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JohnBLife is better with corny jokes. Especially when they're about produce. What I mint to say is it's good to laugh. Even if you're laughing for no raisin. Give a good chortle as often as you can and you'll live a happy, healthy life. Do we have a dill?

  • icon_mazeman2.gifMaze Man 2 - Hey, it's more Maze Man! Cool! Guide the chunky-pixeled guy around each level, avoiding traps, navigating puzzles and collecting dots to finish the stage. Same great retro flavor, but new levels and obstacles to overcome.
  • icon_starbaron.gifStarBaron - One part puzzle, two parts strategy, and maybe even a hint of tower defense, this unique space game puts you in control of a blooming star empire with aspirations of galactic conquest. Conquer stars and set their production to specialize in economy, mines, building naval units or defense, depending on their location. Attack opposing empires and defend your territory to emerge victorious.
  • icon_captionx.gifCaptionX - A multiplayer game where you caption images with anything that pops in your head. At the end of the round, players vote on the best caption. Random votes are applied for anyone who doesn't vote, so the process isn't exactly fair, but it's great for a laugh.
  • icon_enigmablocks.gifEnigma Blocks - A sliding block puzzle game where you use the shapes to complete a picture below. The catch is that the shapes push each other, forcing you to move them around to create space to fit them in place.
  • icon_contrastcannon.gifContrast Cannon - From the maker of Ragdoll Cannon and bearing a resemblance to Shift, this fun arcade-style puzzler splits the screen into black and white zones on top and bottom of the screen. The black cannon the bottom must fire numbered cannonballs into the right goal, while the white one must do the same — with reverse gravity. A slightly brain-bending take on a familiar concept.
  • icon_wishmoon.gifI Wish I Were the Moon (updated!) - First featured last month, this great little experimental game has been updated with two more endings as well as a secret ending! Using the mouse, take pictures of the scene and "move" objects around to discover things. Depending on what you put where, you get one of the endings.
  • icon_hema.gifHEMA thing - Ok, it's not a game. But it's fun to watch. Just click it, ok? Seriously. Oh, and de producten van HEMA vind je nu ook op!



I am having trouble finding all the endings on the moon game. Help?


The moon game is very cute! I love the pixelated feel. But I too, can't find all the endings. Help anyone?

I have the

Love lost, Seagull ending (xDD), I am your moon, and the tradegy ending

I hope my tags work T_T


I Wish I Were the Moon... I was actually in the best circumstances for playing it when I tried it.

As for the unconscionably stumped...
(Though none of these are too difficult)

Lost Love Ending:

The first ending is obvious: put them both on the boat.

Tragedy Ending:

Just as obvious, only more evil: dump one of the people in the water.

Seagull Ride Ending:

As the name suggests, put them both on the seagull.

I Am Your Moon Ending:

Switch the peoples' places. Ends with a great harp solo!

Bring Me The Moon Ending:

Did you see the moon go into the background for the Lost Love ending? If you put one on the seagull and one on the boat, take a picture of the moon in the background and put it at the man to get this one. Poor girl, upstaged by a big lifeless rock.

(Also, you can move the stars, but they don't do anything much)


What are the "two more endings as well as a secret ending!"?

All those are the same ones from last time.


ah, i found the actual updated I Wish I Were The Moon. I went to Ludomancy, the author's website, and he has it on Kongregate.


Enigma Blocks? Hidden Happy Face? AAAARRRRGGGHHHH


Here are the endings I got for the actual updated I With I Were the Moon (link in waycooler's comment)


Lost Love
Put the boy in the boat with the girl and wait for the moon to drift away


Bring Me the Moon
After getting the Lost Love ending, wait for the moon to come back as a meteor and then put the meteor in the boy's lap


I Am Your Moon
Put the boy in the boat and the girl on the moon


If I Can't Have You...
Put both the boy and the girl on the moon and wait for it to sink


No Reason to Live
Put the boy on the seagull


Be Free
Put the girl on the seagull


Drop either the boy or the girl in the water

Secret ending???

After getting the tragedy ending or otherwising moving the boy and the girl, stuff the small moon behind the mountains that appear behind the empty boat.


"Do we have a dill?"
You butter believe it!

Now to play some games...


Secret Ending:

Such a pretty sky:
Put the boy on the boat and copy the falling star a few times.


If you enjoyed the HEMA stuff, check :

stupidcheeseboy November 28, 2008 7:31 AM

That HEMA thing had some good Christmas pressie ideas but I cant get it to work....

(he he)


CaptionX is a great concept, but the voting system is bull. Not just the "random" thing, but the fact that it seems people often vote for the lamest caption in the hopes of upping their own chances, which of course backfires, so the guy with "Op [time ran out]" always wins the round :).


The Star Baron game is really bad. I like this kind of game usually, strategy and stuff, but it's waaaaaaaaay too slow (my computer is not that bad), most star modes are unmanageable, it takes ages to capture a single star, it requires too much micromanagement... and that's only the first mission! If it took less than 10 seconds for ships to travel from a star to the next I might have seen what even more insane number of star the second mission offers.


baba, I honestly didn't have that problem. I feel that I had a number of people that honestly voted for their favourite... but I would prefer one with a "busier" picture and maybe three times as long for thinking up a caption.
I need time for inventiveness!


Actually... for all of you curious types... he has posted a walkthrough.

I found all 8 of the normal endings...

and then watched the walkthrough

its tricky, but if you get the aim right, you can get the girl, and the boat. Put them on the moon.


Ah, I just love games like "I Wish I Were the Moon". I think we should have (even) more game/art/concept hybrids on here. After all, that (and the great reviews of everything) is what sets JIG apart from all the other various game sites out there.


secret ending:

"Sunk Boat Secret Ending".
Somehow get the boat and at least one of the people onto the moon. The weight will sink the moon, person and boat. All you're left with is a seagul.


Sadly, the CaptionX only works for me when I'm using IExplorer. It's a good concept, already seen with games like acromania, but this implementation should go back in the oven and bake a little longer.

UnderwaterPeacock November 28, 2008 1:51 PM

After you get the "Such A Pretty Sky" ending, the boy is so distracted that none of the other endings are noticed and you have to rewind. I adore this game.


on enigma.. how do you get the hidden happyface on the bat level??


chyro: you might have run in the same problem as me in the campaign mode. Strangely enough, clicking on the green star at the bottom take you to the last mission, that is indeed difficult. Click on the top grey one to get to the first mission.

Otherwise, I found this game to be pretty fun (but it does put my computer on its knees)

brandon_ha November 28, 2008 5:44 PM

Caption X is fun, if a rather fast.


HEMA is so funny! I would totally shop at a store like that.

crazypuzzler811 November 29, 2008 8:25 AM

1. I can't get the captionx game to come up!!! I played two complete rounds, then the site frose up on me and when I refreshed the page, AND tryed the link again, the screen came up blank!!!
please help!
2. how do you get the hidden happy face in Enigma blocks? trust me, I tryed a lot of stuff.
please help!


I really liked Star Baron. I tend to like simple space strategy games. This one reminds me a lot of Spaceward, Ho!

I like the gameplay and the strategy involved, it has a smooth, streamlined appearance and fast action.

My biggest complaint, however, is with the controls. They seem to have been designed for a game with a slower pace. They're very similar to Command & Conquer or Warcraft II controls, and this game just is not the same. It's way too easy to deselect star systems, having to use the control button in conjunction with other keys just slows you down, and I feel like I'm going all over the keyboard. The pace is just too fast for this stuff not to matter. And slowing the game down would make it less fun.

And maybe this is something I just didn't figure out, but why isn't it possible to have star systems simply continue to attack? I guess the advantage here is that you can easily switch between offense and defense by clicking back and forth between your system and your opponent's, but I found the constant clicking kind of awkward when you only really wanted to do one thing, or if you wanted to do two different things on opposite sides of the screen.

Good concept with great potential, but needs work.


Did anyone else notice that the song playing in Enigma is an instrumental of Disturbia? That provided a bit of extra amusement for me, haha. :)

Tchakkazulu November 29, 2008 1:26 PM

To get the secret smiley in the "bat" level of Enigma:

Pause the game, there it is, disguised as bubble.


Some tips on the Enigma Block game:

1. dont try to pop the bubbles by clicking on each one of them. Just hold the mouse button and travel around the screen;

2. In the levels that require minimum moves take the smallest block and move the others with that one; it'll make the task a lot easier;

3. Work hard to fill all the stars, in the end you'll get a BIG SURPRISE; only click the spoiler button if you are sure you will never finish the game. The surprise is worth it.

There's no surprise at all! LOL! Just a damn star shining! All that hard work!


I've played CaptionX. It's addicting and fun! But I agree with the critiques I've read so far.. it's not very well presented and the scoring and voting system are far from ideal. Since I don't see 'beta' written anywhere I guess this is it. So it's only a matter of time until someone comes along with an improved version :)


Deigo, I don't know where they got their images from. But I think the hardest task in making a better clone would be to aquire a useable license on a hugh amount of funny pictures.


I wish you were a moon, secret ending detailed:

At the start aim the way that your upper left end of your box exactly fits the edge of the girls (squary) hair. When you cut and paste, you should move the boat with you.


Maze Man 2. Level 12. I am dying here. Please help. Oh, please do help.



Make the two maze men into one.

Need more?

Arrow down one, then arrow right to make the right guy run into the left guy. With just one guy, you should be able to finish the round.


If you do the

Bring me the moon ending and you put the GIRL on the SEAGULL and bring the moon to the boat... ending, ok then move the man to the right side of the boat then drop the girl in air, then on the boat, she falls forever and looks pissed



Hi everyone, I wanna say thanks for the feedback in regards to!

Baba44713, we have an update planned where the voting system is optimized... this should help with the "too much randomness" issue of now. We agree currently the random votes can get too much.

Crazypuzzler811, in regards to the game freezing on you, could you email [email protected] so we can help figure this out?

Diego, the game will be in eternal beta :) Seriously, we're working hard on it right now, and have many things planned.

cheers from the CaptionX guys


It's great to hear that, Philipp :) disregarding some issues it's already very fun to play. With improvements on the way I'm sure it'll be great!


Help! Maze Man 2 level 4! How do I get all of the yellow dots without getting killed in a red square?


I remember a game reviewed here a while ago that was just like star baron, but it was some kind of virus game. Instead of ships you had antibodies. Anybody remember what it was called?

Bonesluce May 17, 2009 11:59 AM

I loved the "I am your Moon" Ending. This is a great game. Also, another game called "I Die Today" is made by the same ppl and is great. These games are art!!


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