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Link Dump Fridays

JohnBA peculiar phenomenon manifested before my eyes while writing this week's Link Dump Friday. When examining the titles for each game, I realized they were remarkably interchangeable! With a few minor alterations of my own, of course.

  • icon_kubekounter.gifKube Kounter - You like kounting kubes? Konsider this game your holy grail. Watch as the cubes fall and count them as quickly as you can. Enter the amount and get scored based on how long you took. An alternate title for the game: Too Many Kubes!
  • icon_toomanyninjas.gifToo Many Ninjas! - Is such a thing really possible? Well, in this case, yes, it is. Wait for a ninja to leap out of the shadows and attack, then press the appropriate cursor key to defend yourself. It's all about timing, reflexes, and blind luck. From the creator of QWOP. Alternate title: Ninja 'Nnihilator.
  • icon_littlemastercricket.gifLittle Master Cricket - From the creator of QWOP (and the above ninja game) comes a simple physics-based cricket title where you use the mouse to swing the bat to smack the ball into the targets across the screen. Don't hit it too hard or you'll foul out. Alternate title: Cricket Clop.
  • icon_tritowers.gifTri Towers Solitaire - A nice Flash implementation of the classic Tri Peaks solitaire game. Click on cards one higher or lower than the card showing on the stack at the bottom, trying to remove all three peaks of cards in order to keep your game going. Alternate title: Magically Appearing Castles.
  • icon_whereonearth.gifWhere on Earth? - A fun little quiz-type game where your only task is to locate monuments on a map. When a famous building is shown, click the vicinity where you believe it resides. Points awarded for speed and proximity. Alternate title: THERE IT IS!!!!


I like Where on Earth. It highlights my ignorance of not only one subject, but two - architecture and geography.


Alternate title: THERE IT IS!

Zuzu's petals?


The scoring is strange on Where On Earth - there's not much difference if you're 20km away or 200km.

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Chainring January 9, 2009 12:37 PM

The "Where on Earth?" game seemed...

very Euro-centric - and UK-centric beyond that. I think there was only one building in the Western hemisphere, and it wasn't like there were a ton of ancient buildings that would limit the inclusion of Western buildings. Cute game, but a bit more geographical variety would have made it more enjoyable. (and challenging)


Ha, Where on Earth was fun. I felt pretty good about my geography knowledge until the last level, where I was randomly guessing where the buildings were. Worst guess, off by 20,000km! Best, 47 (Taj Mahal). Most embarrassing miss, put Sydney inland a bit. Oh yeah, the ocean is usually near the coast, isn't it?


Where On Earth: 81,810 points! Woot! And I was never out of the right continent, and never over 3,000 miles.


Where on Earth? is fun. A bigger playing field would be helpful.

Tri Towers Solitaire is nicely presented. There seems to be considerable lag, causing the timer to continue to decrementing when you've cleared the board. You lose another 500-800 points before it stops.


I loved both Too Many Ninjas! and Little Master Cricket. Foddy is quickly establishing itself as the master of the break-size game. Where else can you get games with not only incredibly simple ideas, but ones that make failure such a delight? I for one can't wait to see their fifth venture.

fuzzyface January 10, 2009 9:41 AM

In principle I love where on earth. However yes its a small euroe revenge on the usual US-centric stuff. But only shows european are not better in any way :-(. If you don't have an idea where a building is, click on the U.K. in 50% of cases you will be pretty close in this game...


the Little Master cricket game is great... can't stop playing it. Finally made a century (100 runs), for 250 points.


Where on Earth? is a fun game, but I'm having a hard time placing "The Sydney Operah House".

You'd think that such a large company (going from their website) would be able to do a simple spell check on the names of the buildings in the game. Hilarious.

MINICOOPER120 January 11, 2009 2:53 PM

"Where on Earth" has an infuriating scoring system. it rolls over like an odometer, so when you should really have tons of points, it says you have 1x,xxx. You have top purposely score low on your last question to aim for the right score. It really ruins the game.


The geography game seems like a cut down version of traveller iq. My brother's whole family were addicted to that - 12 levels instead of 3 in the game posted.

That cricket game is fun! (and I'm not a fan of the real game). Much better than QWOP.


Huh, the Guggenheim is in Europe? Not NYC?

Wikipedia says there are tons of "Guggenheim Museums". Maybe this game could be a bit more precise?


[email protected]: there's a picture shown! And the pic in the game is pretty clearly the Guggenheim in Bilbao.


Too Many Ninjas, alright. Sometimes one will stab your back while you're busy deflecting his buddy's shuriken. No honor at all.

Why can't I move off that spot? And what do all the rank terms (hatamoto, shugyosha) mean?


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