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The Great Attic Escape

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GrimmrookThe Great Attic EscapeWe've escaped the kitchen and the living room, the bathroom and the bedroom and even the basement. At some point in the Great Escape series by Mateusz Skutnik and Pastel Games, we would expect to have found a front door or even a back door that might, you know, let us escape the entire house. But this is not the case, as evidenced by the sixth, count it, sixth installment of the series: The Great Attic Escape.

By now you should know what to expect; beautiful cartoony backgrounds, quirky music, and improbable contraptions you must build to make your unlikely escape. Oh, and bats. Maybe you weren't expecting the bats, but they're in there too.

Sure, we may not have found our way out of this house yet, but when it's this much fun, who really wants to?

Play The Great Attic Escape

Walkthrough Guide

(Please allow page to fully load for spoiler tags to be functional.)


  1. Click on the green book case in front of you. There's a screwdriver off to the right lying on some boxes. Click it to pick it up.

  2. Click on the middle shelf with the car on it, then click on the car again to take it. Click down to get the expanded view of the book case.

  3. Click on the top shelf to zoom in then click on the red wheel to take it and then zoom all the way out to the main view.

  4. Go left.

  5. Click on the baby carriage to zoom in. Click on it again to make it collapse. Now go ahead and click on all three wheels to complete your four wheel set. Also, there's a blue triangle on the carriage, click it to get the frame. Zoom out to the main view.

  6. Go left.

  7. Click on the garbage can once. Notice there's a screw lying on the ground, go ahead and click to pick it up then click on the garbage can lid to see what's inside.

  8. Click the blue disc and the three remaining screws to collect them all. Zoom all the way out.

  9. Go left.

  10. Click on the basket that is lying on the trap door with all the locks on it. There's a crank in the basket, pick it up and zoom out.

  11. Go left twice or right twice to get back to the view with the baby carriage.

  12. Now click on the old record player. Place the vinyl record on the player, then place the crank on the player.

  13. Use the crank, then click on the arm with the needle on it to play the record player.

  14. The three bats will swoop down to get their groove on. Click on all three then zoom out to the normal view.

  15. Click on the rope that the bats were perched on.

  16. Go left once to get the view with the safe, trashcan and box. Click on the blue safe.

  17. Use the green bat (grand master of stealth) on the safe. He will post himself on the top dial but will automatically switch to whichever dial you click on. To open the safe, slowly turn each knob by clicking on it until the bat gives you the thumbs up. Once you have gotten all three thumbs up, click on the propeller to open the safe. NOTE: It's very easy to get the thumbs up and keep turning, so be careful. If you thought you got it right but the safe won't open, you probably clicked once after the thumbs up. With the safe open get the small key. Zoom all the way out.

  18. Click on the wooden box.

  19. Use the following items on the box in the following order: screws, wheels, frame. Then use the car on the part of the frame that is visible, then use the small key on the car.

  20. Now click on the car to get it to tow the box over by the trap door.

  21. Combine the blue bat (grand master of flight) with the rope. Use the blue bat with the rope on the wooden beam overhead.

  22. Use the red bat (grand master of strength) with the rope and you are FREE!

Hope that helps, especially if you, like me, can't for some reason access the video walkthrough in game.


Patreon Crew SonicLover April 1, 2009 1:12 PM

I want that Great Escape background music on my iPod Touch. The music from that record isn't so hot, though.


Fun game, I love this series!


Hmmmm stuckity stuck

I have

Toy car, 4 wheels, screwdriver, 4 screws, Grandmasters of Flight + Stealth + Strength and some rope.

I have used

Vinyl record and crank on the grammaphone. I want the other music back :p I liked it a LOT better than the horrible monotonous sound that's violating my ears now

I can't find anything to do next. Any ideas?


Ha ha ha. Power of posting. I now have

Grand Master of Flight with a rope tied around his holy ankle

Priceless ^^


Ok I'm out now.

Once I had figured out the safe it was plain sailing. Loved the bats voice, very Leslie Phillips

Excellent game. Fun, witty and challenging. Hated the second music though. I'd prefer there to be an option to

take the needle away from the record

and go back to the original music.


Argh. Does suffer from the same "Oh, well, that's logical" and the "I didn't know that was clickable" problems a lot of escape games do.

How the hell are you expected to put screws in something with no screwholes?

Anonymous April 1, 2009 5:35 PM

Completely agree with Crab's complaint; that held me up, too, as did an inconspicuous location to use a certain nocturnal mammal on.

I hope eventually we will escape the house. I'm not sure what there is left to escape from. Dining room? Wine tasting room?


Hey Kyle... what issues are you having with accessing the in-game video walkthrough? Will do what I can to try and fix that issue.


I couldn't help noticing that the locks on the attic door were all on the inside. Now how did I manage to lose the keys?


It's obvious we'll escape from the backyard next... Then the panic room, then the shed, then the garage, then the pantry...


This was a breeze! I was out in no time. But it was also funny which made it worthwhile. I found this one the most fun of this particular series of light escape games.

HappyFunBall April 1, 2009 6:52 PM


Please, please, please stop posting this series. Every single one of them has been a heaping pile of garbage. I keep playing hoping that maybe the next one will be better, but it never has been. Every game in this series just boils down to randomly clicking everything you can, and eventually something happens.



Love this series :) even if it's a little random. (i usually use the walkthrough) but it's fun :D

When the music changed I was amazed! lol a nice funky tune to vary from the.. er... the other funky tune :P

awesomelyawesomeAJ April 1, 2009 8:41 PM

Wait, did I just escape back into the basement...FROM the attic? What happened to the middle of the house?


Nice game, just like the others! Of course, as always, couldn't do this without the walkthrough!! :)

Anonymous April 1, 2009 11:37 PM

What's this? An escape game that I beat without a walkthrough?!?! Shocking! This game was a great balance of fun, difficulty, and quirkiness. Plus with bats were awesome. :)


All in all a fine game. My complaints are similar to mentioned ones:

- the looping music from the record is mighty irritating

- the crowded rooms coupled with "guess what's clickable" syndrome

- illogical solutions (even for this slightly insane series) - the perfect example is fitting the screws on the box with no holes;

But since the game is quick and rather easy, I won't hold these nitpicks too much against it.


Those bats are awesome, AND they know how to FUNK!

Jennifer Fletcher April 2, 2009 11:43 AM

Everyone is going on about getting the screws into the box without the holes - but can someone actually say the solution? I'm stuck...


Alex Kantal April 2, 2009 12:37 PM

HappyFunBall: I'd like to point out that if they stop reviewing games you didn't like and only ones you do, that would defeat the purpose. These reviews show everyone new games to try. If you're not willing to try new things, that's not my problem. Just try and give this a chance. You might warm up to it. And if not, try other reviewed games. Just don't have such a narrow mind.

Anyway, I really liked this one. The bats were really funny, especially the Stealth one. The music from the record player didn't bother me, and the difficulty was just challenging enough, I only needed 2 hints from the walkthrough. For the box and the screws:

1.collect the screws from around the room. I forgot where they were, but it's not too hard to find them if you look closely at each screen.
2. Use the screws on the box(Just click it, don't worry about holes or anything), then the wheels(3 from the stroller, 1 from the bookcase), then the frame.
3.Next use the toy car on the frame, then the toy key on the car.

Anonymous April 2, 2009 3:06 PM

While I'll admit that the occasionally wildly illogical decisions in the process of the games can be frustrating, I think it goes with the general cartoony "don't take it too seriously" atmosphere that the games generate. It's all part of an integrated whole. Show the screw holes next time, and it'll be fine.

octochan April 3, 2009 1:18 AM

We might also have to escape from the parlor, the study, the library, the lounge, the foyer, the greenhouse, the linen closet, the courtyard, the balcony, the verandah, the gazebo ...


Only thing bad here is that the safe is held together by SCREWS! You know, like the kind you use a SCREWDRIVER on.

Anyways, very amusing, as always.


That was a cute game, the record player music gets annoying though.

Wonder what's next?


Regarding video walkthroughs: I would almost always rather have a text walkthrough than a video walkthrough, and I would almost always rather have a hintthrough than a walkthrough for a point-and-click. The proliferation of video walkthroughs in the past couple of months kinda bugs me.

For a lot of games, especially point and click, watching a video ruins the experience. If you're going to watch a video, that's basically going to take the same amount of time, and show you everything that's going to happen when you play the game!

@tasselfoot: I don't mind you making video walkthroughs, because for some games they are really helpful, and some people like them. I've used some of your video walkthroughs myself. But I, and apparently some other people, like text walkthroughs better.

Bloatedsack April 3, 2009 7:22 PM

I love this series.

Another terrific bite-sized escape with a wonderful dash of whimsy.


hm. The game won't let me put the wheels on the screws, no matter how many times i click. Did i do something wrong?


Very innovative quite the amusement...Mateusz has really outdone himself yet again!

Fruitbat May 6, 2009 9:30 PM

Wow. Those bats have REALLY bad taste in music. But other than that, they rule.


i dont understand how you put the screws in the wooden box its really annoying me I cant do it. xx

Anonymous March 7, 2010 11:19 AM

To add the screws onto the wooden box, find a screwdriver. For some reason it took me forever to figure that out and find it lol but then the screws went right on. Thank you to Warren who gave me the hint needed to figure that out!


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