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The Chzo Mythos

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Rating: 4.8/5 (109 votes)
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Scramble125Who doesn't love Trilby? All debonaire and gentlemanly in that pin-stripe suit, it's enough to melt even the chilliest of hearts. He's a fine character to introduce us to the Chzo Mythos, a series of four point-and-click games (Windows, freeware) in which the player is offered the chance to unravel the mystery of... well, that's really for you to find out.

chzomythos.gifThe suspense began in 2003 with the release of 5 Days a Stranger, a game that drops the player (via gentlemanly thief Trilby) into the Defoe manor — a typically cliché manor. Although cliché manors usually instigate cliché troubles, these games are anything but cliché.

Each game will put you in control of a different character. Controls are primarily mouse-based, though some keyboard shortcuts are offered. The interface of each game differs slightly. Developer Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw seemed to experiment with the controls over the course of development. You will guide each character through spooky mansions, hotels, and even a space ship, to find clues that unravel the storyline and to figure out just what the heck is going on. Fear not, for you will also find a variety of characters with subtle personality differences (sometimes ranging from dismissive to laughably deranged). The result is a long and satisfying adventure.

chzomythos2.gifThe Chzo Mythos is story-heavy, so it may not attract everyone. And, as previous posts have suggested, these games are quite creepy (particularly Trilby's Notes) and ooze with atmosphere, and thus are not for the faint of heart — youngsters beware! This goes doubly for some adult themes sprinkled throughout. However, Croshaw obviously put a lot of effort into the backstory for his games, and it shows. He demonstrates his ability to send chills down the player's spines without "pop-and-scare" tactics. Still, you may not want to play in the dark.

Fans of the mouse will enjoy the interface and gameplay. Others might find it a little frustrating. Make use of the keyboard shortcuts, and you will probably cut back on your frustration and profanity usage. And as long as we're discussing frustration, you may want to save early and often. Certain parts of each game may require you to react suddenly and without warning in a situation that can end in your character's death. But endure these shortcomings and you will be rewarded with a rich gaming experience that keeps you on your toes.

If you've played The Art of Theft and are interested to see what happens to Trilby later on in his career, download the rest of the series!

Analysis: The Chzo Mythos (or the 'Trilby' or 'Defoe' series) encompasses exactly the type of gaming experience I love: rich in narrative and deep in atmosphere. The series engaged my curiosity and compelled me to continue playing through two full days that it took to reach its conclusion. If you care to peak into the psyche of the game characters you meet, then I recommend you explore the adventure that awaits you in this series. My guess is you'll be pleased you made the effort. For the best experience, I recommend that you play the games in order of release:
  1. 5 Days a Stranger
  2. 7 Days a Skeptic
  3. Trilby's Notes
  4. 6 Days a Sacrifice


Yes, this series definitely deserves a review, but hey, I go to JiG to find something new!

About the new login system: I tried to sign up, but it said that there already was a user named "Groogokk". Now I wonder if somebody stole my highly individual, creative and expressive name, or is that simply my "old" TypeKey identity?

[Edit: Yes, it's picking up your typekey identity, and therefore only your username cannot be the same. When registering, there is a space for your display name which can be the same, however. So, just pick a username that is different and you'll be good as gold. :) -Jay]


Wow, finally. These are some of the best independent online games ever made and you really owe it yourself to check them out.

Even though the rest of the series is great, I especially enjoyed 5 Days A Stranger, just because it had a great combination of puzzles, characters, story etc.

As a word of warning, you should probably save quite a lot when you're playing these games, especially 7 Days A Skeptic, as they have quite a few opportunities to die (although it's usually quite clear when danger is imminent).

If you enjoy these, I would definitely recommend that you go on Yahtzee's site and play some of his older games, especially the genius Rob Blanc trilogy.


I knew I saw this before... https://jayisgames.com/archives/2007/10/halloweekend_download.php.

Thanks for the expanded review! Great game!


Yhatzee made another game called Adventures in the Galaxy of Fantabulous Wonderment. Also class.


These really are great games, but I think it might be prudent to point out in the review that there is some heavy violence/adult themes running through the games.

Occult sacrifices, mass murderers, etc.


Err..never mind, I see that now in the fourth paragraph. :)



Who doesn't love Trilby?



Maybe it's just something about the games that rubs me wrong, but I can't get past the "guess which random action the developer wants you to do next" gameplay and all the little ridiculous, inaccurate, or unlikely bits to really get into the games.

Which is a shame, because I love horror stories, and I want to like the games...


Ah, Chzo Mythos. What a series of games.
It was good to go against what some others said and actually play Art of Theft first - seeing how Trilby was in the past was good, before the madness of the Manor (I won't spoil anything)

7 days gets quite difficult though - as you say, save little and often, especially when it looks like danger's imminent (it probably is, and there's no autosave)
Glad to see a review of it.
(Just a thought, it may be useful to put links to the other games of the series in the post - the only one I see is for 5DAS.)

[Edit: Done. Excellent suggestion, Slanzinger. Cheers! -Jay]


Man, I love these games. I remember playing 5 days a Stranger a few years ago and absolutely loving it, but I didn't find any of the sequels until this year. They're all stupendous games, and they can really get inside your head.

However, make sure that you always focus on what to do, because it takes a bit of logic sometimes. I know I used a walkthrough quite a bit for most of 5DAS and even 7DAS because of how many times I would just get randomly lost.

I have yet to play Trilby's notes, so I guess I know what I'm getting myself for Christmas :)

Also, as a side note, Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw not only made these fantastic games, but he also does a series of video game reviews call "Zero Punctuation" at http://www.escapistmagazine.com/

Be careful, though: Some of the things said can get pretty graphic, such as when he said

That he'd rather swallow razor wire, pull one end out of this butt and keep the other end in his mouth, then floss himself to death than pay full price for Guitar Hero Encore: Rock the 80's.

Definitely NOT for the kids.

Elite Fencer December 22, 2007 2:22 PM

Chzo Mythos is (are?) the BEST point and click game (s?) EVER.
It's so hard to come across really good PNC games these days, and Chzo Mythos is really a-- pardon the cliche-- diamond in the rough. I played 5DAS about a year ago, but only found 7DAS, Trilby's notes, and 6DAS recently. My personal favorite was Trilby's Notes and 6DAS...but the ending was so sad :(
I've also noticed a few games that have paid homage to Chzo Mythos a few times too. One horror PNC game I recently downloadeed-- I can't recall the name-- had a painting in a room that would occasionally switch from a landscape to a profile view of Trilby-- pixellated outline and everything. If you hovered your mouse over it, it would say "A painting depicting a man in a trilby"...so apparently a trilby is also a hat. o_O
And on a side note-- Trilby may be the hottest PNC character I've ever come across. That hat and hair just kill me...*pretends to swoon* :P


I just like that it doesn't Pop up and scare


Does it bug anyone else that in 5DAS Tribly's lockpicking skills seem to have vanished?

Overall, excellent. Does the creepy scary part well, which is saying something coming from me, as I typically don't like scary things.

Reminds me of Agatha Christie.


What do you mean, they've vanished?

He just doesn't have the picks to start off with, that's all


These adventures feel very "raw" and cheesy, yet are quite satisfying to the die-hard fans of old Sierra and Lucas Arts adventures.

Unfortunately, the author seems to draw his inspiration a little bit more from the Sierra products, and that's the only significant drawback I can think of right off the bat. Having to roam aimlessly through same locations over and over again can perhaps be tolerated, but getting frequently getting killed without warning is just plain irritating - saving a game is a metagame concept, afterall, and shouldn't really be that much of a necessity. This is especially true for 7days where in certain parts of the game the killer spawns all over the place not even giving you a split-second interval for reaction.

But nitpicks aside, the retro feel and cost-free availability of the games is a big plus, as well as the fact that they are all a product of one adventure games enthusiast. All in all, a big thumbs up.


I usually don't like horror games, but these are just too good to pass. Trilby is my favorite gentleman thief!
And a small detail: these games are tagged as "Tribly", instead of "Trilby".


I love this trilogy! I managed to play through a lot of them without a walkthrough, and they're sooo good. Man.


Gasp! The ending where Tribly is... injured... is so scary! Is that the ending? or was he supposed to live?

The part where

Tribly is trapped in the shed bacause the others think he was the murderer

was really frusterating. I couldn't get the conversation with the news reporter (Simone Taylor) right for a long time. The story bcome petty confusing afterwards. So Tribly was haunted by a ghost? but then that doesn't explain the ending... so it wasn't him? then it doesn't explain who he was wearing the mask and the killers uniform and all... it's all so suspencefull! Really great game. I can't wait to play the next one.


There are actually a bunch of text based adventure games between 7DaS and 6DaS for more back story.

Considering that Yahtzee made Art of Theft a few weeks ago, I doubt he's retired. However, he is busy doing game reviews every week, which I thoroughly enjoy.



(I'm assuming you're talking about Trilby's Notes) If you mean that you were told "Trilby went missing in action", that's not the 'good' ending.
What can you do to mess up the ritual? (Go back a little to the conversation with Lenkmann if you can't think)


Hmmm...again, nothing for Mac. Maybe I need to make time to do reviews. Unfortunately, I hang out here because I'm busy. Weekends suck--please don't forget your Mac users.


dsrtrosy and Scramble125,

Because the games are all made using Adventure Game Studio, ou can actually download a player for these games here.

Also, I recommend not playing through the entire series in one go if you're a scaredy-cat . I had to leave a light on when I went to sleep because I was afraid of the welder...


No, I get it now. I'm doing 7 Days A Skeptic now, and i'm freaking out - being persued by what apears to be a crazy zombie trying to choke you to death and having a hard time using your weapons to destroy him and not being able to run away for help does that to people. I hate when these games are, well, "timed" in a way. Ugh - the second that the zombie enters the door I freak... These can be pretty hard... ugh... well, still pretty fun. I'm going to take a break or I might begin to have nightmares soon. Ha!


I liked the first game so much that I just played all of them in one go (with little help from walkthroughs to speed up in tricky spots).

The bad things first:
- The interface sucked in 5DAS and TN. Tribly's Notes had me pulling hairs navigating the bothersome hotel staircase. I peeked at the walkthrough more than once, just to avoid running back and forth between floors. All of the mouse based games could've borrowed from Monkey Island the ability to directly jump to the next screen, without the character having to walk across the screen.

- I'd never have figured out the last puzzle of TN on my own,

where you have to MOVE first, then DIE.

Some of the other puzzles were a bit too unforseeable as well.

- All of the games could've done without the Sierra save-n-restore hell. I don't believe there was a single point, where the games couldn't just have let you get a second go at it, as the last game cleverly does when you are killed in the house.

- Some of the games had inconsistent scrolling vs. snapping: For example, in 5DAS I walked to the end of the pool thinking that the backyard ends there, because it stopped scrolling. I needed a walkthrough to realize that there was another screen.

The good things:
- The stories are quite captivating and it was nice how the plot thickens during the games. Until close to the climatic point, it was never quite clear what was going on.

- It's obvious that the author didn't think of the whole Chzo thing until the third game. Thus the overarching plot evolves throughout the games, yet without falling apart, which kind of reminds me of Roger Zelazny's Amber series.

- The games borrow from Clive Barker quite successfully.


I've played 5 days a Stranger (completed) 7 days a skeptic (couldn't finish but watched end) and am currently playing Trilby's Notes (scaring me more then the other 2) and the games are just amazing.

The story is just amazing and truly easy to get sucked into. The gameplay can be a bit confusing at times but it still is an amazing series

Also its a good idea to keep a walkthrough (and maybe your favorite teddy Mr. Fluffy) in hand at all times.


I can't find anyone in 5DAS.


I found it really frustrating that I

got all the way to the part where you need to use a pick axe on the kitchen wall, and it just wouldnt work. i went and found a walkthrough and i've done everything im supposed to so i dont know what the problem is.


Sarah before you can use the pickaxe on the wall you have to open the map you got from the library....

Jacob X891 December 26, 2007 3:21 PM

OMG I just submitted this ;_; You're freaking kidding me!!!!!!! Darn it... Must've been posted by another deceasedcrab fan...


Was a fan of the first one until I died.

Guess it's just growing up with Secret of Monkey Island, Loom and the like: games which (sensibly!) don't force you to replay whole segments of the game just because you couldn't figure out what speck to click on within 5 seconds.


Hi all, I'm requesting a bit of technical support ^.^ In Trilby's Notes you have to use your keyboard to control your character, but since one of my directional button on my keyboard is broken, I've reconfigured my keyboard on Windows with the help of an external software. Unfortunately, when I play Trilby's notes, the game recognizes the original configuration and it doesn't let me move my character, since I can't use my original directional button. How can I overcome this problem? Thanks in advance.


Hey Danaroth - you can use the Numpad arrows, if you turn Num Lock off (assuming you're using a desktop keyboard)


Thanks a lot for the advice, unfortunately I'm using a laptop keyboard so I don't have a real numpad; anyway I've solved the problem downloading a virtual keyboard software (that one that usually is used by people with disability). It's not really a problem to me to play the game in windowed mode and now this episode too feels like a true point-and-click :P


I'm so happy these games were finally reviewed! This series is undoubtedly the best freeware I've ever downloaded. The story is great, the puzzles aren't too random/hard, and did I mention Trilby is probably the coolest name ever?

I love Zero Punctuation too, although there is definitely a ton of adult humor, so don't check it out if you're sensitive to that kind of thing (but if you've gotten through the Chzo Mythos, you're probably fine :P)

queen-of-diamonds April 5, 2008 6:38 PM

I was playing Trilby's Notes and when I entered the bar for the first time I appeared in the Engine Room of the ship from 7 Days a Skeptic. I left and was back in the hotel but it was weird because I don't think that was suppossed to happen, must have been a bug.

queen-of-diamonds April 6, 2008 12:09 PM

I finally finished the whole series and I seriously think the story should be made into film. Trilby is a fantastic character for a movie -and the Chzo/Defoe myth would make an excellent plot line-.

As for the games themselves, 5/5, no doubt.


queen-of-diamonds, That whole thing about appearing in the cargo-bay from 7DAS wasn't a bug.

It's a side-effect of the painkillers you use to get out of the altered hotel.

As another note, today happens to be 28th July. This should definitely creep out those who know the Chzo Mythos well. ;3

Ricki-Alice August 5, 2008 1:21 AM

I know this is late to the original poster, but:
Danaroth: Usually, you can buy a numpad in the store (I found one at wallmart) that will connect to a laptop via USB port. Hope that helps someone...


I need a little help with 5DAS: I am stuck on day 3, I have checked lots of walkthroughs but they don't work for me:

I have reached the point where I have built the voodoo teddy-bear-on-a-stick. I am in the kitchen, and according to all walkthroughs, I am supposed to use the pickaxe on the kitchen wall. HOW?

I am clicking all over the wall, but I can't find the good spot. Any ideas?




Okay, it looks as though you're going about things in the wrong order. You have no need to build the body finding thing until AFTER you've busted open the hole in the wall.

Before we can do that, we need to know that we need to open up that hole... Or at least Trilby does.

So my first question is, have you been to both of the bedrooms upstairs?

And if you have, have you READ and LOOKED at everything up there?

Once you've accomplished this, you should head down to the kitchen. This is the best place to read the books you may have gotten in the upstairs bedroom, and to look at the map one last time.

Now, before you drive yourself insane by pixel hunting, LOOK at the wall. If you've done everything right, Trilby should make a comment something to the effect of how there's something behind that wall in the map.

Then you should be able to use the pickaxe on the wall.

If this doesn't get you where you need to go, let me know.


Thanks Grimmrook!

I was sort of taken by surprise that in 5DAS item have multiple purposes.

So when I first found the map, I thought "Great! Now I give it to Harty to get the metal detector" and so I did, without even giving a glance to it.

Either I was spoiled by badly written adventures in my youth, or I am a crappy player ;)


Not a problem, Muttly. No, don't get so down on yourself; these are some very challenging games with some difficult to figure out puzzles.

In any case, I'm halfway through writing an extremely exhaustive player's guide for all four games so if you get stuck again feel more than free to drop another comment here and I'll do my best to pop in and check this thread every once in a while.

Anonymous August 16, 2008 12:00 AM

I've gotten a free download of "5 Days" online. It has worked fine up to now, but people keep talking about saving games and having an inventory - I don't appear to have the option to save (unless I don't know how to do it), and I can't access any inventory. And now I appear to be stuck - I see the books I need in the library, but I can't pick any of them up, or look at them, and the walkthroughs say this is the next step. Again, is it because it's free?

Thanks in advance for any help!



First off, being free has nothing to do with it. The normal full version of the game is available for free... it's not like a demo situation. You can donate five dollars to Croshaw to get a special edition of the game that comes with some extras like commentaries and such, but for all intents and purposes the version you have should be the full version.

The problem you have run into is one of controls, and don't worry. The first time I tried playing this game I had issues saving as well.

What you have to do is right click anywhere on the screen. This will bring up your inventory as well as some icons that will allow you to save, load and quit.

You can also use the function keys as hotkeys to perform certain functions. f6 saves, and f7 loads.

I hope this helps. If you are still having problems beyond this, I'm not sure I can help. To my knowledge there haven't been many or even any reported bugs or glitches with the game.

Anonymous August 16, 2008 7:48 PM

I've run into a problem on Day 3:

I've got the teddy bear on the stick, and I have it in Matthew's room. I've given it to Trilby at the bed and he says "That should do it" (or something to that affect. But nothing happens. No finder appears in my inventory (as I've seen from walkthroughs that it should). I also tried holding the salty stick bear and waving it over the bed myself. Nothing. Help! =)



It'll be a few hours before I can go check my notes to be positive... Some of these things I kind of have to do to verify, or whaterver.

But once you have fully and properly assembled the corpse finder, you no longer use it; you have to look at it.

When you look at it, it will give you a direction that it is pointing, and that is what you have to follow in order to find what you are looking for.

Hope that helps.


That was my problem...I was trying to use it, not look at it, and I expected that it would change in some way. Thanks Grimmrook!

Anonymous August 28, 2008 3:37 PM

I only beat the first one (5 days a stranger). And wow was it amazing or what? They should make a movie out of it. Now I have to play all the other ones!


OK, I've moved on to 7DaS, and I'm wondering if I've hit a bug, because I've come across a problem I can't solve, even with the walkthrough (I'm either on day 3 or 4):

I have the ultraviolet light, and I'm trying to shine it on the vent and the panel on the communal floor (I tried, then tried again when I read the walkthrough). The game won't let me shine the light on either of them, and won't let me use the wrenches to open the panel. The walkthroughs say this is the required next step. When I click on these options, I just get "I don't think so". Am I missing something? Was there something else I was supposed to do first?

I'm having MUCH more success with this game overall. Oh, and one note about my problem....I paid Yahtzee my $5 and downloaded the "special" version....I wonder if that could be a problem?

Thanks in advance for any assistance.



I will say that I don't have the five dollar special version, so I can't speak on that at all.

Here's what I can say.

A lot of the time you can't perform a specific action until you've activated it. That's to say that you have to go through a few steps before the action is available to you even if you have the right tools to do it much earlier.

In this case, I think the key moments is you have to see the blood coming from the vending machine, and you have to talk to Adam the engineer who will refuse to do it first.

I'll look up my notes later tonight though and see if I'm missing something as well.

Oh... and silly me.. Have you used the infra red thingie on the actual vending machine itself? That is where the blood originated from, right?


Grimmrook - thanks for your response. In answer to your questions:

I saw the blood coming from the vending machine, and I've talked to Adam (and everyone else on the ship). I've used the UV detector on the vending machine, in the tunnel and I've tried to use it in a bunch of other places, just in case I was missing something - for all of those I get the same "I don't think so" that I get when I try to use it on the vent and the panel.

This is driving me batty! Thanks again.


Wait? So you've used the uv on these places, right? did you actually see anything? Did you see the trail of blood?


I used the UV light on the vending machine, then in the tunnel off the cafeteria area, and I saw the blood near the vending machine and across the room into the tunnel, and, once in the tunnel, I saw the blood that seemed to go up into the narrow area above leading to the vent.

Then I went upstairs and tried to use the UV light on the vent on the floor (directly above that narrow area, I assume) and on the panel on the wall). The game just says "I don't think so". I checked a walkthrough site, and it said that I must shine the UV light on the vent. I can't do anything else with the vent or the panel either.

Does that make sense? Perhaps the walkthrough is wrong, and, if so, I'm still at a loss as to what to do next. Thanks so much!


Okay, I was under the impression you weren't getting your uv emitter to work. Now that I know it is...

Once you get upstairs to the right vent, you use the uv emitter on the vent, and you should see the trail go up to the panel. You need to open the panel, but you can't do it with your bare hands... you need to use a tool... specifically the same tool you used to get the hand out of the vending machine.

That should do the trick.



Actually I had tried that before, and couldn't get it to work either. However, the only thing that DID work is:

Going back to re-do everything, in order. I went back to William's office, back to the canteen, back to the pipe, then straight to the vent, no stops. Before I had stopped to use the UV emitter on other things, or, when I was trying to figure out the problem, I had gone all over the ship. Still odd, though, since I HAD completed all the actions I needed to.....you shouldn't be penalized for trying extra stuff along the way. I mean, that's the only way I get through these games!

And now I think I'm having a similar problem. After killing the captain with the towel bar, I went to the tunnel, and talked to Adam first. The cheats say to go to William's quarters and speak with him next, but how do I get in there? I looked all over the ship for him, so I'm wondering if I let too much time elapse between my correct action and a wrong one.

Sigh. I don't mind when they are hard, but this one isn't making much sense to me!

You're the greatest for helping, though!


Thank you.

Actually, I'm having a great time helping you. I wrote a very exhaustive walkthrough for this (that hasn't been published yet), and your questions are giving me the chance to go back and look at stuff.

As for having to go back, yeah, there are a lot of instances where you have to get a sequence just right, even if it would appear that you have everything done in the right place.

As for your current problem,

I may have to go back and check my stuff, but when they say William's quarters, they mean his actual living space on the residential deck. I can't remember if his door is locked or not, and I'm going off of memory at this point, but if it's locked, I THINK that you have to go to Captain Chahal's quarters, use the computer to release the lock on residential areas, and then you should be able to get into it.

That may be right, I'm not sure one way or another, but it'll at least give you something to try while I drive home and go back to check my notes and verify the right answer.


I should have paid my $5 to you! =)

I see what you're saying, but I don't have the six digit access code needed for that function


HAHAHA! Thanks.

The six digit code takes a leap of logic to get to, but that leap of logic can be prodded into action by checking the Chahal's email (which, strangely enough doesn't have a password protect). If I'm right, and, I'm pretty sure I am, check his email, and after you've read it, just ask yourself what is a common password that people use?

If you're still a little stuck...

The six digit code is Chahal's birthday. You can get a hint as to the birthday from a belated birthday wish in Chahal's email. It's still a little tricky though. Remember, this is a belated birthday wish, so you're going to have to back track a few days. Also, if you're American, you'll have to remember that we're using a British mindset here. That means that the format for the date is ddmmyy not mmddyy as it is for us.


I haven't read the second spoiled comment, because I want to try to figure it out, but....

I've never read any e-mails on the captain's computer. Each time I've checked (including just now), it's said no new e-mails and no new news items. You had a different experience, I assume?


Oh, okay, I'm sorry, that was my fault, I was moving a little fast, and thusly gave you a hint to a task you'll have to do in the future.

Really sorry about that.

Your goal is to meet up with everyone on the bridge. When you check out William's room, he doesn't want to go, so you need to find Adam.

He can be tricky to find, but without giving it away, he's going to be HIDING, so you aren't going to find him in any of the main rooms, though he is hiding somewhere you have been before. Once you find him, you can go to William's room again, and then he will agree to meet you on the bridge.

And if you need a little more help.

Adam can be found in the...

sure you want to read this?

Maintenance shaft.


Oh, no problem. Actually I think you are right about where I am because.....

I had actually already stumbled across Adam in the maintenance shaft (after 5DAS I look EVERYWHERE), however, if the doctor is in his room, I can't get to him. He's no place else on the ship. When I go to his room, I can't get in (locked), I can't knock (the game thinks I'm trying to open the door), and I can't call out to him (game just says the door won't respond). So you gave nothing away with the maintenance shaft, but I still can't get to the good doctor.


You have to ring the doorbell.


*smacks forehead*

Didn't even know that was possible!

Thanks, Grimmrook!


I hate this game with the white-hot heat of a thousand suns.

How in the world do you save yourself from being sucked out of the escape pod? I'm trying to hit the panel, like the walkthrough says, but to no avail.


Okay, here you go.

Panel is wrong; LEVER is right, which is part of the same assembly as the panel, but your cursor should have LEVER written out by it. More specifically, the one you need to use is the one between B and C, that is, the one that is inches from your feet.


FINALLY finished 7DAS. The last quarter of the game was quite difficult, and I never would have made it through without Grimmrook's help, and that's even using the walkthroughs. I agree with the comments above that 5DAS made more sense.

I'm off to try Trilby's Notes now, but I'm scared!


Thank you so much g3d. You should thank Jay who emailed me in the first place that someone was here and in need of help!

Trilby's Notes may be a lot harder because it is played using typed commands instead of a point and click interface, so keep coming back here and I'll be more than happy to help.


Grimmrook - it's me!

I'm having a bit of a problem with TN, but based upon a comment made by Flaky, above, I'm thinking it's just a difficulty of the game's use of the directional arrows vs. the mouse. Just in case I'm wrong, I'll hide it:

Once in the alternate hotel I went up first. Now I'm on the second-to-highest level (Him/Not him), but I can't get back down the stairs! I try to walk behind them, as I did above, but the game won't let me walk any further to the left, and won't let me access the stairs from the side. I've tried typing in "go downstairs" as a command and, not surprisingly, the game tells me to use the cursor keys. Again, based on Flaky's comments, I'm guessing there's a trick here, but I'm missing it!

Thanks in advance - as always, and thanks to Jay for letting you know I was suffering.


Yes, the stairs can be a major pain, and there's really not a whole lot of advice I can give for them. For stairs that begin in the middle of the floor, before your approach you're best off if you move all the way to the top or the bottom of the floor, then head towards the stairs, stop when you get to the very center of them, and hit up or down, whichever is appropriate.

For stairs that are on the side, you're just going to have to kind of wiggle your way up and down. It is very tricky navigating them at first, but eventually you get used to it...

sort of.


Hello! I dunno if anyone is trawling around this forum anymore, but I thought I'd drop a line to see if anyone can give me a little advice. I'm having a spot of trouble in 5DAS - Day 1, sadly. :o)
I have seen the news lady upstairs and told her to meet in the lounge. Now I am outside

pushing on a tree of all things, but am getting no voices from above, nor are any kids dropping out of it.

Any ideas?


No biggie... I started over and it worked this time somehow. Before it would just say "Pushing the tree sways the upper branches a little." "What fun." Over and over. Just a little bug, maybe. Luckily not too far into the game. :D


yep we all love yahtzee's games


These games... these games are indescribably awesome. They are without a doubt my favorite freeware of all time. I just recently replayed through the special editions and the story is mindblowingly awesome. Just... wow. I wish he'd take some time out of reviewing games and start making them again.

Black Drazon May 9, 2009 1:41 PM

Man, I love these games (surprisingly I haven't seen anyone complaining about the puzzle that had me the most stumped: where you have to

hit the tree in the first game even though the game gives you no indication there's something up there

) but I can't stand his reviews. He's got a mix of the Angry Video Game Nerd's unnecessarily over-the-top attitude with a hatred of sequels that's plaguing the industry, telling people they're horrible gamers for wanting to play more with a style of gameplay they enjoy. God forbid.

But with that out of my system, the games are excellent, almost perfect, except for Trilby's Notes. If it wasn't the most atmospheric of the games, I'd skip it every time because it's so boring to walk up the staircase time and time again. The last time I played it I made sure to have a book on hand so that I would have something to do while Trilby climbed the thing, and even though I knew the solutions to all the puzzles I got a LOT read. Funny how when he tries to take his own advice about changing up gameplay he manages to blow it to high hell.

I should also note that there are three mini Inform (text-based) games set between Notes and Sacrifice, that I think add to the story. You should check those out too!


My vote never sticks on this game. I have played the games and I really don't like them so I one-starred the review. But whenever I come back, the vote is back down by one vote, the rating is still 4.9, and it will let me revote, which isn't supposed to happen.

I've one-starred this thing like a million times by now but it always goes back.

What gives? I have never had this happen with any other vote.


Ok, my rating seems to have stuck this time, but Chzo Mythos retains its spot in the "best games page" despite the fact that its new rating of 4.8 is lower than the game ranked beneath it, Battle for Wesnoth (4.9).


Patreon VIP Chiktionary July 25, 2009 12:12 AM

What initially was stated as a 1 point something MB download became apparently 2 point something but when I accessed the folder after download it was actually 4.4MB download. Not only that but the sounds/music came in a folder separate to the game.
Have played far better point and click games.

Gamemastertips December 27, 2009 9:50 AM

I'd just like to say that I personally found this to be one of the best online games I ever played. I HIGHLY reccomend this to anyone who likes the dark or ominous genre of fiction/fantasy.

It is quite obvious that the creator didn't have the entire plot in mind from the begining, but he nevertheless succeeded in making an excellent storyline and very nice gameplay.

Any avid gamer who appreciates a good plot ought to play this, however I also warn that this game's R-rating is not be underestimated...Trillby's Notes especially gave me a fairly bad sleep for a few nights, but the game was just too awesome to stop playing. :) Thanks, JIG, for finding this gem.

LuckyDee March 4, 2012 2:32 AM

Brilliant! Took me more than a few peeks at the walkthroughs, but it had me riveted for almost a week, and I still feel stuck inside the storyline even though I've completed the last episode a day ago. One of the most compelling stories I've ever seen in a game.

dravidnaidu September 9, 2013 12:59 AM

actual chzo series is for kids only cuz many ppl couldnt understand the power of the game and say to study actually the game encounters the addiction of the gamers at the first sight of game if u notice all the series have a same type of name except for trilby's notes they are 5DaS,6DaS,7DaS,which also encounters the time period.the game addicts the player to he himself involving in the game and raising his heart beat by when u r chased u have to point and click in the games raising ur heart beat and ur brain power,this also helps for memorising strength
also is mysterious filled with chaos i am now in 2013 but i did rather played the game before 2-3-4 years ago but i really say the only pixel game who created my mind to go insane and is frightning a little.


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