasure at dead-end west of eastern exit. Unearths AL Capsule.
-Chest in northwest corner; access by hitting switch in far southeast corner with fetch parrot. Contains Vampire Gloves.

Zone D4-
-Hidden buried treasure on tile south of palm tree on eastern side of zone. Unearths Sapphire.

Treasure Tower-
-Chest in first room, north side; access by stepping on tiles in the order yellow, green, blue, red, yellow. Contains Key.
-Chest in room east of second room. Contains Greedy Gloves.
-Chest in room east of second room, hidden behind invisible explodable wall north of teal tile. Contains Key.
-Chest in third room, north side; access by standing on the purple, yellow, green, and blue tiles at the same time while your party is in the order monkey, main character, kid, female character. Contains Key.
-Chest in fourth room. Contains Spyglass.
-Chest in sixth room, northeast corner; invisible, use spyglass to reveal. Contains SPD Capsule.
-Key in sixth room, northwest corner; invisible, use spyglass to reveal then fetch parrot to grab.
-Chest in seventh room, north side; access by using spyglass to reveal correct tiles then standing on group of four tiles and placing bombs on other two tiles. Contains Key.

Sparkle Oasis:

(Location found in jail on Outcast Island using spyglass in first room, where female character was first met.)
-Chest in middle of zone. Contains SparkleShield.
-Buried treasure in north of zone; invisible, use spyglass to reveal. Unearths Balls.

Pyrite Island:

Pyrite Tavern-
-Chest north of eastern exit. Contains SWAG Capsule.

Merchant Square-
-Chest at north end of road; access by beating game then coming back and using exchange service to get 1,000,000 farquaads and buy the chest. Contains Skull Cloak.

Navy Headquarters:

Headquarters Entrance-
-Buried treasure west of Timber. Unearths HP Capsule.

-Chest in west room, at end of south hall. Contains Key.Fire G
-Chest in west room, in middle of zone; access by using spyglass to reveal switch east of statues then hitting it with fetch parrot. Contains Fire Glove.
-Chest in west room, northwest corner; access by pressing buttons in order red, red, red, yellow. Contains Key.
-Chest in room north of west room. Contains Key Piece 1.
-Chest in north room, northwest corner. Contains Ice Glove.
-Chest in room north of north room. Contains Key Piece 2.
-Chest in east room, northwest corner. Contains Elec Glove.
-Chest in east room, near northern exit; access by pressing buttons in order red, yellow, blue, blue, red, green, looking at the colors of the reflections of the buttons and not the buttons themselves. Contains Key.
-Chest in room north of east room. Contains Key Piece 3.

ThemePark June 23, 2010 7:09 AM

Thanks, Night Stryke, that was fast! I got the remaining two treasures now.

I didn't know that buried treasures counted towards the percentage, I figured it was only about chests. So as it turns out, it was the SPD capsule on Jolly Roger Island, and the Feather Cap on Bowish Island I had missed, although I had been sure I had found them already.

Once again, thanks!

Night Stryke June 23, 2010 1:05 PM

Whoops, found a mistake in there.

The buried AL Capsule in Zone C6 of Pirate Graveyard should be in Zone C3.

And no problem, ThemePark. Happy to help. :)

ButtercupSaiyan June 23, 2010 6:55 PM

One thing I was bothered by:

The blonde kid's mother left a letter indicating she was hidden away somewhere (I'm currently stuck on the "Mysterious X" boss I bought 20 fuse bombs but he wipes my level 20-24 party like they're nonexistent after 3 turns) and I looked all over for her, but I can't find her. Does she show up later?

Night Stryke June 23, 2010 9:08 PM



... That is all...

Time Traveler June 24, 2010 7:22 PM


Level 20-24 is severely underleveled for your point in the game. You should be around level 30-35 by that point, and I can't think of any way you could be so underleveled unless if you have been purposefully avoiding every non-boss fight in the game... You should farm the enemies in the tower for experience until your party reaches level 30 at the least before tackling the boss. Stay near a song chest and heal after every fight, as with your current status even the normal fights with the enemies will be a challenge.


Hey guys, this is Banov, the guy who made Dubloon. I wanted to say that all the bugs you guys have caught were fixed by me at some point over the last week in various patches, and if you download the most recent version ( they will be gone! Also, those of you seeking 100% completion: in the most recent patch there is an NPC on Pyrite Island who will mark islands on your map with unopened treasure, so that narrows things down considerably.

Thanks for playing, everybody! Seeing players swap treasure locations and stuff is just... really gratifying =] I'm glad you've all enjoyed it!

@Alchy: I'm so sorry, that sucks! Here is how you can fix your file:

-Find Dubloon_Save1.sav
-Save a backup copy just in case you mess something up!
-Right click, open with > notepad
-We're going to do some hacking!
-There is a lot of gibberish at the top, but towards the bottom there should be a few lines of easy-to-understand whole numbers like this:


...After which will be more gibberish.
-Add 16 to either of the last 2 values (they represent your x and y location)
-Save and exit-voila! When you load the game, you won't be inside Davy Jones.

If that's way too ridiculous to do, you can email me your save file at banov g at g mail dot com and I will personally fix it for you. So sorry for the inconvenience!


Turnip, I wanted to try that thing you mentioned about joinung Vypa instead of the girl character, but I can't figure out how! Help, please?


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