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Link Dump Fridays

JohnBRainbows. Unicorns. Fluffy bunnies. Smiling baby seals. Cotton candy trees. None of these things are featured in this edition of Link Dump Friday. Instead we have binary puzzles, meat-based action heroes, and a game centered around tossing people into buckets!

  • icon_bigbodsays.gifBig Bod Says - Big Bod says... click on this link! Big Bod says... play this game! Now go eat a banana! HA! Big Bod didn't say Big Bod says, and therefore you lose points.
  • icon_binary.gifBinary - A simple math-based puzzle game that tests your binary conversion skills. In other words:
  • icon_mouzemaze.gifMouze Maze - A mouse avoidance game with quite a bit of polish and style. Move the spark through each stage without running into anything solid. Bonus points for a great steampunk visual theme!
  • icon_peoplebucket.gifPeople Bucket - He he. It's a game about throwing people. Into buckets! PIck up the mannequin figures and fling them over the line, aiming for the bucket-like goal across the stage.
  • icon_downhillsnowboarding2.gifDownhill Snowboard 2 - It's ragdoll snowboarding at its best. Slide down the snowy slopes and try to look as cool as possible, performing tricks with the [arrow] and [A,S] keys for points.
  • icon_meatboy.gifMeat Boy map pack - Remember the user-created level pack promised in the original review of Meat Boy? It's here! Expect some seriously challenging new stages for the fleshy hero.
  • JayTripleJack Holiday Promo - TripleJack Poker is offering a special holiday promotion: Free Power Player upgrade for 24 hours. Offer good for new or existing members. Just create a new account, or log on with your existing account. Let the pie tossing commence!


it's kinda weird they put a conversion right on the bottom/top of the binary game, cause it then just becomes simple addition and substraction, without that it would be kinda challenging


lalalili, after a few levels part of the conversion table disappears, after which I crashed and burned. ^^; I imagine that it gradually disappears as you advance further.



Big Bod:
Good up to a point. I finally quit at 25,000+ points because it lost all challenge and ramping difficulty after, say, the 10,000 mark. How about adding a third "click" or "don't"? I was just repeating the things I was supposed to click, like "monkey, goth, monkey, goth...goth goth goth goth goth...goth pirate...pirate...pirate nerd pirate nerd". Make it a LITTLE harder, and maybe I'll shoot for a higher spot on the board (and feel like it's an accomplishment).

Fantastic idea, and fun for a while. I suck at Binary, but I have friends who love it and I bet they'd love this. I sure enjoyed it until my pitiful "game over" after about fifteen minutes (when the numbers were just about gone).

Mouse Maze:
How many Levels? I got up to 19 with an [unsubmittable?] score of 90430, where it just got too sensitive and quick for a Touchpad after playing through all other levels. I wouldn't mind a level select option.

People Bucket:
Kind of Frustrating, though a novel idea...
7:24 ... 26% Accuracy ... 24 Teleports.

The ski game isn't really my style, and I'm to sucked in to Poker to play the Meat Expansion yet. I'm sure it'll be a hoot. :)


Just wanted to comment on the binary "game", whilst it is a fun little game its a training "game" that was provided via cisco's website as a means to help learn about binary maths. Its kinda of neat.

There are lots of other little networking games on Cisco's website that are designed to teach you helpful info about things like wireless networks and other stuff.


My main complaint with Big Bod Says is that it didn't give me enough stuff to click on, so even when I played a near perfect game, the clock eventually ran out just because there weren't any valid targets to score on.


Big Bod is fun. :] The 'distraction screens' are hilarious!


Is it me, or is there something wrong with People Bucket? I just can't get across the red line. They say something about the game being currently 'on hiatus', but I wouldn't know what that means.


the guy on downhill snowboard kinda looks like he's gone wayyyy downhill. Sort of a Downhill Weekend at Bernie's.


Mouse Maze? I designed that some years ago for another company... they apparently sold their games. Cool that you dug it up!


tim- The challenge of the game is to not cross the red line. You have to do it without crossing your cursor over that line.


Heh, for a second I thought you were introducing "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds"...

The Bill Shatner version.


My binary review of People Bucket:


The Meat boy expansion isn't working! It stops a second after the second icon thing, after the one with 'instructions'.

Lord_Draconis December 12, 2008 8:16 PM

People Bucket is awesome!! I couldn't get past one of the most challenging levels though. Also, here is a small cheat:

click one of the people once just when they are above the bucket and they will fall straight down




Mouse Maze cheat/glitch

Just a heads up!

Click start, hold shift, drag to Finish, let go of over


Opppppps! Looks like binary comments are not a good idea :-) The long binary strings don't wrap.


Big Bod Says: A very nice idea, my favorite of this LDF. Also agree, altough I wasnt that skilled to be killed by boredom, it would be more fun, if there was more variety, as only max 2 things to click. Like "pig pod says, klick ferries only when there is at least a goth on screen" only one thing that comes to my mind now...

binary, for me not that fun as a game by itself. But when you are supposed to learn or to teach the binary system, this is a very valuable ressource. (But maybe I don't consider it fun, because I'm already bored by binary numbers :-)

Mouse Maze: Generally I don't like mouse avoidance games. This one however is a very nice polished one. Only after some levels it reminds me of "the cube", being trapped in an extremly hard killing machine, with hardly any chance to survive.

People Bucket, not novel at all, but a nice little game. Its okay.


I mean no disrespect but am I the only one who has a problem understanding what Big Bod is saying?

I understood "Bearded" but I didn't understand (and can't even come up with a phonetic equivalent for) what the next item was!



This is my level, "Entrance from Below". I will post another showing it's ruins. (Like it broke.


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