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Link Dump Fridays

HarukioWelcome, to the end of another week and the beginning of a sweet, sweet weekend. Here at the JIG Studios you may know us for our handy game submission suggestion form. It's easy, it's convenient, and it doesn't work with Netscape (and who does?). What you may not know is how we sort through all your nasty little submissions to find the shining gems of casual gameplay goodness.

So how do we do it? Through the Máquina del Plátano 61000! It reads each and every game submission and encodes the data along with the game in a banana, which is then released down a chute into a rather large cardboard box. Our team of reviewer monkeys swarm the box peeling and nibbling to select the best fruit of the crop. Unfortunately, due to a monkey form of avian flu, our reviewer monkeys are out of commission. So we need your help! What follows is a list of possible review subjects. Check these out at your convenience (we're timing you) and help us select the ones worthy of a quality JIG review.

Oh, and before I forget, Welcome to LINK DUMP FRIDAYS!

  • Riddles of Riddles 100! - It's one of those God Tower/Not Pr0n type riddle puzzles. Figure out the clues from images, words, source code, and handy dandy mirrors. I personally don't like them because they make me feel dumb. It starts off all fun and happy and then suddenly I'm back to 1st grade trying to pull open the door that says "push." Oh yeah, and there are 100 riddles so make your brain cry and go play.
  • Reindeer Tipping by Enigma Interactive - How would our holidays be filled with joy, love, and kindness to our fellow man if it weren't for reindeer tipping? Play as the subtly named Ebenigma Scrooge as he goes on a reindeer tipping rampage against incredible odds (aka penguins, pudding, and Santa). Unfortunately the music is annoying as sin, luckily tipping reindeer is a sin so it all fits together.
  • Chaos on the Piste by Chaos - Fun little downhill ski racing game. Did I mention the groovy title music and
    dancing snowmen? Short, quick and fun.
  • Nobuyuki Forces 3 - A 'you versus the military' shoot-out game with surprisingly simple controls, just use the spacebar and mouse. It also has some neat music that isn't quite standard for the genre. It does take a moment or two to load, though.
  • Xtreme Xmas Shopping - the latest from Persuasive Games. Have flashbacks of Black Friday-Saturday-Sunday-Today with a holiday shopping game that has you rushing to get the year's "hottest items" by any means necessary. Unfortunately it runs as slow as a PS3-toting old lady on my computer so I'll have to depend on you to check it out. I, by the way, am quite enjoying my Wii, thanks for asking.
  • Big Spaceship Holiday Card Creator - We found an orange! Here's a submission that's not a game but worth noting. This let make of you funny holiday card. You subtitle make for video. It quite humors. Plese check me out. Funny joke here.

Thanks for your help, the monkeys thank you!

Jay notes: Just so you know, please never take Harukio seriously, he is only here because I pity him. Also, I didn't write this note.


This is dang confusing.


Sorry if it's confusing! Please let me know if anything's unclear, it's the first Link Dump I've done so any tips to improve are welcome.
We're basically asking which of the 5 games gathered from our submissions list is worth a JIG review.


haha the sarcasm.... i love it.


Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition indeed.


Ok so, I think 100 Riddles should have its own post, because I'm on problem three and already stuck. Pardon my rhyming, but *uck.


Jacob, for number three look closely at the words.


I agree that 100 Riddles should have its own review.
I am currently stuck on problem ten


Cardinal Ximinez : NOBODY expects the Spanish Inquisition! Our chief weapon is surprise!

(Cardinal Ximinez of Spain regards them with a nasty grin. He is flanked by Cardinal Biggles [in aviator's helmet] and Cardinal Fang.)

...Surprise and fear...fear and surprise.... Our two weapons are fear and surprise...and ruthless efficiency.... Our three weapons are fear, and surprise, and ruthless efficiency...and an almost fanatical devotion to the Pope.... Our

(Reg and Lady Mountback look boredly at these loonies. They have obviously blown any chance at a dramatic entrance.)

Amongst our weapons.... Hmf... Amongst our weaponry...are such elements as fear, surpr.... I'll come in again.

(They turn back and escape out into the hall, waiting again for their cue.)

Reg : I didn't expect a kind of Spanish Inquisition.

(JARRING CHORD - They burst in again)

Ximinez : NOBODY expects the Spanish Inquisition! ...Amongst our weaponry are such diverse elements as: fear, surprise, ruthless efficiency, an almost fanatical devotion to the Pope, and nice red uniforms - Oh damn!

Ahhhh, those good monthy python days.


Love the cards!! I've already made a nice suggestive one with Shirley Temple, the native male, and the giggling girls. Mmmmm.


Nobuyuki Forces 3 is pretty fun. It reminds me of the time crisis games... Do wish it was longer. Ended to quick... still have like 5 credits left.


OK. My take on the dumplinks.

1) Riddles of riddles - deffinitely not my thing. Digging around web page sources for an obscure clue just isn't my type of puzzle. Give me "click-drag-type" instead of this any day.

2) Reindeer tipping - this is one of the rare games that made me laugh aloud. When angry Santa came out in his undies waving a, that cracked me up. The game's production values seem quite high and it's great for killing up to half an hour at best.

3) Chaos on the piste - genering avoid-the-obstacles game. Nothing spectacular. Not really worthy of Jay's picks if you ask me.

4) Nobuyuki forces - great concept, but models (especially the main character) could use more work. Fun though, although a bit on the easy side. Once you complete it, I don't see any icentive to go through it again.

intermezzo) Bring out the comfy chair!

5) Xtreme Xmas shopping - while I'm always for criticizing and making fun of holiday shopping craze, this game really didn't appeal to me at all. Clunky controls, ugly graphics, buggy mechanics... pass.

6) Big Spaceship Holiday Card Creator - I love this. Obscure foreign movie clips with custom subtitles, packaged in a greeting card... we need more of this. Unfortunately, the site seems to have a pretty major flaw - finished greeting cards never seem to arrive. Too bad.. :(

There. My 2 cents. Cheers!


I'm also stuck on #3 for Riddles of Riddles. Then again, I've never been particularily good at God Tower or Not Pr0n types of games.


I've never seen a sparklier banana. That's one sparkly banana going into that banana box. I've polished my share of bananas, but to see one with a blinding purpleish sparkliness is certainly a rare site.


Haha, Monty Python reference. You win, Harukio.

Now, time to try out Riddle of Riddles...


I got 3 on Riddle of Riddles

look very closely at the bottom of the image

but now I'm stuck on 4!


Ok, maybe I'm stupid. I've looked @ the pic for # 3 for 15 minutes, can't find what your pointing out. the site Jay


I'm stuck on Number 8 of Riddles!


It's ok to be honest?

I think only Nobuyuki Forces 3 could deserve a place on this blog artistic/gameplay-wise, but it's too realistic violent, so I drop that one too.



I'm stuck on the sixth riddle! Help!


Remember, don't cut corners!!



look very carefully right under the very last dell. the word blends in with the background. another clue: it rhymes with the other words in the title.

I really like these, but they're hard! #24...


do'h. need to get eyes checked..or stop staring at the pc all day.

..any suggestions on 4...


Alright. i could see


very easily, i just had no idea it was that obvious of an answer.
But now I'm stuck on 7. WHERE DOES THE INSANITY END!?


I agree with wouter. Nobuyuki Forces 3 is the only game that deserves its own review. But I do love the Time Crisis games.


I'm stuck on the fourteenth riddle right now. Any help would be appreciated =)

This one isn't very hard, just remember

don't cut corners


My favorite game of the bunch is Nobuyuki Forces. I haven't played a flash game like it before, and it's a TON of fun. I don't think it's too violent, either--there's no blood, and it's not really realistic.

I had a difficult time with the Raindeer tipping game. The controls feel kinda slid-y, if that makes any sense.

the shopping game is decent, but I don't think it's worth a review. The skiing game is...forgettable.

I love the holiday card maker, though. That's one of the best things ever. XD


On Riddles, I am stuck on #4. I see the punctuation problem, but don't know how that connects with the clue.


Oh this is and strange but lovely
I liked teh riddles game...for once one that I can do somewhat

and teh reindeer tipping was funny

so with any luck this shall continue for a looonnng while


Oh. I could have sworn I'd typed that for riddle three:

I went through the whole alphabet in the end, for any _ell word...even shell and spell!
But damn, I could've sworn I typed "Bell" right after I typed "Dell".

Oh Well.


stuck on #8 on riddles

usually i dont like these quite of puzzles, but these are alright - solvable.


I am still stuck on Riddles of Riddles #7.
I recruited 2 friends to help me, and all 3 of us together couldn't solve it. When i looked at the page source i noticed it said

double digits= 2 single digits

so that must have something to do with it.
But i'm still stumped.


ARGHGHG!!!! I cannot figure out Number 4 on the riddles one! I don't know what you mean by

don't cut corners

All I can read is

I'ts fun going around in squares. I mean, I like it more than circles



For #4:

It's all about the corners.

For #8:

Answer is related to music.


Woo, it's like American Idol, but with games.


Kevin Han,
For #4

you don't need to acually read the sentance.

Addition Hint:

(cut the corners off the square and see what you get)

Still stuck on #8...


Oh, I got it. I feel stupid now, but I still can't get number 8! Help?


can anyone help me with #9 on riddle of riddles? I cant seem to get it. oh and for number eight

think song titles


For #9...

What does one usually do with a random jumble of letters?

Now I'm stuck on mind is too perverted -_-
Hope the spoiler tag worked, wouldn't show in preview...


Actually nevermind on #10, figured it out, made me groan. xD


Teehee, Harukio brought teh funny!


Has anyone passed number 14 yet, if so i could really use some help with it.


I vote Riddles of Riddles 100.

I'm stuck on #9. I've gotten through the rest with a few moments thought at most, but this one completely stumps me.


arrrrggg. i cant get 6.

i add the numbers together, then i try it. it takes me to a page that says u have to convert the numbers to letters...

please help!


For #6:

A=1, B=2, etc..

I am currently stuck on #9.


Anyone want offer some help on the last part (23) of riddle #16? it is the crossword. I don't know the extension.


#9 is an anagram. The puzzle isn't clear about that, but that is what it is.


I'm stuck on 16, I crossword puzzle. No help from the website, I have 5 and 7, but 23 is a doozie

5 is ice, 7 is dot, 23 might be mac- or -est, maybe -son, but the first letter is H because 16 down is do I make words and stuff....


I'm learning that I'm no good at Tic Tac Toe. If anyone has any suggestions for #5, I'm stuck.


I vote for the Riddle game, too. There's more riddles on that site, including an easier one, though I'm stuck on all of them.
On #8...

Is it a song title hidden in the story? I've tried googling sentences from that, but couldn't find anything.


Never mind. I figured it out.


I still cant get number 9 can someone give me the answer? I hate ones like these


For #8:

Think about who writes the songs


For #9, try googling

an anagram solver. Andy's anagram solver worked for me.


Completely stuck on #14. Help, please!



The sourcecode says you need 5 down, so it's not ice...

I don't know the answer to this though, my English is too bad =/


I am stuck on riddle number 35!!

I know it involves the

Four Houses of the Harry Potter novels (Gryffindor, Slytherin, etc)

But I cannot for the life of me work out what the initials stand for!!!


Ok I'm still going crazy on #4

I've tried square, squares, circle, circles, corners, corner, octagon, clockwise

I'm just totally missing something very obvious and it's eating my brain.


I'm stuck on #34 for Riddle of Riddles!

I know that the number given is the ISBN for Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets, but I have no idea what to do with that information!


Could someone offer some help on #21 of puzzles. I am completely lost. Why would I want to be "last?"


I need help on #56 "This may take a while"
I was told to look up


but I still don't get it.


Michael, on #21
Look on the



think of what they mean by "last", you might have to "mix it up a bit."


I think Big Spaceship Holiday Card Creator needs a review. It rocks.


Thanks Christine. Not intuitive at all from my stand point. Mixing would have never crossed my mind. Stuck at #27 right now. Hope to be near you soon. :)


any help on #15?


Elaine, just type in the whole title!

Am stuck on level #45 now! >-


I need help on #49. Please, I'm going nuts.

I have

the names for all of those riddles (as in the name in the title), but I can't make any word of the first letters...

Am I on the wrong track?

You've already mentioned your answer ;)



When I did that one, I didn't get a word, either. You have to change a few of the letters to get an actual word, as far as I could tell.

Think about the fact that you've reached the middle.

Ridiculously enough, I'm stuck on 99!

I can't figure out if it's referring to the last 10 words of the whole thing, or the 10 words before the phrase "the last 10 words."


Like the concept of the riddles, don't care for the execution... awkward. And #6 I just don't get.


I really think the riddles should get it's own review.

I'm stuck at #59. I get the clue, but I can't seem to find the right answer... :(


Could I get some help with #52 please? I recognize the ball in the middle, but I don't know the logo, if it is a logo at all.

Thanks. Peace,




You probably figured out the band, right?

Look up their latest cd (wikipedia is helpful!)


No logo, you can already see the answer! Just type in what you see in the picture.

Still stuck on 99...anyone? anyone? Buehler?


Actually, I think Nobuyuki Forces 3 deserves a good review here, considering that Takahirou of SKT Products has been churning out a few good ones.

And because I did try posting a review earlier this year, and didn't receive a reply for it. Poor monkeys....*pats a sick one on the head...*

A word to baba44713: there is a reason to put this game on replay, and not because of just the language switch options.

Completing the game with certain requirements gets you more accessories and outfits.

In fact, I've completed all requirements and received the "Godfather" outfit. Interesting homage.

So there's more to it than you think. Also, for me, it's rather interesting to play Very Hard Mode, and shoot for the following tricky ranks in one sitting:

Full Reload. Use all bullets before reloading!


Anti Items. Do not grab any pick-ups!


Sniper Killer. Wipe out the three snipers during the cutscenes.


UFO Killer. Just after the Kasatka shows up to blast the windows, a UFO shows up, so wipe it out!


Perfect. No continues.

And then, of course, there's Specialist and Wild Rabbit...^_^;;

Oh, and 3 credits and a very small lifebar are all you have to complete Very Hard mode on. Good luck.


Noyubuki Forces is an amazing game, but the characters need work. Also, she gets in the way of the camera when you dont hide behind the wall, which gets annoying.
It still deserves a quality JIG review.


any help on #14 riddle? still can't get it


Could I get a little help with #81 please? The answer to the Julius Cesear question is easy enough to find, but I don't know how to enter then numbers into the address. HELP!!! So close to the end!


Can anybody help me with #6. I'm going insane because I can't figure it out!!!!


HELP! I'm stuck on number 8! I have tried

September, October, angel, corpsebride (just for fun), Red, Golden, Violet, and alien.

AND I HEAR NO SONG! I know my speakers are working because I just brought up some music on my computer.

yourloverr April 16, 2007 9:07 PM

help with #4. i dont get what to do


help with lvl 43


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