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TrinnVulpin AdventureA wild RPG appears! Vulpin, I choose yo- oh woops, wrong game. You'll understand the mix-up once you've played the adorable turn-based role playing game by Firequill, Vulpin Adventure. Customize, train, and gear up your own fox-like creature to reclaim the fragments of the precious Star Stone and drive out the enemy monster invasion. No rare candies necessary!

After you've dolled up and named your colorful little buddy, maybe spent some time petting him in the starting area to increase his mood, you do the only thing that can be done with cuddly, cartoon animal creatures... make them fight for their lives! Hover your mouse around the edges of the screen to navigate your Vulpin as you side-scroll through lush forests, icy caverns, and barren deserts. Click on areas of interest to search for loot or to travel to the next zone. Swap spells in the abilities tab before battle to strategize element-based attacks to their full tactical advantage. Winning fights means finding more powerful items or spells and collecting AP to increase your Vulpin's health, strength, defense, and speed. Be sure to keep an eye on your pet's happiness; an unhappy Vulpin means a weaker Vulpin.

Vulpin AdventureWhat Vulpin Adventure may lack in depth is more than made up for in charm and a fair bit of nostalgia. You're bound to notice the nods made to beloved games of yore, and it's impressive how well this game manages to incorporate those features. Although most of the zones are actually quite short and decidedly on the easy side, it may take you a while to go through them because Vulpins are apparently slower than pangea. Have a bit of patience, however, and you're sure to quickly find a lot to love.

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Walkthrough Guide

(Please allow page to fully load for spoiler tags to be functional.)

Vulpin Adventure Strategy Guide


  • Earthly Protector: Complete the Woods area and defeat the Earth boss, Calyx.

  • Sandy Toes: Complete the Desert Ruins area and defeat the Fire boss, Drakhbet.

  • Sea Dog: Complete the Sea Cave area and defeat the Water boss, Hydrex.

  • Storm Chaser: Complete the Cloudy Peaks area and defeat the Air Boss, Pterophor.

  • Hero: Complete the Darklight Castle area and defeat the Final Boss.

  • Animal Lover: Pet your Vulpin for a total of 2 minutes (this does not have to be done all at one time)

  • Versatile: Learn every ability in the game.

  • Full Palette: Unlock all the secret Vulpin colors.

    • Secret colors are discovered by defeating the Brushbeast in the first four zones.

    • Woods: Darkwood - Black Paint

    • Desert Ruins: Desert Edge - Pink Paint

    • Sea Cave: Azure Beach - Blue Paint

    • Cloudy Peaks: Brightcloud - White Paint

  • Diligent: Maximize all of your Vulpin's stats.


  • HP: Affects total amount of health points.

  • Strength: Affects physical and magic damage dealt to enemies.

  • Defense: Affects physical and magic damage received from enemy attacks; amount of HP restored by healing spells.

  • Speed: Affects battle order (who attacks first) and chance to critically hit.


  • Earth: Strong against Water, weak against Air.

  • Water: Strong against Fire, weak against Earth.

  • Fire: Strong against Air, weak against Water.

  • Air: Strong against Earth, weak against Fire.

  • Dark: Weak against Light.

  • Light: Weak against Dark.

Shards Value

  • Bronze - 5 shards.

  • Red - 10 shards.

  • Silver - 25 shards.

  • Gold - 50 shards.

  • Platinum - 100 shards.



  • Attack: A basic, damage-dealing attack. What a surprise. No MP cost. Already known at the start of game.

  • Defend: Halves the damage you'll receive this turn. No MP cost. Already known at the start of game

  • Meditate: Clear your mind to increase your happiness - 1 MP. Already known at the start of game

  • Heal: Restores your HP - 2 MP. Bought at store, 75 shards and dropped by Inpus in Desert Ruins.


  • Leaf Strike: A basic, damage-dealing earth attack - 1 MP. Bought at store, 50 shards.

  • Swarm: Send out hordes of bees to do earth damage - 2 MP. Dropped loot from Calyx in Woods.

  • Boulder Breath: Bombard foes with oral boulders! Does much big earth damage - 4 MP. Dropped from Calyx in Darklight Castle.


  • Flame Strike: A basic, damage-dealing fire attack - 1 MP. Bought at store, 50 shards.

  • Blaze: Impose combustion upon your poor foes - 2 MP. Dropped from Drakhbet in Desert Ruins.

  • Fire Breath: Vomit flames to do lots of damage - 4 MP. Dropped from Drakhbet in Darklight Castle


  • Frost Strike: A basic, damage-dealing water attack - 1 MP. Bought at store, 50 shards.

  • Bubble Fountain: Oh no, not... bubbles! They'd do water damage to things - 2 MP. Dropped from Hydrex in Sea Cave.

  • Aqua Breath: Unleash the damp contents of your mouth on your foes - 4 MP. Dropped from Hydrex in Darklight Castle.


  • Vortex Strike: A basic, damage-dealing air attack - 1 MP. Bought at store, 50 shards.

  • Bolt: Air damage caused by the preferred method of yellow rodents - 2 MP. Dropped from Pterophor in Cloudy Peaks.

  • Hurricane Breath: Do severe damage with the air and lightning you keep in your mouth - 4 MP. Dropped from Pterophor in Darklight Castle.


  • Lunar Rain: Wield the power of the moon to rain space stuff and do dark damage - 3 MP. Dropped from Darkdragon in Darklight Castle.

  • Sunburst: Blast your foes with the might of the sun itself - 3 MP. Dropped from Lightdragon in Darklight Castle.

Happiness Meter

  • Vulpin happiness is lowered by being struck with enemy attacks or being defeated in combat. Increase happiness by feeding your Vulpin healing items, meditating in battle, or petting it in the Home area.

  • Orange, laughing face = Very Happy, ++ stats.

  • Yellow, smiling face = Happy, + stats.

  • Brown, emotionless face = Neutral, no bonus or penalty to stats.

  • Blue, sad face = Unhappy, - stats.

  • Purple, crying face = Very Unhappy -- stats.

Boss Guide

  • Calyx: Earth boss(weak to Air) 50 HP in the Woods, 400 HP in the Darklight Castle.

    • Attacks - Leaf Strike, Swarm, and Boulder Breath.

    • Drops Starshard(1/5), Swarm Tome, and Boulder Breath Tome.

  • Drakhbet: Fire boss(weak to Water) 100 HP in the Desert Ruins 450 HP in the Darklight Castle.

    • Attacks - Flame Strike, Blaze, and Fire Breath.

    • Drops Starshard(2/5), Blaze Tome, and Fire Breath Tome.

  • Hydrex: Water boss(weak to Earth) 200 HP in the Sea Cave 500 HP in the Darklight Castle.

    • Attacks - Frost Strike, Bubble Fountain, and Aqua Breath.

    • Drops Starshard(3/5), Bubble Fountain Tome, and Aqua Breath Tome.

  • Pterophor: Air boss(weak to Fire) 300 HP in the Cloudy Peaks 550 HP in the Darklight Castle.

    • Attacks - Vortex Strike, Bolt, Hurricane Breath, and Heal.

    • Drops Starshard(4/5), Bolt Tome, and Hurricane Breath Tome.

  • Final Boss: Dark/Light boss(weak to Dark/Light) 1500 HP.

    • Attacks - Lunar Rain, Sunburst, and Heal.

    • Drops Starshard(5/5)

Item List


  • Banapple: (Restores 15 HP, +happiness) Bought in store for 5 Shards.

  • Green Banapple: (Restores 45 HP, +happiness) Bought in store for 15 shards.

  • Banapurple: (Restores 90 HP, +happiness) Bought in store for 30 Shards.

  • Golden Banapple: (Restores all HP, +happiness) Found in all levels except Woods.

  • Starberry: (Restores 2 MP, +happiness) Bought in store for 10 shards.

  • Glowing Starberry: (Restores all MP, +happiness) Found in Cloudy Peaks and Darklight Castle.


  • Stick: (Atk +2) Bought in store for 15 Shards.

  • Burning Stick: (Atk +4) Bought in store for 30 Shards.

  • Metal Stick: (Atk +12) Bought in store for 90 Shards.

  • Ducky Spoon: (Atk +30) Bought in store for 300 Shards.

  • Bone: (Atk +5) Dropped by Flaming Fossil in Desert Ruins

  • Swirly Pink Thing: (Atk +10) Found in Sea Cave.

  • Thorny Flower: (Atk +14) Found in Cloudy Peaks.

  • Sun and Moon Staff: (Atk +20) Found in Darklight Castle.


  • Suds: (Spd +2) Found in Sea Cave.

  • Static: (Spd +2) Found in Cloudy Peaks

  • Starburst: (Spd +2) Found in Darklight Castle.


  • Nose Horn: (Atk +1, Def +1) Bought in store for 15 Shards.

  • Eye Patch: (Atk +1, Spd +1) Bought in store for 15 Shards.

  • Glasses: (Spd +3) Bought in store for 60 Shards.

  • Monocle: (Atk +1, Def +1, Spd +1) Bought in store for 60 Shards.

  • Ice Horn: (Atk +1, Def +1) Dropped by Snoroceros in Sea Cave.

  • Fluffpuff Antennae: (Atk +3) Dropped by Fluffpuff in Darklight Castle.


  • Heart Earring: (Def +1, Spd +1) Bought in store for 30 Shards.

  • Mushroom Earring: (Def +1) Found in Woods.

  • Spiny Earring: (Atk +2) Dropped by Seahorse in Sea Cave.

  • Flower Earring: (Def +2) Found in Cloudy Peaks.

  • Starry Earring: (Atk +1, Def +1) Found in Darklight Castle.


  • Flame: (Def +1, Atk +1) Bought in store for 15 Shards.

  • Blue Flame: (Def+1, Atk +2) Found in Darklight Castle.

  • Silver Ring: (Def +2) Bought in store for 25 Shards.

  • Gold Ring: (Def +3) Bought in store for 50 Shards.

  • Tail Bandage: (Def +1) Found in Desert Ruins.

  • Icicles: (Def +2) Found in Sea Cave.


And if the music isn't familiar enough, it's from Pseudolonewolf, creator of MARDEK! Which is pretty cool, Ithinks.


you forgot the blue flame
[Thank you for your suggestion, the walkthrough has been edited to include that addition -Trinn]


You're also missing the Spiny Earring. It boosts Att +2 and the Seahorses drop it. Very detailed guide though!

Fun game and very cute graphics. A little too easy, though, and could definitely stand to be a bit longer.
[Thank you for finding another addition to the guide. I do my best to include everything I can find, but contributions from the community make all the difference :) -Trinn]


I can't get to the other areas besides the earth one!


The Ability "Heal" can also be dropped by the Inpus (the black dogs in the desert areas). My Vulpin happened to find one right before the boss battle. Very helpful!

[Added! Thanks for another helpful find. Keep em coming, guys :) -Trinn]


Thanks Trinn!


I'm surprised that no one has yet mentioned how overpowered the defense stat can be.
Really, if you just work on putting points into DEF, you won't have to worry about losing the game at all, because enemies (even the final boss) will do 0 damage to you, unless they critical hit for up to 3 damage.

That being said, I did enjoy the game very much, even though a few features of the game seemed just plain missing. I wish I had Trinn's game guide back when I was playing this game! I would have played it even more, hunting after certain items, the extra paints, and all the achievements.

Lunar the Vulpin September 22, 2011 8:14 PM

Hi, my owner have gotten me some really cool equipment, everything from Darklight castle. I'm looking really cool, and it's all thanks to you Trinn ^w^ -Lunar

[Thanks, Lunar! Happy to help :) - Trinn]


what about the maps that enemies drop? i found a map that went to a place called "edge of the desert" where i found a new color to make my vulpin


went trough darklight castle several times - but none of those darkdragons dropped my last missing ability lunar rain... :-(


@Skabby - keep on trying!! Eventually one of the Darkdragons will drop the Lunar Rain book. It took me ages as well and you have to fight a lot of them, and that was my last ability too - now completed the entire game!


I recommend going pure tank just max out defense and health a little evenly until they're both 10 and then go pure defense then max your attack. buy heal ASAP.


I wish there was more space in the inventory or an inventory upgrade, it's annoying to constantly be going back to the storage to store the many items I get from battles. :P


Is my game screwed up or is there just the one screen in the "Darkwood" section??? All I have when I go there is an arrow sign back (left) that takes me back to the home area. I tried refreshing the page but no dice.



A happy vulpin is a deadly vulpin.


Do I have to do something to get the water boss to appear? I go to the boss screen and its not there, i can walk straight into the place where the map will be but its also missing. I've tried refreshing the page but it's missing.


I saved my game after I played it once, but it showed up later as an empty file ): Sigh...

DragonQueen January 3, 2012 1:51 PM

My Vulpin is really sad,his face is purple what do i do? Please help me :)

gamerGurl July 12, 2012 9:23 PM

the tail bandage is also dropped by ipnu in the lost desert

gamerGurl July 12, 2012 9:28 PM

actually i think they are inpus
you know what i mean right?


hey trinn , thank you for making this guide . i was missing silligent on my vulpin but i got it now i know what i needed to do . once again THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


is there an achievement for collecting all items ?


How do I unequip items? I need help ;-;

andr01d May 2, 2017 1:25 AM replied to Gracie

Gracie, to unequip you can either swap it out for another item that goes in the same place (eye, tail, etc.) To have NO item in that spot, you have to go Home and open the storage menu, then drag the item into storage.


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