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Room Perfection 2

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Weekday Escape

GrinnypOne of the things I've often mentioned about the Dismantlement series of games by gam.ebb.jp is that they are something that you would find in a bigger game, perhaps an adventure game or a hidden object hybrid, or even a room escape game. Then gam.ebb.jp went and created an actual room escape game, which was pretty fun and tricky. Now, they've come out with a sequel, Room Perfection 2, just in time to drive the casual gamer nuts before the weekend. Welcome to Weekday Escape!

Room Perfection 2Room Perfection 2 isn't what you'd call a complete room escape, more of a two walls and out type of scenario. However, packed within those two walls are a lot of tricky puzzles and games worthy of gam.ebb.jp's reputation. Visual puzzles, letter puzzles, just about everything you can think of makes an appearance, including a tricky bit of point and shoot. That's a lot to pack into a room escape, much less just two walls.

As with all room escapes you click on objects to examine them, to pick them up, to put them together, or to blow the space completely to smithereens. Okay, you won't find so much of that last item in your standard room escape. You start in the space armed only with a button that you are told to under no circumstances push until you make it out of the house. So, let's see how long it takes you to defy that restriction. Of course, if you've played the first Room Perfection, you know exactly what happens. It's nice, though, when you're slamming your head against the desk trying to figure out one of the many puzzles to have that option as a kind of stress relief.

There seems to be fewer puzzles this time around, and nothing that is reflex-based (unlike that maze in the first game). However, it's nice to see such a variety of games and puzzles not often found in your standard room escape. There is one that is color based, so if you have visual problems be warned. And a changing cursor to indicate the hot-spots would have been nice, along with the ability to save and come back later.

Is this, as the title implies, the perfect room escape? No, but not for lack of trying. Room Perfection 2 is fun, engaging, challenging, and frustrating in turn. The simple graphics, the lack of music, and the lack of the changing cursor or save option do not diminish what is a rollicking good escaping time. With the Room Perfection series gam.ebb.jp proves that they can do more than just create a simple dismantlement puzzle and blow up a common household object. Now, you can blow up a whole house! What will they blow up next?

Play Room Perfection 2

Walkthrough Guide

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Room Perfection 2 Walkthrough

General Information

  • There is only one end to this escape.

  • Don't push the button until you are out of the house.

  • There will be directions for the colorblind.

  • You pushed the button, didn't you? Don't do it again!

  • Good luck!

Exploration (This shouldn't take long)

  • You start facing a nice flat-screen television. There's a shelf to the left of it with a picture above it.

  • Click on the picture for a close up.

  • Okay, a nice geometric pattern in four colors, red, blue, green, and yellow. Maybe it's a clue?

  • Back out of the close up.

  • There's a bottle of wine on the shelf but you can't do anything with it.

  • Underneath the television are three drawers. The left and center drawer need keys, the right drawer has a code key that has nine buttons and four colors, red, blue, green, and yellow. Hmmm, where have we seen that before?

  • Go right.

  • Now we've got the door out (locked, of course).

  • Above the door is a present that we can't reach.

  • To the left of the door is a series of shelves with boxes on them. On the center shelf in the middle is a gold box, all of the other boxes are blue.

  • Below the shelves is a safe with some sort of a combination lock.

  • On the wall between the shelves and the door is a calendar. Pity it doesn't tell us what month it is.

  • To the right of the door, near the floor, is a panel. Click on the little arrow to the lower right of the screen to see the panel in a close up.

  • Looks like we need a screwdriver. Back up.

  • Okay, that's the extent of the exploring. Let's solve some puzzles!

The Colored Button Drawer

  • Go left to face the television.

  • Click on the right drawer for a close up of the puzzle.

  • Notice that the colors on the buttons matches the colors on the picture on the wall.

  • Also notice that the number of colored buttons matches the number of colored shapes on the picture.

  • The keypad gives you the first clue: start with yellow.

    • If you look closely you will see that each shape is on top of another shape. From top layer to bottom those colors are: red, blue, green, red, blue, green, blue, red, yellow.

    • According to the keypad, though, you need to start from yellow, so the colors go in the reverse order, from bottom to top: yellow, red, blue, green, blue, red, green, blue, red.

    • Those colors are also next to each other.

    • You need to click the buttons on the keypad that correspond with the colors in the picture, from the bottom layer to the top.

    • Yes, there is more than one red button, etc. As in the picture, they have to be next to each other.

    • The pattern of color is yellow, red, blue, green, blue, red, green, blue, red.

    • The only way to get that pattern with the buttons next to each other is to click in a spiral pattern, starting with the yellow button. Here's a screenshot of the pattern.

    • Or, if you number the keypad like a telephone keypad, click the 1, 4, 7, 8, 9, 6, 3, 2, and 5 buttons.

  • Once you push the buttons in the correct order a slot opens and you get a screwdriver.

  • Take the screwdriver and back up out of the close up.

The Low Panel

  • Go right to the door view.

  • Click on that arrow at the lower right of the screen to get a close up of the panel on the wall.

  • Use the screwdriver on the screws to remove the panel.

  • Once the screws are gone click on the panel to remove it.

  • A tank! Click on the tank.

  • Once the tank is out of the cubby close down the close up of the cubby.

  • Okay, now we have a toy tank. What next?

The Blue Boxes

  • Let's turn our attention to the blue boxes on the shelves to the left of the door.

  • Notice when you click on a box, a little bird (or something) pops up out of the box you clicked, as well as another box.

  • Click on the gold box in the middle. Looks like we have some buttons in a pattern suspiciously like the pattern of the blue boxes on the shelves.

  • So we just need to figure out the pattern of buttons to click so that each button is pushed only once.

  • Perhaps the boxes will give us a clue?

    • Start with the box at the upper left. Notice that when you click on it the box in the lower right pops open.

    • If you click on the box in the lower right that opened, it opens the box above it.

    • Continue in this fashion (starting at the box in the upper left) and click first the box, then the box that it opens, until you see the pattern that emerges.

    • This is the pattern you will use on the buttons on the gold box.

    • Here's a screenshot of the pattern on the boxes.

    • Reproduce that pattern on the gold box buttons.

  • If you click on the buttons in the correct order, the buttons will turn orange and you will hear a click.

  • Back out of the close up of the box, then click on the box to open it.

  • Click on the open box and you will get a gold key.

The Middle Drawer

  • Go left to the television view.

  • Use the gold key on the middle drawer beneath the television.

  • Click on the middle drawer to open it and you will find two things: A corkscrew and a four letter code.

  • Take the corkscrew.

  • Notice that above each letter of the code, from left to right, is a number in a circle.

  • Close down the close up of the drawer.

  • Use the corkscrew on the wine bottle sitting on the low table to the left.

  • Once the red cork plastic is gone you will see some paper poking out of the bottle. Take it.

  • When the paper is in your inventory click on it and hold to see the clue.

  • There are four numbers in circles, and each one has a series of numbers underneath.

  • 1 has 7-9, 7-21, and 21-23.

  • 2 has 2-16 and 16-17.

  • 3 has 6-20, 8-22, and 13-15.

  • 4 has 1-3, 15-17, and 1-29.

  • This must be a clue to the letter code.

    • Where in the room would we see the numbers 1 through 29?

    • That's right, the calendar.

    • Go right and look at the calendar in close up.

    • For each number, 1 through 4, draw a line between the dates that correspond to the numbers underneath them in the note.

    • Drawing these lines will get you the boxy shape of a letter.

    • Here is a screenshot of the four letters.

    • The letters are C, L, H, and F.

  • Once you've figured out the code, go back to the television view and click on the middle drawer.

  • Enter the four letter code and a smaller drawer will pop out with another key. Take the key.

  • Back up from the close up.

The Left Drawer

  • Use the key that you got from the middle drawer on the left drawer.

  • Click on the drawer to open it and you will find the television remote.

  • Back out of the close up.

The Television/The Safe

  • Use the remote on the television and you will get a strange picture.

  • Here's a screenshot of the picture.

  • This might be a clue for the dial on the safe.

  • Back out of the close up and go right to the door view.

  • Click on the safe for a close up.

  • Well, we have a dial that can turn either clockwise or counter-clockwise using the arrows above it.

  • Notice that there are no numbers on the dial.

  • So how does the picture from the television correspond to the dial?

    • Look at the circles from the television picture. Each one has an area grayed out.

    • If you used the arrows on the safe dial, you could make the dial reproduce these areas.

    • First click the right arrow three times so that the dial moves to the 3 o'clock position. This reproduces the first circle.

    • Now use the left arrow and click six times so that the dial moves backwards to the 9 o'clock position. This reproduces the second circle.

    • Use the right arrow three times to move the dial back to the top (12 o'clock position). This reproduces the third circle.

  • If you get the combination correct you should hear a click and a little green light will come on below the dial.

  • Back out of the close up, then click on the safe door to open it.

  • Take the object from inside the safe (remote control).

Getting Out

  • Well, we have a remote control, a toy tank, and a present above the door that we can't reach.

  • Let's do some shooting, shall we?

  • Use the left control on the remote to move the tank slightly to the left of the calendar.

  • Use the right control just slightly to turn the tank cannon to face the right wall.

  • Now use the up/down control to raise the cannon. You don't want it necessarily all the way up, just most of the way up.

  • Click the red button to fire a test shot. You are trying to ricochet off of the right wall and hit the present. Adjust the attitude of the cannon and try again if you miss the first time.

  • Here's a screenshot of the cannon in the position I used. Note the present has been knocked off of the shelf by the shot.

  • Once you've knocked down the present click on it to open it.

  • Click on the open present to get a black key.

  • Use the key to unlock the door then click on the door to escape.

  • Now you can push the red button to blow up the house.


Not too difficult, and there were a good variety of puzzles. I liked the first one better but this one was good nonetheless.


Woohoo, did it without hints (although I looked for some at one point)

Would write a walkthrough but its too late, I need to go to bed.


Made it out. Got stuck on how to use the calendar, but managed it in the end. I always like the look of gam.ebb.jp's work.


Good one! Pretty straightforward, but creative.


I rather enjoyed this, I must say. The puzzles were very nicely thought out, but not "where's-the-walkthrough!?" difficult. And, to be perfectly honest, getting to

obliterate the place I was trapped in once I was out

was quite...cathartic. :]


Aww, I was just about to put up my own walkthrough with horrible ascii boxes instead of screenshots...

Well, this was one of the first room escapes I ever beat without a walkthrough, so yay for that!


I didn't time it, but I don't think it took me more than a quarter of an hour to get through this game.

Now I will post a walkthrough.

A first look around

Abstract art in first room

Hmm... colored squares... looks like it might be a clue for something.

It seems that these squares partly overlap.

They seem to overlap in a specific order from top to bottom. Let's make a note of this order.

Calendar in the second room

What's with this calendar, anyway? It's certainly not a calendar for this month. Nor for any month, in fact, until August 2012.

Maybe left over from December 2010, along with the Christmas present and the New Year's champagne.

Right-hand drawer (first room)

Hmmm... colored squares. Where have we seen squares with these colors?

In the abstract art. The squares, starting from the yellow square and going up the stack, spell out the order in which the square buttons must be pressed.

For the colorblind: start at the square labeled "START" and continue in a spiral pattern, starting in a downward direction.

Rows of blue boxes (second room)

Try clicking on one of these blue boxes.

You will see a head come out of the box.

With any of the blue boxes but one, two heads will come out. The second head comes out of a box other than the one you clicked on.

The second head comes out of the box next in sequence after the box you clicked on. If there is no second head, it means that the box you clicked on is last in sequence. Click on each blue box in turn to establish the exact sequence.

Brown box in between blue boxes

Click on this brown box. You will see a diagram with four diamond shapes and eight circles.

The eight circles bring to mind the eight blue boxes. The diamond shapes bring to mind the leaves of the plant above the boxes.

The diamond shapes and the plant have no further significance and can be ignored. The circles must be pressed in a specific order to unlock the box.

You discovered this order when playing with the blue boxes (see the section on "rows of blue boxes" for details). Now, unlock the box.

Zoom out. Click on the brown box to open it and again to collect a key.

Middle drawer

The key from the brown box unlocks the middle drawer. If you don't yet have this key, read the previous section.

In the drawer, you see a four-letter combination lock and a corkscrew.

Four-letter words won't help you. But the corkscrew will.

Get the corkscrew. Zoom out. Open the wine bottle with the corkscrew.

You will get a sheet of paper with a clue. (In order to see the clue, it isn't enough to just click on the paper in your inventory; you have to hold the mouse button down for as long as you want to read the paper.)

The clue consists entirely of numbers. There is only one place we have seen an abundance of numbers...

The calendar. Using the numbers given by the clue, play connect-the-dots with the numbers on the calendar. Drawing lines from 7 to 9, 7 to 21, and 21 to 23 yields the letter C. Do likewise with the rest of the numbers to get the other three letters.

Enter the combination. This will get you a key.

Left-hand drawer

If you have solved the puzzle of the middle drawer, you will have a key to unlock the left-hand drawer.

Inside the left-hand drawer is a remote control. Take it.

TV set (first room)

You need a remote control to turn the TV on. The remote is inside...

... the left-hand drawer.

Once you have the remote...

turn on the TV. Make note of the pattern shown on the TV. It is a clue.

Safe (second room)

You need the combination to the safe.

Did you turn on the TV set yet?

The pattern of circles is the safe combination.

A quarter turn right, a half turn left, a quarter turn right.

Unlock the safe, then zoom out. Click on the safe to open it. There is a device inside the safe.

One last item...

In the second room, there is an arrow near the right-hand wall. Click on it to get a view of the panel.

If you have solved all the previous puzzles, one item you should have at this point is the screwdriver. Use it to undo the screws.

Undo the screws and zoom out. On the floor is a toy tank.

Another item you should have at this point is what looks like a remote control for a toy car. It is a remote control for the tank.

How to control the tank: on the remote control, the left and right arrow buttons move the tank. The up and down buttons move the barrel of the tank's gun. The red button fires a missile.

Look above the door: see the package with the red ribbon? Use the tank to fire a missile to knock it off the shelf.

It seems you have unlimited ammo, which is good because you will need to fire some practice shots.

Try ricocheting a missile off a wall and/or using multiple missiles. You can also use missiles to hit some other objects to move them out of the way.

There is only so much help I can give you through words. From here on, you're pretty much on your own.

Once the red box is down, click on it to open it and get a key. This is the key to the door out.

Once you're out, notice you still have the red button. Now click on it.

Procrastinateher February 16, 2011 6:09 AM

Oh, the fun of blowing up a room for no reason. I started off by blowing up the room, just 'cause.

It was also fun

Using the tank to shoot things... unintentionally, whilst trying to knock the present off the shelf.


Did it without hints, but got stuck for a bit at the paper clue

because I was silly and managed to screw up the letter order between the calendar and the drawer


Much like.

It would be nice to see a room escape game combining the cathartic experience of blowing things up, with the challenge of a bigger room with combining-objects and similar puzzles. Wish a dash of Tesshi-e.


nice, but really too easy...


Why did he put "don't push the button" in the start screen? As soon as I saw that I HAD to go find a button to push.
I like that everything blows up if you push the button too soon, just like his dismantlement games.


As an addition to the walkthrough, at the end it's possible to use an alternate strategy:

Use the tank to knock the blue boxes all the way to the left of the shelf, and then you can take a shot from the far left of the screen and hit the present that way.

If for whatever reason you can't get the walkthrough's strategy to work for you, try that angle.


Agree with most comments: rather on the easy side, but far from being too easy - good casual fun.



that was the strategy I used for the first time :D :D :D Takes some destruction, but not too hard :)


VoxPopuli42 February 16, 2011 4:41 PM

How exciting! Didn't even need a walkthrough!
A very enjoyable, relaxing game that left me with a sense of accomplishment. A perfect weekday escapist sort of game.


finally I get to say "first time without a walkthrough!!!!". which maybe means it was a little on the easy side.

nice variety in the puzzles though. a good escape snack.


Had to get help on the calendar puzzle, for some reason I got caught up in the idea that the colors were meaningful. Very pleasant if short game.


wow, one of the most enjoyable escape game I've played in a long time!!! perfectly logical and fun


I thought this was pretty fun. "Room Perfection" might be going too far though.


This was quite fun hehe and I love the ending whereby I can blow up the house heh. Interesting with not too hard puzzles~ ^-^

houseworkisevil March 13, 2011 11:45 AM

I loved this one! I got through without any help--which is unusual for me--and the puzzles were creative, and were tough enough to give me great joy when I solved them.


i didnt need to

ricochet off of the wall, if you move back far enough, you can just hit the present head on


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