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Link Dump Fridays

HarukioI bring tidings of bad news! Good readers, my computer has passed softly into the night...aka, it's dead. So the bad news is, there will be no Link Dump for this unfortunate Friday. I had planned this lengthy speech about the wonders of music games and why I love them so; but alas, that will have to wait. Even though I can go play the wonderful Elite Beat Agents, glorious Rez, intense Gitaroo Man, darling Beat Bubbles, inventive Sound Factory, or soulful A Break in the Road, I can not even tell you about it since I have no access to a computer. So, in lieu of such a glorious tale or exciting Link Dump, in it's place I present you with a short list of games dug up from the interwebs and from your wonderful game review submissions.

  • Find your way out! - Honestly, I haven't the slightest idea what you're in, or why you might need to find your way out. Although I'd venture a guess it's a dangerous predicament. It's like a mini Hapland or Warbears, but with music from Kill Bill.
  • Slither Link - Simple presentation of a unique puzzle game you may not have heard of before.
  • Wordz - From the people who bring you games that end with "Z" including the smash LDF hit Glassez, comes this letter-switching multiplayer wordgame.
  • Acid Factory - No, not that type!

  • Tower Blaster - If you can find your way past the ads and the cutesy kiddie graphics, this is actually a surprisingly fun little game that's been around for quite a while.
  • Space is Fun - WEEEEEEEE!!! IT'S TRUE!!!

Don't forget to check back later today when we announce the winners of our Flash game design competition!


Truly, Slitherlink is one of my favourite puzzlers ever. I've been looking for a good flash version for SO LONG! Great find!



Why can't I get past level two of slitherlink?!?! I feel really stupid, sigh..

on another note, is there a reason why I get signed out of typekey every time I close Firefox?


nvm, I got it. now I feel stupid that it took me so long =p


Oh man... Find Your Way Out is driving me batty...
Here's some things you can do... not in order...

Click on the tree four times. A bomb will fall out. Click on the little guy next to it and he will take out the gunman on the left and walk up to the red button.

On the right, click on the wheel once, then on the guy on the roof to take out the gunman on that side.

Click on the box to the right of the tree to make the little guy fish a mask out of it. Then click on him and he will drop into the pipe. Click him, he will click the blue button and the tube will fill with water. Click him again and he'll swim out.

I still can't work out what role the music plays, and I need to work out how to

prevent the mask guy from drowning.

There is also a way to

pop the grid from out of the wall under the rocket

, but I can't work out what I did to make that happen! Arrrgh!

You can lower and raise the music tool - click on the small red arrow.

Let the walkthroughs roll in!


In Find Your Way Out! If you can't open the window under the rocket you may need to reload the page not just restart. There's a bug in the program. Just as a warning the ending is something of a letdown.

HappyDappy March 9, 2007 8:37 AM



The ending of Find Your Way Out is kinda of a let down. I'm not even sure if I won. But there isn't anything else to do, and I've refreshed to make sure it wasn't just a bug. It was a fun little game though.


For Find your way out! I noticed that the grate under the missile doesn't open sometimes, and restarting doesn't help. So you may need to actually close the game and open it back up to really reset it. kinda weird, but cute, short game.


For slitherlink, you can hold ctrl or shift and click to mark X's on spots that you know won't be lines.

Slitherlink is a great simple puzzle game, and this flash based version is one of the best I've seen!



Does Wordz have a limited or unlimited number of levels? I played 16 levels and didn't feel like going on if there was no end...

Michael March 9, 2007 3:14 PM

Wordz and Tower Blaster are awesome. Great learning tools for kiddos also.

As for Acid Factory, I will call OSHA before I play that again. It's a regular superfund site.

And I question how fun space is... though at least mangoes aren't running through my head.


tower blaster is an AMAZING game...i've been waiting for jay to eventually get it on here


Heh. I love it, too. I actually came across Tower Blaster years ago, and then lost track of it. I'm pleased that Harukio dug it up again. I'm just disappointed that GameRival's site is so user-unfriendly with ads and pop-ups and such. I'll try to contact them to see if we can host a version here at JIG. It's definitely review worthy. =)

Ezrabbit March 10, 2007 5:19 PM

Is slither link supposed to remember when you've finished levels?
I've got cookies enabled, but it still starts off from zero if I come back after quitting my browser.


For those who like the SlitherLink puzzle offers challenging daily puzzles as well as the ability to save your progress.


Wordz is 35 levels, and then it circles back to level 1.


Did anyone else use to play Rack-O? It was a card game from when I was a kid, with the exact same rules and such as Tower Blaster. I couldn't figure out why I enjoyed this so much until I realize it was just a electronic game of an older game. Yay and stuff. :)


Level 22 and level 23 on normal for slitherlink are exactly the same. At first I thought I was having deja vu.


Walkthrough for Find you way out:

  • Click the tree until the bomb falls out

  • Click on the man next to it to make him take out the sniper

  • Open the window above the sniper and tilt the bottom mirror

  • Click on the wheel ontop of the far right building

  • Click the man beside the wheel to take out the sniper

  • click on the crate to make the man nearest to it put on a gas mask

  • click the man beside the red button to activate the laser

  • ...

    click the rocket to have it follow the laser and blst a hole in the wall

  • Click the man beside the hole in the wall so that he goes to the button click him so that he pushes the button and opens the door

  • Click the man with the gas mask to raise the water level, then click him again to swim out of the building

  • Are you ready for the last move of the game?

  • Get ready for the most Unsatisfying ending ever...

  • Turn up the volume and Click the man with the mask. The End, now wasn't that fun!?!

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