The 'Build Your Own Bundle' Contest!

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casual-bundle.jpgJohnBDid you miss the grand Indie Love Bundles this past week? If so, that's sad. But don't worry, we've got happiness to share! Starting this very second and lasting through October 1st, we're holding a contest! With prizes! With prizes that are Indie Love Bundles! Aren't you just the luckiest little badger at the badger prom?*

Here's how to enter. Sign in using a Casual Gameplay account below and leave a comment. But don't just leave any comment, we want to hear what kinds of things you would "bundle" together and why. You're not limited to indie games (or space, time, or logical concepts, for that matter), so go crazy and bundle some unique things and tell us why you want those bundled together. If you're feeling especially creative, create a bundle in real life or draw a picture of your bundle and share it (upload to a service like yfrog or Twitpic and drop the link in the comments)!

On October 2, we'll pick the bundles that most tickled/impressed us and dish out prizes a few days later. Tell your friends, tell your hair dresser, tell the people at the laundromat. Free indie games for the taking!

Grand prize (ten winners):

  • The Mega Summer of Love Bundle (all 12 games from both Indie Bundles: AaaaAAAaaaA!!!, And Yet It Moves, Auditorium, Aztaka, Brainpipe, Captain Forever, Cogs, Eufloria, Machinarium, Osmos, Saira, and Space Giraffe)

Here's an example bundle we came up with to show you the best way to present your creation. Remember: there are no limits to what you can bundle together or why!

The Casual Gameplay Bundle of Stripey Things

  • One zebra
  • One barber pole
  • A candy cane
  • Windmill
  • The reflexes of a flea
  • Regis Philbin
Purpose: Stripes are thinning. We'll use the collected stripes, mix them in our windmill, and produce a paste to consume. The resulting ultra-thinning goo will work so well, we'll become invisible, sneak up to Regis Philbin, and see if his hair is real after all.

A big thanks to the team at CipherPrime for organizing the Indie Bundles in the first place and for assisting us with the contest. Get your entries in before October 1, 11:59 p.m. EST (GMT-5). Now... start bundling!

* We have no idea if badgers have proms or if they are considered very lucky animals. But isn't it cute imagining a badger in a pink dress?


Can I leave a bundle of bundles, then bundle that bundle of bundles as my bundle entry, as long as I still only win one bundle? Or is it just a bundle for a bundle deal? A bundle for your thoughts?

The Acidifiers Bundle of World Domination

  • Insomnia

  • A deadline

  • Pointy objects

  • Internet Explorer

  • Alarm clocks

  • Mother in-laws

  • Satan

  • Satin

  • Santa

  • T1000

  • Newspaper comics

  • The Twilight series.

  • A pony

  • Amnesia: The Dark Descent

  • Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia

  • Car horns

Purpose: By placing such heinous creations within the same mass of purple reactants, a massive chemical reaction will ensue and the world will be dominated.


How to annoy people

A hiding spot
One unsuspecting victim
A computer
Lots (and lots) of spoiler tags
A spongebob figurine

Prepare the hiding spot.
Scroll to this post.
Give an excuse to leave while the victim is left with the computer.
Watch as the victim looks at the enticing spoiler tag.
Watch as the victim clicks no avail.
When the victim sees you, throw the Spongebob figurine to slow the victim down.
Run to your hiding spot.

25! Go on.

Is it just me, or have the spoiler tags gotten smaller?

50. I bet you're not going to make it.

75. I guess I was wrong.

100. Are you viewing the page source for this?

150. Were you surprised I didn't put something at 125? Well, this is the end. Congratulations on having wasted 10 minutes. A thrown Spongebob figurine awaits you.


Tom's Bundle of Awesome Developers

  • Mateus Skutnik and PastelGames (for the Submachine series)

  • Joey Betz

  • Tonypa

  • Eyezmaze (for the Grow series)

  • Ferry Halim (Orisinal)

  • Purpose: A short list of some of the biggest names in casual Flash game development, at least from my point of view as a JiG reader.


    Epic Bundle of how to break a diamond, Kill Justin Bieber, and get rich.
    1:Justin Bieber

    2 Helium Balloons. Like, so many of em' it's like, illegal.Label em':HELIUM

    3: Genetically monsterfied diamond that broke other diamonds when they saw this diamond, cause it had Chuck Norris DNA.

    4: Donkey Kong outfit with blonde girly wig, and lipstick.

    5: Something nondestructible, like,I don't know, a blankie!:D


    7: Note that says, "Justin Bieber has purbertiness removedness, which can murder. Please give him, like, a gazillion thousand Helium balloons to suck on. Signed,likeiamsonotadoctorbuthisisprettyfunny.

    8:Laptop with internet access to Ebay.

    Purpose:Go to Justin Biebers House in Donkey Kong outfit wearing wig and lipstick. Run in crying, and give he/she/it the note, and run to living room. Quickly use epicness and
    pull out a gazillion thousand Helium balloons and place on table. Place Diamond on nearby desk. Run away, and hide and watch as he/she/it walks in his/her/its true form:
    it turns back into Bieber(cause tinkerbell is too small to suck on balloons), and sucks on every single gazillion one of those balloons. Put in earplugs. When Justin Bieber
    opens his/her/its mouth to speak, duck under blankie. Be prepared as you hear a "KABOOOOOOOOOM!" Wait. Get out. Look at diamond dust, dead Justin Bieber, and everything bare
    and burned to a crisp for hundreds of miles around because the Chuck Norris DNA got out. Think. Pull out Laptop and start auctioning his body on Ebay. The End.


    the Donkey Kong is cause, you know, he/she/it is to stupid to tell the difference between his mom and Donkey Kong.

    armouredtrunks September 25, 2010 8:09 PM

    Ultimate Music Experience Bundle:
    Okkervil River
    Arcade Fire
    Sufjan Stevens
    Neutral Milk Hotel
    The Decemberists
    Regina Spektor
    Joanna Newsom
    David Bazan

    Reason? We could all use some awesome music in our lives!


    The Casual Gameplay Bundle of Transformice

    • Mice

    • Mouse Hole

    • Shaman

    • Trolls

    • A Glitchy Physics Engine

    • Cheese

    • Cheese!

    • And More Cheese!!

    • An Unreasonable Desire to be First

    • A Dollop of Addictiveness

    • All the Memes on the Internet

    • Anvil God

    • Cheese

    • And a dozen hats :D

    Purpose And Cooking Instructions: Bake this for about 40 builds and feed to the various gaming news sources. The result, a wonderful game that involves cheese, mice, gods, magical powers and the best and worst of society.

    Man I love Transformice, although it's a bit sad that the man site is down at the moment. The Kongregate server works anyway. My username is mrsico there as well, shout out if you see me!

    snickerless1 September 25, 2010 8:56 PM

    DIY World Domination!

    Kit includes:

    5 Replaceable Advisors
    500 Loyal Minions
    250 Robots with guns
    2 Gigantic Robots (Weaponry available for just $19999.99!)
    83 Innocent Bystanders
    1 Inflate-A-Headquarters
    1 Training Arena
    1 Shark Pit with button
    1 Piranha Pit with button
    1 Harmless Fish Pit (button not included)
    1 Universal Remote (Tune every television, Ipod, computer, game system, and piano to YOUR OWN PERSONAL WAVELENGTH!)
    1 Face Shadower (commonly used in conjuction with Universal Remote)
    1 World Map (Admire your conquests and plot new ones!)
    1 Doomsday Button (Blow up the world! WHAT COULD GO WRONG?!)

    And that's all you need! Just send in a mail order to **********, and get your WORLD DOMINATION KIT for the low low price of just $999999999.99! Come on, be the first to hit YOUR doomsday button!

    snickerless1 September 25, 2010 9:00 PM

    Oh, and I thought my bundle's purpose was self evident: WORLD DOMINATION!

    Sozmerlin. Oh Yeah. September 25, 2010 9:10 PM

    Bundle of wapfanvbinacolors, numeral errors and scrabble

    2: Triangular errors

    1: !2!3!4!5!6!7!8!9!0

    4: [email protected]!!

    7: err err err err err err err err

    0: quintessential on three triple word scores, and two doubles wich is 2916 points

    Purpose: to crash computers and macs around the world, forcing people to play scrabble and XboX and PlayStations Forever without listening to justin beiber!


    Bundle of English words rhyming with hungry:


    That's it.


    Award Revenge Speech Bundle

    you need:

    - megaphone/airhorn
    - Justin Bieber
    - Taylor Swift
    - award statuette
    - Kanye West at a live concert
    - a front-row ticket to the concert
    - limo
    - Bond-ish fancy limo-driver/butler with security escort

    the guards are trained ninjas

    and some of them are pirates on off days

    because their sheer awesomeness blows minds so

    they don't need Chuck Norris' mad skillz

    - inconspicuous getaway vehicle
    - some random kid
    - video camera

    a good one!

    - Harry Potter's invisibility cloak

    or a D&D - cloak of +2 invisibility

    to do:

    Hire some random kid to go to the concert and videotape everything.
    You, Justin Bieber, and Taylor Swift get in the limo with the driver and security. Drive to Kanye's concert. Using the cloak, sneak the two celebs onstage.
    Reveal Taylor and blow the airhorn or use the megaphone. She will snatch Kanye's microphone and get even. Taylor's speech ends with her hitting him over the head with the trophy.
    Reveal Bieber, who will distract people

    it seems everyone either adores him or hates his girly preteen guts

    while you and Taylor escape.
    Later, track down the kid you hired and pay him, retrieving your camera.
    Plot how to best use the video.

    Sell it? Upload to YouTube and get tons of viewers? Laugh evilly as you watch it over and over?


    Bundle of Joy

    • A baby

    Purpose: Squee at.


    Monjebleu's Bundle of Items Useful for Catching the Elusive Platypus

    • A rare Himalayan truffle, prefferably imported from France

    • A tasty bread sandwich (recipes for this can be found in the extremely informative book "Giraffes? Giraffes!")

    • A paper mache replica of a beaver wearing a goat costume

    • A wooden box which is not made of pine (platypi detest pine, they believe it is a cheap and gaudy wood)

    • A beaver

    • A Commodore 64 painted purple

    • A laminated sign reading "THIS IS NOT A TRAP"

    • A chair without a cushion

    • A pressure pad that will trigger when the combined weight of a chair, cushion, and platypus is placed on it

    • A large net with Voltaire quotes written all over it

    Purpose: The platypus shall be swaggering through his natural habitat, when all of a sudden the delightful smell of rare truffles shall come over him. Investigating, he shall find the truffle to be one of the ingredients in a delicious looking bread sandwich, but alas, his mortal enemy the beaver shall be guarding said sandwich. Upon initiating his carefully planned attack sequence, however, the platypus shall discover that the beaver is actually a goat, who is actually a replica of a goat. (This will be very ironic because there is a real beaver is inside of the wooden box, which the platypus found the sandwich and truffle on top of.) As soon as the platypus begins to eat the delightful sandwich. He shall notice a purple Commodore 64 with a laminated sign upon it, and he shall be puzzled as to how a wonderfully coloured computing machine can have so little RAM on it. The laminated sign reading "THIS IS NOT A TRAP" shall assuage his natural paranoia, for everyone knows platypi trust the power of lamination. The platypus will still, however, test the chair next to the Commodore by placing a bag of sand weighing as much as a platypus on top of it. Although the chair is indeed on a pressure plate, the plate requires the combined weight of a platypus, chair, and cushion to be set off. Next, the platypus will want to use the Commodore, and, to comfort himself, place his lucky cushion (which he always carries with him) on top of the chair before sitting on it. This will, of course, drop the net on him, and although platypi are brilliant escape artists, there are even more brilliant philosophers, and he shall be to busy contemplating the Voltaire quotes to try and escape. At this point, you may safely ask the platypus why he lays eggs instead of babies like most mammals. He will, if he wants to be free, have no choice but to tell you. Armed with this crucial information, solving the rest of life's mysteries shall pose no challenge to you, as you have already solved the most difficult one there is.


    Roger and Hammer Bro Bundle

    Purpose: These are just a few of my favorite things. A turtle bit me the other day, and then I was stung by a bee. I was feeling pretty sad, but then I remembered my favorite things, and i didn't feel so bad.

    matthias720 September 26, 2010 11:20 AM

    Ultimate Gaming Experience Pack

    -1 ultimate gaming computer containing:
    -a 300 exabyte hard drive
    -a 15 terahertz processor
    -a 1 terabyte graphic card
    -an HD 3D holographic monitor

    -2 ultimate gaming chairs with:
    -ergonomic back support
    -can adjust to any tilt or angle desired
    -surround sound speakers built into headrest
    -dual keyboards
    -universal game control connectors
    -automatic drink and snack dispenser
    -comes in all colors (default color black)

    -unlimited free access to any downloadable or web-based game

    -a regenerative supply of pizza, chips, and other junk food

    -a large quantity of super-vitamin capsules capable of sustaining an individual with all necessary nutritional requirement

    -a large quantity of FatBurn pills that, well, burn fat...

    -one time-dilation field generator

    -the fountain of youth

    The goal here, is to use the time dilation field and fountain of youth to give yourself all the time in the world to play any game you desire, as long as you want. With vitamins that help provide all your nutritional needs, and pills that burn off excess fat, you can consume all your favorite junk food with nothing to worry about. Also, with the ultimate chair, your gaming time is the most luxurious thing you've ever experienced, to say nothing of the computer or monitor. LET THE GAMES BEGIN!


    The Humble Limerick Bundle:

    Take a list of some things that you see,
    Like a textbook or gaming PC,
    Craft a scheme that's insane,
    Post it to Jay Is Games,
    And hopefully win games for free!


    My bundle of useless things that need to be bundled and stored somewhere secure to keep them away from the world forever...

    1. Mosquitos
    2. Cauliflower
    3. Automated phone systems
    4. Every "reality" show on MTV and VH1
    5. Pop-up and pop-under ads
    6. Pigeons
    7. My drawer of outdated power cords and other cables I don't use any more
    8. Junk mail
    9. Potholes
    10. The appendix
    11. Paris Hilton

    Just trying to the make the world a better place...


    Setia's bundle of essential requirements for contemplation

    • An open mind

    • Some interesting, engaging literature

    • A comfortable chair

    • An open fire

    • 'The Company of Myself' and 'Loved'

    • Time

    • A close companion

    • Love

    Purpose: Seat yourself in a comfortable chair, rest your weary body, warm yourself beside a fire; open your mind to some interesting literature, truly engage with the stories and characters spun beneath your eyes.

  • Tire of reading and play 'The Company of Myself' and 'Loved' - make your own interpretation through the creative minds of others, come to your own satisfying conclusions, be they sad, happy, sorrowful, enlightening.

  • Talk with your close companion as the evening wanes away, as the darkness sets in; see yourself linking so utterly with someone else as your minds set upon the most interesting of subjects and you share a loving, memorable moment, talking until you can talk no more.

  • Then set yourself, with the time that remains, to contemplating love, and find that the subject will last your mind through eternity, will throw it to the deepest depths of confusion and dismay but elate it to joy, to peace, to serenity, and find yourself, most of all, knowledgeable where once you were lacking, wise where once you were ignorant, but never fully understanding, for that is its magic, and perhaps its curse.

  • Reply

    The Khdo Bundle of World Domination

    • A Jigglypuff

    • Giant speakers

    • Trained monkeys

    • A nuclear bunker

    • Santa Claus

    • Blue dinossaurs

    • Ice cream

    How to do it: We place giant speakers all around the world, then Jigglypuff sings and make everyone fall asleep. When everyone is asleep, we substitute all the presidents by trained monkeys. While they are all locked at the nuclear bunker, we ask Santa Claus to convince everybody that they can trust us. And then we rule the world in our flying blue dinossaurs, and celebrate the world domination by eating ice cream.


    The Morshu Bundle

    3 Bottles of lamp oil*

    10 Feet of rope*

    20 Bombs*

    1 Creepy guy w/moustache

    Purpose: Mmmm....

    *(as long as you have enough rupees)


    The bad idea bundle

    1 stick of plutonium

    1 microwave oven

    Pupose:Do I even need to say


    The build your own universe bundle

    1x10^100 protons

    1x10^100 neutrons

    1x10^100 electrons

    Purpose: Tired of this universe? why not make a new one?


    The Conceptual Equilibrium of Nothingness

    • Knowledge of division

    • Zero

    Purpose: Divide by zero. Kaboom.



    A jar of premium dirt, and...

    Farm Mania (1 and 2)
    Westward (1, 2 and 3)
    Country Harvest
    Cap'n GoldGrubber's Treasure Hunt!
    Mole Control
    Farmer Jane
    Magic Farm
    Plants Vs. Zombies
    Alice Greenfingers (1 and 2)
    Blooming Daisies

    A bundle based around... dirt! I tried to find a few other things to put in here apart from farming-based games...


    The Bundle of Extinguished Hope

    • The dark

    • A switch

    • One light bulb

    • That tunnel you just passed by

    • Purpose: Walk to the end of the tunnel. Join the light bulb and switch. Turn the switch on. Turn the switch off. The light at the end of the tunnel is now gone.

    I realize this drawing sucks, but at least I tried. :D


    The Pundle:

    I used to be a ballet dancer, but found it too-too difficult.

    I used to be a butler, but found the work wasn't my cup of tea.

    I used to be a carpenter, but then I got bored.

    I used to work for H&R Block, but it was just too taxing.

    I used to be a part-time hairdresser, but I wanted something more permanent.

    I used to be a lumberjack, but then I got the axe.

    I used to be a tennis instructor, but it just wasn't my racket.

    I used to be a transplant surgeon, but my heart just wasn't in it.

    I used to work for Victoria's Secret, but then I got a pink slip.

    Why? Because in the words of Samuel Johnson, "If I were punishéd for every pun I shed, there would not be left a puny shed for my punnish head."

    Sozmerlin. Oh Yeah. September 27, 2010 12:07 AM

    If there is no rule against posting 2 bundles, then:

    1:Those magnificent men
    in their flying machines,
    They go up diddley up-up,
    they go down diddley down-down!

    2:They entrance all the ladies
    and steal all the scenes,
    With their up diddley up-up
    and their down diddley down-down.

    3:Up! down! Flying around!
    Looping the loop
    and defying the ground!

    4:They're all frightfully keen.
    Those Magnificent men
    in their flying machines!

    5:They can fly upside down
    with their feet in the air!
    They don't think of danger;
    they really don't care!

    6:Newton would think he
    had made a mistake!
    To see those young men
    and the chances they take!

    :Those magnificent men
    in their flying machines,
    They go up diddley up-up,
    they go down diddley down-down!

    7:They entrance all the ladies
    and steal all the scenes,
    With their up diddley up-up
    and their down diddley down-down.

    8:Up! down! Flying around!
    Looping the loop
    and defying the ground!

    :They're all frightfully keen.
    Those Magnificent men
    in their flying machines!

    9:Those magnificent men
    in their flying machines,
    They go up diddley up-up,
    they go down diddley down-down!

    10:Those magnificent men...
    those magnificent men
    Those magnificent men
    in their flyyyyyyying machines.

    Purpose: To nmake men race from london to paris in flying machines of all kinds in 1965 movie style!


    While I am not a member of JiG, I still wish to contribute.

    The game designer's bundle

    2 graphics designers
    1 programmer
    1 manual
    A pair of nerd glasses
    A mortal load of coffee (comes with free heart attack)
    17 playtesters
    15 beta testers
    Some random site
    Some kind of mascot (collect all 6!)
    A three day long sleep

    Purpose: it's all you need to create another delirious fantasy game. They're in these days.

    Yeah, there was pretty much no way for this to not come up sooner or later.


    The Ritualistic Sacrifice Bundle

    -1 computer
    -1 copy "I Wanna be the Guy"
    -1 Sacrifice

    Convince a person to play I Wanna be the Guy on your computer. Wait untill sanity is killed. You have just ritualistically sacrificed someone's sanity.


    kevinb1229's (admittedly) regular bundle for killing free time:

    -Bubble wrap
    -NPR "Wait, wait - don't tell me!" podcasts
    -Auditorium (the game, not the building)
    -And Yet It Moves
    -A computer (to play the games, of course!)

    Once bubble wrap gets old (fairly quickly), listen to NPR while playing AaaaAAAaaaA!. Once the hilarity dies down to one CPM (chuckle per minute), start AYIM. Upon beating that, finally finish with Auditorium, headphones on to immerse yourself in the musical experience.

    Result: At least a day of killed time (more if you like the games and want to replay some of the levels).


    The Bundle of Typos

    • One Hobo's Bandana tied to a stick

    • One acre of pristine Amazon rainforest

    • One vanilla-scented jar from Yankee Candle Co

    • One artificial inflation of a company's stock (buyer's choice)

    • One shovel (shovel head not included)

    • One set of horse reins, made from fine Italian leather

    • One private perfomance by Susanna Hoffs

    • And finally, one catastrophic mistake

    Why these items?

    They're all one or two letters off from 'Bundle':

    • A Bindle

    • A Jungle

    • A Candle

    • A Bubble

    • A Handle

    • A Bridle

    • A Bangle

    • A Bungle


    Vienna's bundle of one of those housework afternoons. AKA MOTHER TIME

    * Comfy chair
    * Big bone (to keep dog quiet)
    * Peanuts (to keep parrot quiet)
    * Tea.....lots of tea
    * Ginger nuts
    * Mateus Skutnik
    * Bart Bonte
    * The latest escape game (bought to my screen by JIG)
    * Grinnyp walkthrough (see above)
    * More tea
    *The Spanish Inquisition (didn't expect that did ya!)

    * Bonus material = Duvet

    Please note this bundle does not include grubby, grumpy teenager moaning that they need to get on social networking sites, 'where's my trainers', 'can I have some money' or 'can I get a tattoo'

    Porpoise: To keep me from tidying up which would result in everyone in household being plunged into state of confusion as they can no longer find things*. From preventing me enlarging my carbon foot print by using electricity powered vacuum cleaner.

    *The teenager never looks or finds anything anyway


    The Procrastination Bundle:

    - One fake signed 'sick' slip
    - One dog with an appetite for paper
    - A screen open behind the screen that has an Edline page ready
    - One pretty valid excuse (I only have my computer on for iTunes, really!)
    - One excuse that really isn't valid (I just needed to check something in Minecraft? Heh?)
    - One brand new video game
    - Set of pictures drawn around the homework page
    - One (1) adventure (Follow that fly! I have to get that snack before the world ends!)
    - One contest that I really have to enter before I finish my homework Free with trial package!

    Purpose: Homework is dull. There is no doubt about it. Also, that Science Test? I got it. I kinda know most of the stuff. Heck, I'll probably (but not really) will have time to study in class! What about that Current Event? Psh. Takes four(ty) minutes. Easy. I can stay up until 12:30 AM again anyways, I'm already used to yawning all day. No sleep for the weary. I can read that book in an hour! Look at that text, it's huge! Really! Ok my parents are coming around the corner I got this

    RandomCommander September 29, 2010 8:23 PM

    I know i just joined, but i WANT to get this bundle!


    The Tributary Bundle:

    1 Huge osmos bubble - from Osmos

    1 world of robots - from Machnarium

    1 puzzle-based ecosystem of machinery - from Cogs

    1 brainpipe - from Brainpipe

    1 falling endlessly dude - from AaaaAAaaaAAAaaaa!

    1 (hundred) Alpha Modules - from Captain Forever

    1 Asteroid for planting - from Eufloria

    1 capsule of "Super deadly laser musical essence" - from Auditorium

    1 crazy giraffe in a spaceship - from Space Giraffe

    killer aztec dude - from Aztaka

    Paper dude - from And Yet It Moves

    Saira - from Saira

    Purpose: Put the Osmos bubble (Osmos) somewhere, in your closet or out in your yard, and create a robot world (Machinarium) to place beside the Osmos bubble. Create a bunch of cogs, levers and bell thingies (Cogs) for the robots to work. Connect the Brainpipe (Brainpipe) between the Osmos bubble and the Robot World. Make a Falling-powered generator and place the falling guy (AaaaAAaaaAAAaaaAAAA!) in it, and power up the robot world.

    Now, get the Asteroid (Eufloria) And put it in the Osmos bubble. Grow some Dyson Trees and wait for seedling ships to appear. Put all the alpha modules (Captain Forever) together to make a ship -Don't forget the command module!- and put the paper guy (And Yet It Moves) in the command module. Fill the Alpha laser modules with Deadly musical laser essence, and listen to the glorius but deadly firepower! Put the Aztec dude (Aztaka) somewhere in one of the osmos planets in the osmos bubble, and watch him find the secrets to all the destruction you caused. Put Saira (Saira) somewhere to take pictures of your "creation".

    A Picture here to show what i mean. Picture taken by Saira (not really)

    RandomCommander September 29, 2010 8:26 PM

    oh shezmuffin, forgot a few things:

    Place the giraffes (Space Giraffe)to guard the secrets of space stuff and arm them with musical essence lasers (Auditorium).


    12 Things for Gaming Weekend

    Twelve Indie Games
    Eleven Mountain Dews
    Ten On The Volume
    Nine Browsers Browsing
    Eight Servers Serving
    Seven Vids From Netflix
    Six JIGmen Jigging
    Five Easter Eggs
    Four Arrow Keys
    Three Day Weekend
    Two Missed Showers
    One Wife Away At A Conference


    The Bundle of Surplus Video Game Pickups

    Spring Mushroom (Super Mario Galaxy)

    Poison Mushroom (Super Smash Bros)

    Metal Box (Super Smash Bros)

    Smoke Ball (Super Smash Bros)

    Guardian Acorn (Link's Awakening)

    Slime Fluid (Recettear)

    Deku Nut (Ocarina of Time)

    Purpose: Now you can get all these wonderful pickups for the low, low price of 100pix! We have so many because gamers tend to leave these behind, for whatever reason. Sell them to a good buddy *coughpoorsapcough*!

    Acidifiers October 2, 2010 6:26 PM

    Acidifiers' Bundle of Bundles

    I was going to draw I picture. But I don't have time. Or a scanner. Drat.

    RandomGai October 3, 2010 3:12 PM

    Ah, but it was past submission entry anyway.

    I wish each of us here luck on winning the bundle. ;D

    snickerless1 October 3, 2010 5:12 PM

    You guys realize that with roughly 35 entries and 10 grand prize winners, we ALL have a chance of 2/7 of winning the bundle? Good luck guys! :D

    RandomGai October 3, 2010 6:41 PM

    We shall see.

    I hope I get that 2/7 win. (yeah, who doesn't)

    monjebleu October 4, 2010 9:30 PM

    Good luck to all!

    Has anyone else been checking JIG three times a day to see if the winners have been posted?

    RandomGai October 5, 2010 10:40 AM

    I have.

    RandomCommander October 5, 2010 8:34 PM

    Looks like winners are up, at first i saw "Random" and thought i won, then i saw "Gai" and i was like "Hey, waitaminnut, i think they mispelled my name!" Then i saw there was an actual user named RandomGai, and...well, i dont want to express what i felt at that point.

    Congratulations to RandomGai and all the other winners out there. And no, im not a namestealer, i just didnt realize there was another person named RandomGai, just so you know.

    (man that bundle is awfully expensive now... I guess i'll just buy three games, not twelve)


    @Linkzcap, I actually missed this contest because I was playing Minecraft.

    Speaking of which, that game needs to be bundled with extra pants. Dark cave + ssssssSSSSSS = D:

    RandomGai October 6, 2010 6:55 PM

    @RandomCommander: I think you created an account first. o:


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