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Link Dump Fridays

JohnBIt's Link Dump Friday, ANAGRAM EDITION! Because it's fun, here are nine other ways to express Link Dump Fridayage without straying from those 12 delicious letters: Midland Fury Kip, Kinda Lid Frumpy, Pilaf Muddy Rink, Fairly Kind Dump, Armful Kiddy Pin, Milady Drip Funk, Rapid Mind Fluky, Farm Kiddy Lupin, Amply Druid Fink.

  • icon_alienpeekaboo.gifAlien Peekaboo - A matching game of a different sort, this one challenges your visual skills to pick out alien twins in a crowd of funky looking characters. Click any two matching aliens to zap them away. You can also match aliens who aren't next to each other by utilizing the orbiting ships to reflect the "zap laser" around two corners.
  • icon_chainoffire.gifChain of Fire - Normally, playing with fire is a bad thing. In this case, however, it's kinda the point of the game. Your flaming cursor has the power to ignite both man and tree, the former of which will run around and light other things on fire once he himself is burning. Incinerate everything on the screen using as few actions as possible.
  • icon_musicalevenizer.gifThe Musical Evenizer - Imagine a rhythm game built around your typical run-and-jump platformer. This is The Musical Evenizer. Place up and down arrow boxes to try and keep the platforms at an even keel. The game's opening text describes it best: You are a tiny little man that lives inside of a computer. All of the other tiny computer dwellers would be so jealous of you if you could keep these volume bars even with the middle line. Especially when music is playing. So jealous.
  • icon_whiteningtile.gifWhitening Tile - Another twisted take on a matching puzzle game, this one is played on a grid where you push Greek letters from chutes to the squares inside. Pull groups of three together and they vanish, saving you precious space in this extraordinarily challenging title.
  • icon_xtremetugboating2.gifX-Treme Tugboating 2 - An absolutely hectic arcade game where you... well, you spin around a moving blob of water while jumping to collect items, enjoying one X-TREME event after another. Avoid bad things like meteors, rocket ships, sharks, and giant-fisted punchy guys. Do not avoid rainbows, coins, blobs, fish, and bubbles.
  • icon_ducksim.gifDuck Sim 2008 - What's it like to be a duck? Gosh, I've always wanted to know. But wait! Now I can! Duck Sim 2008 fulfills every little boy and girl's wildest dream by letting you play... as a duck!


Hmm, it is slightly disappointing to be the
first person to comment, but ... can anyone
figure out what to do on the duck simulation?



Now that's a Fairly Kind Dump, reminded me of that band I was in back in kindergarten, Armful Kiddy Pin. Even gave me a Rapid Mind Fluky for a minute there.


You have already seen all that the duck sim has to offer.


Duck sim was amazing. I really know what it feels like to be a duck. I can't wait for the MMO version.

Anonymous February 6, 2009 5:08 AM

Musical Evenizer is ridiculously fun.

fuzzyface February 6, 2009 5:14 AM

Chain of Fire -- who doesnt enjoy setting virtual things on fire?

The Musical Evenizer -- the music i heared already from kongegrate racing. The game itself original idea, but nothing that keeps at it. (oh and the usual rant of my keyboard having the z key somewhere else)

Whitening Tile -- actually I enjoyed this game, but wasn't aware of the time limit. if it would be a turn limit only it would be a real bliss, but this way imho a good idea turning bad.

Duck Sim 2008 - i didn't laugh. nothing even close to you have to burn the rope or such.


Note: The Musical Evenizer was made by the same guy who did Kong Racing. In fact, this game was probably made before Kong Racing, but that's just me guessing.


many of these games run rather "jerkily" on my computer. Is there any easy solution to this off the top of anyone's head? As you may see, I am not very technical...

fuzzyface February 6, 2009 6:35 AM

solution: buy a new computer.


it IS a new computer (laptop) !!!


Flash Player 10 should have smoothed out a lot, so if you have the most recent version and still have problems, then you really need a new machine or have to cut down on how many applications you have open at one time.


Also, laptops do not fare too well if the flash is very intensive, but that only tends to occur if you're playing some sort of flash multiplayer online game.


Hahahahaha I just loved the duck sim. Totally awesome. Can't wait til World of Duck Sim ^^

fuzzyface February 6, 2009 7:13 AM

Solution: Next time don't buy the cheapest computer on the rack :-/


FYI less problematic when using Firefox than IE I have just discovered. Thanks for your advice guys ....


Come on, the duck sim game sucks. If there is a joke in it, I don't get it.


I had to turn down the quality to really enjoy the game play of Duck sim 2008.


Ok, it must be me. All I get from the duck game is the duck dipping its head into the water. Is that it? Is that the joke?


Is anyone else having lag problems with DUCK SIM 2008? I really want to play it on my computer but the gameplay is just too difficult with it as it is. Do I need to flash? I am currently running Win XP and using Firefox.


how do u play duck sim?
all i can do is dip my head in the water!


Duck Sim 2008 is too much for me. The gameplay is unnecessarily complex, and the graphics are too heavy for my graphics card to handle. Hopefully the sequel will be a bit lighter.


jay, can you tell me if duck sim is just putting your head under water


i recognise the music from duck sim. its very familiar

Bob Montgomery February 6, 2009 12:19 PM

Chain of Fire is a brilliant concept, too bad so many of the levels are pretty lame. Still, it took a while before burning little mans got old. ;)

stupidcheeseboy February 6, 2009 12:23 PM

Man! Duck Sim was so good I had to join Newsgrounds so I could leave a comment! Its the best thing to happen since 'You have to burn the rope'.


Is duck sim JUST putting your head under water? JUST?!! :P


I think the anagram you want is PRIMAL KIDDY FUN.


My name in italian means "mallard", so I was very intrigued to discover what being a duck mean.

Immersive gameplay.


Are you bieng sarcastic? Honestly, if the duck sim is JUST putting your head underwater, that's not even a game, or a sim... more like a 5 second waste of time.


How do you beat the secret level in Duck Sim 2008? Every time I try to get the key I am killed almost instantly.


what are you talking about? If you got past the duck dipping its head, then how did you do it? This game seems kind of stupid.


Duck Sim is a-m-a-zing

Yes it is just a duck dipping it's head in the water but that is the pure simplicity and humor behind it :D

fuzzyface February 6, 2009 5:01 PM

Yeh I know, I'm boring here. But this "complex simple game" jokes are getting a bit old now. I smirked on burn the rope, and there was this other game too... but it's getting a bit overused already IMHO..

Yes ducksim is just a duck, when you click it puts the head under water. You cannot even suffocate it. That's all to it.


You guys seriously are all stuck on the first level of duck sim? I know it's kinda boring, but once you get to the second the game really speeds up. My highest score is 324, which I now have to go beat.


okay, then could you tell me how to get to level two please?


At the risk of being a killjoy, Duck Sim 2008 isn't worth fretting over if it didn't entertain you immediately. It captures the essence of being a duck without embellishment. No more, no less. What you're seeing is all there is to the game.


Then why do people keep claiming there are levels when there aren't any?


They're enjoying themselves. When a whole bunch of people are in on a joke together, it's fun to embellish on it and improvise. It's just regular old socializing.


Well, it helps to get the joke in the first place. :P


Wow, people... really?

Duck Sim is a joke game that is meant to amuse you for about 10 seconds until you realize you've been had. It's not hilarious, it's not original, it's not "deep" and it doesn't intend to be any of those things. It's a mediocre and brief amusement. Like Garfield.

In fact, the most amusing thing about it is the comments it generates and the gullibility of the public.

kezenator February 7, 2009 2:30 AM

I'm thinking ostrich sim is the next logical step...

Does this remind anyone of "Checker Board Simulator" from Space Quest 4. Hours of fun where you can colour your own checkerboards in your choice of two colours - with only one restriction - ajoining squares must be opposite colours.


"without straying from those 12 delicious letters"

It's 14 letters :P

Patreon Crew SonicLover February 7, 2009 11:13 AM

Not if you don't count repetitions, Blah.



Duck sim?

I mean, it was bad enough when it hit newgrounds front page, but to even remotely be considered for posting on JIG? Dear spirits, I hope it is only from lack of other games to advertise.

YHTBTH, was good, there was thought into it, there was music, skill in the art, someone put alot of effort into that. While I did not like it, I applaud their effords and found them funny.

DUCK... however, took a whole 2 seconds to make. Ok, 5. But still. IT is lame, it is disgusting, and that it should of gone out the same way as all the other ducks. Shot down, for some crazy laughing dog to chase after it.

SERIOUSLY... Duck sim?




The only thing the duck sim is missing: being able to drown yourself by having your head underwater for too long.


Chain of Fire reminds me much of Kevan Davis's Zombie Infection Simulation (maybe my near-clone moreso, for having people who run diagonally).


And the grand secret of Duck Sim for those who still haven't figured it out:

It's a lame duck.


what is the music. i recognised it of duck sim

[Edit by Kayleigh]

strayerrrr February 8, 2009 8:48 PM

lmao. at first. i was a tad ticked off with Duck Sim. i was (don't laugh) excited to play as a duck!! :D i was expecting it to be something like that game "the majesty of colors." maybe not as deep. but hopefully you get my point. while i do agree that the whole "games are too complicated, so let's make super simple games" is getting a little old, this gave me a bit of a laugh after i read some of the comments; people coming together to play a joke on the other people who get extremely frustrated and angry. :] of this.. 'genre,' what have you, YHTBTR is by far the better of the two. no offense. just my personal opinion. i see this is getting a bit long. good thing i'm finished! lol hope everyone can breathe and enjoy Duck Sim as the practical joke that it is. :D


There's one bug in Chain of Fire that really annoys me; every once in a while, the Next Level button wouldn't appear, and I'm forced to go back to the very beginning again.


You know...

I got my boyfriend hooked on Jay Is Games, but he said that the quality of games on here is going down hill. We got into a debate, and one of the things he used in his argument was that JIG posts way too many "non-games," as he put it. I thought he was talking about things like World of Sand, but what he meant were things like "Burn the Rope" and now this "Duck Sim." Although, we had this convo before Duck Sim so eh. He also included Coil, which I thought was great and I had to wonder about him after that...

His thinking was that if he wanted to come to a website about games, he wanted games. Things he could play, or else "toys" he could play with. He said that he didn't like having to fish through the links and try to figure out what was really a game and what was just a joke at the player's expense.

You guys have separate categories for "web toys" and "artistic" stuff. Maybe you should consider a separate category for stuff that's not really "games." Stuff that might make people frustrated with this website. Case in point, just look up above this post and you can see that there are any number of people who were irritated with the whole "Duck Sim" thing, trying to figure out how to play only to learn, after an annoyingly long time, that there *was* no play.

Maybe this way, people like me, who enjoy poking around and getting a giggle at my own expense, can have fun with these silly "non-games," and people like my S.O. can avoid them and come here for what they're really looking for.

Just a thought.


Thanks for the feedback, Vicky. Having a tag to identify non-games is definitely a good idea, and we'll work on incorporating something like that into the flow here.

That being said, we're a site that specializes in the best casual games you can find on the Web, and though we do like to provide a wide variety of interactive content, what we're after most of all is something that's casual "fun".

And while we do experiment with non-games occasionally when they offer something uniquely creative, I think you will find the percentage of non-games here to be quite low, in fact, so I just cannot agree with your S.O. if he says there are "way too many non-games" on JIG. In fact, early in the site's beginning, back when I was a student at RIT, I would post many more non-games than we do today.

If he has a hard time finding something worthwhile to play here at JIG, then I find that even harder to believe. Maybe he just doesn't like casual games in general? Or his preference in games is very narrow and specific?

Regardless, to each his or her own. We can't please everyone, and that's ok with us. :) Again, thanks for the feedback.


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