Sleepwalker's Troubles: Brunhilda's Hut

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TrinnSleepwalker's Troubles: Brunhilda's HutBubble, bubble, toil and Sleepwalker's Troubles: Brunhilda's Hut room escape on the double! Okay, so maybe I stink at spells. Fortunately, wizened sorcerers and wide-eyed Muggles alike can enjoy this crafty point-and-click escape game by Ficus Frenzy.
Playing the role of an unfortunate hero who is cursed with the habit of sleepwalking, you awake to find yourself in an unfamiliar witch's hut. Since witches aren't exactly known for their hospitality, you're tasked with escaping the building before she returns, using only your wit and maybe a few handy magical resources.

Use the mouse to explore, investigate, and interact with the environment. To combine items, click one inventory item from the bar at the bottom of the screen to select it and then click a different item to attempt to add them together. Navigating is done by simply clicking the directional arrows at the sides of the screen. If you get stuck, there's a convenient hint button in the upper right corner that will advise you on the next action to take based on what scene you're currently looking at. Unity web player is required to access this game, and the developers took full advantage of this tool. The three-dimensional graphics are a perfect blend of cute and spooky elements and the animations are equally impressive. While the background music is a charming addition to the atmosphere, there is a mute button provided at the bottom left corner for those who appreciate silence.

Much of the gameplay consists of inventory management, so the difficulty level is relatively low. Veteran escape artists should have no trouble breezing through the game in a matter of minutes, although some players may lament the lack of a changing cursor. Admittedly, the cursor can also be annoyingly picky when trying to use inventory items on the scenery. For the most part, however, no pixel hunting is necessary... just a keen eye, a little curiosity, and perhaps a hint of magic.

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Walkthrough Guide

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Sleepwalker's Troubles: Brunhilda's Hut Walkthrough

  • Click the firefly to light the room.

  • Take the jar of Fire Mushroom Mucus on the shelf above the table.

  • Turn right towards the cages.

    • Take the Sharp Piece of Metal on the floor beside the evil creature's cage.

  • Go right two times to face the closet.

    • Take the Potion Flask on the shelf above the chest.

    • Click the closet door to open it.

    • Take the Dirty Rag at the bottom of the closet.

    • Take the Scissors from the pocket at the lower right side of the corset.

  • Go right towards the fireplace.

    • Take the Wooden Log at the bottom of the fireplace.

    • Combine the Log and Dirty Rag in your inventory to make Log & Rag.

  • Go right to the table.

    • Put the Potion Flask on the burner.

    • Wait for the cork to pop off the flask, then pick up the Cork on the stool.

    • Click underneath the table to zoom in and take the Syringe Part.

    • Combine the Cork and Scissors to make a Piston.

    • Combine the Piston and Syringe Part to complete the Syringe.

  • Go back and then right to face the cages.

    • Use the Syringe on the evil creature in the bottom cage to receive Syringe with Blood.

    • Click the Evil Creature to add it to your inventory.

  • Go left towards the table.

    • Use the Evil Creature on the steaming hardening potion.

    • Combine the Fire Mushroom Mucus and the Log & Rag to make a Torch.

    • Light the Torch on the burner under the hardening potion to get a Burning Torch.

  • Go right towards the cages.

    • Use the Hardened Evil Creature on the carnivorous plant.

    • Take the Carnivorous Plant Tooth that falls on top of the cage beside the plant's pot.

  • Go left twice towards the fireplace.

    • Click the poster on the wall to zoom in.

    • Use the Sharp Piece of Metal from your inventory on the picture of Brunhilda to cut out the Eyes.

    • Use the Burning Torch on the logs in the fireplace.

    • Click the cauldron to zoom in.

      • Place the ingredients into the cauldron according to the recipe on the stand to the left of the fireplace.

      • Add the Eyes, Carnivorous Plant Tooth, and Syringe with Blood to the cauldron.

    • Click the plant above the red steaming cauldron to receive the Herbs.

  • Go right to the table.

    • Use the Herbs on the flask, then click the flask to take the Tea.

  • Go left twice to the closet.

    • Use the Tea on the shaking chest.

    • Click the chest to open it and take the Magic Dust.

  • Go right to the fireplace.

    • Add the Magic Dust to the cauldron.

    • Boom!

    • Take the Y Shaped Branch on the ground to the right of the fireplace.

    • Click the cuckoo clock to zoom in and take the Metal Spring.

  • Go left to the closet.

    • Take the Elastic Band hanging from the corset.

    • Take the Piece of String on the ground underneath the wardrobe.

  • Go left to the door.

    • Take the Puzzle Lock Frame on the ground in front of the door.

  • Go left to the cages.

    • Take the Paint Brush on the cage beside the plant's pot.

  • Go left to the table.

    • Use the Paint Brush on the stream of honey dripping from the shelf.

    • Click under the table to zoom in and take the Magnet.

    • Combine the Magnet with the Piece of String.

  • Go right to the cages.

    • Use the Magnet on String on the Cog Wheel inside the carnivorous plant's mouth to add it to your inventory (you have to be very precise, so it may take more than one try)

    • Add the Metal Spring, Cog Wheel, and Paintbrush With Honey to the Puzzle Lock Frame.

  • Go left to the table.

    • Use the Puzzle Lock Frame on the little red demon to receive Red Rocks.

    • Combine the Elastic Band and the Y Shaped Branch to make a Slingshot.

    • Add the Red Rocks to the Slingshot to start the minigame.

      • To beat the minigame, hit the target on top of the chandelier.

      • Click and hold the red rock inside the slingshot then drag the elastic band back, up, or down to aim the shot.

      • Release the mouse to fire the projectile towards the puzzle lock cover to knock it down.

    • Take the Puzzle Lock Cover on the ground in front of the door.

    • Combine the Puzzle Lock Cover and Puzzle Lock Frame to complete the Puzzle Lock.

    • Add the Puzzle Lock to the space above the door handle.

  • Click the lock puzzle to zoom in.

    • The lock shows three numbers underneath three items: a feather, a star, and a skull.

    • To open the lock, enter the number of those items found around the room.

    • There are 4 feathers on the corset inside the wardrobe and 1 feather in the ink pot on the table. 1+4 = 5

    • There is 1 star on the wall above the cages, 1 star on the book on the table, 1 star in the corner of the witch poster, and 1 star bag hanging in the wardrobe. 1+1+1+1 = 4

    • There are 7 skulls on the corset in the wardrobe and 1 skull on the shelf above the fireplace. 7+1 = 8.

    • The combination is 5-4-8.

    The End!


Sounds great but I am not able to get to the game. I click on the link and it says "page not found" I am using the newest Chrome. Help?

[Link fixed! Thanks. -Jay]


I'm torn. On the one hand, it's a room escape game I can't play at work (Linux). On the other hand, it's a room escape game I can anticipate playing when I get home (Windows). I just hope it's worth the wait.


Out without the walkthrough but...

Shouldn't the final code include the pictures on the door puzzle box cover?


The link has been fixed, everyone, and I apologise for the mixup. Dora's having a derpy day. Everything should be fine now.


Not a bad game, but I had to knock it down a whole star because the game was so laggy. For example, moving an object around wasn't smooth, but really jumpy (my system is in no way slow); probably because of the Unity plug-in. If it wasn't so slow I would have enjoyed it more.


I keep getting told I need a plugin, even though I have the latest flash.


ok, it took 3 reloads of the page before it finally took me to dld unity.


I liked the game a lot but it was very buggy!


apparently you need the unity player. i don't know how safe that is though.

[The Unity player is a tried and true technology from a very reputable company. It is safe. -Jay]


Jay, well i guess it is safe, but the issue i had was it slowed down my ability to switch between the game and the walkthrough. at times it took like 5-8 seconds between switches. once i ended the game it went back to normal.

[Yes, just like the Flash player, the Unity player is processor intensive. -Jay]


If I had a dollar for every time

I used a magnet on a string

in a game like this, I'd be a rich man.

alisonofagun August 19, 2011 1:47 PM

Anyone else notice that the

fire mushrooms were described as highly inflammable? I never thought that they would help me light the torch since they weren't flammable.

Guess that is why there are walkthroughs:)

[If something is "inflammable" it means it is easily set on fire. -Jay]


Help! I'm doing what the walkthrough says and using the

puzzle lock frame

on the

little red demon

but it's not working. It just keeps

laughing and re-locating elsewhere, same as when I tried to click it with nothing.

What am I doing wrong?


Ack, never mind. I missed a crucial part. Got it now.

Elmo Rogers August 23, 2011 6:56 AM

I went through without help until the last step because

I can't see the star on the poster


Can't get this game to load. The ads run just fine of course. I already have the Unity plug-in but downloaded the newest version anyway. Tired of trying.

[I'm sorry you're having trouble. The game is loading fine for me. What OS and browser version are you using? Also, can you please tell me which one of our content servers you are hitting? Thanks. -Jay]


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