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Link Dump Fridays

JessFriday has arrived
Bearing games upon its back
Ah, bliss! To waste time.

  • WhaaWhaa - Bravely fire away
    At those circles, but prepare
    For a quick demise.
  • Sweet ValentineSweet Valentine - If you should tackle
    Sugary-sweet, point-and-click,
    Three ends await you.
  • WitchcraftWitchcraft - Back to Halloween!
    Choose cards wisely, and you may
    Break the witch's curse.
  • Unfair PlatformerUnfair Platformer - Impossible game!
    Traps, spikes, forty-two lives lost
    Yet I cannot stop.
  • KermixKermix - Courageous red block
    Jump, turn, collect the loot and
    Warp to the next round.


There's an extra ? in the kermix link which you need to remove or gimme5games just shows a random game.



Thanks, Luke! Thought I had already caught that. Fixed! :)


Unfair platformer could be fun, if only your character would be a little bit more nimble... I don't mind dying a lot, but I do mind feeling like I'm walking through mollases.


unfair platformer-
i won in one-oh-eight moves.
now i want mayonnaise...

kermix is fun, but
the music is fa-mil-iar...
shuffle's company?


I got the easy exit on Sweet Valentine, but I'm having trouble progressing any further than that. Here are the unused items I have:

ladder, iipod, "a part to use for something," a long screw, a short screw, a part of safety stopper, the box of chocolates, and a screwdriver.

Any tips?


Witchcraft is quite fun.
Of course, I like codebreaker.
Clones can be the bomb.

Yay for point-and-click!
I finished Sweet Valentine.
Lots of pixel hunts...


Neddo, did you get the

pink key? If not, use the ladder a little bit in front of the TV to move the balloons and get the pink key from the circular hole in the wall. Hope that helps.


I like your haiku.


On sweet valentine:

I'm a little stuck.. where on earth did you find the screwdriver?


Neddo, I'm sorry, I didn't read your whole entry. Try:

Move the bed by clicking slightly above the bed on the wall and you can get the yellow key. You can also put the "something" onto the end of the stopper and use the screw/screwdriver to make a handle. That's as far as I've gotten.


Using the stepladder, climb out the window, but don't go down the easy exit ladder. There is a pot of flowers that once you click on, you can grab the screwdriver


I haven't really figured out how to get the ladder up to the second level.. soooo..

if you mess around with the roses and that spinny thing in the planter, a blue key will fall out too.


I feel so thrilled to be actually giving help!


You need to find somewhere to put the handle in and turn it.

It's not a door.

It's upstairs.

Does one of the rabbit patterns on the walls look strange?

You still helped me with making the


in the first place, though. So the credit for that goes entirely to you.


Where does one find the 'part to use for something'?


I don't understand how to

make the handle using the "something", the screwdriver, and the screw. Also, where do you get the long screw?


The long screw is

downstairs, on the floor behind the guitar

However...rizzle, your advice doesn't help:

none of the rabbit patterns on the wall look strange to me. :-(


D'oh. First, my second spoiler was intended for Dog Child, not rizzle.

And second, I figured it out. :-)


I've gotten all three endings for sweet valentine, but I cheated a bit for the full ending.

I got stuck with a wrench in my inventory and had no idea where to use it. The code for the door only has three numbers for each position. I started methodically going through them and got it.



The screw that you find behind the guitar is the long screw.

Also, I still don't understand how to

make the handle, I believe I have all the correct items: the "something", screwdriver, short screw.
I also have the iipod and ladders.


Okay, I need another hint. I've

found the space with the iPod dock and the coded door

and I have no idea what to do next.


Question about the endings:

After I find the ladder in the closet, if I go up, I'm in a room with a lipod setup and a locked door. If I go down, there is a door which is not locked. If I leave that door, is that an exit, or is there something out there that I need, and it'll give me a chance to come back inside? I also haven't found the wrench yet that Ric mentions.. What I have left is a wrapped box of candy and a suitcase that I can't seem to open.



Where might one find the last key and wrench?


I can't seem to make

the handle. I have the shirt screw, the part to use for something, the screwdriver, and a distinct feeling that I'm missing something obvious.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Love the haiku-themed LDF. Took me a minute to understand why it was so strangely formatted!


Stuck without the last key.


i got the last ending by guessing numbers, i never was able to



never found

wrench but i know where to use it, look at big ladder in item detail click till bottom shows and you will see a hex nut


I'm also stuck -- where is the blue key?

I read that you're supposed to mess with the roses and the card-holder thing, but I've spun that arrow dozens of times now and nothing happens. There doesn't seem to be anywhere else to click around there!


Larry T:

The last key is up high somewhere...

The step ladder can be used in more than one place

Check the window above the door by the suitcase


GAH! You've got to be kidding me..

I'm pretty much right at the end, and then I left the window for a while to take care of something else, and now I can't click away from the view I'm in. I can still click on items in the inventory and look at them, but I cannot out of this screen and proceed.

ajthemackem February 15, 2008 2:13 PM

Ahhhh it's the lovely Jess again. Replete with haikus.


where is the elusive wrench?


I have the wrench, but cant use it anywhere, and how do u get the code for the room upstairs....



Do you have the last key yet? See Ric's comment to Larry T.

Have you looked at the lipod?


Ellie, to make the handle:

put the "something" on the end of the stopper, then put the short screw into the "something", and tighten with the screwdriver.



Look closely at the ladder.


Is the menu in Whaaa puzzle or is my flash player broken?


THANK YOU! i thought i was losing it!


Jess is the best, most beautiful and brilliant reviewer to ever type. Her angelic prose nourishes my soul.
<collects bag of money>


"True" ending:

I didn't need the wrench, and never found the cord to connect the iPod to the speaker. Instead, I just guessed numbers on the door, and the code was



Forty-two lives lost?
Is that a coincidence,
or a small reference?



White key:

Once you use the handle to open the secret ladder in the closet, go down to the door where you get the second ending. Use the stepladder there, and check the window above the door to get the white key.


Use the white key on the cabinets in the main room to get to a locked box. Watch the video on the iPod to see the solution. Open it, get the wrench.

iPod cable:

Get the ladder, look at it closely, and click near its bottom to zoom in. Use the wrench on the nut near the bottom to get the iPod cable.

"True" ending:

Go back to the secret ladder, climb up, connect the iPod cable to the back of the speaker, put the iPod into the docking station, and listen to the music to get the combination for the door.


Jamus, I seem to be having the same problem with Whaa. When I click on the buttons, the text flips, but nothing happens like what Jess says should (playing, instructions, credits). *pout*


I can't find the safety stopper to make the handle with!


Isn't whaa exactly the same as that Tonypa Game but with different weapons? I think it was Shooot but i can't remember now.


The link to Whaa isn't working correctly, but once you get there, it's well worth it:

The music and sound effects are the best I've heard in a long time.

stupidcheeseboy February 15, 2008 4:09 PM

I found the short screw behind the guitar not the long one. Where did you all find the short one?
And sorry if this is a sad question but how did you open the window to get the screwdriver?


Also, I've only found one screw, the one behind the guitar. Where is the other screw?



once you get the wirecutters, you can cut the chain holding the window shut.


It was frustrating, actually, playing Whaa. It's hard, for one.

For another, it's quietly incompatible with Firefox. I could not make the menu buttons respond to clicks in firefox, no matter how many times I loaded the page.

Due to the cryptic game documentation, I thought this was perhaps part of the puzzle and wasted 10 minutes clicking randomly and hitting keys.

I was not exactly pleased when as a last ditch effort I opened it in Internet Explorer and had it work. Strongly recommend a warning in the post about browser choice, as not only was I irritated that I wasted time trying to play a broken game, but I was also somewhat disappointed that it was a pure shooter rather than meta-puzzle afterward.



Whaa does work in Firefox for me, though. The incompatibility issues must be due to something else.


Whaa doesn't work for me in Iceweasel, Epiphany, Opera, or even IE6 under Wine.


I have the same problem with Whaa in firefox, where the buttons don't work. And the game doesn't load at all for me in IE. From the comments, it doesn't look like I am missing much.


Here's a little tip for playing Whaa: for whatever reason, it starts you off at level 10 (or at least, it does for me). If you die, don't click the [...Whaa] button, as that will take you back to the main menu and more level 10 punishment. Instead, click [Whaa!] and get started at level 1.


what goes in the odd bunny and I can't find the screw thats not behind the guitar and I can't find the screwdriver HELP!

stupidcheeseboy February 15, 2008 6:26 PM

Thanks octochan, I've found all the endings now. How satisfying!

2nd screw

you get the long screw when you unscrew the stopper above the shelves


thank you ggg. i did all the edings........


I feel like I'm missing something really obvious. How do you get the stopper???



Do you have the screwdriver yet?

You need to climb out the window in the loft.


i need a walkthrough


Okay haha, I must be kind of dense, because I cannot figure out how to get the screwdriver. I've read other people's comments on how to get it, and I am still completely baffled.

I need help. =(


@jamus are you on a mac or pc? waaah worked for me with ff on a mac.


I got all three endings for Sweet Valentine thanks to the tips from all of you. :)


This game uses a lot of heights. Look for ways to climb up. Stuff you miss are usually above your head or on top of tall things. Use the stepladder and ladder to your advantage.

Don't forget that you can examine and combine stuff by clicking the About Item button.


Whaa! is a really clever game! It borrows a lot from a couple of Tonypa games, but adds a new twist. I love the way you can acquire the features of the enemies you are targeting!

Well worth a review!


Ok, where's the safety stopper?! Rrr...


Nevermind... Still can't make the handle, though... RrrrRRRRR!!!


on sweet valentine, i have: an ipod, a screw (from back of gutair) a`ribbon, and i wire cutter thing. i used all the bunny puzzle pieces, and the pink key. how does everbody get the ladder up stairs? i can only use to switch between levels, and push away the ballons.



how to get the screwdriver:

Do you have the clippers and the chair?

Put the chair under the window in the loft.

Use the clippers on the lock holding the windows shut.

Open the windows and climb down the ladder, but only to the balcony. Don't go down further, because that will end the game.

The screwdriver is in the left pot of flowers.

how to make the handle:

Assuming you already have them, combine the safety stopper and the "something" using the short screw.


Full walkthrough:

I've never put together a walkthrough before. I tried to include the steps that aren't strictly necessary, but which provide in-game hints. I think this enhances the gameplay, rather than going "and now you take item x and do action y with it, even though you don't know why!"

Click on the box of chocolates.
Open the right desk drawer and read the diary.

Click on the clear box containing the ribbon and try to open it.

Go right.

Notice something moving?

Click up.

Take the panel.

Click on the balloons.

Go back down.

Click on the box with the six sections.

Place the panel wherever it fits.

Click on the stuffed bunny

and mouse over the flowers.

Go right.

Notice that all the cabinet doors are locked.

Click on the guitar and pick up the short screw.

Click the top of the cabinet.

Go right.

Go up the ladder, to the loft.

Click under the bed and try to take the yellow key.

Click on the far side of the bed to move it,

and then again to get the yellow key.

Take the panel at the foot of the bed.

Go left.

Click on the closet doors.

Go left again.

Click on the bunny.

Take the panel and click on the metal arrow.

Do you notice anything weird about the wall?

Zoom in on the bunny head with the yellow outline

and click again to open the panel.

Click on the window.

Go back downstairs.

Click on the brackets holding the ladder to the wall and then take the ladder.

Get into the habit of always looking at any item you pick up!

So look at the ladder :)

Go left.

Use the yellow key on the cabinet (keys and locks have matching colours) and take a towel.

Use the ladder to reach the top of the cabinet.

From now on, anytime you finish using the ladder, you should take it back.

Go left.

Use the ladder in front of the tv and climb up.

Click on the balloons.

Open the little round panel and take the pink key.

Go back to the cabinet and use the pink key to get the iipod.

Look at the iipod.

Click the menu button

and try to listen to music and watch a video.

Go right and place both panels in the box. Take the clippers.

Close the box

and take note of where the numbers are.

Go to the stuffed bunny

and click on the flowers in order. (Sometimes this doesn't work, so zoom out and try again.)

(left arm, right foot, left ear, right ear, left foot, right arm)

Unzip the ear and take the black key.

Go back upstairs.

Put the towel over the sleeping bunny.

Use the black key on the closet doors. Get the stepstool and wrapping paper.

Place the stepstool under the window

Use the clippers on the lock.

Open the windows

and climb down the ladder to the balcony.

If you go down the ladder, this is the "Easy End".

Click on the metal arrow.

Zoom in on the left flower pot

and take the screwdriver.

Go back inside.

Take the stepstool back.

Take the blue key from the basket where the bunny used to be.

Go downstairs and use the blue key to get the "something."

Use the ladder to reach the top of the cabinet again.

Use the screwdriver to take the stopper and the long screw.

Combine the stopper and the "something"

using the short screw.

Now you have a handle.

Go back to the desk and use the clippers on the clear box to get the ribbon.

Use the wrapping paper and ribbon on the box of candy

and take the box.

Go back upstairs and to the yellow bunny head on the wall.

Open the panel

and use the handle in the hole

fastening it with the long screw.

Turn the handle.

Open the left closet door.

Go down.

Go right and take the suitcase.

Use the stepstool to look above the door. Take the white key.

If you open the door and leave, this is the "Normal End".

Go back up to the loft, and then down to the main room.

Use the white key.

Remember the video on the iipod?

Open the box by inputing those symbols.

(pink solid bunny head, turquoise outline flower, red outline heart, green arrow)

Take the wrench.

Look at the ladder again

and use the wrench on the hex nut to get the connection cable.

Go back to the ladder in the closet

and go up.

Place the iipod in the cradle.

Click around back and use the cable.

Press "menu" and listen to music.

Note the numbers given (they'll show up as text if you don't have sound)


Click on the panel of buttons next to the door.

Each button has three parts.

Rotate them until it displays the code you were just given

and zoom out

Exit through the door. This is the "True End."


My system is a fully up to date Firefox 2.0 on Windows XP.

Judging from the comments here and on Kongregate ("how do I beat the menu?") this doesn't seem to be isolated to me. ;)


i can't find the secret ladder in the closet that you guys are talking about, i've got the handle and dunno where to use it..:(please help


Witch craft is flawed by my reckoning, I have got to a point where I have 4 orange candles (right card right place) and one white candle (right card wrong place) how the heck am I supposed to solve that one?


Sorry just reread the instructions, got my candles the wrong way around, leap before you look has always been my motto.


I'm running Firefox on a Mac as well, and Whaaa works fine. Without any more information (Kongregate users are not exactly forthcoming with system details), I'd guess that the problem happens when you use Firefox with Windows. Strange to have compatibility problems with a simple push button. Think I'll drop Mr./Mrs. Ridiculous a line and inform him/her of the issue.


P.S. I see there's other cases where it doesn't work. I'll just refer him to this thread.


I beat Sweet Valentine, and keep playing Witchcraft... I've only lost two games so far!


Alright. Since I'm bored and wanted to see the other two endings, here it is:

A Sweet Valentine walkthrough.

Part 1/Easy Exit

1. Solving the puzzle box

  1. Find three bunny puzzle pieces

    1. Above the television. It's hovering on a bunch of balloons.

    2. Up the ladder at the foot of the bed.

    3. Also upstairs, in the planter by the "real" rabbit.

  2. Click on the box downstairs beside the pink stuffed rabbit. Assemble the rabbit puzzle with the pieces you found by using each piece on the appropriate space.

  3. Open the box to get the nippers. Click again to close. Numbers will appear on the pieces.

2. Using the puzzle box code

  1. Click on the pink stuffed rabbit next to the puzzle box. Press the flowers on its extremities in the order indicated by the puzzle box. (left arm, right leg, left ear, right ear, left leg, right arm)

  2. The rabbit's ear will bend to reveal a hidden pocket. Unzip it and retrieve a black key.

3. Wrapping the gift

  1. Go to the screen with the desk and click on the clear box on the chair to the right.

  2. Use the nippers to cut the wire ring.

  3. Click on the lid to open the box and take the ribbon.

  4. Go up the ladder and left to the closet. Unlock it with the black key.

  5. Take the stepladder from the left side and the wrapping paper from th bin on the right.

  6. Go downstairs to the desk. Use the wrapping paper and then the ribbon on the box of chocolates. Take the wrapped box.

4. The fire escape

  1. Go back upstairs to the scene with the planter and the real rabbit.

  2. Place the stepladder under the window to the right.

  3. Click on the window. Use the nippers to cut the lock.

  4. Open the window and go down the yellow ladder.

  5. At this point, you have a choice. You can go down again to see the easy ending. Alternatively, continue with the next section of walkthrough.

Part 2/Normal Ending

1. Finding some more keys

  1. Yellow

    1. Back up in the purple loft room, click under the bed. Aha, a key! Click it. Darn, you can't reach it. (Yes, you actually have to do this.)

    2. Go back to the larger view of the bed. Click behind the bed, toward the wall, to move the bed. Click again to see the key from a new view.

    3. Now you can reach. Go ahead and take the key. Use it on the yellow lock on the bookshelf downstairs to get the blue towel.

  2. Blue

    1. Go upstairs to the scene with the window and the real rabbit. Use the towel (obtained with the yellow key) to cover the rabbit.

    2. Click right or left to another screen and come back. Take the blue key from the basket. Use it on the blue lock in the bookcase to get...something.

2. Screwy Hunting

  1. On the fire escape balcony, click on the planter on the left. Take the pink screwdriver.

  2. Go back to the blue starting room. Click the pink fasteners on the side of the ladder to lift them.

  3. Take the ladder and go left to the bookcase. Use the ladder on the bookcase and climb up to see the top.

  4. Use the screwdriver on the long screw in the wall. Take it. Then click the metal stopper twice to retrieve it.

  5. Click on the pink guitar by the bookshelf to move it. Take the pink screw and the ladder.

3.Some assembly required

  1. Select the stopper and click the "About Item" button on the bottom right of the inventory.

  2. Use the pink part you got with the blue key on the lower part of the stopper to attach it.

  3. Use the pink screw on the pink part. Use the screwdriver to screw it in. There you go! A handle.

3.Getting a handle on things

  1. Put the ladder back in its original position. Go upstairs to the scene with the window and empty basket.

  2. Click the second outlined wall rabbit from the left. Click again to open the secret panel.

  3. Use the handle on the knob in the center.

  4. Use the long screw on the handle and screw it in with the screwdriver.

  5. Turn the handle. Ooo. I wonder what happened?

4. The hidden passage

  1. Go to the closet and open it. Look, a ladder! Click on it.

  2. Go down and right. Grab the suitcase. You are again faced with a choice. Go out the door for the normal ending. If you want to continue for the true ending, go on with the next section of the walkthrough.

Part 3/True Ending

1. Still more keys

  1. White

    1. If necessary, go back upstairs to the window and get the stepladder.

    2. Go back down the ladder in the closer to the cloud room where you found the suitcase. Use the stepladder on the door.

    3. Click the window above the door to get the white key. Use it on the white lock on the shelves in the starting room to reveal another locked box.

  2. Pink

    1. Retrieve the pink ladder once again. Remember to lift the brackets first.

    2. Use the ladder on the wall above the TV. Climb it.

    3. Click the balloons to move them. Wow. Another hidden panel. What's with this chick?

    4. Click the panel to open it, then get the pink key. Use it guess it, the pink lock on the bookshelf, to get an ipod.

2. The lockbox on the shelf

  1. Do an "About Item" on the ipod. Select "Movies" to watch a series of colored shapes. (pink rabbit, blue flower, red heart, green arrow)

  2. If you haven't guess that's the code for the lockbox. Go there and click each square to change it to the appropriate symbol.

  3. The box will open. Take the wrench.

3. I've always wanted cable

  1. Go get the pink ladder and do an about item.

  2. Click the bottom of the ladder. There seems to be a hexagonal bolt. I wonder what fits that?

  3. After using the wrench on the bolt, take the connection cable.

4. The final door

  1. Replace the ladder in its original position. Climb it, and then climb up the ladder in the closet to get to a nifty yellow room.

  2. Click the shelf with the speaker on the left. Place the ipod in the dock.

  3. Click the back wall of the shelf. Connect the cable to the speaker.

  4. Go back with the arrow on the left side of the screen. Make sure you have your speakers on. Click the menu button on the ipod, and select music.

  5. Take note of the code you hear (3210). Input that on the panel to the right of the yellow door. You have to assemble each shape in three parts...Just keep clicking each third of a square until you see the piece you want.

  6. You'll hear a beep when the combination is correct. Go back. The door will open.

  7. Open the smaller door outside. Hooray! You finished!


Thank you, lizard, for the excellent formatted walkthrough! :D

The only thing I did was remove all the newline characters from it to tighten it up a bit.

Someday soon (I promise) we'll clean up the comment preview a bit so it is closer to how the comment will eventually appear. Right now it's close but it could be better.

Minigame Master February 16, 2008 3:31 PM

Yes! I won the unfair platformer.

At the end, there are links to "Eggys Games," "Not Doppler," and Octomon.


Unfair Platformer does earn its name... Weird, but it's still enjoyable.


I finished all three endings =)


Why can't the bunny ever get to sleep? Poor bunny. I wonder if there is a way to help him.



It's because you keep petting him :P
But at least he's no longer cold!


Okay, I feel like an idiot, but how do you combine the items to get the handle?! Yes I have all of them, how do I combine? Just click on them in the right order? Help please, I stink at point-and-clicks, but not being able to follow the walkthrough is REALLY a new low.



Making the handle:

Zoom in on the stopper. Use the "something" piece on the end of the stopper. Use the short screw (the pink one) on the combination of stopper and "something", and then use the screwdriver on the screw.


sweet yet slightly sickening ending...kinda cute tho...and thanks so much for the walkthrough...i coudn't find anything!!! (except for a few keys and the panels) nice job creator of this game!


Jess? I vote for Elvis if you were wondering :]

Hassle Free February 19, 2008 9:12 AM

Yay! Finally beat unfair game! Only 140 deaths haha, but most of those came from

the start of the 2nd level where you fall to nothingness if you are not paying attention


Love the Haikus

Finally beat unfair platformer with like 140 something deaths.

Hint for the really hard part (in my opinion)

something is special about the coins...

Jump on top of the bottom row of coins


If any of you are interested here are the Unfair Platformer level codes:

Level 2


Level 3


Level 4


Level 5


Level 6


Level 7



Who knows the full walkthrough for Sweet Valentine?!


How do you put the pink part and the stopper together?!
Please reply it's urgentish


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