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More Which?

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More Which?

elleSee these two circles? One isn't empty but one is. Which is it? You've been asked this question before but that doesn't mean you're all out of answers. After all, there are many more ways to contemplate the differences, sometimes obvious, other times subtle, between two seemingly like spheres. That's why there is More Which?, a pleasantly uncomplicated puzzle from Yoshio Ishii of Nekogames. It's just challenging enough, requiring occasional lateral leaps or outside knowledge, to provide a full feeling of satisfaction when you make it through 20 levels with a perfect score. It's nice to be appreciated and it feels to good to be told "Good." And all you need to do is take a brief breather to click and point out which is which.

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Walkthrough Guide

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More Which? Walkthrough

  1. Eight?

  2. Click and pull each circle. The one that stretches into 8 circles is it.

  3. Skewer?

  4. Lift up each circle. The one with a pole in the middle is it.

  5. Deep?

  6. Click and hold the cursor over each circle. The one in which the cursor sinks deeply is it.

  7. Square?

  8. Click and drag on the edges of each circle. The one whose four corners stay out into a square shape is it.

  9. Mirror?

  10. Hover your cursor over each circle. The one in which the cursor has a "reflection" is it.

  11. Semitransparent?

  12. Which your cursor as an arrow, click and hold between the two circles. Next, drag the arrow under each circle. The one under which you can see the arrow is semitransparent.

  13. Iron?

  14. Click and drag each circle up to the "ceiling." The one that sticks (notice the colors on top and bottom connote a magnet) is iron.

  15. Emptiness?

  16. Click on the blue space below the circles and drag it all the way down until it's all water. The circle that floats up to the surface is empty.

  17. Clockwise?

  18. Click and hold for a few seconds over each circle. The one that spins in a clockwise direction (from left to right) is clockwise.

  19. Eraser?

  20. Pick up each circle and "rub" it against the words at the top of the screen. The one that erases the words is an eraser.

  21. Night?

  22. Click the bottom of each circle and drag upwards to lift its "shades." The one that has a darkened sky with a pale blue moon (as opposed to a bright sunny sky) is night.

  23. This Side?

  24. Pick up each circle and drag it up to the words at the top of the screen. The one that goes over the words (instead of behind them) is on this side.

  25. Clay?

  26. Poke each circle. The one in which a lasting impression is made is clay.

  27. Lacking?

  28. Pull one circle over onto the other, and then vise verse. The one that gets cut out is lacking.

  29. Caught?

  30. Click on each circle to pull it up then click underneath it to hold it up. The one that wiggles like a caught fish is "caught." (This might take a little experimentation until you see it happen).

  31. Long?

  32. Click and pull each circle to the opposite side of the screen. The one that stretches out with a thinner line is long.

  33. Slippery?

  34. Click in the middle of each circle and drag upwards. The one on which your cursor swerves or slips around is slippery.

  35. Fresh Mochi?

  36. Mochi, the rice dough covered Japenese treat, is freshest when it's soft and pliant. So click on each circle and pull out. The one that pulls easiest and farthest is the fresh mochi.

  37. Full?

  38. Click the very top of each circle and pull up to look under its "lid." The one filled to the top with water is full.

  39. Do not press?

  40. This one you must answer quickly. When you click a circle, if the whole screen starts to shake, then quickly select it's corresponding "A" or "B" button before the screen blows up.


I can't work out "which caught" -- both seem to be reacting the same way.


Or, for "which caught"-

Click and hold on the very top edge "pivot point" and see which one doesn't get away

And I feel silly because I'm somehow missing "which lacking"


18/20 first time. The "this side" one confused me because

while I noticed that they overlapped differently with the text, the wording was ambiguous enough that I couldn't figure out which side was "this" side.

The only other one I didn't get was the last one, but since it ended with an explosion, I don't really mind.

bluegriffin18 March 20, 2013 8:37 PM

@ della. Drag one circle on top of the other, then release it while it is over it. And vise versa. One will have a chunk disappear out of it.

also I agree about your suggestion for the caught dare.


@bluegriffin18 Thank you! That was the only one I needed :D


I once got the effect on slippery by accident, but it seems very hard to reproduce, even with clues.


No, like I said, I've seen the effect before, it just doesn't seem to co-operate anymore.


I like these, just because it's fun to see what sort of effects are being created -- I'm thinking in particular of deep, clay, and slippery.

jcfclark March 21, 2013 9:14 AM

Some of these were head scratchers but missed only the last one, of course. Which one "Full" and "Caught" had me stumped for awhile. Love Yoshio Ishii games.

jcfclark March 21, 2013 9:18 AM

Also, using just one word to describe a scenario and having to figure out exactly what is meant is a feat in itself.

benjabby March 21, 2013 9:44 AM

Oh how I love these games :3
I hope theres more to come


The long one was misleading.

Perception of length because one is skinnier? Because they both rolled out to the same length (I mesuared-4 inches).

Only one I got wrong.


@FanIQ: They both roll out the same distance, but one has more circle left and could therefore roll longer.

JetSetVegas March 21, 2013 6:20 PM

Elle, Your explanation for Which Long? wasn't right. The width of the line doesn't matter. When you pull each circle towards the other, one circle will be bigger than the other. That's the long one because the implication is that you would be able to pull it farther because the smaller circle would "run out" first.

marshalljpeters March 21, 2013 10:15 PM

The "fresh mochi" one got me the first time. I had no idea what mochi is, so I took a guess.


For slippery

Click on the middle of the circle and move the cursor around like you're rubbing it. The slippery one will turn the cursor around. The non-slippery one's cursor will continue to point upwards

handmade.mercury March 22, 2013 10:56 AM

For those having trouble interacting with the mochi:

It only really works when you click on the edges of the circle. Clicking in the middle doesn't seem to work very well.

sunnylauren March 23, 2013 4:24 PM

20/20 first time, but some were lucky guesses because I honestly couldn't tell the difference.


Today I learned how to distinguish fresh mochi.


Very happy to see "More Which?"! Loved the first one and love this second incarnation. But only 16/20 this time around, but again, very clever!


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