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JohnBMidway through our life of three score and ten, there comes a moment when we realize the steady march of time cannot be stopped. Well, it can, but you'd have to be Superman, 'cause he can do anything. Ever see that one where he made time reverse by flying around the Earth to make it spin backwards? Oh, and then there's that time he flew to France just to get a croissant. I'd totally do that if I had super powers. My powers would also allow me to write a Link Dump Friday with my spleen, which is what I've done!

  • Quest for the Crown - The whole "video games as art" debate will rage on until someone pokes an eye out. Quest for the Crown is a nail in the naysayers' coffins. With sweeping landscapes, stunning hi-res graphics, complex puzzle-based side-quests and over three million hours of gameplay, it's only for the strong of mind. Crank up the volume and enjoy.
  • Line Game - Don't trust the name, it lies! Well, half of it does. Line game doesn't actually involve a lot of lines, per se. Sure, there's a squidgy blotch-type thingie that you have to guide through the black path-like area, but lines? Rounded shapes and curves, yes, lines, maybe. And blotches.
  • The Road Less Taken - It's the game where you defeat yourself. Always wanted one of those. Run to the goal, then run again, only this time you have to contend with a ghost square that mirrors your previous paths. After about four runs things get extremely complicated. You have to think sdrawkcab, and that's hard.
  • Retron - A shooter. Everything's fine until the screen goes all kittywhompus. And then your ship asplode.
  • Submarine - Bing bing bing bing, bingbingbing, boom bing bing bing bing, bingbingbing, bah, bing bing bing... That's just a little sample of the tropical steel drum music in this nice looking little sidescroller. The real game/music is even better, if you can imagine it.
  • Menulis - I couldn't think of any colorful ways to describe this game, so here's a list of abjectives that might work. Fill them in at your leisure: surreal, strange, point-and-click, short, adventure, the turtle has a gun!, banana.
  • Glassez - A simple online multiplayer game where you race to assemble the shards on the blank mosaic above.

We've still got more competition entries to roll out, so stay tuned for more flash gaming goodness!


tygr_tygr March 2, 2007 8:53 AM

Quest for the crown? More like snakes on a crown....

Have a great weekend Jay!

Slug800 March 2, 2007 8:56 AM

OMG Retron thought I was in the Phantom Zone was waiting for General Zod to attack me


How can I attack in Quest for the crown?
I get to the part where I

see the crown near a white dot but can't see any snakes

but I can't seem to get any further


i don't know about other people, but when i played quest for the crown all i had to do was

walk straight to the crown and i won.
kinda lame.


Heh. Hilarious. Quest for a crown has the same credits as the ones in Halo 2. Joseph Staten, Tim Dabado (343 guilty spark), Alex Seropian, all in the Halo 2 team, you get the idea.

Heh. I wonder if it was meant to be a dig at Halo 2.

Retron seemed quite nice. There again, I was always a sucker for the glow effects always featured in adv. arcade games like that.


Menulis is diffrent which is nice but it is also easy and it kind of lacks much of anything. Its almost one of those interactive paintings instead of a game


Someone please put str33fury's comment in spoiler tags. Quest for the Crown is good. Nice set-up, JohnB.


Quest for the Crown was hysterical. I loved it! Big laugh from me.


str33tfury, apparently the snark is lost on you. i mean c'mon what could be better than a game that takes 2 seconds? especially when it's followed by the epic karate kid 2 theme by peter cetera, "glory of love." i mean that's pure genius. besides, martin scorcese was "first cinematics director" and he just won an oscar, so the game must be good.


In line game, how do you get past teh third level? I am not touching the red, but it keeps killing me, Seems pretty random if you ask me.



Has anyone been able to get past level 24 in "The Road Less Taken"? :D


road less taken
ranking is :P
RiNspy-- got to level 8 if it is any consolation

ranking is :)
nice game with a unique feel--a feel kinda reminiscent of seasickness, but a unique feel nevertheless

quest for the crown:
ranking is ^o^
i gave up on this game-- too frustrating... @#$%^&* snakes kept attacking my pancreas

the Lying line game
ranking is :} (weak smile)
it was nicely done, but i kept epecting the map to rotate so where i was looking was north, kinda frustrated me, so the easy level wasnt so easy-- i mainly used the keyboard--is mouse better?


I used to play Quest for the Crown, was a level 24!!!! but then decided it took too much time of my life, and I managed to abondon it.


yay, th game i've suggested (the road less taken) is up there.
Quest for the Crown was... interesting.
Line Game has pretty graphics, I liked it.
The Road Less Taken is pretty addicting, in my opinion.
Retron is good, but a bit easy.
Submarine is a very good game, with great music.
Menulis is very stylish, nice and original graphics.
Glassez isnt my type of game, but i think people who like puzzle games will like it.


Man, QftC made me laugh. What a way to brighten my Friday. Thank you!


:O I suggested the line game yesterday :)

or was there some other way they found out about it... ?


The snakes were annoying in Quest for the crown. I don't know how some people find it so easy. Is there some kind of nack to it perhaps?

Line game was a fun game
Retron was a cool idea, i like it
menulis was too easy
Glassez isnt my kind of game
I'd played road less taken before, and gotten quite far (cant remember the level)
submarine was well made fun short game.


haha, I really liked the road less taken. It's a really neat concept for a game.


Road less taken: Level 36

This is what worked for me: Run the first up the left side. The second up the right side. The third straight up 4, then wait for number 1 to pass and then move to the left and up. The rest you just move up 4 spaces and wait until the the second to last number passes. Hope this helps


The line game: Fun, but a little unoriginal
The road less taken: Not yeah I said it.
Retron: I'm not much for arcade block shooters kinda boring, but the movement made it about 10 seconds longer, then back to boring.
Submarine: I played this one before and its a fun game, but I don't like the one button control.
Menulis: It looks good but not very fun.
Glassez: I don't know it crashed Safari.
Quest for the two words total suckage. It was stupid, and sorry JohnB because I think you were trying to make a joke but don't put a really stupid game on here instead. Pig dogs, ahh the good ol' days.


You was ready to look for the crown
be steadfast young warrior


Quest for the Crown blew my mind.

And my speakers.

Skatche March 2, 2007 5:56 PM

I got my QftC character to level 82, found all the emerald shards, fought both secret bosses, completed the time travel side quest, and then just as I was on my way through the Caverns of Despair to fight Nonesuch, I was mobbed by six archons and a frost giant. My character did not survive. :(

That's six months of my life I'll never get back, but I'll be darned if it wasn't a beautiful six months.


I have a hunch that Glassez isn't actually online.... I dunno just seems like it's not.


uh... quest for the crown is uh... nothing... i just straight to it and that's it....

Link_991 March 3, 2007 1:16 AM

I can't beat Quest for the crown. Someone tell me how to hax my way through the wall

link_991 March 3, 2007 1:23 AM

How do i shot web!?


Quest for the crown...has a high replay value, did it already over 10 times!


Oh my, i just discovered something about Quest for crown. I just kept playing through it to enjoy the sound track.

And this is really *no shit*! It gets harder and harder if you press "play again"... as the hero will hop several fields at once, it is *really* a puzzle behind it. Geeesssh!

Linda M. Wireman March 3, 2007 4:29 AM

John B:
Getting old ain't for sissies. It hard work, but someone has to do it. Wheather you can fly to France or not.

I tried Menulis. Like you I found the game to be "wierd" to say the least. I did not understand the red backpack as metaphor?????

Anyhoo, game was too short, but interesting.

Just getting older everyday and aggravating everyone because when you get old you can do that. HEHE Linda M.


How could anybody play Quest for the Crown without knowing about 3d mode!?


Quest for the Crown is impossible the 7th time around, so there's not much depth to the puzzle. There are a couple puzzle games that are similar, but I don't remember where offhand.

It also reminds me of Robert Abbot's Alice mazes.


It is possible, you can press two directions at once making diagonal steps.

However at round 14 or so it is really impossible, without anything extraordinary happenning....


Menulis seemed more like interactive art than a game, I didn't need help with any of the levels; which means a lot coming from me! I definitely liked it though, really pretty. Nice background music.


I'm surprised that nobody mentioned Glassez yet. It's totally awesome and addictive. The online element isnicely implemented and provides encouragement to hurry through the puzzle.


anyone finished level 7 in quest for the crown?
I think it's impossible


Man, the amount of effort that went into Quest for the Crown! The graphics, the sound, the hours of gameplay! I just reached Candy Mtn., but I need to cross the gorge of death. I'm on the side quest to steal the moldy cheese sandwich from Price Urknowsizshowing (It looks a little like New Zealand)

definitely worthy of a JIG review


Line game... I feel cheated. Nice, but not worthy


Retron... addicting, good music, nice interface, i like the graphics, and this means there are (at least) two games worthy of review in this link dump


I obviously have low standards... I loved both Glassez and Submarine two... I have yet to play Menulis


Alright, final ranking (drumroll please)

1. Quest for the Crown
2. Glassez
3. Retron
4. Submarine
5. Menulis
6. Line Game
7. The Road Less Taken


Heh. Hilarious. Quest for a crown has the same credits as the ones in Halo 2. Joseph Staten, Tim Dabado (343 guilty spark), Larsen Dinarsen, all in the Halo 2 team, you get the idea.

Heh. I wonder if it was meant to be a dig at Halo 2.

Retron seemed quite nice. There again, I was always a sucker for the glow effects always featured in adv. arcade games like that.


ok, are you guys being serious about Quest for the Crown or is it another joke? Cuzz i just see a bunch of dots and i can walk right to the crown...


fuzzygrid: no, level 14 isn't impossible either. Have you tried

moving in two opposite directions at once?

Here's a solution for every level, for what it's worth:

Left, then right before releasing the left;
left, then right before releasing the left;
down (a few times, for early levels);
left (ditto);
down and right simultaneously (this needs some precision).

(Extra credit: what does this suggest about how motion was implemented?)


Road Less Taken - I managed to get to 12 with no strategy at all, but then i kept running out of time... Great game idea!


*sings* I am a MANNNN who will FIGHTT for your honoooourrrrrr...

Ahhh that brings back so many happy memories :D


Play Quest of the Crown a second time. There's an extra challenge to it the second time round.

Still easy, though.


Woo, got to level 9 so far in Road Less Taken, interesting game with a simple new twist.

I didn't really like Glassez as oftentimes shapes wouldn't go in where they obviously should, and it seems more "online" than "multiplayer."

Quest for the Crown = AWESOOOOOOME, I can't wait for the console version :D

I shall get to the rest of the
*puts on crown and struts away*

eiaboca March 5, 2007 6:56 PM

I think glassez just gave me carpal tunnel. I..just..couldn't..stop....


Plz someone tell me how to shot web in Quest for the Crown


Christine March 8, 2007 1:16 AM

I LOVE glassez... does anyone know of any similar games? thanks!

Therealtahu March 9, 2007 10:44 PM

For some weird reason, when I started quest for the crown, the crown was on the first level. I got it and then the credits started scrolling.


Therealtahu haxed teh game!

Nightingale May 30, 2008 11:21 PM

Theres more than one level to Quest for the Crown? wow.

Leopardmask August 29, 2014 7:37 PM

OMG I know the song in Retron! It's called Popcorn. I have a version on my iPod! Great music!


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