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Mofuya Defense

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Rating: 4.3/5 (114 votes)
Comments (45) | Views (5,188)

MarcusMofuya DefenseDay 1: We've been sent here to protect our base from what they are telling me is going to be a constant barrage of enemy attackers. I've used what little funds they've alloted to me to build some cannons, but I haven't seen any enemies yet. I think Wolkowski in assignments is pulling my leg…

Day 2: Wolkowski not pulling leg. Assignment sucks. Funds too low. Please send more guns. And beer. But mainly more guns.

Day 14: Not sure who Mofuya is, but apparently they're behind this defense. Hmmm… Mofuya Defense… has a nice ring to it.

Day 23: I think we're getting the hang of this. Of course, it helps that we get money for every enemy vehicle that we destroy. That's allowed us to upgrade our weapons and buy new ones. No nuclear weapons in sight, but one can always hope…

Day 57: Enemies Destroyed: 384. Beers Consumed: 1,376. Enemies still coming; beer slowly running dry.

Day 82: I need a couple of days R&R, but my CO claims that if I leave Johnson in charge, we'll lose the battle in a matter of days. I think that he's underestimating Johnson's skills. Day spa, here I come!

Day 83: Base is nearly destroyed; enemy vanquished at last possible moment. Going to take all our funds to repair equipment, base. CO did underestimate Johnson… it only took him one day. Note to self: demote Johnson at earliest opportunity.

Day 125: We've been holding our own against the onslaught of enemy forces for what seems like months now. The more cannons we set up, the stronger vehicles they send at us. I'm starting to think this isn't going to end. Still unsure who's paying us for destroying them, but I'll take what I can get at this point… oh, and the beer is officially gone.

Day 137: Johnson thought it would be funny to set an EMP generator in the middle of nowhere to see what would happen. What happened? Electrical generators overloaded, all of the turrets shut down, and the enemy made it through nearly unscratched before I got stuff back online. Note to self: demote Johnson ASAP.

Day 145: Leave it to Johnson to almost get the base destroyed… again. All you need to know is that teddy bears, vodka, and small explosives do not mix. Note to self: shoot Johnson.

Day 152: Airstrike destroyed our generators… again. So much for that 52 inch flat-screen I was saving up for…

Day 164: Our base has been over-run. By little motorcycles. With guns. Who knew? I guess I should have upgraded the base weapons instead of buying that Xbox 360 off eba--- Transmission Terminated at Source ---

Analysis: It's always nice to see a tower defense game come along that is fun to play, nice to look at, and adds something to the genre. There is a simple charm to the pixel artwork in Mofuya Defense, something that, while I won't call it nostalgia, harkens back to the 8-bit glory days of Nintendo and Sega. These tiny, cutified graphics are a joy to look at.

But they belie the game that lurks beneath, a cunning and difficult tower defense game if ever I've seen one. This is due not only to the wide variety of attacking units, but also to the addition of power resource management. Watch the amount of power your weapons are consuming. If you build a cannon or upgrade a weapon and consume too much, everything on the battlefield shuts down until you can remedy the problem. While some may have come to tower defense games to get away from that sort of resource management (I did initially) it is just enough here to keep the game challenging without making you focus your every waking moment on your power levels.

The addition of base defenses is another welcome feature. This gives the player yet another chance to catch those few stragglers that made it past the towers before you had your defenses completely fortified. And, believe me, it'll happen again, and again, and again. That's why it's just as important to continue to upgrade your base along with your other towers.

Mofuya Defense is an excellent addition to the tower defense genre. With cute pixel graphics, a comfortable learning curve, a good number of weapons at your disposal, and additional features not found in other tower defense games, it's definitely worth investing some time in.

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JC Lisbon March 9, 2009 6:28 PM

I was very excited about a new defense game to try. But the fact that it's not in English made me give up. I have no desire to guess what I'm doing.

tenkuchima March 9, 2009 6:36 PM

by far the hardest tower defense I've ever played, makes for a very nice chalenge


JC Lisbon - There is an "English" button on the main title screen.

JC Lisbon March 9, 2009 6:42 PM

Ah, my bad I guess. I shall give it a try, then!

fuzzyface March 9, 2009 7:14 PM

Funny that this towerdefense games are all of such similar model, you know what stuff means even without being able to read it :)


Lost on first and second tries, but then again i've never been too good at tower defense. Great game though, love the pixely goodness


grr. keep getting smoked on lvl 20 because I get too greedy once refineries are unlocked instead of bolstering my defenses.


Uhh... OK the refinery is unlocked... but it won't let me build one anywhere.

"This towers can build only at mine place"

What the heck is THAT supposed to mean? How do I get a "mine place"?!? Do I have to build a crane somewhere? Is that what the brown/dirt sections are supposed to be for? It told me "Digging is unlocked" or something like that but I don't know what THAT is supposed to mean either.

Somehow this was all missed in the briefing room dammit.


Incredible game! Supreme tower defense challenge!

The aspect of getting bonus money for "skipping" the downtime adds a wonderful dimension. I also like the interface, the single map, and the quickness that you can play through it. One of the best in the genre.

Made it to level 29 twice, after many, many tries.

Some tips:

1. Placement is critical. You want to maximize each cannon's ability to score hits.

2. Minimize repairing the main base. If you hope to win, you'll need to prevent as much damage to the base as possible. Also, building units around the base is wasteful!

3. Never sell anything.

4. The laser cannon is the best. I can't get as far if I research technology deeper. Rail gun is worthless. Three lasers upgraded, that's the ticket.

5. Quality over quantity. Upgrade your units. Especially energy tower 2.

6. The mineral node in the bottom right seems to be the only one worth defending. If even.

7. AA rocket launcher. You'll need one by level 18, two by 22, and three by the end. Yes, you'll need to power them down for rounds where there is no air units. Power down the laser when there are air units to save the energy.


the refineries go on the little rock things inside the darker dirt areas.


Ahhhh the power of posting!

The refineries are build on the BUSHES! Because that makes so much sense!

Those aren't bushes, they're green bushy crystal deposits cleverly disguised as bushes.

Those silly crystals.


Always happy to see a quality tower defense game here. I finished this one on normal with a C rank, now I've figured out how to beat it I can focus on improving my score.

Patreon Crew SonicLover March 10, 2009 7:20 AM

I got KO'd on level 11 (Normal mode). Am I bad at tower defense games in general, or just this one?


Can't get past the first few waves. This is ridiculous.


I can't get past wave 2!


i got to level 29 then got killed i'm so upset, its agood game wish it was longer.

triggerthirst March 10, 2009 12:42 PM

Maybe its just me but this actually seemed a little bit easy. I beat it on first try (normal) with a score of 988000 and a AAA ranking. Although it was fun and very well made. Maybe all of my starcraft and warcraft 3 playing has made me better than I am aware?


Some pitfalls for new players:

Certain tanks have armor. This reduces damage dealt per hit. To combat this you need towers that deal larger amounts of damage. This means you should not buy bulk small towers.

If a tank with a lot of armor gets past your defenses and positions itself on the back side of your base, your base cannons may not do enough damage to scratch it on most hits. Don't let this happen, or position tanks that can range that location.

You can more efficiently use your energy if you shut down towers that cannot attack the current wave. For example, shut down cannons during air waves, and anti air units during ground waves.

The most efficient air defense probably won't stop one or two towers from being dropped in a late game unlucky round. Have some spare power capacity.


@triggerthrist - how about posting a screenshot of your placement to help out those of us getting squashed?

Anonymous March 10, 2009 4:37 PM

Great TD game, but hard! I would appreciate some tower placement hints


(Still reading Help Screen.)
This was bad translation.


EMP towers seem pretty useless, compared to spending your money on stuff that does damage with a longer range. I didn't win until I stopped using them (and got a AA rank that time).

Tip on where to spend money:

Upgrading isn't as good as getting higher-tech stuff. Let's consider the 'price' of power to be $5/unit since a L2 reactor costs $300 and gives 60 power.
3 fully upgraded cannons cost $1240 and use 72Pow, which equals $1600 all together. 2 Lasers cost $1000 and use 120Pow = $1600 . But the lasers actually do slightly more damage and have a longer base range.

They can also be upgraded, too, but don't do it - rail guns are even better than they are.

Save your money and get the good stuff later on.


Whoo! Finally beat the game on both normal (rank: "AA") and hard (rank: "B"). My tips:

(i) Start building towers right in the middle of the map, so that they cover a maximun of roads. As the game progresses, keep your towers huddled together (for air defense), but gradually expand to the south-west towards your base (because that's were the final boss will make its stand, and you'll need to concentrate your firepower)

(ii) To prepare for the first round, upagrade your base to level 1, then build an advanced powerplant (build only these during the whole game, don't bother with the small ones), and one Gatling tower at a "sweet spot" where it can strafe an enemy convoy twice. Upgrade the Gatling tower with the remaining credits - that one tower should keep you covered for a couple of waves, giving you time to upgrade your base an powerplants. When enemies start getting tougher, build a second one. A fully upgraded Gatling gun will also shred the first waves of airborne targets.

(iii) Build one Laser, and one SAM-launcher once the enemies get too tough for your Gatlings. Remember, cover as much street as possible, and let the enemy make multiple passes through your firing arc. Corners and parallel streets are especially usefull for this.

(iv) Whenever possible, skip ahead waves for extra cash - you'll need it! Even a few seconds remaining on the timer will get you some credits.

(v) Build one (or both) crystal mines early on and KEEP THEM ALIVE AS LONG AS POSSIBLE. Upgrade them as early as possible, too.

(vi) If one or two enemies come through to your base early in the game, don't worry - your bases built-in machine gun can handle them.

(vii) Repair powerplants after and DURING air raids. Always have more power than you need. Be prepared to quickly shut down stuff in emergencies. DON'T repair your base until you absolutely have to.

(viii) Rush to upgrade your base up to the point where you can build Railgun towers. As soon as you have the technology, build railguns like there's no tomorrow (actually, if you don't, there isn't). Railguns are great agains all targets, including airbornes. By the late 20s, have at least 4 fully upgraded Railguns.

(ix) Always pair towers and powerplants for bonus damage and air defense!

(x) Don't waste any money on EMP guns, cannons, cranes, that one final big gun, or small powerplants. Before building another tower, make sure that all existing ones are fully upgraded, and that you have more than enough energy.

(xi) Never, ever sell anything. Ever!

(xii) The final boss in level 30 is one tough SOB. It will slowly move on the ground, along the road, and stop right in the middle of the last straight road at the bottom, leading to your base. From there, it will use its massive raygun on your base, bringing down its HPs quickly. Make an effort to have all your heavy hitters cover that spot where it stops. Starting around level 28, also start building at least 4 fully upgraded Laser towers in its anticipation. Also starting around level 28, repair your base to full health. Keep repairing it once the final fight is on. Your 4+ Lasers and 4+ Railguns should be able to tear through the bosses armor well before your base goes critical.

weirdguy March 10, 2009 8:34 PM

Note: Instead of sticking all your reactors and such next to each other, if you put them next to your attack towers, they'll gain bonuses that'll give you the upper hand on the fight, plus if they're next to gatling guns, they'll be able to fend off most early air attacks pretty fast.

Anonymous March 10, 2009 9:36 PM


good tips, but i say forego the Laser&AAM and go straight for the railgun.


I don't get this thing about there being bonuses if you put an attack tower adjacent to a reactor. I have 2 gatlings: one gatling is right next to the reactor and one gatling is a space away from a reactor. Yet both state:
Damage: 12(+2)
Range 55
Rate of Fire 20
PW Consumption 12

In the comment box:
RB +20

There is no indication of any difference.

Can someone please confirm whether there is indeed a bonus by placing an attack tower next to a reactor. If there is a bonus, is it the attack bonus?

Anonymous March 10, 2009 11:24 PM

JC, when you are choosing where to put down a reactor, the area around it is highlighted -- I think this is the reactor's range of what towers it affects. The small energy tower has a "range" of 1 (including diagonals) and the bigger one has a "range" of 2. So your two towers were probably next to the bigger energy tower and were both receiving the bonus.


Thanks for clarifying. All the while I thought that the blue box meant you _had_ to put your towers in them. Now I know you could actually put your towers anywhere on the field.



@JC I can also confirm that nearby reactors do indeed boost turret firepower, by a non-accumulative 20%. So, in case of your Gatling guns, that would be the +2 listed under "Damage". JIGuest is also right concerning the different "ranges" of this effect, so that's probably where the confusion stems from.

@JIGuest, concerning "going straight for the railgun". If you can, then, by any means, do it ;-)
But I for one needed the intermediate step (turret-wise) to keep off the baddies while mustering the money necessary to roll out my first Railgun.


Man, for me, this game would be much easier if the towers didn't have a tilting speed!


A fun and challenging TD game! Like the artwork, hate the music. Controls are a little clunky but totally manageable thanks to a well-presented UI. I especially enjoyed details like the road scanners that display upcoming enemies, and the red icon that flashes in the Report box when your base gets low on HP. The power management aspect was really annoying at first, but after a half-dozen early brownouts I finally developed the habit of planning for future power needs. This could have been a major pitfall - throwing in resource management just to give the player one more bothersome chore - but since power plants also give bonuses to nearby towers, they add an important strategic element to tower placement.

Like many TD games, the difficulty curve lies in figuring out which options to ignore as much as which to choose and when. Most tower types are not necessary to beat the game, and most potential build locations are unwise at best. The replay value lies in the trial-and-error of creating a winning strategy; but once you've met that challenge, there's not much reason to come back (unless you're a perfectionist and want to tweak just a few more points out of your execution).

After much experimentation, I finally beat Normal with AA rating and about 900,000 points. Read the comments and analysis, adjusted my strategy, and after a few tweaks beat it again with S rating and 1,056,482 points!

My second strategy was:


Upgrade Base, build Power Plant 2 and Gattling Tower in upper right quadrant. Upgrade Gattling Tower to lever 3 ASAP. Build and upgrade Gattling Tower in lower right quadrant, 4 squares up from the U-turn. Upgrade Base and Power Plant, build Refinery in lower right quadrant. Skip waves whenever possible.


Add another Gattling Tower in upper right quadrant; upgrade. Build a PP2 to go with Gattling/Refinery pair in lower right. Build another PP2 and a Refinery in upper left quadrant. Continue to skip waves when possible. A few units may get through to Base, but won't do too much damage (repair Base only if absolutely necessary). During Air Raids, repair support towers as soon as they are damaged. Upgrade Base again. When Rail Gun becomes available, build three in spots that overlap Final Boss' eventual stopping point but also cover max roadway (in UL quadrant, lower right corner of road; in UR quadrant, near the U-turn; in LR quadrant, in line with the straghtaway that leads to your base). Upgrade all Refineries, Power Plants, and Railguns.


Max out Base upgrades. Build one Maser in the middle of the grid; while it constructs, build and upgrade three more PP2s to cover the extra power it will need. Continue to repair support towers on the fly, and repair Base if necessary. Beat the snot out of Final Boss.

Now to try it out on Hard mode!

Yep, works on Hard too. AA rating and 928,973 points with basically the same strategy.


I was finally able to beat this game on normal. It took... 4-5 tries, and I used advice found here to do it.

I used several railguns (as many as I could afford)

The $2500 weapon is useless- it takes 600 power to run. I managed to buy it once, and quickly realized that I couldn't afford to power it.


With 2 maser and 2 rail guns boss hit my base only once. I'm not sure if there is possibility to build 3rd maser.

Someone done that?


Vorpal's advice was spot-on. However, I did nothing to build mines and just clustered between the roads above the base. C rating! My base had 88 hp at the end and I had no money,lol.

confanity March 12, 2009 5:22 AM

If anyone complains about the quality of the translation, they are free to provide us with a better one. Trust the Japanese, though, to send Ramiel to smack you down at the end. Does that mean the regular military units are all JSSDF?

Anonymous March 12, 2009 11:01 AM

i usually build two mines right after the first railgun (around lvl 20). from then on, no more skipping turns!


Guest - if you skip ahead when you have the mine, you get paid the mining you would have received by waiting.

Jacktheowner March 12, 2009 2:06 PM

There is a secret way to make 6/12 in mines. Just build a power plant mark 2 near it.


S Rank on Hard:

View final layout


* Time your waves so that your main guns are always firing on one wave.

* Repair your turrets during the wave.

* Turn your AA defenses off if you don't need them and you need the power.

* The reason you want to postpone repairing your base is that the money you spend could buy more defenses, and prevent more damage in the future.

Steps (roughly):
First steps are to upgrade your base, place your gatlings, and your first Reactor2 (the gatlings should be on the right edge of the reactor range). You should be able to upgrade one of your gatlings before the first round.

Here's where you should be around each stage:
By end of wave 3, your gatlings are at 3 and 2, base at 2
Wave 4 gatlings at 3,3
wave 7 base at 3, reactor at 2
wave 9 build laser
wave 10 laser at 2, reactor at 3
wave 11 build aa missiles
wave 13 build mine, 2nd reactor (within mine range)
wave 14 build 2nd mine, 3rd reactor
wave 15 mines at 2
wave 17 reactors at 2, base at 4
wave 19 build rail gun
wave 20 rail gun at 2
wave 21 reactors at 3
wave 22 build 2nd rail gun, 2nd aa missiles
wave 23 base at 5
wave 24 rail gun at 2
wave 27 3 or 4 reactors for maser (max them out), aa missiles at 2 (both)
wave 29 build maser

Sometimes you'll have enough money to buy more reactors and build a 2nd maser (next to the first). With two masers and two maxed rail guns (in these positions), the final boss won't even get to fire on your base.

For this particular run: final score

Even following my own tips, I hit Rank S maybe two out of five times. The other three times I'm killed. :-/

justblue March 13, 2009 7:20 AM

Good TD game, but much too short. I thought this was the first level of several, but the game was over after comleting this one.

Jacktheowner March 13, 2009 12:45 PM


Yeah, I built 3 maser. I also get S rank.

Thx Phenix for your help!

Jacktheowner March 13, 2009 1:04 PM


S rank is possible even without maser.


From what I can tell, you get a monetary bonus just by skipping the time between waves, even if you click it with the timer at 1 or 2; I was surprised at the amount of bonus money I got when I did that. Since you can wait for buildings to upgrade and not worry about losing out on skip bonuses, then that reduces the importance of cranes.


Rank S on hard.


Great tutorial Phoenix, but I want to add something:

You should build some EMP Canons to slow down the final boss, so you can beat it before he does damage to your base.


I approves of Phoenix's strategy. :O


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