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Super Smash Brothers Brawl

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PsychotronicSuper Smash Brothers BrawlSuper Smash Brothers Brawl: it has arrived. After multiple delays, countless stunning revelations, and years of speculation, the third edition of Nintendo's bizarre tribute to itself has hit store shelves. Brawl is the game that will finally settle the ultra-geeky meta-question some of us have been wondering since 1991: "Who would win? Mario or Sonic?" That's right. Sonic the Hedgehog is in, as well as Snake from the Metal Gear Solid series, more Pokemon than you can scrape off you with a forklift, and the pint-sized Olimar, commander of Pikmin. It's going to be weird, folks. Weird but wonderful.

Super Smash Brothers Brawl, of course, is a fighting game featuring a smorgasbord of characters from all over the Nintendo intellectual property universe, beating each other senseless in colorful and chaotic battles of all shapes and sizes. If you've ever played Smash Brothers Melee, or the original Smash Brothers on Nintendo 64, you know it's one of the daffiest, entertaining-est romps that anyone was ever crazy enough to put on a home video game system. You get to electrocute Link with Pikachu. You get to throw Yoshi off a cliff with Donkey Kong. You get laser swords and baseball bats and fireballs and all kinds of wonderful things, woo.

Brawl is only available for the Nintendo Wii, and we wouldn't normally feature a console game on this site. It's $50 US that could be spent on your college fund, after all. But many of you have been requesting a blurb on this game, for months now, and it has one very important feature that no other Smash Brothers title has had so far: Wi-Fi battles. Yes, this time you can fight anybody on your friend list, and early reports say that it's virtually lag-free. Just like having your internet friends in your own home, except you don't have to bring them snacks.

So this isn't a review so much as a place for JIGsters who have Brawl to exchange friend codes and hook up for online battles. If you enter somebody's friend code, and they enter yours, you can start a brawl with them any time you are both online. Nintendo's ultra-paranoid method of exchanging friend codes is lovely for one reason: you don't have to be afraid to post your code here. Nobody can hassle you unless you add them to your friend list, and you can always remove them.

If enough people here like this idea, maybe we can even have regular JIG brawls. Hope to see you all on the battlefield.

Update: David Pekar has developed a Facebook application called SmashNet, which has been getting rave reviews. It allows you to search for Smash Brothers match-ups by location and skill level. If you have a Facebook account, and you are looking for lag-free brawls and an active Brawl community, check it out here.


mushroom March 9, 2008 11:55 AM

it's not out in England yet. *sulks*


yeah, way to rub it in guys. all the people in PAL regions have an entirely unknown number of months to wait!

unless you buy a wii freeloader and import the game. oh wait, that's just what i did. a-woo-hoo!

hopefully i'll have it in a couple of weeks


I would love to get this game, if I could find a place that has it in stock!
Looks like after all my anticipation, it'll be a few weeks...


Thanks for releasing it in Europe at the same time Nintendo! Oh wait, you didn't. Well at least we know when we'll be getting Brawl! Oops, no we won't. Well thanks for never caring about Europe in the slightest and making me wonder why I even buy your games any more.


I have to go get my copy today!!!


Holy Mother of God, I need this game... but alas, in Venezuela it will cost 500-1000% the retail price in the states, so I have to wait for a family member to pick me up a copy and get it to me...
As soon as I have my copy my Friend Code will show up here.

Kirkpad March 9, 2008 1:54 PM

My copy doesn't work due to bad disc lenses.

My wii was bought in Feb. of last year, BEWARE.


@Alex: Nintendo of Europe decides when games are released... So you should go to Großostheim in Germany (Bavaria) and kick some asses (just like Reggie said) down there ;).


Wow... you mean... it's really out this time? No more delaying it over and over again? We REALLY get to play it this time? o_0

ALL RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


:D my code is 1375-6875-6903.
Come hit me up in the chat if you plan on adding me :D


nice.. but i dont have a router =[


I'm getting my copy today. :) I've been waiting since 2005 for this game! I can't wait to finally play it.

@Kirkpad: Yes, I have heard about these errors. It has nothing to do with the disc, but with the laser of the Wii not being able to read the duel layered disc. Nintendo will fix your Wii for free and will pay for shipping too.

Gryphon78 March 9, 2008 3:37 PM

I actually stumbled across the real release of this game by mistake. I was down at hollywood video which is open till midnight hoping to rent a game. it had closed fifteen minutes early, but on my way back I saw the line up for brawl. I raced home, got two games I don't play, and turned them in to get brawl for free AND 5 dollars edge at EB Games!


1590 4365 0035

Like Kero said, hit me up in the site's IRC chat channel if you want to battle. :)


Drop a line in the IRC if you want to battle me too!



I'm planning to get this game (read: persuade my sister to buy it: it's her Wii!) and when I do, friend codes ahoy!


my fc is 2191-7310-5146


Here's my friend code: 0001-2977-4461

Don't let it go to your head.


I was surprised to see a console game entry on JIG. IGN, beware!! ^_^

Seriously, it's cool. I have both the N64 and GC versions, and I might pick this one up from the Laotian market as well, when I make my rounds there next month - for the fraction of the original price, I might add. ;-)


Mine is 4596-9124-7629.


Here's mine: 0516 6963 8475


wow, the last console game i remember getting reviewed here was shadow of the colossus.

Im getting brawl soon too.


I accidently found the date for this and went madly excited until I found out it was the American date and not the UK date.

How sucky is that? Sometime June now I believe :(


Oh well. It can't be too long till the UK gets it now... It looks amazing!


I'm sad, so I'm going to buy it as soon as I get out of school... CURSE YOU, EDUCATION!!! It better not be sold out.


Can you only connect with people on your friend list, or can you just make it connect you to a random person and battle them?


My FC: 3737-9182-8291

I'll add you other guys---^ when I get on Brawl again, see you there :D



Just picked it up today, so let's rumble! Makes me pine for the old N64 days.


I found a glitch in stage editor to make a stage where you can't die

you use spikes for the ceiling and floor and bricks for walls


me: 4511 0141 1250


OK! Added everyone frome Teabo up, can't wait to see you guys online. I'm on the east coast but my play hours are kind of all over the place. Should be on around 4-6 today though :D

Wolfgang DelaSangre March 11, 2008 5:06 PM

I actually got to play for the first time earlier. I chose Mario (because I rocked with him in Melee), and I won. Mario is just as good as he was in Melee, so I'm happy.

I also got to play with some other characters. I'll list the ones I've used so far, though it's not many (I had to go to class shortly thereafter).

Mario: As I said before, Mario is Mario. I rocked with him in Melee, and I rock with him here. His Final Smash is like a slightly downgraded version of the Kamehameha from the Dragonball saga. But it's a swirling vortex of fire.

Bowser: He's faster than he was in Melee, which means he rocks now. Didn't get a chance to use his Final Smash, unfortunately (he turns into Giga Bowser for a short while).

Fox: Also rocks. In Melee, he was way too fast and his jumps lasted half a second. All in all, he was incredibly difficult to handle and just wasn't worth it. Now, he's returned to the glory he once had in the original and is quite good. Got to use his Final Smash, where he summons the Land Master. Not a whole lot of good there, really. Although it was fun to run over everyone.

Ike: Don't use Ike. Just don't. Unless you know what you're doing, don't use him. His attacks are powerful, but he's got the speed of a snail in its shell. Unless you have a LOT of experience, he's just not that great. Also didn't get to use his Final Smash, and I don't know what it is either.

That's my experience thus far.


Extremely, extremely overhyped. Even more so than Halo 3, and thats saying something.


Oh, man. I got the last copy at Zellers. So lucky


I'm gonna get brawl about next weekend but it's very fun


Hey, Just got the game yesterday.
I'm 4253-3201-7949, and I'm adding everyone above me as I type this.


The code for jere7mii is: 0173-0988-0165.

To answer LukeX, you can indeed hook up with random people, though so far I've only managed to do so once; I think I may be doing something wrong. (Also, the CPUs beat both of us.) You can also voyeuristically watch strangers battling elsewhere in the world.


Let's do this.

Friend code 1032-0956-9994


Do you need some kind of game code? If so where do you find it?
or is it just the friend code that you need?


add me! 1203 8899 5276 i added you guys!

Anonymous March 12, 2008 8:00 PM

yeah its awesome


Doh! Ignore my code above - it should be 0173-0988-6165.


Saix: You can enter up to 64 friend codes, then log in to see a list of games your friends are playing.

Michelle* March 13, 2008 7:31 PM

I work at Blockbuster, so I got first dibs on our retail copies.

I am so satisfied with the contents of this game. I was worried that it wouldn't live up to the hype


I'm 3222 5241 0045

Shadowfox March 15, 2008 12:05 AM



Koniferus March 15, 2008 12:45 AM

i can't believe how many of you play he wii...it honestly surprised me. nothing against the wii of course. i have a ps3 and a 360 and this is the first time I've ever considered getting one. I love smash bros so much i'm about to get a system just to play it lol!

Sheer_Cold March 15, 2008 7:35 AM

Alas, I do not have wi-fi.
But I will post my friend code here, whenever
I get my router from storage and if it works.


I played it, and Pit is awesome. Very manueverable and fast, and strong to boot. I'm happy.

Satun500 March 15, 2008 6:20 PM

Miles, all I can say is: WTF?!

This game is far better than Halo 3! You are likely a Sony fanboy, since you say Halo 3 is overhyped and no Microsoft fanboy would ever say that (Although it's true, but they're fanboys). Look, the point is, do yourself a favor, and PLAY IT YOU [Technical Difficulties] OW! Alright, look, just play it before you say your opinion of it, that's all I'm saying.

Note: I am not a racist! I hate Obama because, well, nobody can think of any reason to support Obama except he wants change!




yoyoyo guys i just got my internet adapter so now im ready to smash it up! my code is 1805-1958-7920. cya in the arena <:)


IM GAME..........5155-2708-7159


I've gotten the game, but my Wii is having some difficulty hooking up to the internet. I don't have Wi-Fi, and I just found out that the Wii has no Ethernet port to plug the cable into. Just because many people have Wi-Fi these days doesn't mean you shouldn't provide support for cabled setups too!


Are there any jealous Australians here, or am I the only one? I totally need to check out when this is coming.


I'm 3050-7393-8137

Anonymous March 19, 2008 12:39 PM

my code is 2277- 6444-2882
DEVIN or DBEST (u choose)
I added everyone down there
Chalenge me if u dare


The day we got our copy, I play it for 27 hours exactly!lolz

Anywhey, it suks that the remotes have bluetooth but the wii doesnt. i have a bluetooth dongle and my wii wont hook up, and i cant find a stinkin usb wifi adapter


o well i i get one ill post fc here

Mauserketi March 21, 2008 5:44 PM

My code is:

Let me know if you add me so I can add you!

Dragonmatt March 21, 2008 10:44 PM

Grand, I was given the choice between getting getting an Xbox 360 or a Wii with the money I had scrounged up, and I went with the Xbox because it had Halo 3 and Call of Duty 4 on its side. Now I wish I had gone with the Wii...

greenfourth March 22, 2008 1:48 AM

Aaaah, this is great! And this gave me a perfect excuse to sign up for an account here too. The tv we use for the Wii is being used at the moment but once it's free I'll look up my friend code and put it up here. Then I'll definitely be hitting up jay and Psychotronic in the chat =D (anyone else is welcome to add me as well, just let me know so I can add you too)


How do you know your freind codes! is it on a wii when you buy it?


Note: Spoilers are secret characters!
I have unlocked everyone except

Toon Link

, and most of the characters are great. My personal favorite is Ike, he's extremely powerful but not unbearably slow (like


), and his final smash is great. He's all around awesome.


mine is 5455 9118 5453, please add me cause i have NO ONE TO PLAY.....for some reason playing ppl with no friend code doesnt work

Catherine March 24, 2008 2:16 PM

I've been waiting for it since 2005 too. And I still don't have it. I hate Europe. Why are we hated. It isn't even for translation. The British get it in the same language as the Americans do. We even get American words that we don't even use in Britian. So if Nintendo can spend ages translating for other Europien languages, surley they should have the courtisy to translate it into British English too? At least then at least the wait won't be for no reason.


i need some friends to brawl online with so heres my code and hopefully people add me 2964-8414-7172 hopefully i see u in the brawl


i need some friends to brawl online with so heres my code and hopefully people add me 2964-8414-7172 hopefully i see you in the brawl


i also added evryone above so add my code so we can start brawling


My F.C is 2449-4360-0518 I have added mostly everybody above and im good at brawl.


my F.C. is 3222 5446 2314 is think you can take me on


My friend code


just got it, loads of fun =p


my F.C is 1332-7717-2899


0001-2977-4461 (Ongy)

I think I posted this before. Oh well!


Hi i added everyone from Mikey down, so please add me at 5455-9118-5453


sorry to break it to you paul, but wii games are region locked, so if you get brawl imported it won't work on your wii. that's $50 down the drain.


i would love to play this game, but one small problem:I DONT HAVE A WII! they cost SO much money!!! once i get one, ill get this game!


is one of these things going to appear for mario kart???

my codes 6015998017626028 if anyone wants a race at some point.


my code is 1418-6897-3814

every1 add me ill add you when i get on.

shadow master April 26, 2008 5:27 PM

I do not think anyone could EVER have a bad opinion of this game. If you haven't played it and you're saying it sucks or it's over-rated just because you haven't played it, do the world (and yourself!) a favor and play it! If you don't have it or a wii, play it at a gamestop, or play it at a friend's house!

It's not my opinion that this game is awesome.

It is awesome.

RetardedNinja May 1, 2008 6:51 PM

My friend code is 4038-6427-8794

donkeykong98 May 5, 2008 5:43 PM

I luv this game!!! I have every character, every stage, and i beat the game!!! : ) I am so satisfied. I pre-ordered it, and was waiting and waiting for it to come out!!!

This spoiler tells u the easy way to unlock all the characters!

Go to rules (in the selecting characters part) and set it to stock match, and set stock to 1. Then u have 1 life. SO u choose a stage like pictochat, or somewhere else easy to fall off of (UNLIKE THE METAL GEAR SOLID PLACE) and jump off, every single battle, it takes around 1 hour to an an hour and a half, but then u will have like 600 brawls!!!! That means u will have all 35 characters!!!



It comes out in Australia in august :(

JimHarbis May 14, 2008 10:02 PM



To those people in Australia.. the SSBB comes out on 26th of JUNE!


OMG this game sounds so awesome i cannot wait to get a wii
and play it (when i get the cash LOL) P.s. My animal crossing wild world f.c is :1934-0105-5623


my friend code is 2363-6612-8434!
I'm almost always Lucas.
on the Wii message board, where do you place a person's friend code?


Fastest Match.

Go to special mode and turn on Stamina. On the Character selects creen put 1 as the hp of everyone. As soon as the match starts it ends!


My friend code: 2707-2032-8472
Hope to fight you soon! (I'll probably be Yoshi, by the way.)

MasterGeodude June 13, 2008 4:47 PM

7 MORE DAYS AND ITS OUT IN ENGLAND, I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :P :) :D :>)

MasterGeodude June 13, 2008 4:53 PM

also when it is out if anybody wants to play me my friend code will show when i get it, but BEWARE on super smash bros melee i killed 3 level 9's on a team against me


hi im a hidden caracter most of the time i have the game and it owns to get

toon link (im him) after beatin sub space go to the forest once there there is a door that is only there if you beat the game

+ i have evry character and stage


Whoops. That should actually be be 2707-2032-6472. My bad.


I have to say i love this game, i hated having to wait for the game to be releaed in Scotland. I tell you it was hell, but now its here and it was worth the wait.



what is happening with my wi when i play brawl everytime i get on the internet it keeps on sayin connection interupted and i play online.


add me i add u 4983 6629 0298 F.C

GreatAether July 27, 2008 4:39 PM

1677 0935 6206 is mine. i added sushi and Corran


Add me at 4811-9043-0267....let's battle.


my code is 5745 8218 9185 7045
come brawl sometime


Hmm... I did not expect to see this game reviewed here, but whatever. It's apparently one of three console games reviewed on the whole site.

It's good.


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