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Link Dump Fridays

JohnBIt's Link Dump Friday: Kitchen Sink Edition! Why kitchen sink? Because that's practically the only thing we've left out of this weeks article. Seven game in all, almost twice the usual dose, and they range from hamster slingshots to soul-searching cursors to brain teasers.

  • icon_flightofthehamster.gifFlight of the Hamster - Hamsters line up. Hamsters jump. You pull the pillow back and send them flying. See how far you can blast and pilot flying hamsters in this Cartoon Network take on Nanaca † Crash.
  • icon_bluep.gifBluep - From Hero Interactive comes a quirky little hopping/shooting arcade game that feels like the confused child of Super Mario Bros., Grid Wars, and Asteroids. Move your ship around the screen, firing with the mouse button and jumping with the [spacebar]. The goal is to destroy the guns that appear around the edges of the screen.
  • icon_heist.gifHeist - An isometric action/adventure game where you play the "best thief ever" trying to steal the World Diamond. Plant explosive charges, search lockers, and avoid the building's security systems.
  • icon_soulsearch.gifSoul Search - A painfully difficult game of "avoid the walls with your cursor", but the setting and presentation are so interesting, it's worth the chunks of missing head hair.
  • icon_bricks.gifBricks - Match-3 games are about as new and interesting as a ham and cheese sandwich, but Bricks manages to add a few spicy condiments to the mix for a slightly refreshing puzzle experience. The goal is, of course, to make groups of three or more like-colors. The catch is that clicking on a square causes it to adopt the adjacent color the arrow points to. In about three seconds you'll get the hang of it, but it's still strangely compelling.
  • icon_musicinmotion.gifMusic in Motion - Another stab at integrating music into the gaming experience, Music in Motion is a great concept title that blends action and techno beats into a very interesting package. Each stage featured blocks that fall/appear in time with the music. All you have to do is avoid getting squished.
  • icon_25boxes.gif25 Boxes - A short brainteaser-type game where you use peripheral vision to find shapes and click their corresponding blank tiles. It's short and not very difficult, but fun for a round or two.
  • JayJIG Poker Night - is every Saturday! (oh yes, it is!). Check this page each week for time of day (usually 4PM Eastern). The winner each week qualifies for a championship tournament on May 17th where we'll give away an iPod Nano and a Nintendo DS!! So, join us won't you?


AdamantVision February 22, 2008 7:54 AM

The tracking of the little guy in Music in Motion seems really tracks him way too high and makes half the level invisible below the screen when you jump...but other than that it's pretty nifty. Sort of like sideways Avalanche.


Soul Search is not THAT hard. Well, I say this because I've played and cleared IWBTG (with all the 6 secret items). And trust me, you don't know what "hard" means until you've played IWBTG.


Heist is a great concept, but why oh why did they orient the game at a 45 degree angle? I constantly found myself using the wrong movement key, resulting in getting caught.


I love the (probably) homage to Metal Gear Solid with the box object in Heist. It cracked me up in the training.


I liked the heist game, reminded me of a cross between metal gear solid and the old xcom games.


How do you get out of the first room in Heist? There's a box in the way.


I love music in motion on the second one there is a spot where you can't get hit


Donut: You should use the Suggest a Game link at the top.


Heist has a bug: It doesn't let you rearrange the keys. I tried to change mine so that D and A were up and down and W and S were left and right, but it forgets this as soon as you enter the game.


Hey, you finally mentioned Flight of the Hamsters! :D

I suggested that game a while ago, it's nice to finally see it here, even in a link dump Friday!

(oh, and if anyone beats my high score of 1654, let me know :D )


Heist question: Where are the red and blue keycards in the first level? I seem to need them.

Even just one would probably help.


Another Heist bug: Even if you load a game where you hadn't obtained the Box yet, the Box is still no longer on the board, so you can't get it.


Oh for the second level in Music in Motion here's a hint

stay on the very right, no blocks fall there

Hope I did it right!


ok... looking for help with heist.

1. how you you disable the lift camera
2. where is the red card
3. how do you shoot the gun? in fact, do you have it initially?


@master_flea (heist)

You don't disable it. Just stick to the wall and walk


For the lift camera:

You can lean against the wall and sidle against it. The camera won't see you then.

I can't find the red or blue cards either, though.


Heist seems to be based on a game called Stealth Hunter:

Some hints:

Play through the tutorial. No need to ask how the gun is fired etc.


You can get past cameras by having your back to the wall and moving along the wall, or moving 'underneath' the camera.

Red card:

The red card is on level 82, which can be accessed via the lift. By the time you get there you should have the ability to find it.


Either my peripheral vision is shot, or 25 boxes isn't working for me.


Heist Walkthrough

Only use if you're really stuck i.e. can't solve some of the puzzles. The game is relatively easy.


Play through the training level to get a feel for the game.


Let's call this room the Start Room. Head NW. Find the bullets in both cabinets and pick up the papers on the table (Code 1/12).


Go through the leftmost door. Avoid the camera by staying close to the right wall. Pick up the IR vision goggles in the cabinet. Return to the Start Room.


Use the red flashing panel. The answer is "prison". Enter the room.


Activate the IR goggles. If you can't do this, play the training level.


Cross when the red beams aren't on. You can see which bits of floor are protected - there's a reflection when the beams are on. Continue into the next room.


Avoid the camera (stay right). Find the bullets and bombs and pick up code (2/12). Return to Start Room.


Take the door in the NE wall.


Call this Corridor #1. Take the first door on the left to get code (3/12). Return.


Cross the red beams and take the door on the left. Get the bullets in the cabinet and pick up code (4/12) on the NE wall. Push the left chair into the corner. Push the other chair SW and then NW. Cross the two remaining red beams by stepping onto the raised floors. Get the Blue Card in the cabinet. Return to Corridor #1.


Cross the red beams. Equip the gun. Take the door in the SE wall. Quickly kill the guard. Get the bullets in the NE cabinet.


Equip the Blue Card and open the locked door. Use the panel.

13. Minigame:

Drag-and-drop the dot step-by-step as directed.


Go back to Corridor #1 and (equip IR goggles!) cross the red beams. To get past the camera, sidestep along the R wall. You should go to the NW and use a bomb to destroy the crates. Pick up the Box. Go to the lift.


Equip the gun. Go up to level 82.

Level 82 (1):

Shoot the guard coming from the left (or use the Box to avoid).


Go SW, avoiding the cameras. Pick up the bullets in the end cabinet. Go through the blue door.


Avoid the camera by sidestepping along the SW wall. Get the Red Card from the cabinet. Return to the lift.


Go back to level 81. Go to the Start Room. The leftmost door leads to a red door. Go through, kill the guard, get the bullets in the NW cabinet, and get code (5/12) on the table.


We're done with this floor. Return to the lift. Go to level 80.

Level 80:

Call this the Hallway. Cross the beams to the NW door. Enter.


Avoid the camera by sidestepping anti-clockwise following the walls. Open the SW door, then go back to the chair and push it SW. Let it roll through the doorway. Enter the next room.


Open the NW door. Push the SW chair as follows: NW, NE, NW, SW. Push the chair by the side wall SW three spaces, then push the remaining rolling chair as follows: NW, SW, NW, SW, NW, NE. Use the panel (answer: f).


Enter the room, kill the guard, pick up code (6/12) and get the Yellow Card from the cabinet. Return to the Hallway.


Equip the gun. Enter the SW red door and kill the guard. Pick up code (7/12). Go through the yellow door and kill the next guard. Pick up code (8/12) on the desk. Equip the IR goggles. Push the chair SE, then NE to deactivate the red beam. Use the panel.

26. Minigame:

Solution: 1. Click the centre square and the four squares to its left, right, top and bottom. 2. Click the four corner squares, and then click once on each square that is currently dark green.


Destroy the crates and search the cabinets for some Money (appears to be an Easter egg only). Go to the Hallway.


Optional Room: Equip the gun. Go through the yellow door and kill the guard. Get the bullets in the rightmost cabinet. Return to the Hallway.


Go to level 82.

Level 82 (2):

Call this room Corridor #2. Equip the gun.


Go through the first yellow door and kill the guard. Use the panel. Answer: heist.


Equip the IR goggles. Push the crate SE to the raised floor switch. Place a bomb next to it. Cross to the safe zone in the middle of the room, then detonate the bomb. Collect code (9/12). Equip the IR goggles. Push the chair SE, then SW, following it carefully as it rolls onto the switch. Return to Corridor #2.


Go SW and take the blue door. Avoid the camera and enter the room beyond the yellow door. Collect code (10/12). Return to Corridor #2.


Take the yellow door. Avoid the camera by following the right wall. Pick up code (11/12). Equip IR goggles. Open the door to the SW, then go back to the chair and push it SW through the doorway.


Enter the room to the SW and push the non-rolling chair SW, SW, NW. Use the panel. This is a memory test - it changes each time you try it.


Open the door, then push the chair that was in the first room earlier, NW off the switch and into the new room. Cross the deactivated beam and through the two NE doors.


Call this the Safe Room. Push the closest rolling chair NE, then push the non-rolling chair over to the switch you just uncovered. Place a bomb next to this switch.


Follow the trail of switches over to the safe, then detonate the bomb. Equip IR goggles. Activate the red panel to switch off all the red beams.


Enter the lift to the east and go down.


Equip the gun and kill the guard. Go through the door to the SE and kill the guard there. Pick up code (12/12). Return to the Safe Room.


Stand in front of the safe and equip the codes.


Congratulations, master thief! Go to the lift and down. Go to where the crates are.


Use two bombs to destroy the crates, then go through to finish the game. Congratulations!


Tom: Free World Group is a better place to play Stealth Hunter. Newgrounds doesn't work for me, in Safari 2.


so i changed the controls to Z for gun and bomb. i press (and hold) Z but he just sticks the gun up. help!


I the soul search game I'm stuck on the bit where it first talk about wind...there are two things that look like doors but they dont open. I can't figure out where to go.


Well, i decided to give JIG Poker night one more chance. I was doing OK, I was in the middle of a promising hand when the server threw me out.

Never ever going near that site.


Yeah, I stopped playing at TripleJack when the server kicked me out of a laptop qualifier. I could not believe that I couldn't just log back in and take my spot at the table again. I just tune in for the Saturday JIG game now. There's way better places to play poker.


I've never been kicked out by the server, ever.

Sorry your experiences haven't been good ones. It *is* the best site for a group poker tournament like we do each week. I don't know of any place else that supports such a thing.


quick question, what does the skateboard in flight of the hamsters do?


It could have been a connection problem at my end. But still, the game should have accepted me when I logged back in. Triple Jack is fine for the weekly game or a quick ring game. I just don't feel secure playing tournaments there.


Well, jay, Triple Jack may be the *best* group poker site, still it didn't let me play, so, please, don't expect me to like it the least. I don't want to go on advertising other net poker rooms that I've been visiting recently and had no problem at all - this is not the place. OK, they may be not good for group poker experiance, but at least they let me play. And that makes all the difference for me.


PS: and i didn't even use a laptop, but a PC...


Can someone please explain how to fire the gun in Heist? I've got it equiped, and have five bullets (I think, the font makes it hard to tell), but pressing the E key just raises it with a clicking sound. Hitting the key a lot causes it to raise and lower the gun rapidly, holding the key just raises it; neither will actually shoot the guard. And half the time, the program will force my character to face NW for no apparent reason.


I understand. Again, I'm sorry your experience was an unpleasant one.


Just a thought...

How much can it cost to pay someone to create an online poker lounge that we could use? Judging for the sums the Casual Game Design competition winners win quite some of us are willing to pay if we see the reason - and here there wouléd definitely be a good reason.

And I'm positive that many of JIG's frequent visitors could do it.

Or is it just another bad idea of mine?


hey, it is not your fault, why should you take any of the blame?



on the "Flight of the hamsters", i broke the pillow. it's stuck in air.


for flight of the hamsters
Does anyone know what the skateboard powerup does- I don't feel as if it helps.



To fire the gun,

Use your left mouse button. You aim with the mouse, too. Set your cursor towards whichever cardinal direction you want to shoot in and click. It's a bit tricky to get the hang of, basically the biggest drawback of the game, but you can hit the guards from quite a distance away.


On Flight of the Hamsters...

quickly clicking the mouse gives a lot more glide.

It more than doubled my scores.

Anonymous June 20, 2008 11:40 PM

Ehm... The link for Flight of the Hamster has changed.

[Edit: Thanks, fixed. -Jay]

private July 4, 2009 6:07 PM

music in motion is cool.



can someone provide a link for the disco disaster music?

its amazing.


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