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Pigalator 2K5

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Rating: 4.1/5 (23 votes)
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Pigalator 2K5I found this on the FlashKit game forum a couple of months ago and had a lot of fun with it. It's not very often that a new—at least to me—dice game comes along, and fewer still done in Flash. Pigalator 2K5 is a single-player only dice game, you play against three (3) computer-controlled opponents.

The rules of play are fairly easy to understand: the object is to win rounds by being the first player to exceed 100 points.

Each player takes turns throwing the dice. Rolling a one is bad, your turn ends. Rolling two (2) ones is worse, your turn ends and your score resets to zero (0). Throwing doubles counts double but forces you to roll again. Throwing three doubles in a row resets your score to zero (0). Any other roll counts what is shown on the dice and you get to choose whether you wish to keep rolling for more points, or quit rolling and add your points to your score.

The first player to score over 100 points wins the round, but if you hit 100 points exactly, you bust and start again at zero (0). If a player has no points when the round ends, he pays the winner double. Each of the other players pay the winner the difference between their score and 100. If any multiplier is in effect, the difference is scaled by the multiplier. Each time double ones are rolled, the multiplier is multiplied by 2.

Each player starts with 500 chips, the first player to win all the other player's chips wins the game.

The Pigalator 2K5 was created by Kyle Bradshaw following a trip to Chicago for the New Year. It was there that he played a similar game, and so he decided to create a little 'handheld' to play the game at home. A skins button lets you change the color of the device to suit your mood. Sound has been implemented only partially, and there is presently no way to play against another human, even at the same computer. Still, it's a fun little dice game, good for a quick diversion over a cup of coffee.

Play Pigalator 2K5


Is it just me or is player 4 always the winner?


Jeremy - it must be just you. If you notice the screenshot, it was taken during a game in which I won. Player 4 got eliminated after the first round. =p


I have been sitting here at work trying to win a game but either i hit 100 exactly or another player beats me to 100. at one point i hit 5 threes in a row. i wonder what the designer is using to randomize the dice rolls?


Any strategies to this game?


woo! I won on my first try (and it only took two rounds)
fun yet sparse game.


This game is based on the old "board game" called "Pass the Pigs". (thus the name Pigalator)

In the game however, dice were not used. Instead players took turns rolling Pigs, little plastic pigs.
Depending on how the pigs landed determined the score. A pig on its back was work more than a pig on its front. Two pigs facing the same way reset you score for the turn. etc...etc...

We used to play pass the pigs years ago. Its still a great game.

An online version of Pass the pigs can be found: http://www.captainjava.com/pigs/PassThePigs.html


The only problem I have with this game is having to watch all the other players roll. It takes forever. I think the computer players roll should go much faster. Or, there should be a choice to eliminate animation to drastically speed up the game.


A good suggestion, Steve. I agree that the other player turns should be sped up a bit.


Finally won, pretty good story actually. It was the very first round, and double-ones were popping up all over the place. Eventually, after the multiplier was set to 32, I managed to win the game with all of the other computer players having 0s. Game over.
Very fun game, reminds me of 500.


Yeah, I had a game where on the first round, through a long string of bizarre rolls and coincidences, the game ended up with a 32x multiplier and everyone with a score of zero. I think I won, but it was awesome and thrilling nevertheless.

Other rounds just go on absolutely forever, though.


I'm not entirely sure how random this game is!

Twice (my first 2 attempts), I was eventually beaten by me getting 100 exactly, followed by my competitor getting two doubles and not a third to win!

Good game though.


The pigalator now quickly runs through the opponents rolls instead of fully animating them. A new button with a cube on it toggles this to full animation.

Now the pigalator remembers the skin you chose as your favorite on your last visit.

As for the random/not random nature of the rolls, (drumroll...) they are random. Funny thing about truly random events is you get streaks. This is contrary to human nature. Ask a friend to make a list of ten random numbers from 1 to 6. The odds of a die hitting all 6 numbers at least once are about 34%, but most people include all six numbers out of a sense of fairness. Machines don't care and will produce 1,2,3,4,6,6,6,6,1,2 every now and again, something a person would very likely not do.


Excellent improvements, Kyle! =)

I didn't question the randomness for a minute. I imagine that would be very difficult to do anyways. And for what purpose? Just to be evil? Hehe.


In Germany, this same game is called So Ein Mi?t, and is used in the US to teach kids mild swears and numbers.

Josh Armstrong January 30, 2006 2:17 AM

Became too back and forth...had p4 down to 24 when I rolled double ones and then he broke 100...scores flopped. Too cheap to me.


I've found a good strategy to win is to roll until you get a score of 15 or above. If you have 14, roll again. stop straight away, no matter how high the others score is. I just tried it 5 times and it worked 4 out of 5 times, the last time I just got 0-0'd too many times in the finals.


i found it easier if u follow the above stategy to work but its even easier if u do it to 25 instead of 15


It seems the game has become broken in some respects. Today I have seen it ignore a player at 100 exactly and let them continue rolling with that score, and ignore doubles (6x6 was 12). I have seen both results work properly in the past.


Highstacked.com seems to have been taken down.


I agree with Chico. Bugger.


this game appears to be up and running again, though on a different website. i did also notice that it did catch one of my opponents with the "exactly 100" rule, so it appears they may have tweaked the system as well. good to see this one working again.


Thanks for reminding me to fix these links. =)


Aguugugh, kill me now. It was I and one other computer opponent. I had about 1,650 and he had about 350. Easy pickings, right? WRONG! He had 50 points, I rolled a double 1 to bring the multiplier up to x8 and then he pulled off a miracle 50-point streak of rolls and beat me.


One of my favs from jayisgames so far.

Strange, but i see some complain that they always lose or one of the AI players keep winning - for me it seems like I'm winning far more than I should. FAR more. I play no strategy, so it must be down to luck...

Ainegue July 9, 2008 7:24 PM

I cannot believe... that this is actually fun!

Lets see now - Game #1:
I was doing so well and in the lead by 40 points, and I suddenly rolled double 1s.
So I rolled again next turn, and got double ones again.
So I rolled again next turn... and got a 6 and a 6... so I was forced to roll again... and got 4 and a 1.
And everyone else rolled.. and got 1 and 1... so everyone ended up with zero.
And Player 4 (in second place) stuck at zero...
And then Player 2 won in 3 rounds.

GAME#2: I manage to get to the second round. I go on a Rolling-A-One-14-Times-In-A-Row streak. Catch up to opponent and then get double Ones. Opponent beats me 100+ to 0.

I seriously have no luck. Makes me wonder how random this game is.
Yet fun anyways.


Accidentally stumbled across this charmingly addictive little game, deep in the archive bowels of jayisgames.
Now the game is not loading! I just get a dark bluish nothing. I use mozilla firefox, but tried it on IE8, too. Bupkes.
Help, please, Jay. Thank you.


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