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Link Dump Fridays

JohnBHere on the slab of land just south of Canada and north of Mexico (including bits of land in the Pacific ocean and a whole hunk of terra firma way in the north), July 4 is Independence Day. You know what that means, right? Fireworks, parades, barbecues, picnics, and this year, Link Dump Friday!

  • icon_bigadventure.gifBig Adventure in the Miraculous Forest - Guide an acorn through the forest by placing a series of objects on the screen. It's mostly trial-and-error, but many of the placements make logical sense. A bit like Grow, too. Click the top green screenshot to play the game.
  • icon_buttonhunt3.gifButtonHunt 3 - A simple yet engaging puzzle game from a creative 14-year-old. Find the button, click the button, repeat thirty times. Expect big things in the future as this artist comes into his own.
  • icon_gluefo.gifGlueFO - An arcade game that borrows a lot of retro ideas and puts them in more modern context. Your UFO is "sticky" and will hold onto small orbs. Grab a few, then click the mouse button to fire them at larger orbs in order to cut them down to size. You can even buy a few cool weapons in-between levels.
  • icon_aliensmustdie.gifAliens Must Die: The Jupiter Wars - A great-looking top-down shooter where you dispatch enemies pouring in from all sides of the screen. Grab the power-ups left behind to gain health, a shield, extra points, or upgrade your weapons.
  • icon_indestructotankae.gifIndestructoTank! Anniversary Edition - Indestructo Tank is back with better gameplay, revamped visuals, collectible medals, more gameplay modes, and a brand new two player feature. As the heavily armored tank your only task is to get hit by weapons fire (that's right) to launch yourself in the air to take out enemies. It's that simple, but also that challenging, as the enemies get more varied as the game goes by.


So far, I've gotten (for the Forest game)

parachute, fan, acorn, watering can, saw, bowling ball, yellow wheel, leaf and frog statue (you have to put both on since the frog statue fills up the hole with water, and the leaf floats across), scissors


Umm...what do I do in the "boss encounter" for button hunt 3? It says do not left click, but I'm not left clicking, and nothing is happening.



I right-clicked the left rectangle and then moved my mouse over the button and double-clicked


Walkthrough for Big Adventure in the Miraculous Forest:
(you probably don't need one...)

hot air balloon



watering can


bowling ball

yellow wheel


frog statue




LSN, have you had any luck yet? I'm stuck at the same spot.

fattywads July 4, 2008 12:35 AM

for the boss

dont left click!
mouse over the box on the left so there's a yellow cirlce around the button, right click, then left click on the button.


Okay, I'm really confused here. I don't read or speak Japanese, so someone explain to me what is going on... I start the forest game and I have something bouncing up and down on a tree with a word bubble and then it says "Too Late" and GAME OVER. I am clicking things but nothing is happening. What am I doing wrong?


Oh, nevermind. I figured it out.


I actually found a hint somewhere obvious right after I posted, but my comments weren't going through.

I'd like to know how to unlock the middle three secret things. I've gotten the outer two:

one for precision and one for speed.


Walkthrough for ButtonHunt 3:

Click the red button

Drag down the bottom of the scroll and click the red part of the design at the top.

Drag the torch to both of the pots, then click the button that appears behind the doors.

Insert the coin into the coin slot, click the small handle to turn it, then click the box below it to find the button.

Move the lighter over the wick of the fireworks and click the red when it explodes.

Click the power button on the bottom right. Then click the flash button(yellow arrow above the "OK"). Press the button at the top right to take a picture, and press the red button once it appears.

Click the clock below the fire button and then press 010. Click the fire button and wait until it says DONE. Then press the lower right button and click the red button.(I really overused the word button...)

Drag the cork up from the bottle and then drag it to the table. Click the top of the bottle and drag it to the wine glass. Click the red wine in the glass.

Drag the egg to the incubator and flip the yellow switch before the heat level disappears. Wait until a piece of the egg falls off and click the red hole it makes.

Drag the blue balloon to the mouth of the helium container. Then pop it by dragging the dart to the balloon. Click the red button

Boss Encounter: Limited Thinking - Right click the blank rectangle and then move your cursor over the red button and double click.

Shoot the body of the red person(not the head!)and click the red button.

Click the lightning bolt. Drag the bottom red wire to the other part of it so they connect. Click the red button.

Click a coconut so that it falls from the tree. Drag the rock to the coconut so it cracks. Then click the crack.

Move the tool over the yellow dashed line on the arm from left to right. Click the other tool and pick up the red button from the arm and move it to the table. Then click the button.

Drag the cloud over the seed. After it rains, drag the sun over the seed. Click the red bud that grows from the plant.

Click the wing. Click the red button. (You can also try clicking the other two options)

Drag the stick(I forgot what that was called) to the right and to the left so that notes appear. Do this a few times until the red note appears, and click on the red button.

Drag the nail away from the poster so that the poster falls down and reveals a hole. Click it. Wait until you see a pair of red round eyes at the top. Click them before they dissapear.

Drag the glass to the microscope. Roll over the lens at the top, which will project a blurry red circle. Turn the gray thing three times and click the red button.

Boss Encounter: Click the two small squares sticking out from the box. Then click the small gray square holding the lock. Click the red button in the box.

Drag the green chemical up and then to the container. Do the same with the yellow, and then the red chemicals. Click the red liquid.

Drag the eggs off the cliff until one of them shows a red button. Click it.

Change the temperature from hot to cold. Once the ball freezes, melt it again by changing the temperature so that its between cold and hot.

Drag these to the center in this order: Base, L.E.D.(then click it again), Glass, Outline

Drag the black spray can up and down until the arrows disappear. Then roll over the red x on the outline of the circle with the yellow next to the spray can. Then do the same with the red spray can and follow the arrows. Click the red button.

Drag the cone down so its on the table. Click the door to the ice and then drag the scooper to the ice and then to the cone. Drag the cone to the raspberry flavor container and click the nozzle twice. Click the red sno-cone.

Drag the recipe left. Drag the items over the pot in the order of the things on the list. Make sure to click the cap of the red bottle to unscrew it first.

Click "Open". Click the "Touch to Begin". Click "Alert the Military". Click the red meteor that falls from the sky.

Boss Encounter: Frantic Thinking - Wait and dont move the mouse until the button moves under the cursor. Click.

Congratulations! You're done!

OrigamiMarie July 4, 2008 1:25 AM

I agree with LSN.

I got those same two secret things on the bottom, but don't know what other stats he might measure.

TheEternalFire July 4, 2008 2:18 AM

The 4th achievement for ButtonHunt 3:

is Perfectionist. I got it with only one extra mouse-click more than required and ~239 seconds.


Second achievement:

Godspeed - I got it with 168 seconds. It's harder than the first one.


very cool. the forest game is so easy


stupidcheeseboy July 4, 2008 3:28 AM

Link Dump Friday!! Woohoo!

alphabuz July 4, 2008 3:51 AM

Is that thing in the forest game really an acorn? Because by the goal it had, it looks to me like it was actually a piece of chocolate candy or something like that.

Cute game, although it gets a little bit repetitive until you figure things out.


Button hunt is a very good one. I liked it a lot.


On Button Hunt, I got

"Wings" for 174 seconds and 108 clicks. It seems like you would need to do the requirements of "Perfectionist" and "Godspeed" within the same game in order to get it.


GlueFO was a lot of fun. There's something strangely satisfying about the gameplay.


Surely the "acorn" is a chocolate acorn - my fact this was on a chocolate manufacturers website first aroused my suspicions.


Button Hunt is fun. It reminded me of that impossible quiz game from yonks ago, although this one is a bit on the easy side.

Linkzcap July 4, 2008 11:49 AM

Stupid Button Hunt won't load...


About the boss encounters in Button Hunt

It's a flash game, when I right click, I just get options. If I move my mouse, the red button is no longer circled. What am I missing?

sydviscious26 July 4, 2008 12:54 PM

Walkthrough for the Forest game:


fan (on top)


watering pot


bowling ball

hamster (this case squirrel)



frog statue



sydviscious26 July 4, 2008 12:57 PM

Walkthrough for the Forest game:

balloon-fan-acorn-watering pot-saw-bowling ball-yellow wheel-leaf-frog statue-scissors


comment me again if this doesnt work out as planned
the spoilers dont seem to be showing up


The spoilers are showing up just fine.

What browser are you using syd? Do you have javascript enabled?

(Javascript is required for spoilers to function properly.)


Heres an easier to beat boss 1 on buttonhunt:

hover mouse over button and TAB and click.


For IndestructoTank, there is a fuel gauge at the bottom of the screen the drops over time and resets each level. If it hits zero the game's over. The end of the level comes when you get a certain number of points (which are only awarded when you hit the ground).

It'd've been nice if the instructions in or around the game told you any of this.


IndestructoTank AE is the third in a rather successful series of Flash games; the author probably just assumed everyone playing it knew what was going on, which was obviously a bad assumption.

Anyway, for the miraculous forest adventure: anyone found a use for the last two items? Maybe they can be used in place of something else or something.


I really like GlueFO, but I think it might have been better if it started you with fewer lives, and gave you an extra life after every level. I never really felt like the game became hard before I ran out of lives from a few unlucky hits over the course of a few levels.


Button Hunt 3

When I get to level 18 with the music score and baton... nothing happens. The hints on the game site say to click on the baton and "wave" it left and right. And then it says to make sure it is .... level???

What does THAT mean????

I was doing so well until that. Too bad. Very promising and fun until that level.

sydviscious26 July 7, 2008 4:51 PM

Hey Jay,

It showed up after i posted them, but when i previewed my post, it didnt work.

sydviscious26 July 7, 2008 4:52 PM


try moving it back and forth to get music notes

deadshot July 8, 2008 9:04 PM

has anyone played phrozenflame? its a game


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