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Micro Life

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Rating: 4.6/5 (109 votes)
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Micro Life is quite easy to play, and it has a lot of charm to compensate for the relatively light challenge it presents. Accessible to all ages, but probably designed for a younger audience, the game appears on the BBC's website for children. But that's no reason to ignore this cute little Flash game with exceptional graphics and an overall design that has lots of potential.

Interestingly, the game looks and functions very similar to projects that come out of the "turtles" project at RIT in the course Programming for Digital Media: Students write scripts to cause intelligent autonomous agents to interact with each other, thereby creating a simulation of sorts.

This game is one part simulation, one part strategy, and one part Insaniquarium. Mix them all up and you get... Micro Life.

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Ridiculous December 3, 2004 1:10 PM

Hello, I am enjoying the website very much. Exactly what I was hoping existed on the web. Been looking for this site for a while.

HELP, with this game. How do you get the ship to take off. I can't figure out how to make it build. I think it that you have to use the micros (babies) to do it, but I can't figure out the trick. They don't stay on it to build?!


Thanks, I'm glad you like the site. =)

The Micro (pink) infants are the only ones who can build the ship, and they will only build if there are no catchers out roaming. So keep the are free of catchers, and keep the infants in the ship area. Once the ship is built, you need to fill the ship with Micro to complete the level.


my defenders kill each other what is happening?


you know how it says that defenders love to pick fights? Thats why. They love killing and will even fight with other micros.


This is the greatest game i ewer have played!!This game is so cute,and its simple!!Go,microlife!!

Jason Rizos May 3, 2005 9:26 PM

This game has lots of potential, but the challenge is about nil, it could be higher. I guess it is for kids. But if they don't figure out how to conserve money, actually, to spend only on food, the only lesson they learn is that of the realities of starvation as the cute little babies turn green and die. Kind of funny.


um yea...i have no clue how to do anything all i can do is feed them and thats all i kno so help

Marleigh May 23, 2005 5:24 PM

you have to go through each stage. if you feed the babies they will turn into adults. once you have adults, then a little circle will appear in the top left corner. put a couple of adults in there to make defenders. when a bad guy (little red things) comes out, the defenders will kill it. all you have to do is make sure that you keep your little guys alive.

if you get to the last level, here's a hint :
the babies are the best builders.


SOmebody please tell me how to make infants! In the first level I advance the micros to adults and then i cant do anything but feed them until they turn old and die! SOmeone please explain hwo you spawn more micros!

Please E-Mail me with the answer! I need help. This game looks extremly fun but I can't do anything because I can't figure out how to play! :-(


Jason - the orange adults (Micro Max) are the ones who lay eggs. The eggs will hatch into infants (Micro). Keep the Micro Max well fed and they will lay eggs... but don't click on the eggs! If you do, you will receive cash for the egg instead of letting it hatch into an infant.

silverwing99 June 1, 2005 8:38 PM

Go all out on the last level. That's why it's the LAST LEVEL.


I love these kind of games, does anyone know any other games that are similar to this one?


Here it is--you can't make all your micropeeps soldiers. Only the non-soldier ones lay eggs.


this game is well cool. what is password for level 10?
luv E


Phew last level was annoying anyway if this wasnt posted yet

Freeplay is password for free playing (might not work for people who havent beat game


So cute! The problem with free play is that I am too sympathetic and I don't click on the eggs, so I find myself with an overpopulation of Micro and not enough food. I like the real levels better. BTW, Jay, awesome site!!!


hey how do you build the boat on the last level?
plz help


i think they should make another micro life. I'v already beat the first micro life and it was fun but they should make more micro life games so that you can have lots of fun.and I really like strategy.


class game and it is on the blue peter one check out the rest of the cbbc website for tracy beaker class games on it i like the

wanted poster one


it doesnt work for me even though i have played this before!?!?!?

it says this little pink pet gender is 9999999 and age is 9999999999 whats goin on!?!?!?



Micro are excellent as Catcher bait - put one on the opposite side of a lava flow and they can kill more Catchers than any Defender.

Defenders can live forever! They're not programmed to become elderly. (Unfortunately, elders can't become defenders.) I usually have my MicroMax lay two eggs, then beccome a Defender at 28 or so. I've had 150-year old Defenders... X3

Defenders and MicroMax can, up to a point, be healed while fighting - if you put one at full health next to a Catcher in the Health Center, they'll stop and be healed anytime they get hurt. (Catchers can, however, inflict massive wounds all at once to MicroMax.)


huh? I played this game a coouple days ago(loved it!), but now when i click it, it doesn't work! the link the picture goes to just says page not found! HELP ME!! I LOVE THAT GAME!! *sniffle*

p.s. still a little psyco from get the glass(so hard!)


TaladorPheonix March 24, 2007 12:45 PM

I don't get how you make the ship on the last level. I put a Micro on the place, and it built somefink, but none of theother micro will build anything. What did i do wrong?!

p.s. the game still isn't working for me, i thought I'd just post thisnow instead of waiting.

p.p.s. Still a little psyco from get the glass(so hard!) o_O


The link doen't work anymore (for me, at least) but here is another one:


Thanks, Allegra. I've been working on trying to find the game for the past few days since the BBC changed the URL to the game. I even contacted the developer, Kerb, which told me they do not own the rights to the game so there was nothing they could do about it.

I'm glad to see this game playable on the Web again. =)


no problem! always glad to help re-discover games. I just searched in the bar on the "game missing" page and it had another link. I love this game, i'm glad it's still online somewhere!


Thanks, Allegra! I can now play one of my favorite games!


fun game. reminds me of insaniqaurium deluxe. i like to play this when im bored. the password for the last level is


and free play is


i like freeplay because you get tons of money and their is infinite catchers.:D


how come my guys arent taking off in the ship, whats required for them to take off?


what is the password for the level 5 [so hard] catchers keep killing my babies !! please Tell me password for level 4 !! p.s game is mint

Micro Pro August 2, 2007 11:03 AM

you're supposed to kill all catchers that are coming out (because the little guys are fraidy like me lol)


i put evryone in the spaceship but it wont take off! please help me.


its a really funny game but wheres the health area? i can't find it!


luv game, hey tell me a way to get loots of babbies??


at the free play i didnt have to complete the game and i turned all the micros into defenders and ran out of money buying defenders and with the last 300 buying 2 baby micros to turn into defenders O_o


if a defender(not sure about the others) gets to an age in the 200's (one of mine is in 280) it will automatically when its low on health go to the heal zone!


I would just like to say I LOVE this type of game. At least I would if I could find enough - so far I've only found 2, maybe 4 depending on how loosely you use the description. I think the main problem is there's no real name for this type - maybe we should make one? What do you all think?

Trekkie_Aspie June 10, 2008 8:34 AM

They will go to where there's food. If you want them to build, place food in the building area.


Shouldn't we do a walk through of all the level passwords and the levels goals -- and a how-to-do for the last level?

Ellie Boo July 17, 2008 2:41 PM

hi. luv ur site jay!

i'm on the last level and i understand wot you have 2 do but my micros keep growin too fast cus of those nasty catchers and cus i have to keep using my money for more micros i'm all out of money and the micromaxes aren't laying any eggs

plz help .. they've got the shape but they can't get in yet

plz help

i've got loads of problems what shoud i do? :(

Anonymous October 3, 2008 1:20 PM

I'm missing one baby, and I only have defenders left alive!! Is there a cheat for money or something?


I have put 3 people in the ship but others refuse to go in whats happening?

Please help me Jay

Your website is ace!


Yea when I looked at the comments, no one answered the question on how you take off in the ship!! I'm so stuck, help! I've tried it 5 times already trying to figure it out. Please oh please help me.

awesome March 5, 2009 7:43 PM

NO ONE semes to knowhow to beat the last level!
Its soooooooo simple! all ya do is make sure there are no cathchers, and that the babys are well fed an happy. Then, drag the babys over to the S place,and they build, ya just keep doin that, and soon the ship is built! then you get 5 micre and 5 micromax and drag them to the ship when there are no cathchers around, they will enter the ship. If they dont, the ships not finnished and ya got to keep building.


Help!! How do you get money because i've spend it all and i've only got defenders!? HELP!



I hope this helps you guys!


i build a ship on level 10 but when i put my micros and micromaxs on they wont stay in, please help me

vampphoenix99 February 15, 2014 6:49 PM

The link is taking me to some BBC games website... not directly to the game.


:P. After a brief search, I cannot find the game. It does not even appear in the in-site search bar. It IS from 2004, so I think it is safe to assume that the game has been removed from the site.

Michael Molli July 15, 2014 3:23 AM replied to Nathaniel Shaw

You can still play MicroLife with your Internet Explorer here.


In level 10 there is not allowed to be catchers when you put Micros and MicroMax's to ship.


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