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Room 12

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Room 12

In Ichima's Room 12, you're trapped in a perfectly pleasant little room with locks on virtually everything, and a trick or two up its sleeves. If you want to escape, you'll have to solve puzzles that require you to be observant, and even a little clever. There's no changing cursor to show what's interactive, and unfortunately you may run into some pixel hunting here, so if you're stuck, make sure you've examined every surface from every angle. If you want to examine something you're carrying, click it once to highlight it, and then click the big blue button in the menu. Some clues might be a little vague, so you might have to experiment with implementing them in different ways to make them work, and there is one interactive spot that is tucked away in a somewhat intuitive place. But while Room 12 isn't as smooth as some of Ichima's other escape games, it's still enjoyable, with a cute surprise or two inside.

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Patreon Crew SonicLover February 5, 2016 11:57 AM

Well, I'm stumped.

I've opened the yellow-and-green picture frame, as well as the leftmost and rightmost doors beneath it. I've also opened the main compartment of the desk and seen the calendar.

The only active things in my inventory are two gold coins. I've used a note and a key.

I have no idea how to proceed.

crashlanding February 5, 2016 12:07 PM


Take a look at the desk drawer with the three dials. What can you find that those letters might refer to?

hint: look for a sign

how did you open the picture frame by the way? I got the

note that has the diagrams of the lamp and vase, and I followed the directions,

but no luck :

crashlanding February 5, 2016 12:13 PM

AH. power of posting. Got it.

in case anyone else hasn't:

look at the positions of the vase on the note

the vase can be put in 3 different places

notice the big numbers on the note by the pictures of the vase

turn the light on,
put the vase in the middle spot (the start), then move it to the left, and back to the middle. repeat 3 times.
next, move it to the right spot and back. repeat 4 times

Patreon Crew SonicLover February 5, 2016 12:17 PM replied to crashlanding

Regarding the three-dial drawer:

That got it! I was thinking I had to find the clock hands before I could solve that one.

Regarding the picture frame:

It's all about how you interpret the directions. One means "move it to the left, then back to the center". The other means "move it to the right, then back to the center".


For Crash and Sonic:

I was also stuck where Sonic was stuck (see first post). After reading your follow up comments and observations, I was able to figure out the dial puzzle.

Solution for the dial puzzle (step by step hints):

Notice that they are labeled with the letters I C and D.

Where else do you see those letters?

They are the first letters of the words Ichima Coffee Do.

So which items have this information?

The clock, the sign, the yellow coffee pack things.

Which of these three items might relate to the dials on the drawer?

You might think the clock, but there are no hands.

What else might be related to the dials or numbers?

The sign has numbers!

But there are only two numbers.

Very odd business hours, eh?

Maybe the numbers are not really opening and closing times.

How might 4:00 relate to OPEN?

Count the letters!

So it's 6,6,2


Got as far as Sonic and Crash and a little further.
Opened all doors of vase cabinet, green framed picture, opened desk and its 3 drawers. Also

shifted knick-knack shelf to reveal secret room, used pigs clue and safe clue to solve 2 more puzzles

I now have

3 ichiman coffee do coins (?) -- look more like cakes to me

I've also seen the following clues and don't know what to do

lights on knick-knack shelves, ichiman clock - needs clock hands, box on table needs 4 digit code

Any pointers?


I can never get the games from this site to load. It just spends an age trying to load adds which fail some security check, and eventually gives up. Neither chrome or firefox on a Mac seem to work.

WillYum February 5, 2016 7:16 PM replied to NohWoman

At Noh:

The clock is a red herring.

You will need the four digit code for the final key.

The code is related to the lights.

Look at the shape of the bookshelves - before they have been separated.

Do they remind you of anything?

They look like the calendar!


Thanks, WillYum. I feel like such a dope. Ha!

Dingding321 February 6, 2016 3:07 AM replied to Richard Morris

I have the same problem...tried both chrome and safari, no luck. such a pity!




I was stumped for the longest time. I was misled by

the shelves resembling the calendar: I thought that the calendar was somehow a clue for making the shelves do something, but it's not. The handle is what you need for making the shelves do something.

Look at the right side of the shelves for a spot to put the handle.

The objects on the shelves are mostly a red herring.


I use Chrome on Mac OS X for this site all the time with no particular problems.

Mysterious Appeal February 11, 2016 9:45 AM

Language. Not in English.


A couple of tricky things that I found:

The clock faces puzzle works on the clock time, not on the number of letters.

And, once you figure out what's going on with the bookcases,

When you open the small room and go to the safe, the number you find in the safe isn't what you think it is

You need to close the safe again so you can translate then number on the paper into the number you need


I think I'm almost at the end but I'm stuck

I got to the secret room, and the 3 pigs red, blue and yellow are a clue I guess, but how? Also, I haven't opened the right-side cabinet with the two white buttons and one red button.

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.


omg I totally missed something, finished it now..

On the right-hand side of the fire place there is a small door. The ducks beaks are the clue for the white buttons.


I feel like I'm going crazy. How do you get the shelves to light up? I have 3 coins, the code from the paper in the safe, and I've tried entering that code & converted code into the safe and nothing happens.



1. Go to the coffee mill at the shelves and open it to find a coin.
2. Night Lamp Puzzle

1. Take the piece of paper from the vase at the shelves and look at the instructions.
2. Go to the night lamp and turn it on and follow the instructions on the paper (3 times left, 4 times right.) to find the second coin.

3. 2-button Locker

1. You’ll notice a small door on the right side of the fireplace. Click on it several times to open it.
2. The ducks’ faces show the pattern for the locker under the night lamp:

left, right, left, 4x right, left

3. Desk Bottom Drawer

Go to the bottom drawer at the desk. You’ll see the letters i, c and d. The pattern can be found on the coins:

each letter represents a word on the coin. Rotate each button for as many letters there are in the word. In other words:

I – 6, c – 6, d – 2

4. Desk Top Drawer

Open the glass box on the fireplace and put the plank inside. Close the box and look at it to find the code for the top drawer at the desk -


5. Use the key to open the locker under the night lamp.
6. Put the handle at the right side of the shelves to pull them.
7. Color Puzzle

Go inside the newly opened room and take a look at the three pigs on the table. Their colors are the pattern for the last drawer at the desk.

8. Safe Puzzle

1. Go back to the room and look at the piece of paper in the safe (02138).
2. Close the safe and enter the code.
3. Use the number which appear on the display on the buttons on the side of the shelves and press the button.
4. Remember where the shelves flash and turn on the lights.
5. Compare the results with the calendar on the desk and you’ll get the code for the box on the table, which is


9. Put the three coins inside the box and get the key.


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