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OpniyamaI am working hard at finishing up two midterm projects for courses I'm taking this quarter at RIT. To take a little pressure off and still be able to post something today, I have decided to cheat a little and not review this next piece. Instead, since the English translation of the French game description seems so delightful to me, I offer it up in lieu of a review of my own. Enjoy. =)

"How to play Opniyama... Climb the slopes of Opniyama (yama means Japanese mountain) and take part in this interactive play while adding to your liking of the trees with the landscape! Discover the jokes of this vertical world! Direct your misadventure and hoist towards the higher plates while launching the hook! Climb the plates by balancing you to reach the top! Personalize your universe by adding plant-monsters which push on the plates of play."

Use the arrow keys to move left or right. Use the [Q] key to fire the hookshot, press [Q] again to jump. Press [A] to drop a seed and watch it grow. Press [S] for the map. Press [Z] to quit. There is no real objective that I could make out, and yet there is a very large world to explore.

Created by Team cHmAn, Aki, Gomoy, and Got, the game was presented at the Palais de Tokyo from January 29th to September 8th, 2002.

Update: The game is no longer available to play on the Web. Previously tagged as: browser, flash, free, game, interactiveart, jumpandrun, linux, mac, original, rating-g, teamchman, unique, windows


wow, kinda fun, but the game needs direction, a purpose. When i got bored i started making a game out of trying to get the seeds in various places that made need sceens. i think my favorite odd plat is the one that sprays water.


Wierd game... very confusing and no point whatsoever


It reminds me of "Fly Guy."


An unrelated query but it is possible to force firefox to open javascript links in a new tab as opposed to a new window?


None that I am aware of Tobey. However, I try to include both types of links in every entry I post. After reading your comment I noticed that I did not include a strictly HTML link in this one, and I just corrected that.

While you may already know this, if you hold the CTRL key (Apple key on a Mac) while clicking an HTML link, the link will open in a new tab in Firefox.


I spent five or more minutes ducking the aliens, jumping over the caterpillars, hiding from the flying snakes, and throwing seeds into anything that looked like it had a mouth, before realizing they are all harmless, and that EVERYTHING in this game is totally harmless! Then after playing for 10 more minutes I noticed it was kind of cool to not worry about getting killed, maimed, or run out of time. Then I got bored because the entire space is all more of the same.


Tobey: If you install the FF extension TabBrowser Preferences you should be able to force javascript pop-ups to open in a new tab.


There's some cool stuff that I didn't figure out at first that's rather interesting. When you're swinging, you can press up to make the rope shorter and down to make it longer, and you can press back and forth in the right rhythm to make yourself swing faster. If you let go at the top of a good swing, you can fly upwards very fast. Now the really cool thing is that there seems to be a glitch (or maybe it's intentional) that your falling velocity has a sort of built-in "memory", and if you're flying upwards when you land on a platform, walking off of a platform will make you fall upwards instead of down. Trippy.


This game makes me happy!
Its so free, and the music is nice too. I like choosing the girl with blue hair, its so cool!

Thanks Jay!!!


What a fun little game! I'm so glad to have you around to show us this stuff, Jay.

youdon'tknowme September 27, 2005 11:20 PM


Check the entry for "browser. link. open_newwindow. restriction" on the Mozilla Knowledge Base. It should interest you if you're looking to force new windows opened by javascript into tabs.


I did write a comment yesterday, but apparently it didn't go through the censorship... ;-)

And I just wanted to wish Jay goodluck with his projects! (that doens't do any harm, does it?)

(I think I forgot to fill out my email direction, thats why, I suppose)


This does remind me of Fly guy too. It's interesting. Very creative. Sort of a new genre in gaming, just, free play forever. Like going to an adventure playground when you're little.

Good luck with your projects Jay! ^_-


Thank you! =)


does anyone know what happens when you press tab? I mean, I know what happens, but I dont understand what its for. some kinda console or something.


I hadnt noticed the tab key before. It looks like something a developer would use to debug the game, checking if everything is on place, if variables have values and so. Usually it is removed from final game (at least I do remove such things).


a few months ago a member of this team gave a lecture on the art academy here in Groningen, Netherlands. Even his personal cards were designed like this. Nice!!


I'm not even a gamer and i can tell you about a glitch that occurs whenever I ( yes me, no one else, unless you've had the same problem) Play the game.

when you go around planting seeds, you can throw it off a ledge and then it falls out of site and disappears. i would belive that if you've already thrown a seed, you must wait for it to grow before throwing another seed. ive tested my hypothesis and it worked. i threw a seed off the ledge, it disappeared, and i couldnt plant anymore seeds. - Dojo


No one seems to have mentioned the awesome quit function. When you quit it gives you a view of the entire map, and where you are on it, also if you play again, where you were previous when you quit, is a copy of your guy standing still.


Yah Role- Has anyone tried to put a guy on EVERY platform?

Sarah Wolfie February 16, 2006 4:15 PM

I've tried exploring the entire map. Nothing special happened, but I had fun finding that out. The best method I found was to just freefall through each column one at a time (simple when it wraps on all sides). I enjoyed just doing this freefalling, looking at stuff, and planting the occasional seed (I even saw a ornament-tree I hadn't seen before near the end).

__flowergail__ May 19, 2006 2:42 PM

I love this game!
some noob spoiler

did you know that you can press some random buttons an make some random things pop-up? and I have no clue what it means thou

ciphers June 5, 2006 12:34 PM

Hey, has any one noticed that when you quit and the screen comes up with the map and people locations that when you click on the three people at the bottom left you get shown a cool little animation? :P

also - when you quit and start again in a new colour this colour shows up on the map along with all of the places youve been with the other people. you prob all have an im just slow but i thought i mention sumthing

rele cool site btw jay keep up the good work! :)

tabitha May 5, 2007 11:00 AM

If you press Z and then click on the logo you can have multiple people in the game (although you can't control them)and if you click the three little people next to the logo, you get a short video!!!


Hey! i finally stumbled on this again! i couldnt remember the name but i was playing the banner game( i have all letters except l) and it was in the reccomended games. saldly, its not as fun as it used to be. i beat all 19 MOTAS LEVELS with your walkthrough, so thanks! YOU RULE!!!


HMMMMM... i dunno... i like the game concept that you can roam around freely and stuff, but i would have appreciated a larger gaming window and the controls weren't the GREATEST... (they didn't seem that smooth...)
i'll give it a 3.5/5

berryofnightlock May 15, 2012 11:38 PM



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