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NoahYou'll either love or hate the following Flash diversions from the fresh-faced wiseacres at RRRRThats5Rs.com. Accurately describing their creations as "frustrating games," Don't Shoot the PuppyRRRR often attempts to upend expectations of what a game should be, and even draw attention to the absurdity that can result from goal-based gameplay taken to extremes. A few of the games feature mature subject matter and if you don't enjoy spoilers and/or expletive-spewing frustrated gamers you may want to avoid the comments section.

How Much tests your powers of perception in a series of increasingly difficult and unlikely comparisons.

By far the longest and most intricate game on the site, the recent popularity of Don't Shoot the Puppy was responsible for knocking the 5Rs website offline last week. Figure out how to keep an adorable puppy safe from a cannon for 15 levels.

Click Once a Minute is a precision and endurance test that generated some gems in the RRRR comments section:

  • Brian Shih - "Terrible and beautiful."
  • Wyndee - "Whatever I def dont get this one it made me wanna get back to work."
  • Euge - "This game isn't very fun."

Seemingly made only to illustrate the confusion that can be caused by ambiguous instructions, Click Between the Lights is the most traditional playing and least interesting of all the games on the site.

Finally, Get to the Finish is a tense but ultimately rewarding race poking fun at one of our most beloved Web technologies. See you at the finish line!

Attention budding game developers! Ben at RRRR is looking for people to implement a proverbs game that he describes here. He is even generously offering $3 for your time! If you know Flash and want to help out why not take him up on it?


I especially enjoyed all the enraged comments for Don't Shoot the Puppy. :-) I beat it, I'm proud to say!

heather12321 March 29, 2006 5:49 PM

ok, i'm probably really stupid, but . . . how do you not shoot the puppy? i can't work out how to do anything! can someone give me a hint?

heather12321 March 29, 2006 5:50 PM

oh, never mind, i worked it out, lol


*laughs* I'm quite shocked at the crazy comments that site has garnered, I thought it was quite funny, especially race to the finish. Sadly I worked it out a bit too early.


I can't get lvl 9 of Dont Shoot the Puppy


I suppose the ideas are cute but they're more just exercises in how many minutes of your life youre not going to get back :\


you know how do you not shoot the puppy


All these games are so great because they accomplish the designers' goals so well ... that is, the games are so annoying!! However, "Don't Make Mommy Cry" and "How Much?" are rather enjoyable.

Dr Pangloss March 29, 2006 10:15 PM

Can someone post a walkthrough?


hee hee hee....


how do you not shoot the puppy? gawsh this annoys me..


Don't shoot the puppy should get a new name:

Don't move your mouse


Don't shoot the puppy...that one gets pretty tricky! But I beat it! Took me awhile to figure out how to not shoot the puppy, but all it takes is a little patience.


Hahhhh. I thought I missed something on the Finish Line one because when it started its

Loading thing

I clicked onto another page so I had to reload it. Boy, I felt smart.


After beating 'don't shoot the puppy', I had to restart it a couple times just to shoot the puppy.

It's a good game, not necessarily a fun game, but a good one.

the flying monkey March 30, 2006 1:07 AM

lvl 12 of dont shoot the puppy nearly had me fooled.

Clever Monkey March 30, 2006 7:35 AM

How Much is a great spoof of Tonypa's 12Many.


This is just hilarious stuff right here. This isn't the first time games like these has popped up, but it's rare when you stumble across them.

Gaming dadaism, that's what it is. Gaming that's not gaming at all.

I like how the "Don't shoot the dog" game tested our behaviors. I mean...

your mouse turns into a hammer and you see a nail, and the dog isn't moving? Brilliant.

It just goes to show how stupid reflexes can be sometimes.

dittydog March 30, 2006 9:49 AM

I have a few tips

its really really really easy on a laptop touch pad

you cant do anything on your keyboard either

,spoiler> im stuck on level 9


Thanks for the site review Noah, that's our first official one ever. I always appreciate when people understand the message that our games are trying to send, rather than just the tricks to beat them. We have plenty more planned in the coming months, but right now we're just trying to handle the growing popularity of "Don't Shoot the Puppy". The question is, who will make the first spin-off?



Level 11 is DIRTY


For anyone struggling with DSTP:

Click start, then alt-tab out. Go back in if you want, but don't move your mouse into the game area.

Bored @ work (but not at work right now) March 30, 2006 10:12 PM

Here is one of the easiest ways to beat this game:

If you have a standard mouse with a ball in it, simple line up the cursor on START, then pick up the mouse and slowly remove the ball from it. You may need to move the little wheels inside of the mouse to line it up again. From there, just click the mouse without a worry that it will move every time START comes back up. Sadly, you will put more effort into doing this than what the entire game involves.


Hehehe, this game is harsh. Especaly on...

...Level 9, the nail and the hammer - close. Luckely i was doing other stuff at the time :D

...Level 12 (I think) where it says 'Start' and it stays after you click it :D That one got me

Keep up the site Jay, its going well.


thanks Noah, that was excellent


For Dont shoot -

just right click and move the mouse away from the screen. Once start displays you can safely move the mouse back

Brilliant game. The eternal suffering level got me the first time I played it, and after that the hammer level. But not after that! ;)

baba44713 March 31, 2006 7:00 AM

Loved the dog nonshooting game.

Suggestions for the sequel:

Hammer was brilliant, kudos for that. Eternal suffering too. However, "skip level" came waay too late, and last few levels were really easy.
Here are a few suggestions:
- formal "move the mouse quickly after pressing start" caption
- fake right-click menu pops up after pressing start
- gun discharges and dog blows up even though player didn't move anything. Few seconds later dog wakes up from the nightmare and goes left again.
- loud sound goes off
- game screen goes corrupt for a few seconds
- "Game Paused. Press enter too continue". Nuff said.

There. Cheers!


Don't Shoot the Puppy is amusing. I wasted 13 minutes and 34 seconds of my life on this! :)

Someone asked for a walkthrough, and here it is:

Level 1 -

Don't move the mouse after you click Start. 'Nuff said.

Level 2 -

Again, don't move the mouse after you click start. This puppy is slower than level 1.

Level 3 -

A fake popup ad will appear. DON'T GO TO CLICK IT. Wait for the puppy to exit the screen.

Level 4 -

The puppy will randomly pause. Make sure you don't try to push it along.

Level 5 -

The sign says "eternal suffering". Just let the puppy go to Hell. :)

Level 6 -

A ball will roll in front of the puppy. He will pause to pick it up, and then continue on his way with ball in tow. Make sure not to move the mouse!

Level 7 -

The ball will be thrown behind the cannon. The puppy will go backwards to retrieve it, and then go forward toward the happy face sign. You MAY move the mouse while the puppy is BEHIND the gun, but not when he comes in view of the barrel.

Level 8 -

The puppy is smaller. A button will appear that says "skip level". Don't go to click it.

Level 9 -

There will be a stake in front of the puppy. Your mouse will turn into a hammer once you click "start". DON'T BE FOOLED. The puppy can walk right in FRONT of the stake - just give it time. The hammer will hit the air about 20 times before the puppy moves.

Level 10 -

The screen will go blank. Don't panic - just don't move the mouse and wait for it to turn back on. The puppy is REALLY slow.

Level 11 -

The cannon is off-screen. Don't move the mouse.

Level 12 -

"Start" will stay there even after you click start, then disappear as the puppy starts to walk. If the puppy hasn't started moving by a minute, the game has frozen or you did not click start.

Level 13 -

There will be a timer above the puppy, and then it will begin to walk.

Level 14 -

It will walk a little ways, and suddenly have a dream. In it, the puppy walks out of the dream bubble, and somehow ends up on the right side of the screen. Wait for the dream-puppy to walk all the way to the left.

Level 15 -

The puppy moves REEEEEEEALLY slow in this one. Just be patient, it will be there in about 2-3 minutes.

Hope this helped! :)


That is one easy game all you have to remember is NOT TO MOVE YOUR MOUSE.well you can move it when start is on the screen.


For "Don't Make Mommy Cry", I have made a little walkthrough, and wasted a quarter hour of my time. :) Hooray!

Now, if 1 is the top answer, 2 is the middle answer, and three is the bottom answer:

3 2 3 3 2 1 3 Any

And you win! :)

dittydog April 1, 2006 10:50 PM

i figured it all out

right click

move mouse (trust me) off the window of the game

left click outside of the game window and don't move mouse back on until it says "start" again, then repeat


Don't shoot the puppy is an amazing, wonderful, fun and fufilling (don't forget fufilling) game! I've never walked away from a flash game feeling so satisfied. I actually feel like I accomplished something today! Hey have I got a game for you. Are you ready? Okay.
1) Sit on your hands.
2) Stare at nothing in particular. Pretend that you are staring right through the wall, your screen, or your mother whom you still live with. (Yes you can play even if you have a girl/boy friend! Just stare right through them as they bitch at you for not taking out the trash, shaving their pet, believing the government, ect. ect....)
3) You "earn" 1 point for every second you complete rules 1 & 2 (every second that you effectively waste the precious time you have left in life before you get cancer from all the diet sodas and processed cheese you've consumed in the basement you never get out of leaving you lacking in precious vitamin D produced by the absorbtion of sunlight that you never see becuase the few times you've left the basement to buy more soda and Big Mac's you made sure to cover you face with attention grabbing thick black makeup that you pass off as a fasion statement but is really a subconsence attempt to make up for the lack of attention you're lazy parents gave you when they bought you this computer in the first place letting you waste you time with "games" such as "Don't Shoot the Puppie" and reading message boards correcting people spelling becuase it makes you feel somewhat intelligent to cut copy and paste into a spell checker to see the mistakes you missed just to point them out to people who make valid points about wasting your time instead of using the power of insight to admit their right and then wipe the crap off your face and get out of the house or at least wipe it off and play games that have points to them and present challenges that might make the grey matter in your head fill with working synapses and nerves)!
4) Don't forget to post your high scores here!

Those with the highest scores will be rewarded with... the respect of other posters who use avatars such as "Zoltar69", "HobbitMaster" and "HotBabeNotOldMan123".


i got pissed off at lvl4 when the btard moved too slowly :P then i shot him :D


level 14 was the best. the way the puppy just fell down. Hilarious!


I beat Don't Shoot the Puppy. Level 8 was hilarious. Quite tricky.


Hey, an even easier way for you to win. If you got a mouse, just turn it upside down.......might be slightly trickier if you got a ball mouse, but works for laser mice. Clever concept tho.


Haha this game is great..a quality waste of time. lv 12 fooled me...twice, yeah Im an idiot XD


How to not shoot the puppy - The Revenge02 way.

Before clicking start, click on the game, then move the mouse out of the game window. Press tab untill it highlights start in a yellow box, press space, and do nothing whatsoever as the puppy exits the screen (you can move the mouse, but dont put it in the game). Reapeat untill finished, and remeber this is a PATIENCE game, not a lets go with our reactions game.


My good tactic is to use


. This prevents you from

moving the mouse

. You can then line up the mouse with the

numeric keys

, and then activate it. It will then not move, and the puppy will not be shot!


I got the computer to go REALLY far in make the world a better place

actually a worse place

I'm doing it presently, and i'm up to rank Sue Anthony, 22,000 pts. I took a break when waiting for it:)


if you have truble passing level 9 don't hamer the nail the puppy will just pass it.


Damn. On level 13 it suddenly switched to the "You lost" screen, and I assumed it was a trick! Left the computer alone for quite a while...


i went 11 min. 35 sec.
im just that cool LOL


this game was really really easy, i dont know why people need to come up with cheap ways to beat it.


I was playing Don't Shoot the Puppy, and I

pushed the volume adjust button on my laptop, and I lost :(


I really like this site! it's very funny, i really like the sarcasm of it. but in a attempt to make irritating games, i gotta tell you, everyone's a winner is actually quite a good game!.. ok, not that much. but hey! it gave new life to tic tac toe! that's something right? .. or isn't? lol


LOL! I love this game! It is soooooo much easier with a laptop, because where I'm sitting thisgameshould be called "Don't Touch The Touch-Pad"


haha. pretty much a total waste of time. xDD

all we did was press the TAB button and then press enter. haha.

then we just sit back and watch. or do other things. =)

Coldfrog May 18, 2008 12:58 AM

I have a better walkthrough for not shooting the puppy.

First of all, the object of the game is to not move your mouse at all. This is what most people consider extremely boring and, if they're on the computer at all, might as well be doing something constructive. Well, here's what you do.
I should note that I'm not sure if this would work on Mac or Linux but if there is an equivalent to alt-tabbing in them that doesn't involve moving or clicking the mouse, that should do it. Open up a folder and maximize it. Start a level and wait until it finishes. If you don't want to wait, hit alt-tab and then minimize the folder. As long as you don't move your mouse over the flash window, you're free to open new tabs or windows for your browser until the level ends. Repeat x 15

Don't read this if you haven't already figured out what you're supposed to do in the game. Or if you're so frustrated you just don't care. Or if you are a pigeon. Because then, hey, you're a pigeon who can use the computer. Neat.


Can someone please help for "How Much?", No matter what I click for "6" and the dollar note, I always lose a point!


I just

turned over my mouse and clicked


KennE - That was a rather long comment. Maybe you should get out more.

Some good games - My favourite by far is the one with the race. Brilliant!

anonymous January 29, 2010 3:28 PM

Cheer up the Chatbot is a really funny game, a question to the programmer:

How did you program the algorithm to connect other people playing the game anonymously?

anonvmous January 29, 2010 3:49 PM

I think that the best game on the site is cheerupthechatbot, I am surprised that no one has commented on it yet.

thanx ,mate for level 12 February 13, 2010 7:49 AM

9 min 12 sec


anonvmous: See, people DID attempt to comment on that game, the author just disabled it... Any user comment is displayed only on the player's machine. Smart, isn't it?


The puppy moves so frustrating slow in some levels, that I almost do want to shoot him.

... almost.


Do you know how bad I wanna shoot that stupid puppy??? If I bet he started as a puppy then ended as an DOG!!!

16 min 56 sec. of my life wasted!!!


Lol once the screen said:
Time not shooting the puppy: 0 min. 0 sec. Seriously? I am so gonna shoot the puppy if I see it again!!!


Hey i found a glitch

if you right click and move the mouse he has debris around him


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