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Sketch Quest

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Rating: 3.9/5 (88 votes)
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elleelle_sketchquest_image3.pngYes, you've been overheard mumbling to yourself how you could design more outstandingly blastiful weapons and truly amazing bufferific gear. As a habit, when you're left holding a pencil, doodles appear across the page almost without thought. And you know, down inside, a bit of snark resides waiting to find kinship in an action platformer. Hrmm? Okay, even if none of that is true, Sketch Quest, a new sketch-your-own side-scrolling platform game by Page52 is hot off the drawing board to put the mightiness of the quill in your hands and empower your secret artistic ambitions to shine through with colorful kismet.

Gratifyingly fun although disappointingly brief, Sketch Quest is like your typical platform game in these ways: use [A] and [D] or the arrow keys to move; space, [W] or up arrow to jump (hit twice to double-jump); [S] or mouse clicks to attack. As usual, enemies will come at you teeth bared and obstacles will demand dexterous dodging. Each level progression means more difficulty. Don't think hens laying exploding eggs is a challenge? Sketch Quest does have some tricky moments but it's never cruel—after dying, you will regenerate at the beginning of an obstacle to retry your moves while still fresh in mind. The weapon power option seems a bit dubious and attack controls slightly imprecise; then again, if you're stabbing with an onion, that might be expected.

The best part? Sketch Quest departs from typical at the very start when your screen fills with intricately interesting sketches then it continues into extraordinary, stopping to command you to customize your character, "Draw your own weapon... hat... enemy...." When you advance, more options are given. Juvenile Pee Chee Folder motifs might be inspired here. Although dotted lines suggest the shape of such invention, in your Sketch Quest notebook, a simple palate of pencil and six watercolors—and imagination—are the only limitations.

Note: Be it a Picasso or Rembrandt or Cyke, you can show off your creation by including an image link when posting your comments below (keep them site appropriate, please!)

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The concept is great, but it needs more work.
I find the enemies unfairly over-powered being able to beat you for a few seconds of contact.
I made it far, but found myself stuck at throwing my "fireballs" at the bombs which are inside a low-hole, my rifle somehow vanished at the start of the level :(
I somewhat fell through the level forever, when I quit the level back to the menu, the other levels were still locked.


Even on low quality, impossible to enjoy. :/

little_geoff September 27, 2011 4:31 PM

Not really a platform fan, but I like the fun factor in the game, and the doodling is brilliant. but i found a bug: the change weapon buttons just didn't work for me. (Win7/FF3.6)
Plus the lack of directional shooting means, you have to wait for most of the enemies to come to you, but your not really playing it for the baddies. I just wanted to kill things with a giant till register!


As far as faults go, the enemies are rather overpowering, the game sometimes has trouble registering if your weapon actually made contact or not, and I would sometimes go to make a drawing and came back to find I had been killed. As far as good points are concerned, it's a bit like Drawn to Life in feel and this is probably the only game you can run around in with a cavalier hat, clubbing enemies with the Millennium Rod and throwing weapons shaped like something I'm not allowed to mention on this site.


RRGH! The "totino's pizza rolls" plays until the last second, right down to singing "we're the kids in ameeeri-" and freezes! LAST SECOND BEFORE GAME LOADS!!
*must.. resist.. urge.. to bang head.. against.. monitor..*
Wish I could play your game, it looks good.

[Sorry the experience has been frustrating for you. Try emptying your browser cache and reload. It sounds like your initial download got corrupted somehow. Also, make sure your Flash Player is updated. -Jay]


HO-LEE-COWW!! This game is SOO neat! The backgrounds are so much like the sides of my math quizzes!! :) My 'rifle' wiener dog disappeared at the same point as the first person who left an entry- so if anyone would be so kind as to post a sort of 'walkthrough' for this puzzle dunce to help with the hidey-holes, the dunce would be much abliged.
Nice job, sketchquest staff! Awesome game!


Main problem of this game: it NEEDS to pause the game execution while you're drawing weapons and/or enemies, or else you finish your drawing only to discover you've been killed in the meanwhile =_= seriously, it's really annoying

Great idea for a game, but it needs work because of details like this that detracts from the enjoyment :(

Anonymous October 1, 2011 2:19 PM

This game has a great idea, but I'm not sure if the parts I get stuck at are just tricky platforming and hidden answers or real bugs. Like,

after the first round, I get to the first weapon raccoon and it tells me to 'doodle' so i click the boxes at the top and make my own hat and hand things. Then the green door's supposed to open, right? It won't let me draw a throwing weapon, and i'd gotten past that point on a desktop before.


It was impossible to go past the level with the flames raining down, also because my character would randomly jump basically killing himself when I didn't press jump.

And even IF you get to go past that part, if you got killed by ONE of the bazillion enemies awaiting you on the other side, you get teleported BEHIND the flames, having to do it all again.

I'm sorry, but after at least 20 attempts this is enough to make me ragequit and never try again


I found out how to regain your gun at the level everyone is getting stuck at.
Press J on the keyboard and the doodle screen should pop up, redraw your gun, and then shoot the low hole and the bombs will explode.
Took me forever to figure it out. ~ quite frustrating.


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