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Monkey GO Happy - Pyramid Escape

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Monkey GO Happy - Pyramid EscapeWhat kind of a predicament have the monkeys gotten themselves into this time? You find your monkey friend crying outside an ancient tomb, having lost its friends. A camel is tied up to a pole, but in order to free it, you will need to give the greedy man holding it hostage twenty coins. Finding all this wealth is going to require quite the effort and spelunking expedition! Enter the pyramid, if you dare, solving a series of increasingly intricate puzzles and uncovering mini monkeys in the oddest possible places.

As usual in this latest installment of Pencilkids' popular series, the game is controlled entirely by your mouse. As new areas unlock, click the big yellow arrows to navigate through the scenes. Later puzzles may require some backtracking for reference, but everything is cleanly presented if you know where to look. Give this latest game a try and help the monkey go happy!

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CallieMiles March 10, 2017 1:06 AM

Monkey GO Happy- Pyramind Escape was so awesome.


can't wait for the walkthrough here. and KK, if you are reading this, I think I speak for all jayisgames members when I say you are doing a great job on doing this for us and you are an important member here. Just saying. Keep up the good work :)


No walkthrough yet?


I don't know enough about Egyptian mythology to tell my Sets from my Sobeks, so I'm probably going to misinterpret some symbols and misuse some terminology here. Hopefully it's still clear what's what.

(Thanks for the comment, Paul.)

Monkey GO Happy Pyramid Escape

It's time to get rich with ancient treasures, then give it all away to free a camel.

Pyramid Outside


  • the coin next to the foreground rock

  • the coin on the pyramid entrance

  • the idol from the ground

  • the stone with the shell pattern in front of the box

  • the two mini monkeys behind the rocks, after shifting them aside

Write down the code from the pyramid entrance:
3 pot 2 / 2 shell 1 / 1 fire 3

Enter the pyramid.

Pyramid Hall

There are two braziers in front, and two empty pedestals next to them.


  • the two coins next to the braziers

  • the coin on the archway, top center of the screen

  • the idol on the right side of the archway

  • the mini monkey on the left side of the archway

Note down the four "binary" codes:
1011 1101
1110 0111

which have 2, 1, 3, 4 lines underneath them. (I don't know what the lines are for.)

Note down the symbol code above the door:
(Pointy Ears) Jester Hat, Spark in Bowl, Sunrise
(Round top) Sunrise, Jester Hat, Spark in Bowl

There's a hole in the door, and a shell glyph beneath it. To open the door,

place the idols on the pedestals and click them to adjust the heights until the left one has 2 lines and the right one has 1. (Left one twice, right one thrice.)

Then place the stone in the door and push it.

Go through the open door.

Pyramid Center

There's a covered well here. Above it, there's a hole with a pot glyph below.
Take the two coins from the left archway and the right side of the well.
Move right.

Pyramid Right

There's a statue here with a dog's head(?), which I'm going to call a wolf. There's a hole in his forehead.

  • the coin to the left of the doorway arch

  • the coin on the lower right of the screen

  • the coin on the wolf's left front paw

  • the crowbar from the wolf's back

  • the mini monkey near the doorway

Note the symbols on the wall, which I'm going to refer to as Man and Triangles. From top down: Triangles Man Man Triangles.

Move left twice.

Pyramid Left

I'm going to call this statue a crocodile. There's also a hole in his forehead.

  • the coin on the croc's paw

  • the coin on the doorway arch

  • the rope on the croc's back

  • the mini monkey to right of doorway

Note the symbols on wall. From top down: Man Triangles Triangles Man

Go back to the first screen.

Second stone

Open the box outside the pyramid with the crowbar, and take the stone with the pot glyph.

Go back into the pyramid, and adjust the pedestal heights to 3 and 2 (click each pillar thrice).

Go through the door into the next room. Place the stone in the hole above the well, then push the stone, opening the well.

Use the rope on the stick above the well, then go down.

Crypt Entrance

There's a sarcophagus-shaped door in front with an eye-shaped hole, and two vertical rows of buttons to its left and right.

  • the coin on top of the door

  • the coin on the floor in front of the door

  • the button on the floor, with a semicircular arc marking

  • the bug running across the floor

  • the mini monkey to the right of the door

On the left and right walls, engravings indicate that Triangles is X, and Man is +.

Go back up and then left.

Croc Statue (Pyramid Left)

Adjust the buttons along the bottom to display glyphs according to the clue on the right of the doorway.

Sunrise/Jester/Bowl (2, 3, 1 clicks.)

Use the button from your inventory on the crocodile, who raises his head. Take the eye from underneath.

Go back right and down.

Opening the Crypt

On the left row of buttons, enter +XX+ (2, 1, 1, 2 clicks).
On the right row of buttons, enter X++X (1, 2, 2, 1 clicks).

Place the eye in the door and push it. The door opens. Move forward.

Crypt Center

There are doors to the left and right and a sarcophagus (not a door) in front, and a mound on the floor, each of these with a hole in it.

  • three coins, in the upper right, upper left and lower left corners

  • the mini monkey in upper left

Use the bug on the mummy to draw him away. Take the button marked with pointy ears from the corner.

Go back, then up the well, then right.

Wolf Statue (Pyramid Right)

Adjust the buttons along the bottom to display glyphs according to the clue on the left of the doorway.

Jester/Bowl/Sunrise (3, 1, 2 clicks.)

Use the button from your inventory on the wolf, who raises his head. Take the key from underneath.

Make your way back (left, down, forward) to the previous room (Crypt Center), and use the key on the right wall.

Crypt Right

Take the lever in lower left, and move the rock on the floor to get a mini monkey.

Use the crowbar on the loose brick in the right wall to remove it. Take the key and lever.

Move left and use the key on the left wall.

Crypt Left

Take the lever on the floor and use the crowbar on the loose brick in the left wall to remove it.
Take the coin, lever, stone marked with a fire glyph and the mini monkey.

Go back (right, back, up, back) to the room with the pedestals (Pyramid Hall).

Last Stone

Set the pedestals to heights 1 and 3 (click the left one twice, right one thrice).

Go back (forward, down, forward) to Crypt Center, place the stone in the wall straight ahead and push it. Take the staff.

Four Levers

In Crypt Left, place two levers on the wall and set their horizontal positions according to the "binary" clue.

The position of the 0 among the 1s indicates the position of the lever.
Top lever: 1011 (click once)
Bottom lever: 1110 (click thrice)

Do the same for Crypt Right.

Top lever: 1101 (click twice)
Bottom lever: 0111 (don't click)

Go back to Crypt Center, use the staff on the hole in the center of the floor and push it down. Creepy stuff happens, and then it's replaced by a pillar with 3 coins, like nothing happened.

Twenty Coins

You should now have 20 coins:

Outside (2): foreground rock and pyramid entrance
Pyramid Hall (3): next to braziers and on the archway
Pyramid Center (2): left door, right wall
Pyramid Left (2): paw and doorway
Pyramid Right (3): paw, doorway, lower right corner
Crypt Entrance (2): on and in front of the door
Crypt Center (6): three corners + three on pillar
Crypt Left (1): behind loose brick

(Wait, that's 21 coins!)

Give the man 20 coins, and he leaves. Take the last mini monkey.

(Mini Monkeys)

Here's the locations of all 10 mini monkeys:
Outside (3): behind rocks, behind man
Pyramid Hall (1): left of archway
Pyramid Left (1): near doorway
Pyramid Right (1): near doorway
Crypt Entrance (1): right of door
Crypt Center (1): upper left corner
Crypt Left (1): behind loose brick
Crypt Right (1): behind rock

If you're playing the MonkeyHappy (HTML5) version, your clue for this stage (62) is (Circle with two horizontal lines) = 1.

(Other item lists)


  • Outside pyramid, on ground

  • Pyramid Hall, left of archway


  • Shell: Next to box outside pyramid

  • Pot: Inside box outside pyramid

  • Fire: Crypt Left, behind loose brick


  • Crypt Entrance, on floor

  • Crypt Center, behind mummy


  • Right: Pyramid Right, under wolf's head

  • Left: Crypt Right, behind loose brick


  • Crypt Left (2): on floor and behind loose brick

  • Crypt Right (2): on floor and behind loose brick


  • Crowbar: Pyramid Right, on wolf's back

  • Rope: Pyramid Left, on croc's back

  • Eye: Pyramid Left, under croc's head

  • Bug: Crypt Entrance, running across floor


Thanks KK and you're welcome on the compliment :)

Graceland9 March 14, 2017 1:24 PM

Such a cute game. Loved it!


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