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Link Dump Fridays

JohnBIf you're like me, it's time for a distraction from Mario Kart Wii. This week's collection of Link Dump Friday games successfully stole me from kart steering just long enough to allow me to drive a real car without reaching for my stack of turtle shells in the back seat...

  • icon_floatylight.gifFloaty Light - Did you enjoy Nitrome's Hot Air games? Ha, trick question! Of course you did! Floaty Light is a similar affair involving a bubble, an arrow, a goal, and pokey sharp things you must avoid. Plus, everything is lavender and white, which is very soothing to look at.
  • icon_roku.gifRoku - A rather large (15MB) implementation of two puzzle games based on cellular automata written in Processing. Roku's modes play like your typical "lights out"-type game or a matching puzzle title where you hop from hexagon to hexagon. The full description goes into a lot more detail.
  • icon_ultimatecheckers.gifUltimate Online Checkers - Almost true to its name, Ultimate Online Checkers presents a pleasing interface complete with multiplayer support and even a few game-changing power-ups. As you capture pieces you earn cash that can be spent to king checkers, destroy, or even buy new pieces. A subtle twist on an old game makes it fun all over again, and the single player computer opponents are surprisingly tough.
  • icon_comboll.gifComboll - Control the bouncey ball with the [arrow] keys and try to keep it on the moving platforms. Score extra points for stringing together combos of the same color!
  • icon_seascape.gifSeascape - Explore underwater levels in search of treasure and solve a few simple puzzles along the way. Features some adventure-style gameplay along with hidden object finding and some photography for bonus cash.


Ultimate Online Checkers Is a fun idea, but the single player version has some bugs:

1. The game does not detect if the computer player has no available moves. Instead you must wait until the timer runs out.

2. The Computer player does not use power ups, which gives you a huge advantage, especially since the computer is not very smart to begin with.

I haven't been able to try multiplayer yet. I'll be interested in hearing how the game fairs with an opponent who is more balanced.


I really enjoyed Seascape. I wish it hadn't been so short.


I agree that Ultimate Online Checkers is a fun idea but also that it has some bugs.

I tried out Multiplayer which was more challenging and fun but around the middle of the game when the my multiplayer opponent tried to jump one of my pieces his went under mine instead and got stuck. When I tried to move my piece it starting jiggling around and wouldn't move from the spot, but kept counting up my moves . Had around 100 from that one piece when I left the game =P

jubaba May 2, 2008 2:06 AM

ooh i love comboll

Shostie May 2, 2008 8:56 AM

I get a "Service Unavailable" message when I click on Comboll.

Shostie May 2, 2008 8:59 AM

Ah. Here's a link on Kongregate:

Reozul May 2, 2008 9:49 AM

Comball is awesome.

The only thing that detracts from it, is that after you play a while (in my case up to 100000) when you stop, the images on your browser seem to move to the right. (anticipated movement and all that)


Is it just me, or does speeding up actually make Comboll easier? Harder to make combos perhaps, but easier to keep yourself alive.

Connor May 2, 2008 6:46 PM

Hey anyone ever play Flyff. It's a free MMORPG. Anyways, I'm pretty positive that comboll took the music straight out of it.

octochan May 2, 2008 7:46 PM

hmm, I can't get the Seascape chest open with anything, and I can't seem to leave the magnified view after I click on the chest.



Yeah, I was enjoying Comboll for a while until it sped up to the point where it became difficult to get combos >5 or 6, but also became really, really difficult to die.

vogonviking May 3, 2008 6:50 AM

Octochan, I've got the same problem. Tried the knife, tried the plasma cutter but no joy! Can anyone help please?

why_ra_ra May 3, 2008 11:11 AM

to use the plasma cutter,

move your mouse you where you want to use it, click, and hold.


SeaScape Walkthrough (Area 1, due to time constraints. will get the other three areas up soon)

Area 1

Main Objective (the spoiler below has secondary objectives)

  • Right immediately on the first screen once you dive will be a green key, in the upper right sector of your goggle screen. Gonna be referring to these "sectors" a lot. basically divide your screen up into fourths.

  • head right from there until you see a chest, click on it. Go to your inventory, which is a (I) in the upper right corner, and grab what looks like a flashlight with a bump on the left. Click with it on the lock, and hold your mouse down. You're in

  • Click the outside ends of the two bars, to open them up

  • Grab your knife out of the (I) and click the seam on the red bit. That'll lever it open.

  • Now grab your green key that we got and use it with the non-keyhole-looking keyhole in the middle. You get the map to area 2 and a golden cup. Cheers! Click out, then do the below if you feel like it.

Area 1 Secondary Objectives

  • Skulls

    • Move ALLLLLLL the way to the left. Right there, in front of you, will be a skull.Lower left sector if you really need to know. That's what they look like, remember that. take it.

    • Begin moving towards the right, and as you go across, there should be a skull sitting in the open/barren part before you get to the wreck area. take. Two down, two to go.

    • Move right more until your nose piece on your goggles is right on the chest that we opened before. In the left side of the screen there should be a skull kinda sitting in the middle of that half.

    • On the right side, same screen, is the last skull, about the middle too. SKULLS ARE DONE!

  • Pearls

    • Hate these buggers. ALLLL the way to the left again. See the (I) type of button in the upper right corner of the screen? Click that, grab the knife. In the lower right sector, there will be, towards the top, something standing out in the barren sand. Click with your knife. Click again to get the pearl. That's it. And your character will still hold your knife so you don't have to worry about getting it back out all the time.

    • Go right until the extreme left of the wreck area (the black metal thing) is at the very left of your screen. In the bottom left sector, there will be a clam towards the bottom, a ways under the starfish.

    • Same screen, lower right sector, there will be another one in the top left corner of the sector. Open and take the pearl.

    • Move right until the last clam has JUST disappeared to the left. Lower left sector, a little left of teh nose piece, will be a clam. Open/take.

    • In the lower right sector, just barely on the screen (you may have to move right a bit farther to see it even, actually) is another one.

    • Upper right, on top of the wreck wall, is another

    • This last one on this screen is on the top right as well, but it's reallyyyyy hard to see. there's another wall of the wreck past the one in the foreground, and on top of that, in about the same spot, is another one, that's really small from the distance. finally done on this screen.

    • Keep heading right till you see one on the ground, near the crab. not all the way right, because then your nose piece gets in the way. that's 8/8 for this area.

  • Photos!

    • Stay right where you are, go to your inventory, and grab your camera. The crab there, click on it. Photo. Unfortunately with the photos, you gotta get your camera back out ever time.

    • Stay there, grab your camera, and wait for a giant version of all the yellow fish you see swim by. Take a pic of it before you miss it.

    • NOW all the way left. The yellow green lump in the lower right sector is a starfish. snap a photo

    • Move right till you get to the wreck. Should be an orangeish starfish around there, photo it. 4/4 photos.

  • The Gold bar. Go right to the chest, and slightly to the left of it (screen wise) is a gold bar along the bottom of the wreck. A wall juts out towards you right where the gold bar is, if that helps any.

Click the blue arrow to go up. You can't get back, so hope you get everything. End of area 1.


SeaScape Walkthrough (Area 2)

Area 2

Main Objectives

  • We're looking at an airplane wreck here, so I may refer to the wings of it or the nose of it, etc.

  • Where the visible wing joins the plane, there will be some purple kelp, or whatever you want to call that stuff. I'm calling it kelp. A bit to the left of that, along the wing, is a black box. Click on it to open it (that's it), take the map. Objective one complete, already.

  • Objective 2. We get to diffuse a bomb!

  • Go to the bomb, far left, and click on it. We don't need anything that we don't already have.

  • Get out your torch, and click/hold on the four little tiny connecting bars on the corners of the big middle squareish thing. Click the blue arrow, if you did it right.

  • On the top and bottom of the assembly here, will be two black shapes (two for both the top and bottom), click these two move them outwards.

  • Click the silver pieces immediately above and below the spaces you just made (above for bottom, below for top)

  • To the right of the new space on top, and the left on bottom, will be another black piece that will have an arrow on it, pointing towards the space. click these

  • On the far left and right of the bomb assembly, there are two large silver pieces. Click each of these.

  • The gap in each of those pieces will now be positioned in front of another silver piece, which has a long part that looks like it would fit into those gaps. They do. Click them.

  • Click the big center piece

  • And each of the green lights

  • Gratz. If my directions were clear enough (they weren't), and you were smart enough (hopefully), you'll have defused a bomb. Again, gratz. Don't ask me why your character thought it was a good idea to begin with though. Or why there was a ten thousand dollar reward... Objective Complete

Bonuses of Area 2

  • Skullz

    • Right in front of the bomb. Can't miss it.

    • Right BEHIND the bomb. And slightly to the right.

    • Allll the way right, at the end of the wings

    • Okay. Go to the body of the airplane, and you should be able to click the front opening part of it and get inside. Skull will be towards the left part. 4/4 skulls.

  • Pearlz

    • While you're in the airplane, grab your knife and pop open the clam by the lobster there. Click the green arrow to get out.

    • At this screen, there will be a big one towards the left of the screen, and a big one towards the right. Fairly obvious ones. Two for one bullet

    • All the way to the right, you'll get another one in the bottom right corner trying to look like a rock. Should be at the bottom of that line of rocks.

    • Head all the way to the left, then back up to the right a tiny bit, until you see a clam to the left of your nose piece. Grab it quick, then stay on this screen.

    • To the right of the bomb, there will be another, pop it open and grab the pearl

    • If you go straight up from that, you'll eventually run into another one

    • A bit above the nose of the plane (not your goggles), will be a very small one, to the right of a short patch of purple kelp. 8/8, so we're up to 16/16. Seriously, though. This one is hard to see. It has a bit of a blue tinge to it, so it hides well. Carefull.

  • Photoz!

    • All the way to the right, looking like a strange piece of rock formation, is an octopus. Sitting on the wing, if it helps you any. Snap a shot.

    • Head back to the inside of the plane and take a picture of the lobster. That's it, all we needed was 2. Ignore the big yellow fish, you can't take a picture of it again. 2/2.

  • The Gold Bar of this level is located to the far right, far, far right, in the top right corner, hiding there on the incline. Nab it quick, then we're done here.

Hit the blue arrow to leave my favorite wreck of the game. Grats, you diffused a bomb, and found a random map that hadn't been waterlogged in a unsealed and unlocked box. Realistic game, eh?

OncoByte May 4, 2008 3:33 PM

If you think Ultimate Checkers is innovative, try Quadradius - it will blow your socks off!

Picard May 4, 2008 6:14 PM

On the Ultimate Checkers game, I started by making my entire front row kings, and the proceeded to win without losing a single piece. It's just too easy.


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