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JohnBThis week on the official LDF Paragraph of Miscellany, I would like to discuss an advertisement poster I saw in a mall over the weekend. Pictured was a fancy hotel room with every amenity you could want, and just below, this simple phrase was printed: You see a room. I tried typing "enter room" (you know, in my mind), but apparently the door was shut, locked, and the key hidden so well no amount of drawer opening could uncover it. Darn.

  • icon_onlinephysicsphrenzy.gifOnline Physics Phrenzy - In what is perhaps the most unfortunate use of the "ph" phoneme, Online Physics Phrenzy challenges you to guide the ball-like monkey to the bananas in each stage. Move the bouncey orbs around and click the "play" button to see what happens.
  • icon_adventuresoftinger.gifThe Adventures of Tinger - A Bavarian run and jump game. Really, do you want me to say any more than that? Do I need to?!!
  • icon_larsadventure.gifLars' Adventure - While it may not look like anything special on the surface, Lars' Adventure is a surprisingly fun platformer with a catchy soundtrack. Remember: atomic bombs can burn whole buildings if someone is careless.
  • icon_twist2.gifTwist 2 - In an effort to break your brain we now present Twist 2, a high-octane arcade game where your own head is your enemy. Control two dots simultaneously, one with each hand, and try to keep them in their respective zones as the swirl rotates. As if that weren't hard enough, the game periodically changes the rules, swapping control schemes, changing the speed and so on. It's... just... GAAAAHHH!!!!
  • icon_theresheis4.gifThere She Is!! Part 4: Paradise - The fourth installment in the continuing story, and this one's just as moving as the rest! If you haven't been following this series of excellent animations, you really, really should catch up. They're some of the cutest and most emotionally poignant animations you'll ever see.


I adore the soundtrack to Lars' Adventure! What fun!

Dr Pangloss September 5, 2008 2:54 AM

There She Is made me so sad...I love the message behind the story, but...

...why did the sweet hamster have to die????!!!! WAAAAAH!!!!!!!!


Wow. Just wow. I had myself one well used tissue after watching the two old ones and the two new ones (at least to me xD) of the 'There She Is' series. What an emotional rollercoaster that was! I can't wait for the final plunge =)

Dr Pangloss:

I think it was a porcupine/hedgehog and did it die?! That's just terrible if so =(


*watches There She is 4*

*sad face* :(


I was liking Physics Phrenzy until the 3rd level. It says "upgrades may be necessary" and gives you all three as an option. But if you pick the wrong one, you're screwed. Neither "stop" nor "reset" restores your... upgrade pizza? in the upper right corner. And if you go back, you have to start all over, there's no level select or continue. Bad design choice, IMO. It is fun, though, otherwise. I'm currently working through level 8.


twist 2 is just crazy

how are you meant to make sure they stay in the right places when the ball is rolling?!

Great game though - bang goes any chance of getting any work done this morning!


There She Is is absolutely lovely, and so sad, and so true, I really hope they'll be all right in the end.
*wipes tears*

stupidcheeseboy September 5, 2008 8:04 AM

There She is.....


They will be alright? wont they??...


i watched the fourth on before the third by accident. for a split second i thought

the hedgehog was a hybrid bunny-kitten baby.

i know that makes no sense. but it's a cartoon.

who knew there she is! would take on such serious themes.


How would "you see a room" be good advertizing for something? I understand that the picture shows what you would want in a hotel room, but... I don't know, maybe I'm missing something.


i really liked tinger too. excited for part 2.


I've seen Lars' Adventure before- I don't like being graded on pointless, arbitrary measures for each level- very annoying!

mixedmetaphor September 5, 2008 9:53 AM

Tinger was cute, but

why do you get 300 points and a rainbow for picking up a steaming pile of poo? Cleaning-up-the-neighborhood points?

mixedmetaphor September 5, 2008 9:57 AM

Also, I have trouble with games in which it's difficult to tell the difference between enemies and things to collect. Why would I shoot the lovestruck cow but not the coffee cup with hair?


Lars is fun. Though, there aeems to be a bug in it. Sometimes the red spring thingy seems to catapult Lars righ out of the play area and results in an instant kill. I'm quite sure it's not how it should work.


I had to watch "There She Is!! Step 2" after that as an antidote to all the sad. *sniffles into her soup*


Link to lar's is broken.


Lars adventure: Great game but starts to get boring and lacks challenge. Great music.
On-line Physics Adventure: Can't be bothered to download it :D


Thanks John. Here I was, all kinds of getting ready for work early, even prepared to make myself a decent dinner to take in, and you just...

...grrrr... I had to stop and play Lars' again JUST FOR THE MUSIC! And it's all your fault.


From me and my dry sandwich I slapped together in thirty seconds, well played, sir. Well played.


ThemePark wrote my feelings perfectly.

arceus121121 September 5, 2008 7:10 PM

Raitendo... so what? Did you just remix one of those safety videos I listened to in kindergarten?!

Twilitlord September 5, 2008 7:34 PM

It can burn whole buildings
If someone is careless.
It can burn whole buildings
If someone is careless.
We have a fine fire department
To put out the fire
If someone is careless.
You have fire drills
At your school
So you know what to do
If someone is careless.
You have fire drills
At your school
We have a fine fire department
To put out the fire.

That is so hilarious!


Awww, man--you just had to remind me about the mass of depression that is 'There She Is' part 4. It's really a departure from the other three...and I'm *majorly* hoping they pull out a happy ending in the last installment. :-/


Ok, I'm not sure if this is a twist or a glitch, but every time Twist 2 goes to half speed 3/4 of the ball go off the screen in the top left corner...

Andy(imagirl) September 5, 2008 9:36 PM

There She is 4!
*tears run down face*
I am so sad! Why can't bunnies and cats be together?! I seriously am gonna kill somebody (not really) if #5 doesn't come out soon!
I can NOT believe he dumped her after all they had been through! I get a sense that he did that to protect her, not to hurt her. but still.......


I remember playing Twist 2 a while back. Got my head dizzy.


I really love "There She Is!" It's been a great series, and this latest episode is the greatest so far.

It was moving, more than the others in my honest opinion. Sometimes, it takes something sad, something tragic, to make you think about life, and maybe even realize your own mistakes.

I can't wait for the last one.


lars adventure, the soundtrack it was fun for 20 seconds. After playing this game a few minutes I could should my speakers.... well actually I just pressed alt-f4. This game is the usual newgrounds crap, and thats why i never go to that site...


@Andy re: There She Is 4
I can NOT believe he dumped her after all they had been through! I get a sense that he did that to protect her, not to hurt her.

It was definitely to protect her.

It was after he saw her in the hospital, and what was happening to her. So Nabi (the cat) says its off.

Meanwhile, Doki (the bunny) had planned a trip for the two of them. Punk-bunny saw how upset she was and went to kick Nabi's ass for hurting her feelings. Mistakes were made and a riot ensued. Nabi and Punk-bunny end up in jail.

Doki's injured hedgehog dies and she tries and tries to call Nabi. But, he's still in jail and you can see his phone ringing in the evidence box while Doki falls into a depression. Grieving and heartbroken, she throws her phone off the roof and leaves.

Why did I write all that out? Because I had to watch it three times to catch all the details.

I missed the fact that the hedgehog died, I missed the fact that Doki was trying to call Nabi, and therefore I didn't understand why she threw her phone off the roof. It was all very confusing.

Hopefully you're all not as slow as me. ^_^

Man, Step 5 has a lot of ground to cover if they want to turn this sadness into a happy ending...

Three months from the previous step... three months until the final step (maybe)? We'll have it before Christmas.


I have found that games like those

That it might be best to Get a second person and have them have a set of controls and the other person have a set of controls but that is just me.



I'll tell you guys something. The events of "There She Is!!" 4 were bound to happen. The "No Cat-Bunny Love" theme has always been there, but it's been an underlying element... until now.

This was always going to happen. This is was moving, sad, tragic, thought-provoking, and even a bit of a reflection for me. If you watch for what seem like little details, eventually you'll see where things will lead.

I just hope the ending is a happy one.


"There She Is!!" has always been awesome...

It sucks now cause the cat had finally started acting like a boyfriend and then the no bunny/cat love had really broken out.

Can't wait for the fifth.


So sad this is getting. Hope the next chapter is as full of joy and hope as the first one. We people aren't like that? Or are we?


I just finished Lars' Adventure. very fun but.. I can't get that music out of my head!!

"the atomic bomb is very dangerous, it can burn a whole building" LOL!! (this audio is from that video 'duck and cover')


There she is just so sad. I love it so much really makes people think.

I hope the cat snaps out of it and gets back with the rabbit..I love how the other rabbit supports the cat now when he use to beat him up


There She Is has taken a turn for the dark and depressing. Wah!


As far as the animations go...I know what it's like. I'm a white Atheist male who "dated" a Muslim girl for three years...

and it was broken off mutually due to reasons like the fourth episode.

It's so hard to change that in this world...I just hope it works out for the cat and bunny, though. Hope they can have what I can't.


Does anyone know where I could get an mp3 of the music in Lars' Adventure?


Yes! There She Is #5 has been released! Go and watch it! NOW!

I'm sure you'll be happy to know that they are all happy in the end. :)

More of a music clip then an animation, though.


I watched There She Is episodes 1-5, in order, just for the sake of it. But 4 is the only one that makes me cry. Every time.


I don't understand the Tinger game. There's just some bouncing blob. I've clicked and pressed buttons but nothing happens.


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